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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 176

Episode 176. D phone released.

After reading the invitation from Damoyeo.

Jerry, a reporter for the Daily Telegraph, a British daily newspaper, felt his heart beating fast without realizing it.

“D phone.. what is this?”

The chief shrugged.

“Well. This is the only information I have received… Seeing that his name is Pawn, I think he is talking about a cell phone, but I think we will know what it is.”

“It’s been less than 6 months since the release of D-Tab4, but it’s suddenly a mobile phone… Besides, even when a new product comes out, up until now, without an official presentation, it’s usually all about releasing specifications on the website on the day of release… something It’s kind of special.”

“right? Anyway, since it’s a mobile phone announced by that Damo-Yeo, it must be a product with some great features. Even after releasing the D-Tab that made the history of the tablet PC, we had never held an event like this before. Isn’t this sudden release at least the confidence that it is a great product that surpasses the existing D-Tab?”

Jerry nodded at that.

“Actually, even to me, Mr. Kang was never satisfied with a decent level of product. He’s doing this because he’s confident he’ll really surprise the world.”

“Can we fall into the scene of such a historic event?”

“I must go!”

“But… I have a problem. We got this 3 days ago and the admin didn’t even know it was important and he kept it until now and just handed it to me. I called right away to get a good place to report, but instead of a good seat, I was assigned a lower floor on the floor where the presentation was held.”

Jerry asked, confused.

“Did you give me another floor? The Daily Telegraph, the largest British daily?”

“The only thing that made it worthwhile was that daily newspapers around the world rushed to this presentation. They also sensed that something great was about to come out this time.”

The director put his arm on Jerry’s shoulder.

“So now it’s all up to you! Didn’t everyone get together before and say that you were close with CEO Mr. Kang?”

“Well, I can’t even call them friends, but I do know Mr. Kang’s personal email. At the IFA exhibition, I got an email address because I had a kite, and after that, whenever a new D-Tab was released, I used to ask questions by email. They responded much faster than when I officially requested them, so I use them often.”

The chief was baffled.

“Also! Then you should contact Mr. Kang, and make sure he gets a seat for the presentation again. Does it make sense for our telegraph reporters to write articles while looking at the monitor at the scene of an event of that century?”

Jerry nodded with a stiff face.

“It is. I will make sure to get a seat in front of the presentation by all means.”

The chief laughed happily.

“okay. I will only trust you!”

“This time, the D phone presentation was on the 28th floor, wasn’t it? I need to make one more seat there.”

The manager replied with a troubled face.

“Um… the 28th floor is already full, so adding even one more seat can make other people uncomfortable…”

“Then please reduce the size of the pedestal a little. An old friend asks for a seat, and it’s a bit like pretending not to know.”

“An old friend?”

“My name is Jerry Brown, a reporter who wrote articles well when D-Tab first came out, and he’s been writing articles that are friendly to us ever since. He’s one of the few reporters who knows my personal mail, and he’s affiliated with The Daily Telegraph, the UK’s largest daily newspaper. The manager, please pay attention.”

The manager made a face that he couldn’t do it.

“Then I know. Reducing the pedestal is a little bit different, but let’s move the seat forward little by little to make room for it.”

#23 Dec.

7:20 p.m.

Damoye Center 28th floor, D phone presentation hall.

Behind the podium was a large white screen that was over 13 meters wide.

The front was packed with journalists from all over the world.

Telegraph reporter Jerry, who was seated on the closest side of the stage, felt his body tremble with anticipation as the presentation time approached.

Soon 7:30.

His fortune in a neat shirt was revealed.

phut! phut!

Flashes went off incessantly from the camera in the back row, and after a while he opened his mouth.

“Journalists from all over the world! Thank you very much for responding to Damoye’s invitation like this. Today is a very happy day. Because I’m finally able to bring to the world the innovative product I’ve been dreaming of for the past 5 years. Now, let me introduce you to the new D-Phone that will connect the entire planet!”

as soon as the words are finished.

An image of a product with rounded corners, which at first glance looked like a thin notebook, came to mind on a large screen with a magnificent sound effect.

Jaewoon pulled out a palm-sized D-phone from his pocket.

“This is the D-Phone!”

The camera flash went off again several times.

‘ asked Frank, a reporter from the United States.

“Is that a cell phone?”

“you’re right. To be more precise, it can be said that it is a touch-type mobile phone with few physical buttons unlike conventional mobile phones. Since we replaced all the places where the buttons would normally be with a display screen, we were able to make it fit in one hand even with a large 6.5-inch screen.”

“If it was made with a touch screen, it would take less force to press the button. But do your phone’s screens need to be that big? I would use it for checking simple messages or phone numbers anyway.”

At his question, Jaewoon clicked the D phone a few times, and then showed a video screen of a car running in front of him.

“Of course there is a reason the screen needs to be big. Thanks to the system semiconductor called AP, it is possible to play videos such as movies and dramas like this.”

