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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 178

Episode 178. Best reward.

early January.

A room in Song Un-jeong, Yeonnam-dong, where meetings between chaebol presidents and high-ranking politicians usually take place.

Hwansung Group Chairman Yang Ki-moon and Doosung Group Chairman Koo Yeo-beom were having a secret conversation across the table.

“Chairman Yang. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to accept my invitation.”

“no. I also wanted to meet President Koo, and I felt like it was a good thing.”

The old woman nodded her head.

“Then that’s good. Getting to the point, what do you think of the D-Phone released this time by Damoye? Will this work in the market?”

“Honestly, in terms of performance, everyone else is fighting with pistols, but a tank has appeared.”

The old woman opened her mouth with a heavy face.

“Is it that great of a product?”

“That’s right. I’m ashamed to say this with my own mouth, but the latest model developed by Hwansung Electronics a while ago is equipped with a digital camera on the back to make it possible to take videos. However, since the D phone can use the Internet for video calls and can be used like a PC, there is no comparison in performance.”

At that moment, even when the atmosphere was even more subdued, Yang Ki-moon spoke in a powerful voice.

“Old President!”

“I know you have a lot of trouble with the 4G communication service launched by World Telecom. I feel the same way because of Damoye. But we don’t have to fight one-on-one with that side, do we?”

“..the meaning of those words..?”

“Until now, we haven’t had a good relationship, but we don’t have to. How about holding hands with me and spreading a common front?”

“In what way?”

“This D-Phone is a great product, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without its weaknesses.”

the old woman asked.

“Does the D-Phone have any weaknesses?”

“yes. That’s over a million dollars. Even if a mobile phone is expensive now, there is no phone that costs more than 1 million won. The price of the D phone will definitely be a big burden on customers.”

“Is that the shipping price? Now that World Telecom is pouring subsidies, the installment cost has dropped to less than 500,000 won.”

“Well, it’s not free, is it? Hwansung’s latest mobile phone model, the SR-100, is proud of having much better specifications than other mobile phones except for the D phone. However, as with high specifications, the factory price is 890,000 won, but when it is delivered to Doosung Telecom, it will be lowered to 600,000 won. Instead, Doosung also supports subsidies, so that the installment principal is 0 won. That way, you can prevent customer churn to some extent.”

The former Yeo-beom, who had been thinking for a moment, answered.

“It certainly looks like a good way to defend the churn rate. But this time, we can’t keep doing this, can we? If we sell at that price in Hwansung as well as our marketing cost burden, there will be nothing left, right?”

“That is correct. I can’t keep doing this. Even if not, Hwansung Electronics created my own smartphone development team a while ago. There is a good research sample called D phone, so before the end of this year, we may be able to launch a smartphone too. By that time, we will be able to raise our prices even more, and we will be able to spend less on marketing in Doosung.”

At that moment, the old woman’s face brightened.

“As expected, like the head of the Hwansung Group and Chairman Yang, you have all your thoughts. It is a pleasure to have you here today. haha.”

Yang Ki-moon smiled and held out his glass.

“Cheers and Heads worked together, what can’t we do? Let’s shake off our worries and worries in this one cup. Come on, let’s have a toast.”

“yes. haha.”

#1 Mid-January.

The office of the CEO of Viewizon, one of the four largest telecommunication companies in the United States.

At the sound of someone knocking on the door, CEO Thomas Fisher raised his head.

The office door opened, and Ralph, who was in charge of strategic planning, approached him with an urgent face.

“Mr Fisher. Korea World Telecom has established a corporation in the United States!”

Thomas asked in amazement.

“World Communications? The company that installed 4G in Korea?”

“..At this time, people are buzzing about D-phones because they are entering the US market…Is it possible that you came to the US to start a 4G communication business?”

“I don’t know the exact intentions, but seeing the FFC approval for the 4G communication infrastructure business, it seems like they want to do business with 4G.”

“Um… this seems like something that shouldn’t be overlooked.”


Thomas looked at Ralph with a serious expression on his face.

“By the way, was the World Telecom company financially strong enough to do business in the United States? If you want to start a mobile communication business here, you have no choice but to spend about a billion dollars. Judging by the market share in Korea, it seems that we are ranked 4th.”

It was then that Ralph tilted his head as if he felt strange.

“..that’s right. In terms of size alone, the company is too small to break into the US telecommunications market. Something is a bit strange.”

“Hmm… Let’s do some more research before we take any countermeasures.”

“What kind of investigation are you talking about..?”

“Let’s start by looking at whether Damoye and Segye Telecom have an equity relationship. If there is no relationship between Damoye and World Telecom, it is likely that Damoye made a back deal with World Telecom to pretend to enter the US market. Because if we take that as a threat, we can sell 4G equipment. On the other hand, if Damoye and World Telecom are entangled by stake, the situation will be even more serious. It is said that global communication has a clear source of funding.”

“Mr. Fisher makes sense.”

“I wish it was the former, but this will have to be investigated to confirm, so Ralph, please find out the relationship between the two as soon as possible.”

Cornell University student Anthony was lying on her bed, exchanging D-Talk messages with her friend Ben.

– Anthony, have you heard of this telecommunications company called Bon Mobile?

