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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 153

Episode 153. The battle to take over Yuhwan Bank. (2)

Lone Super Korea representative Yuhan-min asked, looking at me as if I was an enemy.

“How do you not know?”

“What is the acquisition amount for your company? I didn’t know. I just wrote it because I thought it was worth this much?”

“..the difference is only 50 billion won from the amount I wrote, are you telling me to believe it?”

If the difference is 50 billion, what is 3.3 trillion?

After all, I didn’t tell the President the truth.

A 10% increase was an excellent choice.

“Then you mean I planted an informant there? CEO Yoo thinks, is there anyone who knows the bid amount that can be subsidized by me?”

President Yoo did not immediately respond to my words.

I don’t even know how the bid came out.

I told Chairman Joo Kang-jin, who was the only one I hired, a different amount.

Of course, there is no room for doubt.

I continued to look at him trembling with a sense of defeat.

“I know you are upset because you are pushed back. Getting out emotionally doesn’t change anything. I’m just a little more lucky, so just accept this.”

In the end, Yuhan-min turned around after throwing words that could be sung like a third-class villain in a movie.

“It will never be like this next time.”


I don’t know if you’ll have a second chance.

I’ve already drank water twice because of me, is the Lone Super headquarters’ management going to stand still?

Franz approached me with a satisfied expression on his face.

“You did a really good job of accepting Mr. Lecture’s opinion. Previously, the contract with Lone Super alone was 2 trillion won, but thanks to the open bidding, we got about 1 trillion won more. haha”

It worked fine for me too.

I never had a chance to have a bank unless it was now anyway.

Moreover, after 4-5 years, the value of the stake will jump more than 100%.

If I invest 20 trillion more, it will jump several times again, so it was not bad in terms of profit.

I smiled and reached out to Franz.

“I think it was a good deal because I was able to include the bank as an affiliate. Mr. Muller.”

Franz also grabbed my hand.

“Please take good care of Yuhwan Bank. We tried to get things back to normal, but we couldn’t. But I believe Mr. Kang will do well.”

“We will develop it into the best bank. So, you should not regret that you went there and sold it for nothing. haha.”

“haha. of course. There is a saying that every object has its own owner. Even if that happens, Mr. Kang and Yuhwan Bank are just a good match. There is no reason to be sorry.”

If I had known what the Yu-Hwan Bank would be like in 5 years, I would never have pretended to be that kind of person…

Anyway, with this transaction, I secured a 61.4% stake in Yuhwan Bank and obtained management rights.

Once the money banks were normalized and the funds they had scattered were recovered, the amount of money that could be invested would be at least 50 trillion won.

I was planning to pour this money into TM foundry, display, and 4G communication infrastructure construction.

However, the pace of business expansion was not satisfactory.

With enough fuel in hand, the only thing left to do was run properly.

end of December.

Director Lee Kuk-hyun and Dae-won’s older brother, Park Si-woong, and Hong-in Media’s president Oh-chan Jeong gathered together.

First, team leader Park reported on the results of the investigation regarding the sharp increase in imitation reports.

“We recently investigated sellers who were caught selling Imitation. The survey found that 28 out of 32 imitation sellers had something in common.”

“Um… you mean we really had something in common?”

“yes. The seller IDs are all different, but the access IP address is all the same.”

“You mean 28 sellers in the same place?”

“That’s right. It is incomprehensible to common sense that 28 people made and sold imitation in the same place. At this scale, it can be said that they specialize in imitation, but usually they change locations frequently to avoid being caught.”

“If you’re not an idiot, of course you do.”

“However, these people have not moved locations and have not stopped their business while 28 cases have been reported. At this level, it is only seen as a deliberate attempt to be caught by the police, but I can’t even guess why they are doing business this way.”

caught on purpose?

The moment I heard those words, a cool sense of warning of danger touched my brain.

“It doesn’t feel good.”

I pondered for a moment, then looked at Noon Oh-chan and asked.

“Chief Jung. Have you finished analyzing the CD that Yoo-Hoon Yang received?”

“It’s not perfect, but more than 90% of the analysis is complete.”

“What program was it?”

“There is a technical term, but to put it simply, it is a hacking program that takes over office PCs and intranet servers in our office at once. By installing this program, hackers can check company emails, send emails pretending to be employees, and manipulate time and attendance systems at will.”

“It wasn’t just a simple test program either.”

After listening to President Jung’s words, the reality of the threat that had been provoking me began to materialize little by little.

Daewon-hyung asked President Jeong with a serious face.

“There is a lot that can be done. Is it such a great program?”

“The technology itself is not an excellent program. It is at a level that anyone who is skilled at hacking can make it. However, if an attack like this comes from the outside, it is not difficult to block it, but if it comes from the inside, the story is completely different. If Yang Yu-hoon had run this program, he would have been completely defenseless.”

“What the hell were you trying to install such a program for?”

President Jeong shook his head at Daewon hyung’s question.

“Well. There are so many things you can do with this that it’s hard to know exactly what the person who gave you the program intended right now.”

This time I told President Jung.

