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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 200

Episode 200. Epilogue (1)_New dream.

Mid-March 2010.

Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense, Office of the Minister.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry, old man. The remodeling has already been completed neatly. Yes…yes…then go in.”

Defense Minister Choi Dae-geun hung up the phone with a tired expression.

“Ha… Even Na Woong-jin, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff… He told me that he was staying quiet in a villa on Jeju Island, and he called me… After all, I have a lot of money, so networking is no joke.”

It should be praised for the young people of the country to enlist voluntarily.

If the young man was the chairman of a chaebol group known as the world’s richest man, the story would be quite different.

First of all, it was out of the question from the beginning to mix it amongst general soldiers.

I didn’t know how big the problem would be if even a minor accident occurred.

Even if it was taken out separately, the problem was where to place it.

After much deliberation, I decided to work at the Ministry of National Defense.

I couldn’t give you a single desk like a general administrative officer, so I assigned an independent office for the generals.

From then on, the phone calls started coming in.

as well as the Blue House.

Even big-name politicians like the party leader and Na Woong-jin, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and senior military academy, contacted him and repeatedly emphasized that he wished him good luck.

Jae-Woon’s office grew bigger and bigger, and eventually the office used by the Deputy Minister of Defense was assigned to him.

“Wow…but the vice-minister seat was vacant for a while, so it’s a shame, it almost made an uncomfortable situation…”

As such, for the first time in the history of the Ministry of National Defense, an active-duty soldier was assigned a deputy minister-level office, which was unprecedented.

#In front of the Nonsan Army Training Center.

I laughed bitterly as I felt the wind blowing directly through my scalp, probably because of my short hair.

‘It’s been a long time, too.’

In his previous life, he served as a sergeant in the army.

I think I’ve done all the hard work because I worked at the front post.

To enlist again…

In fact, there were many ways to get an exemption.

I was not very reluctant to use tricks just because I had a lot of money.

Since he had already become a public figure, he had to consider the views of the people around him.

‘It’s the price of returning to the past, well. Wouldn’t it be a million times better to re-enlist in the future than to live such a miserable life?’

It wasn’t my first time enlisting.

I hate it for nothing, so I didn’t tell my family the exact date of enlistment.

said to one

No, I had to say exactly that.

“Jaewoon, have a good trip…”

When I turned my head, Yeon-hee, who was standing next to me, was looking at me with wide eyes as if she was about to cry.

She has been steadily appearing in dramas and movies, and she has emerged as a national star thanks to the movie ‘That Time, There’, which was released as the lead role last year, and passed 10 million viewers.

During that time, whenever a drama or movie in which she appeared was a success, the two of us would have a light drink.

And without realizing it, my feelings for her deepened little by little.

In the end, we both confirmed each other’s feelings at a drinking party to celebrate the success of last year’s ‘That Time, There.’

I smiled at Yeonhee.

“I’m not even going to die, so why do you look like that?”

“..Still. I heard that training can lead to dangerous situations… I’m very worried.”

“It will be fine. Since I was informed in advance that I was going to enlist, the facilities must be properly checked, and above all, I am in the military. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

After breaking up with Yeonhee, I headed to the enlistment inspector, where those who enlisted in the training camp gather.

When the entrance to the examiner remained about 10 meters away, a colonel with three bamboo leaves stuck to his epaulet ran up to him.

“hello? Chairman Kang. My name is Colonel Kang-Jin Kim.”

“Hello…ah, should I say loyalty?”

Kim Kang-jin waved her hand at my words.

“Hey, I’m not in the military for two or eight years now, so just say it comfortably.”

It wasn’t two or eight years, but the army was the army.

In the military, rank meant status itself.

If the head of the training camp was a royal family, Colonel Kim in front was the head of the aristocrats, and I was nothing more than a poor citizen who had not yet become a civilian.

If it was a previous life, I would have been treated like this by someone with a class difference to the extent that I couldn’t even make eye contact…

‘After all, I have a lot of money, so enlisting is also a good thing. haha.’

“Then let me tell you. Why did you find me…?”

“We have a long way to go before we can officially start training. If you’re not really busy, take a break over a cup of tea with our manager. After hearing that the president likes tea, the director has prepared something for him.”

A general, a general, serves tea to a newly enlisted trainee?

This was also a treatment that he would not have imagined in his previous life.

I answered, trying to hold back a laugh.

“okay? Okay. Let’s go.”

And two years passed.

#Early April 2012.

The center underground parking lot.

Do-hak Kim, manager of the computer support team at Damoye Shopping Mall, drove to the nearest A1 area from the elevator.

But when he got near him, the parking attendant raised a pole and blocked his entry.

