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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 151

Episode 151. One who has both people and money.

Director Lee Guk-hyun rushed to find me.

“CEO. I received a letter from the Financial Supervisory Service stating that it would not approve the candidate for the takeover of Yuhwan Bank.”

“What did you say the reason was?”

“Although Yuhwan Bank is an emergency, it is not allowed for Damoye, an industrial capitalist, to acquire Yuhwan Bank because it is highly likely to abuse the bank.”

You’re going to come out like this, right?

I’ll have to write something I’ve prepared in case something like this happens.

“Chief. How far did your research on Loan Super Fund IV go?”

“We’ve uncovered the fund structure and the business we’re investing in. But it takes more time to figure out who the investors are and how much each has invested.”

“For now, that is enough, so please bring the materials together. And from which department of the Financial Supervisory Service did you send the document refusal of approval?”

“I came in the name of the Policy Bureau.”

“Then please schedule a meeting with the policy director. Probably not the entire FSS opinion, so only that person should be dealt with.”

Financial Supervisory Service office building.

Do Min-jae, director of the policy bureau, looked at me with a hardened face and said.

“You should have informed me of the result that the approval had already been rejected, so why did you have to meet me? Nothing will change if you do this. There is a banking law to prevent industrial capital from freely operating banks for their own benefit, and we have made an appropriate judgment in accordance with that banking law.”

“Isn’t there an exception to the banking law? This clause is invoked in situations where the liquidation of insolvent financial institutions such as currency exchange banks whose BIS ratio has fallen below 8% is necessary . According to it, industrial capital can also hold 10% or more of bank stock for a limited time, and we are all well-qualified, right?”

“It is up to the Financial Supervisory Service to decide whether or not to apply that exception. I don’t know if there are no takeover candidates at all, but now that the loan super fund, the financial capital, is showing its intention to take over Yuhwan Bank, I decided that there is no need to apply an exception.”

How can you do such a novel bullshit without a blink of an eye?

“Is Lone Super a financial capital? As far as I know, Lone Super is also clearly industrial capital.”

Director Doo shook his head with a calm face.

“If it is an existing loan super fund, it is. However, Lone Super Fund IV, which has recently applied for acquisition candidate status, owns companies such as Odong Construction and Odong Dairy, but the total equity value does not exceed 2 trillion won as stipulated by the law. Therefore, it is considered financial capital under the Banking Act. It is, of course, industrial capital because the corporate value alone reaches tens of trillions of dollars.”

Lone Super Fund IV…

You suddenly wanted to improvise a fund, were you trying to disguise it as financial capital?

But for me, who already knew the details of the fund, it was a masterpiece that didn’t even fit my teeth.

“The value of the company owned by Lone Super Fund IV does not exceed 2 trillion won… It’s a little different from what I know.”

I continued speaking while handing over the prepared materials.

“If you look at the domestic companies that the fund owns, that would be the case. According to my research, Lone Super Fund IV owns a company called RGM Golf with an equity value of nearly 4 trillion overseas. Are you still saying that this is financial capital?”

At my words, Director Doo began to noticeably agitate.

“That…what does that mean? Do you own a business abroad? We’ve done our own research…but that’s not possible.”

In fact, the loan super fund is basically a fund that specializes in corporate hunting and real estate investment, so it had no choice but to become industrial capital no matter how it was changed.

However, the stake structure is so complex and even secretive.

He seemed to think that I would not be able to find the reason, but even if I was wrong, I was wrong for a long time.

people and money.

Without these two, almost nothing in the world was impossible.

I had them both.

“The material I just gave you is very detailed, so just read it for 10 minutes and you will know I am right.”

He continued speaking to the head of the Do, whose complexion had turned blue.

“I understand that I may not be approved as a takeover candidate. However, if you are going to reject the approval I applied for, please also deny the approval of Lone Super Fund IV. If that doesn’t happen, I’m going to release this material to the press, and at the same time, I’ll start an administrative lawsuit. As someone who is in charge of leading the country’s financial policy, I trust that he will apply a fair standard to both me and Lone Super.”

“..I will check and contact you again.”

Lone Super Korea representative Yuhan-min was contacted by Do Min-jae, director of policy at the Financial Supervisory Service.

“CEO. It seems that Damoye will have to approve the candidate for the takeover of Yuhwan Bank. Damoye CEO Kang Jae-woon completely understands the equity structure of Lone Super Fund IV. Even knowing the existence of the RGM hidden overseas, I fell under the Lone Super qualification, which made things worse.”

“Did CEO Kang know about that?”

Yuhan-min smiled sadly.

Considering Jaewoon Kang’s abilities, I thought it might be possible, but it was.

“Heh… he’s not a friendly opponent. I can’t help it. The only way to win is by bidding…”

After the call with Director Do was over, I made a phone call to Acer, chairman of Lone Super.

“Mr. You. What happen?”

“..Chairman, the case of Yuhwan Bank’s acquisition has become a bit complicated.”

