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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 177

Episode 177. A great step.

After about 3 minutes of short wireless internet demonstration video ended, Jaewoon continued.

“If you have our D phone, you can freely use the Internet anytime, anywhere. If the 4G LTE communication infrastructure is built there, many things that have only been imagined until now will become possible. These are the things!”

With Jae-Woon’s words, the future changes due to the D-Phone began to be drawn on the screen.

“When new news comes in, in just a few minutes, tens of thousands of people see it. Photos taken in South Africa and uploaded in less than a minute can be immediately viewed in San Francisco, USA, on the other side of the globe, and the speed at which information is transmitted will be greatly accelerated. People will live in a flood of information, and the technology to filter the necessary information from it will become important.”

The reporters’ eyes gradually filled with shock.

“There will be many changes not only on such a large scale, but also in small areas. What if, for example, when using public transport such as a taxi or bus, you could see where you were in real time?”

Telegraph reporter Jerry replied loudly.

“It will greatly reduce the time wasted!”

“you’re right. D-Phone will make time for us. We could do a lot more with that time. This will create new industries and cultures. In addition, D-Phone adopts the easy OS used by D-Tab, so you can use 2 million easy OS apps as it is. It can be said that it is a mobile phone and a portable PC at the same time.”

After that, Jaewoon’s explanation continued for about 10 minutes.

“(omitted)…we will find or make a way…these are the words of Hannibal, the great master of ancient Carthage, and this is our mindset. Damoye will always try to find a way to make imagination a reality in the future, and if it doesn’t exist, it will create it. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have joined us in the beginning of the great step towards the future, called D-Phone.”

When his presentation was over, all the impressed reporters stood up and gave a standing ovation.

“Wow! awesome. With only one D phone, you can use the Internet whenever you want. It’s like a dream.”

“In addition, we have commercialized a high-speed wireless communication network. Everyone, this is the best!”

It was only around the time when my hands were tingling and it was difficult to clap anymore, the sound of applause subsided.

“Mr. Kang. What the hell should I call this? There are too many things that can be done simply to be called a Cellular Phone, right?”

“Call me a smartphone! He’s smarter than any other electronic device.”

Thus, the world’s first commercial smartphone was born in Korea.

#Media from around the world made a special note about the release of Damoye’s smartphone.

Some famous news channels, such as CNN, even aired the entire presentation video of Jae-Woon.

And immediately after that, the global IT industry plunged into chaos.

December 25, Apple’s headquarters in the United States, CEO’s office.

For Americans, Christmas is like a big holiday where the whole family gathers, and on that day, everyone was free to relax and enjoy.

I couldn’t find such a warm atmosphere without washing my eyes.

There was only serious and heavy air flowing all the time.

CEO Steve Mars told Reynolds, who heads the sales team.

“As Reynolds must have felt, the D-Phone announced at Damoye two days ago is a serious threat that cannot be compared to the D-Tab. Not right now, but smartphones will be able to replace everything from cell phones to tablets to desktop PCs. It means that IT companies that do not use smartphones will not be able to survive in the industry in the future.”

“That’s right. Even the D-Tab was an innovative product, but it’s a D-phone…Actually, everyone has imagined it at least once, but making it into a real product is a completely different story. It is also Mr. Kang.”

Steve laughed bitterly.

“It is funny to say this now, but after a few years, we were going to start developing a smartphone on our side as well. I thought it was premature because the communication speed did not support it right now… The monster named Mr. Kang developed high-speed wireless communication technology and greatly accelerated the appearance of smartphones.”

Reynolds asked cautiously.

“Mr. Mars. What are you going to do now? Even if we come to develop a smartphone now, it will be a rather late start, so it will not be easy to catch up with Damoye…”

Steve thought for a moment, then shook his head.

“It’s not just about thinking that way. From what I found out, the four major U.S. carriers say they have no intention of introducing 4G within at least two years.”

“Aren’t you going to introduce 4G communication?”

“yes. It’s not like we’re looking at our situation. For them, it is good in many ways to extract enough profits from 3G and move on to 4G. Anyway, that’s a good thing. Smartphones won’t land in the US for a while. No matter how good the D phone is, it will not be able to show its performance properly at the 2G communication speed, and above all, the telecommunication company that is reluctant to introduce 4G will not want to sell the D phone.”

Reynold’s complexion brightened.

“It’s really nice.”

“If we somehow finish developing the smartphone within the time earned by the telecommunication companies, we have a chance too. Above all else, America is our home ground.”

“Mr. Mars is right. If the D phone was released first, it would be a difficult fight because there is a perception that the D phone is the best smartphone.

“Yes? However, even if we develop smartphone hardware, I think we should use Damoye’s Easy OS instead of A-OS.”

“Hmm… If we give up A-OS, we lose a lot of our strengths… Is it okay?”

“There is no other way. Because of D-Talk and U-map, the dominance of easy OS in the portable PC market continues to grow, and with the release of D-Phone, it will eventually become an exclusive operating system like the existing Windows. Like we did against the Wintel alliance with the drill CPU in the past, we don’t know if there are major strengths in hardware, but it is just a reckless attempt to fight with the A-OS without it.”

