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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 23

Episode 23. Bestseller.(1)

“..I really don’t know what’s inside of you. Anyway, this time I did as you said, but I’m sick of this kind of deal, so I didn’t do it twice.”

“haha. I have no intention of making a second deal like this.”

The exchange rate will not rise again in at least 25 years.

“It’s nice to think that way. Don’t be too heartbroken even if you lose through this. My uncle is going to make up for it somehow.”

It won’t be necessary though.

“Yes, I only trust my uncle. Whoops.”

“Funny. Anyway, you did a great job too.”


“Chief. I got a call saying that the president is looking for you urgently.”

At those words, Park Han-soo, who was reading the newspaper, raised his face.

“Father? what brings you here?”

“I don’t know. You just told me to come right now.”

“ah. plaguy. What are you doing that for?”

Park Han-soo groaned and got up from his seat.

Suhyeonghoe Headquarters Chairman’s Office.

Park Han-soo couldn’t believe the reality he was facing right now.

That his father, who had never scolded him after such an accident, slapped him on the cheek.

“Ah, Father.”

Park Tae-soo, the chairman of the Suhyeonghoe, opened his mouth as if growling as he looked at his son.

“Your mother who grew up like that, without love, fell in love with you and raised you up until now. You hit me in the back like this?”

It’s a backache.

Park Han-soo swore never did that.

It was embarrassing.

“father. Are you in the back? What did I do?”

At that, Park Tae-soo threw a wrapped paper at Park Han-soo.

“What do you think this is?”

When Park Han-soo opened the crumpled paper, he saw that it was a request for purchase from the American fruit distributor Crene.

Park Han-soo, who was reading the paper, was startled.

“No, why is the purchase volume 500 tons this year? Obviously, Krene said they wanted 800 tons, so they said they would give it to 1,400 won.”

At that, Park Tae-soo shouted in an angry voice.

“What are you going to do if you ask me that? Negotiation is up to you. Besides, 1400 won? You have decided to put this father into a corner right now.”

“Listen to me. That’s because one small wholesaler didn’t know the subject and tried to get in. He says he will protect his own rice bowl. My father did.”

“therefore? You broke my rice bowl to protect yours, is that what you want to say now?”

“That’s not it. Even at 1,400 won, it was at a level where there was barely any loss. If that’s enough for the price of one Seungnyang, it’s no big deal.”

Park Tae-soo burst into anger again.

“There is no problem, why not! That little wholesaler you mentioned is Kang Ho-jae, right?”

“1,400 won is a unit price that can not be damaged assuming that 800 tons are sent. But that Kang Ho-jae took 300 tons of what was to fall on us. So it only dropped 500 tons to us. We lost 100 million won in the cost of handling the remaining ship inventory and logistics costs.”

Park Han-soo muttered with a shocked expression on his face.

“..I can’t. If it was 1,400 won, it would be a unit price that the author would not even dare to intervene. How did you get the quantity?”

“You would know better. How the heck did you negotiate so much that you could be beaten by Kang Ho-jae even if you offered 1,400 won as a unit price?”

Park Han-soo sat down on the sofa as if the strength in his legs had loosened.

“How…how could that be? how..”

Park Tae-soo yelled at Park Han-soo, who was sitting there with a half-passed look on his face.

“get out! this stupid bastard As of this time, you are no longer the head of the Seoul branch. Did you understand?”

Park Tae-soo looked at Park Han-soo’s back with a confused mind as he staggered out of the room.

“This ugly bastard.”

The other executives were very dissatisfied with the character of that person who was still a no-brainer.

That was not the case with this transaction, and all the executives of the hearing committee stood up and demanded to punish Park Han-soo.

Thanks to this, Park Tae-soo’s own position was also narrowed a lot, and he had no choice but to promise to remove Hansoo from the branch manager.

It was only now that I regretted that I did not give a single heart to raising him and raised him with respect.

Past time cannot be turned back.

Uncle’s pear export case is completed.

I got back together and went to work in the office.

It is a fact that I had in mind when negotiating with Krene on the export of ships.

The won/dollar exchange rate, which is not yet over 900 won, will start to jump even after two months.

Before that, it was necessary to save as much dollars as possible.

I gathered Dae-won’s brother and Kim Un-jin, president of the company, in one place.

“Today, everyone, as the first major shareholder and co-CEO of Highcast, I have something to tell you, so I asked the two of you to come.”

“What are you trying to say with such weight? awfully.”

“haha. Don’t be too scared. Because it’s not that difficult. It’s no different. From now on, please come and exchange all spare funds in dollars except for the expenses you need right away at Highcast.”

Daewon asked the older brother with a puzzled face.

“In dollars? why? Do you have anything to import from abroad?”

“no. I will just have it.”

“Why do you need dollars if you only have one?”

“The exchange rate will rise soon. And that’s a lot.”

“..how are you sure of that? I know you’re smart, but is there any reason why the exchange rate is going up all of a sudden? ”

“Did you know that I received an IMF bailout in Thailand last month?”

