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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 152

Episode 152. The battle to take over Yuhwan Bank. (1)

I knew Yang Yoo-hoon’s face as I often met him during meetings.

But he probably won’t report directly to me in his position…

Something is strange.

Yang Yoo-hoon bowed his head and saluted.

“hello? CEO.”

“yes. Did Team Leader Park have anything to do with Yoo Hoon?”

To my question, Yang Yu-hoon took out a CD and an envelope with a check for 20 million won.

He told me what he had done in the past.

After hearing all of his words, I looked at Team Manager Park.

“Did you know what was on this CD?”

“Not yet. I came up to report to the representative first.”

“okay. So, first of all, Manager Park, please investigate what this CD is. There are a lot of experts in Hongin Media, so we should work with them.”

Let Team Leader Park go first,

I looked at Yang Yoo-hoon.

“Mr. Yoo Hoon. You made a big decision. It must have been difficult for you to tell me about this.”

“..Actually, I was a little worried. But I couldn’t make a choice that could destroy such a good company with my own hands. A good daycare center, a free working atmosphere, a nice office building, and a bonus of up to 100% of your annual salary… It’s hard to find a job like this twice. Besides, when I run the files on that CD, I was also very impressed by the fact that many of my co-workers could also suffer a lot of damage.”

“Our system isn’t that laggy, so when an illegal program gets in trouble, it’s only a matter of time before we figure out which computer it was installed on. If you did that, you would not only be caught, but if the program harmed the company, you would have had to pay compensation.”

“You did a really good job for the company and for yourself. As a representative of the company, I would like to express my gratitude.”

“no. I was just doing what I had to do, well.”

“If you really think so, can you help me?”

“yes. I’ll track down who gave you the CD. Until you figure out who he is and what his purpose is, keep pretending to be cooperative with Yoo-hoon. Instead, report any contact with him immediately. Can you do that?”

Yang Yoo-hoon immediately nodded his head.

“of course. If I can help him catch him, he will.”

I laughed.

“okay. I am very proud that someone like Yoo Hoon is an employee of our company. But isn’t that 200 million really worth it?”

“yes. The resentment has already been cast away. It wasn’t mine to begin with.”

I like it.

I think I should get promoted to deputy at the right time.

“haha. okay. Then go back and work normally. If anything happens, please report it immediately.”

After Yang Yu-hoon passed away, I was alone in my thoughts.

‘Who did it… Hwanseong Chairman Yang Ki-moon? Chairman Doo-sung Koo Yeo-beom? Go Won, Vice Chairman Jin Chang-ho?’

There were only two or three names that came to mind.

‘Whoever it is, let’s try it somewhere. But did you make a commitment? The price for touching me will not be so light.’

Your Butterfly headquarters meeting room.

President Kim Joo-han started the briefing with a recalled face.

“We are ready to launch our company’s first navigation product, U-Navi. All roads across the country, even alleys that cannot be driven by cars, are included, and major buildings are implemented in three-dimensional images to make the marked route easy to recognize. Drivers don’t have to panic if they’re on the wrong road, as it only takes 2 seconds to recalculate and show them when they deviate from the route.”

President Kim, who stopped talking for a moment and looked at my face, continued.

“In particular, thanks to the communication module proposed by the CEO, even the traffic conditions of each road are reflected in near real-time, so customer satisfaction is expected to be very high.”

“Isn’t the reaction from the pre-testers bad?”

“That’s right. I took the ratings out of 100 people, and 99 people gave it a 10 out of 10.”

“Wow! It’s a bit disappointing for one person, but the ratings are really good.”

At my words, President Kim smiled.

“That one person gave it an 11 out of 10.”

“haha. So are you all satisfied? That’s great.”

“yes. It seems like a really luxury navigation system has come out.”

“okay. However, I do not know if there will be any problems once this is released to the market, so please continue to monitor the market reaction immediately after the launch.”