– No, I haven’t heard of it. Why?

– They said they would start selling the D phone with a plan that allows you to use the D phone there?

Anthony screamed in surprise and unconsciously.

“What? Are you selling D-phones?”

He barely calmed his pounding heart and sent a reply with D-Tab.

– I was very disappointed that all four major carriers didn’t release it… What is this mobile company doing?

– I found out that it is an MVNO operator that rents out Viewizon’s network. The advantage is that the plan is slightly cheaper than the 4 major carriers, but there are no advantages other than that. But if you can buy a D phone, that’s a completely different story. Even better because they give you a contract discount.

– Commitment discount? Come to think of it, phone D is a mobile phone, so it could get a subsidy. So does that mean you don’t have to pay a lot of money at once like when you buy a D-Tab?

– right.

“The best!”

Anthony yelled once more, then replied back.

– But what about 4G?

– In partnership with a company called World Telecom, it works in some cities in California, but not yet in others. However, I heard that it will gradually expand.

– okay? I hope it will be soon

– I know yeah. Still, the specs are almost D-Tab4, so it’s worth buying.

– I have to cancel my cell phone and change to a D phone!

– Me too. There’s a mobile store I saw near my school. I’m going tomorrow. What should you do?

– okay? that is great. Come with me! friend.

Promotion of executives was carried out focusing on business units with good performance.

The early members, such as Sang-ah Chae, Manager Lee Woong-gi, Manager Hong Mi-hye, Manager Ko Hong-min, and Manager Park Si-woong, all fell under this category.

As it is the first promotion to an executive since Damoye was founded, the promotion ceremony was decided to be held extensively.

Two days later, on the day of the promotion ceremony.

The 28th floor of the Damoye Center.

Even though only the main members of each division had gathered, the spacious event hall was full.

When Director Lee Kuk-hyun called my name, the promotion candidates walked out one by one and stood right in front of me.

I smiled as I looked at Director Park Si-woong, who was standing there with a nervous face.

“Park Mr. Congratulations on your executive promotion! You’ve been through a lot.”

Manager Park nodded his head.

“thank you. CEO! I will try my best to show you only the good side.”

I handed him a car key.

“This is my congratulations gift. This is the Shoreman, a luxury sedan released by Baekwoo Car. It is a full-option vehicle equipped with navigation and front and rear detection systems, so it will be useful.”

The attendees murmured at my words.

“Shoreman? Isn’t it the most popular car among large sedans these days?”

“If it was a full option, it would have cost more than 60 million won.

Director Park bowed his head with a bewildered face.

“Thank you very much! CEO.”

Next, managing director Mi-hye Hong came up to the stage.

“Chief Hong. Congratulations on your executive promotion. And congratulations on your marriage to Managing Director Ko Hong-min!”

Hong’s eyes widened.

“I am the representative here. I know roughly everything that happens in the company. It’s been over a year since the two of you dated. I think Joohee will like it. haha.”

Director Hong made an embarrassed expression.

“..I didn’t even know that, and I was just thinking about when to tell you.”

I handed her an envelope.

“This is my wedding present.”

“..What is this..?”

“This is a newly built apartment of 40 pyeong in Bangbae-dong, Seoul. They are the people who have made a big contribution until our company has grown like this, and I have to provide the newlyweds for the two of them.”


Director Hong covered his mouth with his hand and made an expression of excitement.

A shout erupted from behind.

“Wow! What kind of congratulatory money is a 40-pyeong apartment in Seoul? I envy you, Mr. Hong and Mr. Ko!”

“CEO. It’s really great!”

So, the gift delivery ceremony to the promoted executives ended.

I opened my mouth to people.

“Most of the people who have been promoted to executive positions here today are those who have been with this company for less than five years. It means that you can become an executive in a short time, regardless of age or gender, depending on your efforts. Damoye has always been, and will continue to do, the best rewards for the dedication and performance of its employees. thank you.”

I was on the phone with Executive Vice President Shin Hyun, who oversees World Telecom’s US corporation.

“What was the local reaction to 4G communication?”

“It is very hot. The service is still only available in Santa Rosa, but the D-phone has already sold over 400,000 units.”

“Forty thousand? It’s sold a lot. Didn’t I say that Santa Rosa has only about 170,000 people?”

“I was curious too, so when I looked at the places where the buyers lived, there were a lot of people from other parts of the world in addition to those who lived in Santa Rosa.”

“Hmm… I wouldn’t be able to use 4G communication, but I’m going to buy a D phone… Well, I guess it can be. It can be used like D-Tab, since it is lighter than D-Tab and even makes calls. Then, on what basis did you say that the response to 4G communication was good? I don’t think you said that simply because the D phone sold a lot?”

“Last month, 40% of all new mobile telecommunication customers in Santa Rosa signed up for the D phone plan through this mobile.”

“40%? It’s two out of five people, but the ratio is very high.”

“That’s right. That percentage has risen even further since a reporter from The New York Times came to cover it last week. Probably close to 50% this month.”

“haha. That’s fine. It seems that the effect on 4G has been sufficiently proven. Then, shall we gradually expand the infrastructure construction area to other places?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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