Frank’s eyes widened.

The audience began to murmur.

“Five! Can you watch a movie on this little D phone? What a surprise!”

“haha. Surprisingly, it’s still early. Please wait a moment.”

Jaewoon called somewhere on the D phone.

After a while, the face of a man in his mid-50s appeared on the screen.

“hello? President-elect Jeong Ki-joon! This is Jaewoon Kang. Can you see me well?”

“yes. It looks good. me?”

“The winner looks good too. Would you like to say hello to the reporters in front of me?”

Jung Ki-jun on the screen waved his hand as he greeted him in English.

“hello. everyone! Jeong Ki-joon was elected as the 16th President of the Republic of Korea.”

The presentation hall, which had been buzzing with the video demonstration, became quiet as if frozen.

Frank asked in a trembling voice.

“..what is this? The next president… Is this a recorded video?”

“haha. Could it be? I made a video call with President-elect Chung, who is now at home.”

Jerry was shocked as well.

‘Isn’t mobile phone video calling impossible within a few years even because of the communication speed? Besides, your opponent is the president-elect? Does it make sense for such a person to appear at the presentation of Damoye, which is not a state-owned company and is a 100% private company?’

Jae-Woon continued, looking at the reporters full of doubts.

“Elect. It seems that the reporters do not believe that they are talking to you on the phone. If it’s okay with you, can I see the first lady’s face for a moment?”

“Of course it’s fine. honey. Say hello to me.”

When Jung Ki-jun turned the screen to illuminate the side, the face of a woman in her 50s appeared.

She waved her hand towards the screen and opened her mouth.

“hello. The elected candidates are Ahn Sa-rae and Lee Hye-yeon. Nice to meet you, journalists.”

On the screen of Phone D, there was a clock hanging on the wall with her figure showing 7:50.

Seeing that scene, Jerry laughed in shock.

‘Ha… that’s right. It’s really the president-elect and his wife. Looking at that watch, I saw that he was actually having a real-time video call with the winner. What a big deal!’

Jaewoon had a few more conversations with the elected couple.

When the reporters seemed to be convinced to some extent, he said goodbye to Jung Ki-joon.

“Chief Chung. Thank you so much for helping me with the presentation while you are busy.”

“haha. no. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it too. Please spread the word that our country has such great technology. Then, I hope you have a good presentation, and that the reporters do well in Korea.”

After hanging up on the phone with Jung Ki-joon, Jae-woon continued.

“As you can see, the D-Phone is the world’s first phone capable of making video calls, and it’s a perfect fit. The front camera on the front sends my face to the other side, and this large display screen shows the other person clearly.”

When Jaewoon finished his words, there was a big applause.

Voices of admiration came from everywhere.

“Finally, there is a mobile phone that can make video calls. Damo too!”

“Aside from video calls, the way the other person moves is very natural. What an amazing skill!”

After the commotion subsided a little, this time Jerry raised his hand and asked.

“Even if the D phone has good performance, isn’t it difficult to make a video call with slow 2G communication? How did you overcome that?”

“That’s a good question. If the communication speed itself is slow, no matter how well the product is made, this kind of performance will not come out. So our D phone is using 4G LTE, a new communication standard.”


“Simply put, it is a communication standard that is at least 10 times and up to 30 times faster than 3G WCDMA.”

After that, the reporters began to murmur again.

Frank raised his hand and asked.

“Can that LTE be used in the real world?”

“That’s right. Korea’s global telecom has already commercialized LTE for the first time in the world. The call was also made using the LTE infrastructure established by World Telecom.”

“..3G has not yet been commercialized in other countries, but 4G…How did the world’s telecoms commercialize 4G?”

“We have already developed a modem chip, which is the core of TM Logic, last year. We inherited it from Dodriver and developed communication equipment, and global telecoms built LTE infrastructure.”

Frank nodded as if he understood.

“Somehow, TM Logic, a top-notch fabless company, can do that. It’s a combination of 4G LTE and AP… It’s a product that can confidently say that Mr. Kang is the invention of the century.”

But Jae-Woon smiled brightly as if it wasn’t over yet.

“haha. Would I have asked people who are busy with this kind of skill to come to Korea?”

“..there are you saying that there is more to be done than what you showed before?”

Jaewoon stretched out his arms and pointed to the screen behind him.

“That’s right. From now on, I will introduce the wireless Internet service, which is the reason for the development of the D-Phone and the value of existence.”

Again, the video of surfing the Internet with the D phone filled the screen with colorful sound effects.

Jerry remembered a moment at the IFA three years ago, talking with Jaewoon in front of the D-Tab.

“Mr. Kang. Until recently, I thought I was living in the future I imagined as a child. It has become an era of carrying around a computer and taking pictures with a digital camera to easily post articles. But you can see this. The real future starts now.”

Jerry clenched his fists so tightly that his nails dig into the palms of his hands.

‘Oh My God! This man, did you really do it?’

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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