“And, apart from the navigation, how complete is the map that will be displayed on our DAJI portal?”

The map service was a function that many people searched for so that search portals would have it in common in the future.

I was thinking of putting this feature into the DAJI portal early on.

“The aerial view that shows the desired location in aerial photos has already been completed, but the street view, which shows a close-up photo, is only halfway done. The work is expected to be completed by the end of next year.”

Of course, street view takes a long time because people go to the place and make it by taking a picture.

I didn’t want to wait another year though.

“Chief Kim. First of all, Street View will complete Seoul first, and launch the service immediately after that. The rest of the regions will be able to appeal enough if we update them sequentially.”

“It is. So let’s make Seoul first. The work will probably be finished next month, so the U-map service will be released in early February of next year.”

“The schedule is fine. Please do that.”

The day before the bid date for Yuhwan Bank.

Even if it was a competitive bidding, it was not possible to keep raising the price like any other auction.

The bidders write down the highest amount they can write.

There were no two chances because the bidder with the highest bid was awarded the bid.

So, when such a competitive bidding took place, it was common to conduct information warfare to find out the other party’s bid amount in advance.

Lone Super Korea CEO Yuhan Min was also in the process of maintaining extreme security.

He felt embarrassed in front of Taesung Group Chairman Joo Kang-jin, who was smiling round and round.

‘Why did this person suddenly come to me?’

Without considering Yuhan-min’s feelings, Joo Kang-jin opened his mouth.

“CEO Yoo. What’s wrong with your face? Did you come even where I couldn’t?”

“..not like that. But what’s going on here…?”

“Of course, I came here because I wanted to make sure I was well prepared for what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

“..the preparation is perfect. After a good night’s sleep, Chairman Joo can attend a dinner to celebrate the success of the acquisition tomorrow afternoon.”

Joo Kang-jin shook his head.

“It can’t be. My money in Lone Super is 300 billion won. A lot of money went into it, but of course I have to check with my own eyes how the operation is going.”

“Sorry, but confidentiality is of the utmost importance before bidding for takeover. If any information leaks to the other side, it is a big deal.”

Joo Kang-jin said with a look of dismay.

“You mean if I hear that information, I’m going to spill it on everyone else? Representative Yoo. There is no reason for me to betray my 300 billion won right now.”

“..Of course, but I am doing this just in case, so please understand.”

Joo Kang-jin glared at Yuhan-min with strength in his eyes.

“You understand? Look at this. Representative Yoo. In my experience, 99% of writers who tell them to trust them unconditionally are scammers. It’s even more suspicious because CEO Yoo is here. If I can’t tell you, I’m out of this board. Please return my money immediately.”

When Joo Kang-jin came out hard, Yuhan-min was perplexed.

‘Why is this person doing this at the last minute?’

If it was a day or 20 billion, I would have sent it away just saying I would return it.

Without the 300 billion won entrusted to him by Joo Kang-jin, he could not meet the amount to be written before the bid to take over Yuhwan Bank tomorrow.

Reluctantly, Yuhan-min showed the calculated bid amount to Joo Kang-jin.

“This is the material the president is curious about. I will write at this price before taking over tomorrow.”

Kang-Jin Joo looked at the data and was shocked inside.

‘The bid amount is 2.8 trillion?’

At most, I thought it was in the late 1 trillion won range, or in the early 2 trillion won range.

It far exceeded his expectations.

“..you wrote it high. If this is the case, we can definitely win, but even if we take over, doesn’t it mean that we won’t see a big profit?”

“Don’t worry about that. We can match you with a return of 100% or more.”

If it was 100%, it wasn’t a bad return.

However, considering the 400% that Jaune said, it was an incomparable rate of return.

Joo Kang-jin smiled inwardly.

‘Also. Choosing him was an excellent decision.’

Joo Kang-jin got up from his seat and said to him.