“..that makes sense.”

“A-OS is no longer usable, but our hardware capabilities have improved a lot while developing the A-pad, right? Once the D phone sample is obtained, we thoroughly analyze it, absorb the technology, and build better hardware based on it.”

It was a strategy that the companies below the second place basically took to chase the leading companies.

In fact, in the IT industry, there have been quite a few cases where the number one company was reversed in this way.

Reynolds nodded with determination.

“That’s a good idea. My pride is hurt a little, but now is not the time to cover cold and hot water.”

“We need to organize a smartphone development team and come up with a detailed plan, so Reynolds, please call an urgent strategy meeting tomorrow and bring the executives together.”

Viewizon headquarters, one of the four largest telecommunication companies in the United States.

CEO Thomas Fisher was talking with Ralph, the head of strategic planning, about the launch of the D-Phone.

“I must have been hiding such a plan at Damoye… If I had accepted the contract to supply 4G communication equipment, it would have been a disaster.”

Ralph nodded.

“That’s right. He probably had no choice but to receive the D-Phone as well due to the public opinion, and he completely gave up the initiative without negotiating the price properly.”

“It’s all thanks to Ralph’s good comments.”

“I was just making an opinion. Mr. Fisher made the right decision.”

“Are you keeping a close eye on the behavior of other telecommunication companies?”

“yes. So far, it seems that no place has broken its promise not to introduce 4G communication equipment.”

Thomas laughed pleasantly.

“okay. Damoye CEO Mr. Kang is said to be a rare genius, but this time it won’t be much. No matter how good a product is, telecommunication companies with a market share of more than 90% don’t buy it, so where do they sell it? haha.”

“you’re right. Even if everyone gets together, there will be no other choice but to panic and wait for us to call.”

“I think it would be good to take this kind of thing two years later, and slap the price of telecommunication equipment a little bit.”

“haha. Good idea. Mr Fisher.”

#The year has passed and it is 2003.

January 2nd, 9:20 a.m.

Kim Se-myung, the manager of the Yeouido branch of World Telecom, looked tired of seeing people standing in line beyond the glass door so long that they couldn’t see the end.

Behind him, two part-timers were busily pulling out the stock of D-phones from the warehouse.

Kim Se-myung called the name of one of them, Cha Woo-jin.

“Woo Jin-ah. Come over here.”

“yes. Manager.”

“You said you worked at a Bangbae store before coming here? How long have you worked there?”

“Have you been there for a year? But why?”

“Have you ever seen a scene like this? It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this in 5 years of selling mobile phones. I thought it would only be possible to see people standing in line from dawn to buy a cell phone in other countries, but seeing it in Korea makes me feel strange.”

At that, Cha Woo-jin nodded his head.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. Damoyeo looks great. Seeing you do that to buy this expensive phone…”

“Not great. I also have a D-Tab series, and it was made so well that I thought it was really made with Korean technology. Even famous PC makers like Nell and Apple get together and say they’re geeky in front of them, but they’ve said it all!”

“Actually, I saw quite a few foreigners in the line, but I think it was a world-class company. I don’t know how such a company came out of Korea.”

“How is our country man? It is the first country in the world to make metal type!”

“a. What does that have to do with this?”

Kim Se-myung smiled and patted Cha Woo-jin’s shoulder lightly.

“It’s a country of excellent people, so it’s saying that the same company came out together! Now, stop playing around and get to work. The door is open in hours.”

Shin Hyun, the head of the network division, informed the FCC that the communication business had been approved.

I was talking with him about future plans.

“Have you applied for a business license with the state of California?”

“yes. As the representative said, they were very friendly. As soon as the FCC approves it, the state government also agreed to issue a permit. We have already informed the state of the FCC approval, so it is expected that the permit will be issued within a day or two.”

“okay. Where will the corporation be established?”

“Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, a city of about 170,000 people.”

“Not too big, not too small, just right.”

“yes. We plan to set up an operation headquarters and base station here so that the whole of Santa Rosa will come into the LTE service area. All the materials and equipment have already been moved, so the work will be finished in a month. We also ended the partnership agreement with an MVNO (mobile telecommunication reseller) operator. The other party is ‘Bon Mobile’, an MVNO that leases and operates the network of the four major US telecommunication companies, Viewizon. It was decided to split the profits from the 4G communication plan 8:2. ”

“It’s 8:2… It’s like paying a 20% fee for using the 2G network.”

“It was their first time doing something like this, so it took a while to set the profit share, but 8:2 is not a bad condition. After all, without a 2G network, we cannot do business. Rather, I have a feeling that they all got together and made concessions in consideration of the value of the name.”

“Right. That kind of fee is reasonable. So, are you ready now?”

I felt a little excited at the feeling of a surprise attack on the back of an unsuspecting enemy.

“Now, there are few days left to stab the buttocks of the four major telecommunication companies. Their reaction is expected. haha.”

Director Shin said with a smile.

“That’s right. It will probably sting quite a bit. haha.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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