Acre’s voice sharpened at his words.

“What else does that mean? How long ago did you say things were going smoothly?”

“..Damoye intervened again this time.”

“Are you all? How did he know and intervene?”

“..that’s not exactly confirmed yet. I, the bank president, betrayed him and attached him to the side of Damoye, which makes him suspicious, but I’m not sure. As far as I know, the bank president is not that meticulous and well-behaved.”

Acre clicked his tongue at those words.

“Tttttttt. It was kind of embarrassing. I should have just cut off the guy Na Woongjin and put someone else on there…”

“It’s all nonsense, what are you going to do now?”

“I think we will have to have a competitive bidding war with Damoye. So we need additional funding from the head office.”

“How much?”

“The value of Yuhwan Bank that we calculated is at least 4 trillion won and at most 10 trillion won. The goal is to secure a 60% stake in Yuhwan Bank, so the expected profit is at least 2.4 trillion won to 6 trillion won. Damoye will probably see it similarly, so I will do at least 2 trillion won, and I plan to write down 3 trillion won plus 1 trillion won as the bid amount.”

“CEO Yoo. Are you on my mind now? The maximum expected profit is 6 trillion won? If you win the bid in 3 sets, even if you make the maximum profit, it is only 100%. Moreover, the probability of not making a profit is quite high. You want me to gamble like that?”

There was a sense of absurdity in Acre’s voice saying that.

Yuhan-min answered that with a strong face.

“If I succeed in acquiring Yuhwan Bank, I will make it possible for me to unconditionally generate 6 trillion won in profits. Doesn’t the chairman know that my specialty is to buy a company at a low price and then sell it at a high price after having surgery here and there? I am confident.”

Acre’s voice came from the receiver, which had been silent for a while.

“Are you really confident?”

“yes. If you give me the money, I’m confident I’ll win the bid, and I’m confident I’ll make $6 billion.”

“..I know. If there is insufficient funds, the head office will support it.”

“thank you. President.”

“yes. Instead, make sure you win the bid. If you fail even after applying up to this point, the price will never be light.”

“I know it well. I will do everything I can to make it a success.”

#Damoye Shopping Mall Division Employee Yang Yu-hoon, like any other day, gathered her daughter on the 2nd floor and took her to the daycare center and went to the office on the 38th floor.

A colleague next to him who had come first asked him.

“Yoo Hoon, are you paying off your loan? You say you earn over 1 million won a month in interest alone?”

Yang Yoo-hoon shook his head.

“Don’t talk. Even though I don’t eat out once as a dual-income earner, my monthly living expenses are low. I already regret moving to live in a bigger house.”

“..Is it that hard?”

“yes. you never take a loan It’s much better to just live comfortably in a small house. Ah… I wish only 200 million would fall from the sky.”

At that time, Yang Yu-hoon got up from his seat when he was informed that a quick service had arrived in front of him.

I looked at the brown briefcase and asked the quick-service driver.

He said he didn’t know and just signed and left.

“Did I have anything I was supposed to receive today? I can’t remember, but it’s strange…”

But when I opened the envelope, there was a CD and a check for 20 million won.

Yang Yoo-hoon, who was greatly embarrassed, received a call from his cell phone.


The voice of a man in his 30s came out of the receiver.

“Mr. Yoo-Hoon Yang?”

“Okay, who are you?”

“hello. This is Jihoon Kim, managing director of Dime Software. Did you receive anything well?”

“Did you send this CD and money?”

“..why are you doing this to me..?”


“yes. The one on the CD is a server check program developed by our company. In order to sell it, you have to have a track record, but it’s not easy to test because our company is unknown. I’m contacting you to try this informally, even if it’s working, to show potential customers that it works.”

“Why do I have to do this?”

“If you do that, you will receive 200 million won. In case you thought it was a joke, I paid 10% of the promised amount in advance. If you double-click just one file on that CD, the remaining 180 million won will also be yours to Yang Yu-hoon.”

Yang Yu-hoon thought for a moment and asked.

“..Is this really a normal program?”

“haha. sure. In particular, since it is a program that simply checks the server status, neither the company nor Yang Yu-hoon will do any harm. He said he was lucky enough to make 200 million with a single click.”

“Um… can I think about it a little more?”

“of course. Please think about it and when you have made a decision, please contact us using the contact information we sent you via text message. But you know that if you take too much time, I can find someone else.”

After saying that, the man hung up the phone.

Yang Yu-hoon was immersed in thought while looking at the CD.

2 billion.

If you have that money, you can cleanly solve the loan debt, the biggest worry for you and your wife.

Even with common sense, it was too much money for a simple test.

‘I said it was a normal program, but it’s probably not, right?’

If the man lied.

His actions could cause great damage to the company.

Yang Yu-hoon, who had been in trouble for a while, picked up the CD with a determined face.

I was waiting for Park Si-woong, manager of the shopping mall division, to receive a call that he had something to report urgently.

There was one other person in the office besides him.

“Mr. Yoohoon?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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