“It will soon spread to our country.”

He asked with a face that he couldn’t understand.

“What are you talking about? IMF bailout is not some kind of epidemic, and why is it spreading to our country?”

“It’s an epidemic. Since Thailand has done so, foreign capitalists may wonder if other Asian countries may not be able to repay their borrowed money. Soon, those doubts will become certain, and foreign currency will also flow out of our country at once.”

“Anyway, will the government stand still when the situation reaches that point? I will use the numbers somehow.”

“I want to write a number, but there is no way. It is because our debt is much higher than the foreign currency we have. When foreign currency starts to run out, the government has no choice but to raise its hand.”

“…I can’t believe it. Korea’s economy is not that small. Even as an OECD member country, you mean that it will collapse so powerlessly?”

“yes. collapses. So we have to prepare. No further objections will be accepted on this case alone. From now on, all spare funds must be converted into dollars. Do you two know?”

President Kim was not in a position to reject my words.

Daewon-hyung’s face was still questionable, but he nodded his head.

“All right. Director.”

“okay. Do what you say.”

In fact, there was one more reason for converting spare funds into dollars, other than that the exchange rate would rise.

By the end of this year, there will come a time when it will be difficult to get dollars even if you have money for a while.

The dollar in hand at that time could be a good weapon in many ways.

And in order to expand this weapon even further, I was thinking of breaking through the US side of the P-32.

Although domestic demand is still not adequately met.

When the exchange rate rose significantly, it was much more profitable to export to the US than to sell domestically.

In particular, if the IMF financial crisis hits, the Korean market will freeze temporarily.

At that time, I needed a place to pour out the production volume.

When the passport is issued in a hurry and the US visa application is passed.

There were only five days left until school started.

Gimpo International Airport.

When he lifted his head, he saw Yeonhee Kim walking with a suitcase the size of her own, one in each hand.

“Well. Yeonhee, you have prepared a lot.”

I’m going to stay here for two days. What kind of luggage do you have so much? I asked.

Kim Yeon-hee answered with a dissatisfied face.

“The suitcase was so small that I couldn’t even fit half of what I wanted to bring. If I had known this would happen, I would have bought a bigger suitcase.”

Do you sell suitcases bigger than that one?

No, what else did you want to add?

A lot of questions came to mind, but I decided to just swallow it.

“..it must be sad.”

“yes. A lot.”

“..don’t be too sad because I’ll give you a bigger suitcase after this business trip.”

If it’s for sale, that is.

“really? thank you Advertisers.”

I felt like I was just going out to play.

Kim Yeon-hee was a card just in case.

It was also a commercial model for the P-32.

After joining an agency as a trainee, my dancing skills improved a lot, so if I had to write a plan B, I needed her help.

“Then shall we depart?”

Our destination was the Best Sell headquarters in Litchfield, Minnesota, USA.

Bestsell, which started as a sound company called ‘Sound of Music’ in 1966, has grown into a huge distribution company with about 400 chain stores in 30 years.

As it is currently the largest electronic product distribution company in the United States, it was a good business partner to sell our products throughout the United States if we could enter a store.

Originally, I requested a meeting with the purchasing manager of Bestsell.

I just got a reply telling me to wait.

It seems that it was largely pushed back in importance because it was considered a small Korean company.

In a situation where I didn’t know how long I would have to wait, I couldn’t wait, so I decided to visit it myself.

I went through immigration and got on the plane.

Enter the entrance through the business-only passage.

A small sigh escaped from Kim Yeon-hee’s mouth.

“Wow. So good.”

It’s my first overseas trip, so I’m going to try flying for the first time.

The first flight was business class.

good luck

In my previous life, every time I went on a business trip, I couldn’t get the usual seat upgrade, so I was carried like a luggage for more than 10 hours each time.

“okay? I made a special reservation, believing that Yeon-hee will do well.”

The truth is, I’m fed up with the cramped economy class, and I’ve only booked business class.

Kim Yeon-hee blushed in response to my words.

“Trust me. I will make sure to enter the Bestseller store.”

At first, Kim Yeon-hee, who had touched this and that like a strange thing, fell asleep.

Beside him, I re-examined the plans I had made in advance.

After about 12 hours.

Arrived at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, Minnesota, and went through immigration procedures.

It took less than 10 minutes by taxi from the airport to Bestsell’s headquarters in Litchfield.

As we got out of the taxi, a uniquely designed structure reminiscent of a ship’s keel (a long, large timber supporting the center of the ship’s bottom) appeared in front of us.

At the top of the building, the logo “BEST SELL” was engraved in yellow letters.

The design was also unique, but I particularly liked its overwhelming size.

“You mean I have to deal with a place like this from now on?”

It felt like David fighting Goliath.

There was no fear, only mild excitement.

“Even in the story, David wins because he is small.”

Kim Yeon-hee, who was next to me, asked.

“it’s nothing. Let’s go now.”

So we entered the match against Goliath called Bestsell.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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