“It’s 100%… that’s fine. Now that you have confirmed the strategy of CEO Yoo, I think I will be able to sleep comfortably today. I’ll see you at the banquet tomorrow then.”

“yes. See you tomorrow.”

After Joo Kang-jin returned, Yuhan-min took another material from the desk.

“It’s a shame because I prepared it just in case. I almost would have told you the truth of the bid amount.”

The data shown to Joo Kang-jin was the actual bid amount minus 200 billion won.

I wasn’t really suspicious of him.

I was once hit by Bank President Na Woong-jin.

There was no guarantee that he wouldn’t betray, so I couldn’t tell you the actual bid amount.

‘I would rather have betrayed Chairman Joo. Then it will surely end in our victory.’

#I cut off contact with Chairman Joo Kang-jin and fell into thoughts.

‘2.8 trillion. I spent quite a bit more than I expected, but should I really bid with that amount?’

I never thought that President Joo would have betrayed me.

The profit I guaranteed would have been much greater than the Lone Super.

However, unless Lone Super was an idiot, I was struck by the bank president once, so I should have been extremely careful, and this time, I might have leaked disinformation.

‘In case you don’t know, I’ll have to take the bid with a little more room than 2.8 trillion won.’

A banquet hall at the Sheraf Hotel, the site of the bid.

Franz Muller, an executive in charge of Komatsubank, the largest shareholder of Yuhwan Bank, representatives of other major shareholders, and Yoohyeon-ha, an executive in charge of the sale, stood in a line.

A blue bid box was placed in front of it.

Yuhan-min, the CEO of Lone Super Korea, who arrived just like me, greeted me.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you in person. Representative Kang. This is Yuhan Min.”

“yes. hello. This is Jaewoon Kang.”

“I wanted to meet CEO Kang, who is rumored to be a young leader who will lead the country, in a better place, but I am sorry that this is the situation…”

I smiled as I saw his cheeks covered in shiny oil.

good place?

Talking about dog eating grass.

There was usually only one case where a businessman like me met Lone Super.

It’s a tragic situation where you have to keep your eyes open and watch your company be disarmed and sold at a bargain price.

You wanted to see me in such a situation, but that means it’s a pity that things didn’t go your way, right?

“I am sorry too. I wanted to meet the CEO of the Korea branch of Lone Super Fund, who is famous for his expertise in the normalization of insolvent companies.”

After exchanging sharp glances with each other, we stood in front of the bid box.

After exchanging greetings with Franz and others, I put the envelope with the bid amount written on it.

When we backed away about 10 meters from the spot, Yoo Dae-ha, the managing director of the sale, opened the box and checked the bid amount.

He had a look of great perplexity.

Franz approached him and asked.

“Mr. You. Why are you? What’s wrong?”

“… rather than that it was… wrong… the result was a bit…”

“How is the result? Let’s see.”

He hesitated for a moment, but with a face of no choice, he handed the envelopes to Franz.

A groan escaped from Franz’s mouth.

“Oh oh! They both spent a lot of money.”

Franz also checked the envelopes on the representatives of the remaining major shareholders, and then gathered among them.

“Better than expected…”

“Both are similar…”

He spoke in a low voice, so I couldn’t understand exactly what he was saying.

Judging from the fact that Ju Ju-ha’s complexion didn’t look good, it didn’t look like I lost.

After about 5 minutes, Judaha came towards us.

“..the takeover has been decided.”

He spoke in a voice without any emotion.

“Congratulations, CEO Kang. You have been officially selected as the acquirer of Yuhwan Bank. Please deposit 154 billion won, which is 5% of the 3.80 trillion won acquisition amount, by December 20, three days later. Keep in mind that if the deposit is not made by then, the consignee’s qualification will be automatically revoked.”

At that moment, Yuhan-min’s face was distorted as if he had swallowed a bitter medicine without water.

On the contrary, I was able to put on a pleasant smile.

“haha. Let’s make a deposit right away.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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