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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 14

Episode 14. Midterm exam.

on the day of the midterm exam.

Most of the content of the exam remained in my mind.

It wasn’t 100% perfect.

As I was rummaging through textbooks and various problem books to make up for the part where my memory was blurred, it was morning before I knew it.

My aunt, who got up to prepare breakfast, came in surprised to see the lights in the room turned on.


“Mrs. Soon, are you awake? Good morning.”

“..are you sure you haven’t even sighed all night?”

“How did you happen?”

“Are you crazy? Are you staying up all night with me?”

“Haha, today is the midterm exam. I got good grades, so I put a lot of energy into it.”

My aunt sent me a gaze saying, ‘Have you seen all these pathetic guys?’

“Hey, do you think anything will happen if you wake up the night before after playing normally?”

“Um… 1st place in the whole school?”

Immediately, the smash on the back of my aunt flew in.

“Ouch! Why are you hitting me?”

“Wait? Calm down. He was able to get first place in the whole school by staying up overnight, but is there anyone who doesn’t get the first place in the whole school?”

“I can do it even if no one else can.”

“Okay, don’t do that again. If I stayed up all night, would it do anything more than hurt my muscles? It’s not like you study for a day or two.”

“Yes, yes.”

I left my aunt’s nagging behind and left the house.

When we arrived at school, there was no one in the classroom, probably because we had left about 30 minutes earlier than usual.

“It’s quiet, so that’s good.”

I sat down and checked again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

‘OK. It looks like you just need to prepare. Fortunately, the condition is not bad.”

When I was at work, if I woke up one night, the aftermath was enough for a week.

The body of a teenager was definitely different.

“Fufu, this is the power of youth.”

Myeong-ho’s voice was heard while he was enjoying the performance of his youthful body.

“Anything good? Why are you laughing so hard by yourself?”

“Are you here?”

“Are you here? When are you smiling like that now? What are you going to do now?”

“By the way, man, I’m going to do well in the exam and get first place in the whole school.”

Myeongho patted his chest as if frustrated.

“Oh, you carefree bastard. If it wasn’t perfect at least for that bastard, one or two would be wrong, but by what means did you win first place?”

“Hey, it’s okay if you get a perfect score. What are you so worried about? Is there such a law that only Oh Jeong-eun gets a perfect score?”

Myung-ho had an astonishing expression on his face.

“what? that leisure. Anyone who sees it will know that you are number 1 and that Oh Jeong-gi is number 90.”

I lightly patted Myeong-ho on the shoulder and smiled.

“I don’t know how many Jeong-gi Oh will rank, but I’m the first place in this test, man. Don’t worry, just wait for the report card to come out. Oh Jeong-gi, I’ll let you see that sleazy, poopy expression on your face.”

“..I really wish I could do what you said. Anyway, if you lose, I’ll do the 50th for you. Even if one side is sold, it will be better if there is another one that is sold together.”

It’s amazing. this virtuous child.

“Stop talking. Go and study, man. If you don’t make it to the top 400 again, will thirty-two leave you alone?”

“right. thirty. Oh, I got fucked. I didn’t study at all.”

Myeongho returned to his seat with an urgent expression on his face.

Soon, the first subject, the Korean language test, began.

“If you are caught cheating, you will be expelled. know?”

As soon as the distribution of the test papers was over, the thirty-two fluttered a bitter glance at them.


He had already made all the preparations.

When I received the test paper, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

I wrote my name on the OMR card and went through the exam papers.

Fortunately, the exam questions made little difference to my memory.

As soon as I started solving the problem, it went away without any blockage.

It was a 50-minute test, but only 20 minutes had passed by solving all the questions and completing the review.

‘Damn it, it was too soon. What are you doing for 30 minutes?’

While thinking about it, I glanced at Junggi.

He also sat still with a bored face as if he had already solved all the problems.

‘under. Is it as expected?’

It wasn’t just the language test.

English, math, social studies, and 4 subjects in the afternoon were all solved in the same time frame as me.

