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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 198

Episode 198.

TM Display President Kim Chan-myung said to me with a worried face.

“If it’s a 3D display, you can technically make it. However, there are not many 3D content that can be enjoyed, so I doubt whether it will sell well…”

“There is not much 3D content because the public is not interested in it. The Hollywood movie I invested in ‘Avatar’ will be released next year, and it’s a 3D work. The total production cost alone was over 300 million dollars, and the director is also excellent, so it is sure to be a huge box office hit. That movie will create a 3D boom around the world.”

“..okay. Then, in time for the release of Avatar, we will prepare to release a 3D LCD display.”

I think there’s still a look of concern on President Kim’s face, so I added a word.

“Besides avatars, I plan to create 3D content myself and release it on Dflix.”

Of course, even if I do that, the 3D boom will only last a year or two.

That moment will be a painful time that feels like eternity for Chinese display makers.

At my words, President Kim’s face brightened.

“Oh, you were even thinking of such a plan.”

“So, please rest assured and focus on the 3D display launch.”

#Early August 2008.

The movie Avatar was released.

The whole world is starting to fall into the craze of avatars and 3D.

And mid-November.

Shanghai, China.

Haoran, an employee of an oil company, and the bride-to-be stopped by a home appliance retailer, Gome, to watch a TV set for their newlyweds.

Upon entering the entrance, the clerk greeted them warmly.

“welcome. Have you come to look at home appliances?”

Haoran nodded.

“yes. I’m here to watch some TV.”

“The TV is over there. Come with me.”

The clerk took them to the TV section and started explaining each product.

“This is a TV from Sohomi. The price is very cheap, and the quality is worth seeing. The one on the right is Deussense TV, which is a bit expensive, but the LCD panel is a TM display product, so the picture quality is very good.”

After hearing the clerk’s explanation, Haoran asked, stretching out her fingers.

“What’s the TV in the middle over there?”

“Ah, this is a 3D TV from Kowon Electronics in Korea.”

“A 3D TV?”

“Have you seen Avatar?”

“yes. I saw it in 3D. It was a really good movie.”

“haha. Then it would be easier for me to explain. Did you wear glasses when you watched Avatar in the theater?”

“It’s the same when watching this TV. When I wear glasses, the image looks three-dimensional.”

At that, Haoran asked in surprise.

“Can you watch 3D images on your TV?”

“That’s right. This is a product to which TM’s newly developed 3D display is applied. Would you like to try it?”

Curious, Hao Lan and the bride-to-be nodded their heads.

The clerk held out glasses for 3D TV.

They looked at the TV with their glasses on, and Haoran looked surprised.

“Wow! I feel like I’m really on a ride.”

The bride next to her also burst into admiration.

“Wow, great! It’s more real than what I saw in the cinema…”

Haoran, who took off his glasses and pondered for a moment, asked the clerk.

“Can I see all of this in 3D?”

“It is not. Only videos made for 3D are possible. However, Chinese video service companies affiliated with Dflix are providing quite a few 3D videos. There will be no shortage of sights.”

Haoran looked at the bride with a determined face.

“Let’s do this.”

“..it looks very expensive, is that ok?”

“After all, TV is not something you buy often. Buy once, buy the good one!”

The bride smiled bashfully and folded her arms.

“Actually, I like this one too!”

“haha. okay? okay.”

Haoran looked at the clerk and continued.

“I decided on this. Could you please pay?”

The clerk smiled and shook his head.

“thank you. sir.”

#January 2009.

Wang Shuo, president of VOE, a Chinese display company, was called by Li Yang, the head of the Science and Technology Department of the State Council of China, and headed to the office building.

When Wang Shuo arrived at Li Yang’s office, Li Yang greeted him with an expressionless face.

“Master King. As you might have expected, as of this month, the Chinese government has decided to end the display subsidy!”

Wang Shuo exclaimed earnestly, forcing himself to force his legs, which seemed to fall over at any moment due to lack of strength.

“Boss! Please help a little more. TM display will be very difficult right now. With a little more help, I can make a Chinese display. Please trust me and our VOE once more!”

“How many times have you said that one time? Mr. Wang asserted that he could definitely defeat TM, and he also financed the construction of the 8th and 10th generation lines, and made up for all the deficits over the past 4 years. So far, it has provided 350 billion yuan (60 trillion won) to VOE alone and 2.4 trillion yuan (350 trillion won) to the entire display industry. Isn’t this enough for the government to do?”

Seeing Wang Shuo, who couldn’t answer right away, Li Yang continued.

“Moreover, I don’t know if the TM Display shows any signs of going down, but since we are holding on like that, there is nothing we can do about it. It seems that the market share has increased since the release of that 3D LCD, but if you do this strangely, it will be like pouring water into the bottom of the dock.”

