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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 199

Episode 199. D frontier.

At Jaewoon’s words, VOE president Wang Shuo’s face hardened.

“..Do you mean that you have to get it on condition that there is no acquisition cost?”

“That’s right. I don’t know how much more money it will take to normalize the line after the acquisition, but it should have that much merit. Well, it’s not forcing, so it’s up to Mr. King to decide.”

In a word, they were asking for free VOE lines, which cost 290 billion yuan (50 trillion won) in construction costs alone.

Wang Shuo bit his molars tightly.

‘Since I’m already in a situation where I’m leaning in, I thought I’d hit him cheaply. But does that mean you’re going to eat this without paying a penny? Such a child as a day thief!’

He felt anger and resentment as if his blood was rushing upside down.

I couldn’t get up from my seat.

It was because there was no other way to survive other than passing the line to Jae-Woon.

Wang Shuo pressed his lips against his lips to speak, and spoke.

“..If Mr. Kang wants to take over, I will not charge for the acquisition fee…”

Jaewoon added a word with a calm face.

“Of course, would you forgive me for the debt I have accumulated so far?”

Wang Shuo barely swallowed the curse that reached near his throat, and then nodded.

“..it will be difficult up to 100%, but we will discuss with the State Council to indemnify as much as possible.”

“haha. If you do that, I will do my best to normalize VOE.”

And after 1 month.

I signed an acquisition contract with the condition that I take over the VOE for only 1 yuan.

Ex-president Wang Shuo signed a contract to remain as an adviser and solve any problems outside of the product.

In the contract, there is a clause that Wang Shuo will personally compensate if the business loses due to a problem outside of the product.

He completely eliminated the possibility that he was deliberately lax in his work.

In that way, VOE was transformed into TM Display’s Chinese subsidiary.

I got my hands on a forward base to target the Chinese display market.

#January 2010.

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), called the world’s largest consumer electronics show, was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Jerry and Samuel, reporters for the Daily Telegraph, a famous British daily newspaper, entered the entrance of the exhibition hall for coverage.

Samuel’s eyes widened as he saw so many spectators that he had to stand in line to walk.

“Wow! Why are there so many people? How many times did Jerry say he’d been there? Is CES originally like this?”

Jerry looked surprised too.

“It has always been a popular exhibition. But this year is especially amazing… Is it because of all the new products?”

“Ah, please. No matter how well-known it is, why do so many people come just for that one company?”

“Two companies to be exact.”

“Ah, did you say that this time, not only Da Gao IT, but Da Ga Ga Auto will also participate?”

“..Still, it’s not just because of Damoya. Smartphones that can connect to the Internet wirelessly and electric vehicles that can travel more than 300 km on a single charge were shocking products when they were first introduced at Da-gayo, but now people are used to it. Even if a new product came out, I don’t think it would have deviated much from the existing framework.”

Jerry looked at him and shook his head.

“It’s not just something to be determined. did i say Chairman Damoye, Mr. Kang is not the kind of person who sends invitations recklessly. So far, he’s only sent out invitations twice. It was when the D phone came out and the electric car D Next came out. So, seeing that he contacted the media to attend CES this time, he must be trying to announce something huge. There are probably more people who came today from the media than the general audience.”

Jerry said with a smile.

“okay. So, let’s look forward to what Damoye will prepare. Whatever pops out, it’s definitely not going to be a disappointment.”

And after 30 minutes.

The fortunes were revealed in the Damoe booth, which boasted an overwhelming size among the exhibition booths.

As soon as they saw him, the audience started clapping and whistling.

Jaewoon smiled and opened his mouth.

“A lot of people have come. It is worthwhile to send the invitation. haha.”

Jerry asked loudly.

“Mr. Kang, did you send the invitation because you prepared something great this time? I was curious, so I couldn’t sleep well yesterday.”

Jaewoon shrugged his shoulders with a clever face.

“Oh, you must be tired. But don’t worry. If you look at what I have prepared, that fatigue will go away in an instant. Now, let us introduce D Frontier, the third step that opens a new future!”

The image of a sleek streamlined sedan came to mind on the 200-inch screen hanging on the wall of the booth along with magnificent sound effects.

At the same time, the booth wall split left and right, revealing the red car hidden behind it.

Because it was an unexpected appearance.

Applause erupted from everywhere.

“Not yet, folks. I haven’t even started the words that will receive applause, so please save your energy.”

At that, the audience burst into laughter.

Jaune continued.

“The D Frontier is an electric vehicle with three characteristics. For the first time, applying the next-generation lithium-ion battery developed by Damoyo Energy, it can travel more than 400km on a single charge.”

Admiration flowed from the mouths of the people.

“Five! The previous model was 300 km, but in two years the mileage has increased by 100 km.”

“If it’s 400km, it will be quite usable now. I could ride all day in town.”

Jaewoon flipped the screen by pressing the wireless mouse.

“The second is the possibility of wireless charging. Existing electric vehicles are inconvenient because they have to be charged by plugging in a cord, and they often forget to charge them. The D Frontier is a car you don’t have to worry about. Just park in a designated spot in the parking lot and that’s it.”

