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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 25

Episode 25. Bestseller.(3)

The first person to notice something strange was 7-year-old Danion, who was on a tour with his family.

An older sister in jeans and an ivory short-sleeved T-shirt suddenly raised her arms.

He began to shake his body as if he were listening to upbeat music.

There was no sound or sign, so the only one who had noticed so far was Danion.

Denion pulled her mother’s pleated skirt.

“Mom. Look over there.”

“yes? What?”

Danny’s mother involuntarily turned her face in the direction she was pointing, and was startled.

A young woman who might have just been a college student was dancing in the middle of the park.

Surprisingly, there was no sound.

‘Isn’t normal dancing while listening to music?’

Upon closer inspection, she saw a white string running from her waist to her ears.

“Ah, it seems that even Walkman is listening. What else do I say?”

Denion’s mother, who thought she understood what was going on, found something strange while watching her dance with a relaxed mind.

The thing clipped to her waist was not big enough to fit a cassette tape no matter how you look at it.

Danny’s mother, out of curiosity, unwittingly approached Yeon-hee.

When people gathered around Yeonhui one by one like that.

Yeon-hee, who was dancing in place, started walking.

As she approached the crowd of onlookers, Olivia suddenly popped out of them.

Olivia started choreographing a pre-tuned choreography with Yeonhee.

People were confused.

“What is this? What are you doing now?”

Regardless of the reaction of people, Olivia and Yeon-hee continued to dance and walk again.

This time, another person popped out from among the onlookers and joined.

The three of them danced the same dance.

And when this was repeated again and there were four people, the confusion of the people reached the extreme.

“Is this a special event that only we are aware of? If this is an event, shouldn’t we just sit still? At least you have to set the mood.”

Eventually, some of them joined Yeonhee’s party and started dancing together.

As people joined the party one by one, the situation went out of control.

After about 5 minutes, most of the tourists in the vicinity were dancing to the choreography of Yeonhui and his party.

So, a group dance party took place in the middle of a quiet and peaceful park.

At first, when strangers joined, Kim Yeon-hee was a little embarrassed.

After realizing that the situation had become more interesting, I deliberately slowed down the tempo so that people could imitate it.

When the show was over, Olivia greeted the people with a happy expression.

“It has been a surprise performance by Team Spice Y so far. thank you.”

The team name was improvised by Olivia by combining the first letters of Yeonhee’s English name.

It was only then that people realized that they had suffered, and although they were embarrassed, they laughed happily.

“haha. no wonder. It was fun though.”

Some of them asked about the P-32 the dance team had clipped around their waist.

“But what about that little thing on your back?”

Olivia answered, recalling the practice she had with Jaewoon earlier.

“A portable MP3 player.”

“MP3 player? what is that?”

“If you put MP3 music files in this player, you can take it with you and listen to music.”

“Wow. Music comes from this little thing?”

“Would you like to hear it?”

“I am willing.”

The tourist who put earphones in his ear had a surprised expression.

“It really is. Miraculous. Where do you sell these?”

“You can buy this if you go to the bestseller.”

“okay? I should go too.”

When she left the park after the show, Olivia looked at her teammates with excitement.

“It was so much fun! it is not so?”

Everyone nodded as if the other team members were the same.

“okay. I will never forget today’s performance.”

Olivia turned to Jae-Woon and asked.

“Fortune. Can we add more team members? I think it will be more fun if there are more team members.”

“Oh, there were more club members? it’s okay. Then I’m good too.”

It was a welcome suggestion as there were only three in the club room.

“yes. It was vacation right now, so there were only three of us, and there are a few kids who live near here. I’ll come right away if you call me.”

In case this happens, the P-32 was prepared with plenty of room, so there was no big problem.

Team Spice Y quickly grew to nearly 10 members and continued performing around the downtown area.

Richards, the purchasing manager at Best Sell’s headquarters, was distracted by the calls from each dealership.

“No, how do I know that? Because I have never put such a product in the store.”

He put the handset down roughly and sighed.

“A portable MP3 player? What the hell is that? I should have looked at something before I could give you an answer.”

I was thinking about how to solve this situation.

A few days ago, a proposal that was given to me by a young Asian, half-wrinkled, suddenly caught my eye.

A sigh escaped between his lips as he opened the proposal.


The proposal was about an MP3 player that had tormented him all day today.

Follow me.

Less than a minute after I put the handset down, the phone rang again.

Instead of picking up the receiver, he put the MP3 player proposal in his bag and stood up.

“I can’t. We need to find that young Asian guy. If I keep doing this, I don’t think I will be able to die under my name.”

It has been three days since the flash mob performance started.

In front of downtown Minneapolis, which has a lot of floating population.

Team Spice Y was busy performing today.

As we performed in the same place at the same time every day, more and more people started to appear because of rumors.

When Spice Y’s performance was over, applause erupted from all over the place.

clap clap.

“It was a fun show!”

Olivia greeted me as the representative.

“Thank you for your enjoyment. everyone. We had fun too. haha.”

The moment I was about to finish the concert in downtown and move to another place.

Our target has finally been revealed.

“Hey, wait a minute.”

Richard spoke to Olivia.

“It’s the one you wear around your waist. MP3 player, right?”

“Where did that come from?”

Olavia raised her hand and pointed at me.

“A friend from Korea gave it to me.”

The moment Richard’s gaze passed Olivia’s fingertips and turned to me, his face hardened.

“I see you again. Richard.”

Richard asked with a contorted face.

“Is this all you made up?”

“That’s right. I couldn’t help it because you didn’t listen to me. I just have to use it this way. Seeing that you came in person, it seems to have worked quite well. Whoops.”

“Do you still want to talk to me?”

“..For now, there are a lot of eyes here, so let’s go to a quiet place and talk.”