“..Please apply for one more year, just one more year. 3D LCD is a new type of display, so it is only gaining popularity for a while. This popularity will not last long, as there are many disadvantages, such as uncomfortable wearing glasses and making you feel dizzy.”

“It’s just a teacher’s wish. Aren’t all of Wang’s predictions wrong so far? I guess you got it wrong this time too. What kind of person would Jae-Woon Kang be? Just give up.”

Wang Shuo finally knelt down and begged.

“Chief… If you cut off support like this, the VOE is over. Factory operations will soon cease, and the tens of thousands of our employees will all lose their jobs. Aren’t we all precious Chinese people? Please help…”

Li Yang looked down at Wang Shuo with eerie cold eyes.

“Ha… it’s the government’s fault that VOE is collapsing right now, right? Teacher, I must have misunderstood something, but if such a thing happens, it is not only the people who will be in trouble.”

Wang Shuo’s face turned blue as he pondered his words.

“..are you saying you’re going to hold me accountable for all this?”

“I poured over 2 trillion yuan, and things went awry? Shouldn’t someone be held accountable? The Communist Party of China must be a perfect being, and of course Wang will be responsible for that. At that time, of course, you will be sentenced to death by firing squad, so prepare yourself beforehand.”

Wang Shuo felt the feeling of falling into an abyss with no end in sight.

In the end, he left the office of the Ministry of Science and Technology with a helpless face.

“The president of VOE, a Chinese display company, wants to meet the chairman, what should we do?”

I smirked at the intuition that the Chinese government raised its hand.

“haha. It seems that this boring chicken game is finally coming to an end. Please make an appointment.”

Jaewoon spoke in English to Wang Shuo, who was sitting across from him.

“Mr. King. It took a lot of effort to get here. I want to hear what you asked to see me.”

Wang Shuo opened his mouth reluctantly.

Soon, fluent English came out of his mouth.

“..First of all, congratulations on your victory, Mr. Kang…that you attack us without missing a beat when we are at our weakest….

Although it was said that it was a cowardly masterpiece for the world’s richest man, he did it in reverse.

Rather, those words came closer to Jae-woon happily.

This was because it meant that they had won a complete victory against VOE, which had the Chinese government on its back.

“I won’t say I’m sorry. Because I am from a small country with only 50 million people, I had no choice but to win against the government of a large country with 1 billion people.”

“..There are many things I want to say, but it must be only four words…Then I will tell you the main point. Can’t we, VOE, Mr. Kang take over?”

It was unexpected for Jaune.

I thought Wang Shuo might give up on the business.

However, he did not expect that he would make an offer to take over Jaewoon, who had ruined his business.

“Hmm… Display companies aren’t the only ones with TM, so why are you making such a proposal to me?”

Wang Shuo laughed bitterly.

“Our VOE has already grown too big. Up to the 10th generation line is in operation, so if it is operated incorrectly, it has become a company that loses more than 6 billion yuan (1 trillion won) per month. In particular, most other display makers in China are also on the verge of dying, so they cannot afford to take over other places, and even if they can, there will be no place to take over our VOE, which will become a money eater if it goes wrong.”

“I understand Mr. Wang’s position. But I don’t see any reason to buy you at any cost. The Korean line alone is generating enough profit, and it is not easy to manage overseas subsidiaries, especially Chinese ones.”

It was only a matter of time before the company went bankrupt if it failed to hand over the VOE to Jaewoon.

If that was the case, Wangshuo would be over.

Wang Shuo started to persuade fortune once again, as his child was worn out.

“If Mr. Kang takes over VOE, we have already negotiated with the State Council to exempt corporate tax for three years. If you produce LCD panels on a line in China, you will be exempted from customs duties, and local governments will cooperate well with business operations. And I will actively assist with all of my personal connections so that there is no problem in operating it even after taking over.”

To be honest, his fortune had one blow, but taking over VOE wasn’t a bad choice for him.

Although China’s average economic level is not high, it has a huge domestic market with a population of 1 billion.

Because the law is supposed to favor local businesses.

Acquiring the VOE line had many advantages in targeting the local market.

In addition, it provides additional benefits such as corporate tax exemption, so you can do okay at this point.

Seeing Wang Shuo, who seemed desperate for some reason, Jae-Woon decided to try one more time.

“It’s a good deal, but I still don’t want to buy it at my own expense.”

When Wang Shuo bowed his head with a disappointed face, Jae Woon continued to speak quietly.

“But if you just want to cross the line, you can think about it. I have lost tens of trillions of dollars in competition with that side, so there is a psychological reluctance to spend extra money.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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