Our high school was quite famous as a prestigious high school for entrance exams.

The level of the school exam was also quite high.

No matter how much Junggi-gi is receiving all kinds of private education.

I should have studied harder because I was betting with me.

There are limits to human abilities.

I couldn’t solve the problem at the same speed as me, who knew the problem.

However, Junggi solved the problem at a speed similar to mine.

What this meant was simple.

It was said that Ki-do already knew what kind of questions would appear on the exam.

‘I expected it, but he’s also a poisonous guy.’

After the exam, Junggi came to me with a satisfied face.

“I’ll tell you in advance, there’s no 0.1% chance that you will beat me. It’s just 0%. Just know that.”

I laughed bitterly.

“Don’t take the shit form, man. Whoever wants 0%. The results will be known only when the grades come out.”

“If you want to think like that, do it. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow when the results come out. Again, don’t make excuses for back pain. If you want to protect even the last remaining pride.”

As she said those words, Oh Jeong-gi’s face was filled with a sense of superiority as if seeing someone one level lower than her.

That face full of superiority that I had seen countless times in my previous life.

Every time I see that face in the past, this is an unavoidable reality.

I’m a weakling with no power.

I had to force myself to convince him.

I was so patient and patient.

To no avail.

Oh Jeong-gi eventually betrayed me and pushed me into the depths of despair.

April 2019, Hwansung Display Headquarters Inspection Room.

Oh Jeong-gi opened the door and came in.

“You said you wanted to see me?”


Junggi spit out the words in a tone of annoyance.

“Ah really. Still can’t give up? just give up Then you will feel at ease.”

The moment I heard those words, a fireball fell in my heart.

“Give up! Why do I have to take the blame for a crime that I did not commit?”

“It’s your fault. You are the one who gave away the technical information, so who is to blame?”

“What bullshit. Oh Jeong-gi, you told me to pass it on. And I even got the approval of Managing Director Yoo Gwang-in, so why do I have to take responsibility?”

“Do you have any evidence?”

“okay. Is there any evidence that I and Executive Director Yoo are related?”

It was then that I realized that this had been planned from the beginning.

Pi (φ) project.

It was one of the lab’s core projects designed to more than double the durability of foldable displays.

A lot of people applied because there was a big reward in case of success.

Unusually, I, who had been a senior researcher for many years, was selected.

Even giving him a special promotion as a senior researcher.

The project was successful after obtaining a new display material with good properties.

However, in the process, the company who provided the materials requested technical information inside the company in return.

I handed over the technical information with the approval of the project manager, Kwang-in Yoo.

However, the material company that took over our technical information handed over our technical information back to a Chinese display manufacturer.

That became a problem, and I was about to investigate the headquarters and file a complaint with the prosecution.

“이 양아치 같은 새끼들. Did you do this because they told you not to put their names in the document?”

“Are you and a guy who has nothing to lose like you and Executive Director Yoo the same? If it wasn’t for you to play a role like that, what’s a pity, would you have promoted a guy who’s been running around for years to come?”

“You mean you were going to abandon me like this from the beginning.”

“okay. In the beginning, the world is of two types. A person who always loses like you and a person who always gains like me. Just accept your fate and live. If you are unhappy, you will die and be reborn into a good family.”

After the exam was over, I was tired of staying up all night and it was bothersome to argue.

When the memory came back, I couldn’t stay still.

“Oh Jeong-gi. Isn’t the world pretty? You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Because when you want to step on someone who has nothing like me, you just step on it.”

“..what do you want to say?”

“Don’t get me wrong, kid. Because the world isn’t that nice. Tomorrow you’ll find out I mean, there are things you don’t like.”

“What else do I say? In the end, was that what you wanted to say? Man, how many times have I heard that kind of thing, now my ears are scabbed over.”

Guess he was annoyed too, he left one more word and left.

“Those who don’t have a strange tenacity. If they don’t work, I know that no one else can.”

admit it

I don’t know anything else, but I’ve never met anyone who can follow him.