“yes. Yes.”

After moving to a nearby department store terrace, our negotiations continued.


I put the P-32 down on the table.

“Here it is.”

“Richard stared at me suspiciously.

“Is this something that really works? It’s much smaller than the palm of my hand.”

As a generation accustomed to portable cassette players like the Walkman, I could feel that way enough.

“It doesn’t need a cassette tape. So it’s small.”

“You mean you can put music in without a cassette tape?”

“yes. It contains flash memory that acts as a cassette tape. It’s about the size of a finger.”

flash memory.

It was an electronic component that could erase or write data with an electrical signal.

It was less than one tenth the size of a conventional cassette tape.

“…I can’t believe it. How many pieces of music fit into such a small part.”

“Yes. So it can be this small. Where would you like to hear it?”

As I put the P-32 in Richard’s hand, he pretended to be reluctant and put his earphones in his ears.

When I pressed the play button, the pre-loaded songs continued to play.

Richard’s doubts soon turned to surprise.

“..that’s great. There are all kinds of innovative products like this.”

“It is good to be able to carry it lightly, but what I am most confident about is the design of the product.”

At my words, Richard looked closely at the P-32 and nodded.

“It is a size that can fit in one hand and has a distinctive shape. People will like it.”

As a competent purchase manager, Richard recognized the advantages of the P-32 at a glance.

He pulled out a piece of paper from the bag he had brought.

That piece of paper was a proposal that I forced Richard to hand in the Bestsell lobby.

As if to show the situation at that time, the paper was full of wrinkled traces.

“Okay, I’ll buy it for 200 dollars as you suggested. It would be good if the first quantity is more than 5,000 units.”

“250 dollars.”

“Originally I was going to raise $200, but I changed my mind. I’ll take $250.”

“250 dollars? Don’t say nonsense. The proposal says 200 dollars.”

“That was the price when I went to the manager. Now that the manager came to see me, the situation is different. As the situation has changed, so has the price. Oh, it’s up to the manager to refuse, but then this MP3 player will go to New York.”

New York is the third largest city in the world and the largest city in the United States.

It is a place with a lot of things to see, with 50 million tourists visiting each year.

It was also home to the headquarters of Arkit City, the second-largest electronics retailer in the United States.

Richard was in trouble again, but in less than ten minutes he raised a white flag.

“I lost. Let me sign you for $250.”

“It’s a good decision. Whoops.”

It took me less than an hour to decide on the details.

I went straight to Best Sell’s headquarters and signed the contract.

That’s how the four-day American itinerary came to an end.

On the flight back to Korea, Kim Yeon-hee was also asleep as if fainting.

“This time, I have definitely benefited from this lady. You must have a big suitcase that you promised to buy.”

When I arrived at Gimpo Airport, I took Kim Yeon-hee on the bus, and when I returned home, it was past 12 pm.

At that late hour, my aunt was waiting for me without sleeping.

“Sun Mrs. Why are you still not sleeping?”

“I cut it off earlier. Come to think of it, the day you are coming is popular today. I was just waiting to see your face and cut it.”

“..Ms. Soon.”

Had I known this would happen, I would have bought a wallet.

Richard came out unexpectedly, so I didn’t think of buying a present because he was trying to fix it.

“I saw the face. Hurry up and go to bed.”

I hugged Mrs. Soon as she was about to enter the room.

“I went. I should have bought you a present. blinked it sorry.”

My aunt patted my arm and smiled.

“The gift is invincible. I hope you have returned safely. Hurry up and wash up.”

The next day was the first day of school vacation.

As if I had not traveled anywhere during vacation, the still white-faced ivory looked at me and waved my hand.

“Jaewoon. Did you have a good vacation?”

“yes. It was nice to go to America. fufu. you?”

“really? Envy you. I couldn’t go anywhere because I was just stuck at home.”

“why? What’s going on at home?”

“no. I was just playing around with the Linux kernel and the vacation was over.”


An unexpected word popped out.

it’s linux

It is an OS (operating systems such as Windows and DOS) that most ordinary people do not even know about.

Although the source code is open to the public, the method of use is complicated, so it is not easy to touch it unless you are a computer geek.

Can you use the expression that a high school student played with something like that?

“Oh… nothing. i’m late I’ll go first. see ya.”

Sang-a left the seat with a bewildered face.

Come to think of it, I’ve known ivory for almost three years.

I knew very little about her.

i got one today

that she’s a comedian

After class, before going to work at Damoye, I stopped by the high-cast headquarters office first.

“Chief Kim. Did nothing happen while I was away?”

“yes. There was nothing special.”

“It’s good. Now, how is the work to increase the production capacity of the MP3 player factory?”

“it’s over. Now, as long as the yield (the ratio of normal products out of the total production) increases, we can extract more than 40,000 pieces per month.”

“How much has the yield increased now?”

“Last week we crossed 70% and we plan to raise it to 80% this week.”

70% la.

They say there are about 1,000 P-32s being released a day now.

It’s okay so far, but next month it could be a problem as we have to hand over shipments to the US as well.

“Chief Kim. Even if you hire more people, please raise the yield quickly.”

“Why are you in such a hurry? These days, about 800 to 900 P-32s are being shipped out, so I have some spare time.”

“I found new customers.”

“If you are a new customer…?”

“Next month, we have to go to the bestseller side with 5,000 pieces. If it sells well, we will have to release 10,000 pieces starting in October.”

President Kim asked with a surprised face.

“Best Cell? Maybe America’s bestseller?”


“It is a very difficult place to enter. Are you saying you broke through there?”

“yes. It was not as easy as I said.”

“Huh, the P-32 was also successful, and now it’s a bestseller. There is nothing the director cannot do without his hand. How could you do that at that age?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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