“Chief Jung. Assume that the hacking program is installed. If we already know that, can we possibly trace back the hacker who gave us the program?”

“As long as the hacker is on our server without knowing it, it can be traced.”

“okay. So, can we even monitor what the hacker is doing with the program?”

“It’s impossible right now, but it can be done by creating a simple response program.”

“Then, please create a response program. It even includes a safety feature that can block hackers from accessing it at any time.”

“..why do you need that..?”

“Why? That hacking program is about to be installed on our server. I have a feeling there’s something big with that hacker, but I’m not sure yet. I’d like to find out, but the only thing for sure right now is that the hacker who doesn’t know who he is, seduced Yoo Hoon. If you end up simply blocking the installation of hacking programs, you will be attacked in a different way next time. I just hate being nauseous, so I’m going to try to make a net they can’t get out of.”

President Jung nodded as if he understood what I was saying.

“So you’re saying you’re going to find out who he is and get evidence that he committed an illegal act, find out who’s behind it, and get him punished all at once?”

“All right. We will create a response program that has a monitoring function and an access blocking function.”

“yes. And Manager Lee, please find out more about the IP addresses that imitation sellers are using. Something that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this hacking program, there may be a connection between the two.”

# B22

Early January 2002.

I was actually speaking alone with Vice President Kim Chan-myung, who is actually leading the LCD business.

“Vice President Kim. Is the 8th generation line expansion going well?”

“As you said, the construction of 3 units of the 8th generation line has started at the same time, and it is likely to be operational by the middle of this year.”

“Wow! The speed is faster than when the 8th generation line was initially built.”

“It’s a road I’ve only been through once, so it feels a lot easier. People who have experience in setting up the 8th generation line are of great help.”

“okay. Such good talents are the competitiveness of the company after all, so please manage them well. How is the company atmosphere these days?”

Vice President Kim gave a startled expression at the question without much thought.

“..I was going to say it anyway, but another display company is offering a scouting offer to our employees with a huge salary promise. Because our company is in a unique position in the display industry, there are not many employees who are shaken, because we do not know what will happen if this continues.”

I was startled and laughed out loud.

“Ha… Developing technology is too difficult, so you’re going to take someone who knows the technology?”

There is a way to prevent job change through a lawsuit, as I received a written oath to prohibit job change when I joined the company.

Punishment was not easy as most of the display companies did not work directly at the display company, but rather bypassed employment through affiliates.

Even if it was possible to punish, it was not a good choice as it could adversely affect the morale of the employees.

“Actually, it wouldn’t be a big deal if a few employees changed jobs…”

I still have quite a few skills that I’m saving.

Above all, it was absolutely impossible for them to catch up with me because there was a hidden tile called OLED.

Vice President Kim looked at my face and smiled along.

“Actually, there is a CEO, but it wouldn’t be a threat just because you took out a few employees.”

“Still, it’s a little too far-fetched to just leave it alone, so, Vice President, please send an official notice to all employees by the end of the day.”

“What official document are you talking about?”

“I will allow you to move to a competitor if you receive an offer on good terms. However, when changing jobs, make a decision after thinking carefully about whether the company can compete with ours. Even if the company I moved to later goes bankrupt, I can never come back to my company.”

Vice President Kim asked with a surprised expression.

“Are you going to allow me to change jobs without conditions?”

In fact, it was like a declaration to get rid of the job change ban, so Vice President Kim was surprised.

However, Hwanseong and RG, which dominated the LCD industry in the future, tried to prevent the turnover of employees due to a lawsuit for violation of the change prohibition clause.

It didn’t seem to have much effect, and in the end, they were chased by Chinese companies and shut down their business.

It was clear that the provision would not be a very good tool to keep competitors in check.

Rather, pretending to be kind and letting the employees go was a better choice because it could leave a good image.

“yes. Employees can change jobs as long as they want, even if there is a ban on changing jobs. However, since it is a very small provision, it is the only business left to just get rid of it and give it a condescending attitude. However, those who remain in the company even after a job offer has come in will have their salaries increased.”

“…isn’t it usually the other way around? There are cases where they raise their salaries to catch people who want to go, but I have never heard of them doing it like the CEO said.”

“haha. How did you grow your company up to this point by following what everyone else is doing? And people who move to another company for a few pennies don’t do much to the company in the end. Loyalty employees, they are the real strength that sustains the company. You have to be nice to people like that.”

Vice President Kim pondered for a moment, then nodded.

“The president is right. If you think about it, it seems that most of the employees who do great things have a lot of affection for the company.”

“yes. And, in a way, it’s good for us, as our competitors are filtering out bad potatoes that are lacking in loyalty. As this period passes, the company will become more robust.”

Vice President Kim looked at me with a look of admiration.

“Ah… you are saying that you will use this crisis as an opportunity to take a leap forward.”

“haha. Your words are too grandiose, but they are similar. Vice-President, do not include the salary increase proposal when issuing the official notice. Let’s just let the rumors flow. And there may be people who turn down a scout offer for that purpose.”

I sent Vice President Kim away and I was alone in my thoughts.

‘It seems that the competitors still have the will to catch up, but it is time to announce the new technology once more.’

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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