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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 201

Episode 201. Epilogue (2)_Our class.(完)

A sense of relief came over Yeon-hee’s words.

‘Ha…so…that means ok?’

I lifted my head and looked up at her.

Yeon-hee couldn’t make eye contact with my eyes, probably because she was ashamed of what she said.


He got up and put his hand on her cheek.

When my hand touched the cheek, Yeon-hee was startled and turned her gaze toward me.

I looked into her big eyes and said.

“Now you see me. Thank you for waiting for a man to be dull and slow. Yeon-hee.”

Yeon-hee licked her lips and answered.

“..that’s because there’s nothing I can do about it. It must be my fault for liking someone like you. What.”

I took the ring out of the box and picked it up.

“Then, knowing that you have agreed, give me your hand. I’ll put it in.”

Yeonhee blushed and gave me her left hand.

I put the ring on her ring finger.

Yeon-hee smiled brightly at the ring I put on.

“Wow! It’s so pretty. Thank you. Mr. Jaewoon.”

A ring with a blue diamond worth 50 billion cigars in.

gotta be pretty

“I love it?”

“yes. It’s beautiful, but most of all, it’s the ring that you put on me yourself, so I love it!”

Yeon-hee was smiling like a fairy under the soft moonlight.

I hugged her by the waist and brought her face closer.

As if recognizing my intention, Yeonhee gently closed her eyes.

That is how my long and long single life came to an end.

#February 2013.

Kowon Motors Board of Directors.

Jin Seon-ho, chairman of Gowon Group, stood on the podium and opened his mouth to the microphone.

“We are announcing the results of the voting for the dismissal of CEO Jin Chang-ho, who is in charge of the sluggish management of Kowon Motors.”

At that moment, Jin Chang-ho, who was sitting on the edge of the conference table, clenched his chin with a powerless face and fell into thought.

‘Where did I go wrong?’

Although his father, Jin Byung-wook, the previous chairman, did not hand over the chairmanship to him.

However, it cannot be said that what he received from him was by no means small.

In particular, it has inherited a significant portion of the stakes in auto-related companies that generate trillions of won in profits every year.

Even if he couldn’t take the seat of president, the next best thing was to establish his own kingdom by separating the lines.

At least, that was the case until a guy named Kang Jae-woon intervened in the struggle for the presidency.

‘Yeah… I didn’t even touch him…’

It would have been best if he hadn’t appeared.

Still, if I hadn’t acknowledged Kang Jae-woon at that time and didn’t touch it.

The situation could not have gotten this far.

But it was already too late.

Jin Seon-ho continued speaking in a strong tone.

“I declare that the dismissal bill has been passed with 7 in favor and 3 against!”

In that way, Jin Chang-ho lost a lot, just like so many people who were hostile to fortune.

fell into the abyss.

With this as an opportunity, Chairman Jin Seon-ho took control of an automobile affiliate.

It announced that it would increase its competitiveness by forming a technological alliance with TD Automobile.

The stock prices of Gowon and Jina Motors, which had fallen endlessly without knowing whether that declaration had worked, started to rebound.

Gowon and Jina, which were driven just before bankruptcy, barely got a chance to revive their knights.

#Hwansung Group’s pride, Hwansung Electronics’ market cap has shrunk to less than a tenth of what it was 10 years ago.

This is because the mobile business lost to TD IT, the display business to TD Display, and the TV and memory semiconductor business to Kowon Electronics.

In fact, the market cap was lower than that of RG Electronics, let alone Kowon Electronics, and it was reduced to the third largest electronics company in Korea.

Such a wingless crash of Hwansung Electronics became a major news story in the media for a while.

March 2013.

Yang Ki-moon’s eldest son, Yang Hee-jun, woke up to the story that came out of his father’s mouth.

“father. What do you mean? Are you retiring?”

Although my father’s sixtieth birthday had already passed.

There was no particular sickness, and the shock was even greater because he was still in a state where he was able to carry on business as much as he wanted.

Yang Ki-moon opened his mouth with a tired face.

“Did you see the article yesterday?”

“..are you talking about the article that the estimated value of TD Entertainment has surpassed the market cap of Hwansung Group?”

Yang Ki-moon laughed bitterly.

“Why not say that TD Enter is the smallest in the TD group? Besides, the president of that side, Su-chan Kim, said he was from the former Hwansung Video Project that I disbanded? He wasn’t even the manager, he seemed to be a team leader…heh heh…there are a lot of people who gossip that the cheers have reached this point because I don’t have an eye for people in the world right now…”

“It’s something people who don’t know anything talk about. Never mind.”

Yang Ki-moon shook his head at those words.

“I used to think like you. There’s no need to worry about it, as it’s just something stupid people say…but I think some of them are right. Until now, I have always selected people based on data or results. They treated people with high educational attainment, who could clearly see through paperwork, or those who gave tangible results.”

“You just used the most efficient way to lead a big group called Hwansung.”

Yang Ki-moon smiled faintly.

“It’s an efficient method…maybe…but Jaewoon Kang was different from me. TD Enter President Kim Soo-chan and TD IT Vice President Ko Hong-min, we took in the talented people we had thrown out without hesitation and grew our business, and created a mega conglomerate called TD Group… As a result, I was proven wrong. . And in a way I didn’t want the most…”

Yang Hee-jun did not immediately speak, and looked at his father Yang Ki-moon’s face.

‘Come to think of it, it seems that the wrinkles have increased over the past few years…’

It seems it’s already too late though.

Still, I decided to try again.