A reporter asked Jae-Woon.

“Isn’t wireless charging a matter of efficiency above all else? So, until now, it has not been used in electric vehicles, so how did you solve it?”

“Damoyeo’s unique strengths in that batteries, IT, and automobiles are grouped under the same affiliate has been a great help. We took the smartphone wireless charging technology that was commercialized in D Phone 4 and applied it to electric vehicles. Of course, there were areas for improvement, but as a result of repeated research by top-level experts, we were able to apply the technology to electric vehicles.”

The reporter responded with an expression of understanding.

“Well, if it was Damo-ya, it would have been possible.”

Jaewoon flipped the screen again.

“The previous two characteristics are also remarkable developments compared to existing technologies, but above all, the D Frontier is the world’s first commercial vehicle to break through Level 4 of the autonomous driving stage, so it can be said that it is very different from existing electric vehicles.”

From Level 0, which is 100% driver-dependent, to Level 5, where fully autonomous driving is possible in all environments.

The level of self-driving cars is divided into a total of six stages.

Among them, from Level 4, where complete autonomous driving is possible in a road environment, it was a level that could actually be called an autonomous vehicle.

Because no company has yet achieved

Level 4, let alone Level 3, which requires driver intervention in certain situations .

Jae-Woon’s words came as a big shock to the audience.

Jerry asked in a trembling voice.

“..you mean you’ve finished self-driving cars?”

Jaewoon nodded with a confident face.

“That’s right. D Frontier did not cause a single accident during the 500,000 km and 20,000 hours test drive. This means that it is fully autonomous, at least on road driving. This is a splendid achievement achieved by the high-performance AI of Damoye IT, the precision radar sensor of Damoye automobiles, and the cutting-edge semiconductor technology of TM Logic!”

At that moment, the audience, who understood Jae-Woon’s words, began to applaud vigorously.

Jerry Brown exclaimed with excitement.

“Awesome! Self-driving cars… Mr. Kang has changed the world again!”

At his words, Jaewoon smiled.

“thank you. Mr Brown. That’s the best compliment for me! haha.”

After Jae-Woon’s presentation was over, Jerry touched Samuel’s shoulder, who was standing there blankly.

“Samuel. let’s just go Now that Mr. Lecture’s presentation is over, let’s take a look around.”

Samuel looked at Jerry with a face that had just woken up from a dream.

“I think I can see why Jerry ranks Mr. Kang so highly…”

“yes. We read science fiction and just enjoy it, but Mr. Kang thinks about how to make it a reality, and in the end turns it into a novel.”

“Are you really that great?”

After a moment’s silence, Samuel continued.

“By the way, I thought I’d come here later.”

“Since I’ve seen such a great thing, I don’t think the other booths will really catch my eye…”

Jerry nodded in agreement.

“I understand that feeling. Every time I meet Mr. Kang, I always have such regrets. But when it’s time for the next exhibition, I can’t hold back my curiosity, and everyone will gather and visit the booth first. I do that every time. haha.”

Army training center subordinated to the Republic of Korea Army Command.

The so-called Nonsan Training Center, commander Lee Tae-ho, called for Chief of Staff Colonel Kim Gang-jin from early in the morning.

“Loyalty! did you call Commander.”

Taeho Lee opened his mouth with a stiff face.

“Colonel Kim, I need to check the training facilities a bit.”

“yes? The last inspection was three weeks ago, are you saying to do it again?”

It was a natural question, as training centers were supposed to inspect facilities on a quarterly basis.

Taeho took a deep breath.

“The VIP enlisted in two weeks. If any accident happens, things get really big, so the Chief of Staff gave me an order to check every little thing again.”

“..are you talking about the chief of staff?”

“okay. I’m even going to take a look around at the beginning of next week, so I need to prepare well. Colonel Kim knows well that the president is a very strict person, right?”

Although the size of the units at the Army Training Center is not small.

Since it was relatively less important than the units in the front, it was rare for the Chief of Staff to visit in person.

“..I know. But who is that VIP, and does the Chief of Staff really care?”

“Chairman Jae-Woon Kang.”

Kim Kang-jin asked in surprise.

“Are you talking about the group’s Chairman Kang Jae-woon?”

“okay. The richest man in the world, who is said to have a fortune of over 1,000 trillion won, is now enlisting because he can afford it…”

Kim Kang-jin pursed her lips a few times before asking.

“..Aren’t the president of such a chaebol going to the military too?”

“Even if you are the president of a chaebol, you should go there in principle because you are a citizen of the Republic of Korea. Of course, when it comes to Chairman Kang, he must have had many ways to get out of it, but he seems to have decided to enlist in the end.”

“He’s a great guy.”

“It is a world where even those who have less than one thousandth of Chairman Kang’s fortune can easily be exempted, and two years is a time when Chairman Kang can do a lot. The temptation must have been very strong, but deciding to enlist in the military must not have been an easy decision.”

“Your commander is right.”

“Anyway, do you understand? So, starting today, even if you mobilize all the kids, check all facilities without missing a single one!”

“All right. Commander.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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