“Area A1 is not available today. Please use another area.”

“why? Do you have any problems?”

“I have a big meeting. Only vehicles attending the meeting can park there.”

Kim Do-hak felt a sense of injustice because he had lost his parking spot.

“No, what kind of meeting was it that even the cars of the meeting attendees were treated like that? Can all the meeting attendees be the CEOs of any affiliate?”

“That’s right. All the attendees are the CEOs of group affiliates.”

I listened to the parking attendant.

All of the cars parked in the A1 area were the world’s only self-driving electric vehicle, D Frontier, with a price of over 100 million won.

Kim Do-hak widened his eyes.

“..All of them are official cars used by president-level executives. Is that so?”

The parking attendant nodded vigorously.

“yes. The president is back!”

#Damoye Center, the 45th floor conference room.

When I went inside, Vice Chairman Jang Dae-won and the presidents of affiliates all stood up from their seats.

“Congratulations all over! President.”

“haha. Thank you. It’s been a while since we’ve all gathered together like this, right? Our bosses, how have you been?”

The president’s executives responded in a loud voice.

“I’m happy. Then let’s sit down.”

I brought the mic closer and spoke.

“The TD Group’s revenue last year was 230 trillion won. A few days ago, I looked at the famous magazine Forbes, and it was stated that the corporate value of TD Group is over 2 trillion dollars (2100 trillion won). Guys, what did you do while I was in the military? Did you even plan to collect all the money in this world?”

Just before I enlisted, I merged TM Group and Damoyeo Group to form TD Group for management efficiency reasons.

Two years later, TD Group has become a mega conglomerate with an estimated value of KRW 2100 trillion.

The executives burst out laughing.

“The closest thing to the president is our president team. You can’t help but resemble the president. Therefore, if the world’s money runs out, it is the president’s responsibility. haha.”

“you’re right. This happened because he always told me to remain a hungry wolf. haha.”

After one laugh, I turned to the bosses.

“The reason I have gathered all of you who are busy like this is to tell you that I have a new dream.”

At those words, a commotion arose.

“Five! It seems that the president has come up with something else to surprise the world with.”

“I’m looking forward to it! President. What is your dream this time?”

I raised my hand to calm them down and continued.

“I think there are two main businesses. One is the space industry and the other is the levitation vehicle.”

space development industry.

It refers to an industry that makes profits from space-related projects, such as providing space travel services to civilians by launching rockets, or launching satellites that the government needs.

Although the barriers to entry are high, as it requires high engineering skills and huge funds.

The potential market is huge.

Because various cutting-edge technologies obtained during the development process can be applied to other fields.

It was worth jumping in.

and the levitator.

It is literally a car that floats in the sky.

It was a means of transportation that could dramatically reduce travel time in overcrowded areas.

Since the market will expand significantly after 2020, it was necessary to prepare in advance.

After a while, the executives who understood what I was saying started to applaud.

TD Display President Kim Chan-myung said to me with a surprised face.

“Wow… the space development industry… I couldn’t even guess this time. Where the hell are you going? That doesn’t mean that we’re sending people to Mars, right?”

“If I could, I would. However, since the feasibility is still a bit low, we will aim for a realistic plan to provide civilian space travel services.”

“..Civilian space travel…it’s amazing. Ordinary people are only imagining things, and trying to do it as if it’s natural… That’s what the president is saying.”

“haha. So from now on, I hope you can help. It is not an easy field even if you use all your knowledge, such as communication, semiconductor, and mechanical engineering.”

The executives nodded and shouted.

#January 2013.

After renting out an entire ice rink, he proposed to Yeonhee on the spot.

In fact, I had never been married in my previous life, so it could be said that it was my first proposal.

For the first time since returning, I felt a sense of tension as if standing on the edge of a cliff.

“Will you marry me? Yeon-hee.”

As seen in the movie, I got down on one knee and held out the ring.

Instead of taking the ring, she squatted and hugged me in an even ridiculous position.

“..why did it take so long?..black..”

I was greatly embarrassed by the sensation of something pounding on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry…it’s my first time getting married…”

With those words, Yeon-hee wiped her tears and looked at me.

“Are you calling that an excuse now? Then, how many people get married once or twice…”

“..uh..is that so?”

The words kept getting twisted.

At this moment, I couldn’t react soberly.

“Absolutely. Besides, it’s my first time.”

“First time?”

What’s the first?

Is this the first time such an asshole proposal has been made?

When my head is getting complicated like a tangled thread.

she replied

“yes. It was the first time I fell in love with someone. It’s the first time I’ve fallen so deeply. And it’s the first time I’ve waited this long…”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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