“Opportunities will come if you do not give up, as my father always said. Although Hwansung Electronics is not in a good position right now, home appliances, except for TVs and smartphones, are still competitive. If we take home appliances as our basis and continue to persevere, opportunities will surely come to us as well.”

“If it weren’t for a guy named Jae-Woon Kang, it would be so… You can think that way because he hasn’t jumped into home appliances yet. You never know when the TD group will reach out to home appliances, and most of all, Jaewoon Kang is now in his mid-30s. He’ll be in business for another 20 years, even if it’s short, but honestly, I don’t have the confidence to fight him anymore…”

Yang Hee-jun realized that Yang Ki-moon had already hardened his heart, and nodded.

“…If that’s the case, then I will inherit the cheers that my father dedicated his life to. From now on, put down the heavy burden on your shoulders and live comfortably.”

“Thank you for understanding. If I had to say one more thing, be sure to avoid a head-to-head match with the TD group. As you can see from the results of the LCD chicken game, TD Group is the place where a private company wins against the Chinese government and does nonsensical things.”

Three days later, Hwansung Group announced the resignation of Chairman Yang Ki-moon.

Although the official reason was that he had health problems.

Few people believed it.

#November 2030.

The 190th floor, the top floor of the world’s tallest building, the TD Center, cost 30 trillion won to build.

First day of moving in after preparations for opening.

I went up to the top floor with Park Si-woong, president of TD Shopping Mall, the largest retailer in Korea, and Jang Dae-won, vice president of TD IT, the world’s largest IT company.

Jaewoon asked President Park Si-woong.

“how about it? The scenery is nice, isn’t it?”

Park Si-woong married his cousin Kyung-a two years after Jae-woon got married.

It’s been 15 years since we became a family.

He has never once lost his manners to Jae-Woon.

Park Si-woong laughed.

“Very good! After all, the president keeps the word that comes out of his mouth.”

Jaewoon made a humble expression.

“Did you still remember that?”

“sure. When I went on a business trip to the United States with the president 30 years ago, it was so impressive that he confidently said that he would build a building one finger bigger than the Empire State Building… But not a word, but a span, you built a bigger building.”

“I want to build it as the tallest building. It took 10 years to build, but the result is satisfactory. haha.”

Jae-woon, who had been smiling for a while, this time turned to Jang Dae-won.

“why? Are you saying that it reminds me of the old days again? Before that, didn’t you do it once when you bought the center? Stop it now.”

“I didn’t mean to say that.”


“Do some coloring. What are you proud of being old?”

As Jang Dae-won’s face wrinkled, Jae-woon continued.

“haha. It’s a joke. I want to say thank you so much for all your hard work so far and, above all, for being by my side to this day.”

Jang Dae-won put on a humble expression on Jae-woon’s sudden confession.

“..you know.”

“Isn’t it a sandalwood thing to notice? Vice-President, I knew that he wanted to retire, but I couldn’t bring myself to speak. I am so sorry…”

Park Si-woong, who had been quietly listening to our words, asked in great surprise.

“Did the vice president want to retire?”

Jang Dae-won laughed at the question.

“haha. Why is President Park so surprised? I’m already over sixty. Is it strange for me to retire like that?”

“..not necessarily like that, but it’s a bit sudden because someone who worked passionately until a while ago said that… You’ve played a lot of this important role. Thanks to this, anyone can now travel to space if they want, and the levitation D-Sky already accounts for more than 30% of the total mobile population. I was just thinking that it was time for me to do something big…”

Jang Dae-won said, looking at Jae-woon playfully.

“That unprepared president has left things as they are, shouldn’t someone have to take care of them? Tens of trillions of dollars have already gone in, and if the business doesn’t succeed, it’s all going to be lost, and I’m in a situation where I even own a stake, so I’ve been through a lot of hardship without being able to play…”

“Hum. Hum.”

I was coughing in vain because of my disappointment.

Seeing such a fortune, Jang Dae-won spoke.

“President. As soon as the words come out, I will do it. Hmmm…that’s what I just said, but I’m really grateful for that. If I hadn’t met the president, I would not have run such a big company, but even ate that store in Yongsan and lived a life of nothing. When I was a kid in my 20s, I was a little skeptical, but now that I’m around this age, I know for sure. How lucky it was to have met the president.”

Jae-Woon, who quickly became crippled, smiled.

“I’m glad you know. haha.”

“However, please pay back that grace for putting the D-Space and D-Sky businesses on track, and please stop now. I made a lot of money thanks to the president, but honestly, the money you earn is meaningful only if you have time to spend it, right? Now give me some time to spend.”

After hesitating for a while, Jaewoon finally nodded.

“Well, it must be my greed to want you to stay by my side forever. I will approve your retirement as you wish.”

Jang Dae-won smiled broadly and shook his head.

“thank you. I’m just now having to retire, which everyone else does in their mid-fifties. haha.”

“..Vice President. Don’t you like it a lot? I’m just trying to be a little sad.”

At those words, Jang Dae-won straightened his expression and opened his mouth.

“Hmm… I’m sorry. President. Anyway, you know that I like you, right?”

“I don’t know.”


Jae-woon laughed at the aegyo of a middle-aged man who did not suit him.

“It’s a joke. It’s not anyone else, and the Vice-President is retiring, but I can’t send it away empty-handed.”

At that, Dae-won Jang asked with a face full of anticipation.

“I will show you the class of the world’s largest corporate group. This year, 100% of the group’s profits will be distributed in cash!”

“..even after deducting taxes, my share would be 15 trillion won, are you really going to pay dividends?”

“of course. If it’s too hard to spend money, come back! It’s welcome anyway. haha.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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