After the morning inquiry, Myungho approached.

“Hey, do you think the score will come out well?”

He answered with a leisurely smile.

“Of course. It’s perfect, man.”

“Don’t be shy. To be honest, how many points do you think will come out?”

“Because it’s perfect. All white.”

Myungho let out a sigh.

“This child. I put my mind on line put it uhh done. Let’s go to the temple together later.”

In our school, the test scores for each subject were first announced during the class, and the total grades were announced later.

First, the language.

3 times, Jaewoon Kang, 100 points.

100 points on the 24th.

math and English too.

There were also four science subjects, in which the thirty-two announced their grades at once because of the large number of subjects.

The result was the same.

Me and Oh Jeong-gi both scored 100 points.

When I got there, I could feel Oh Jeong-gi’s hard expression even from my seat.

And the last social studies class.

#3 Kang Jae-woon with 96 points.


“Ahh.. fuck you.”

As soon as the social studies teacher finished the presentation, Oh Jeong-gi raised his hand.

Myeongho sighed as the ground turned off.

At the same time, the classmates started shouting.

“I shouted so loudly. There was no change either.”

“Hey, where are you with this? To be honest, whoever thought Jae-Woon would get this score? At this rate, Jae-Woon is second in the entire school.”

“Still not worth it. I wanted to see Oh Jeong-gi get fucked, but it’s Oh Jeong-gi.”

The social studies teacher tapped the blackboard.

“quiet! Be quiet, you bastards. And Oh Jeong-gi, what do you like so much? It’s not even a hundred points once or twice.”

Oh Jeong-gi lowered his hand and gave a shy expression.

“no. It’s just because this is the final test result announcement.”

One of the regular followers next to him shouted.

“It’s 100 points for all subjects before midnight.”

“okay? Guys. Give him a round of applause.”

pair. pair. pair.

While receiving applause, Junggi looked at me with a triumphant face.

You must be rejoicing, saying to yourself, ‘After all, you can’t do it for me’.

I still had one left.

He raised his hand and called the teacher.


“The answer to question 17 is strange.”

“Is the answer strange?”

“yes. It’s a question of choosing all the wrong ones, but there are a total of 3 wrong questions. But there are two answers.”

The social studies teacher tilted her head.

“I can’t. Have you ever asked a question with three answers?”

I took out the social test paper I had prepared in advance and got up from my seat.

“Let’s read questions 17 and 3 once.”

I opened the exam paper and read question 3 aloud.

“Persia reunited the Orient world around the 6th century AD and controlled a vast area from the Indus River to Egypt.”

The social studies teacher had a face that still didn’t know what was wrong.

“That’s right. Persia unified the Orient world around the 6th century BC. It’s a phrase straight out of a textbook, but what’s weird about it?”

“I will listen to you again. Persia is G.W.WH! By the 6th century, they reunited the Orient world and dominated vast areas from the Indus River to Egypt.”

When I read it the second time, I deliberately emphasized the word ‘After A.D.’.

His expression changed as if the teacher had noticed just that moment.

“Um… maybe?”

“yes. you’re right. Persia’s unification of the Orient world dates back to the 6th century BC, not the 6th century AD. That’s why I said that question 3 is wrong.”

At that moment, the whole class fell into silence.

Actually, this was not a problem that the social studies teacher intended, but a simple typo.

It was hard to tell if I was wrong if I didn’t look carefully because the text was copied almost exactly as it was in the textbook.

After taking pictures 1 and 2, which look clearly wrong, from the 3rd time onwards, it tends to be skipped.

I was like that in my previous life too.

I remember that fewer than 10 people, including Oh Jeong-gi, had the correct answer to this question in their previous lives.

It was the social studies teacher who broke this silence.

“..Jaewoon is right. For question 17, only those who have chosen 3 answers 1, 2, and 3 have the correct answer.”

The teacher took out a notebook, took notes, and continued.

“Society will redo the scoring. Social performance should not be revised and reflected when the overall grade is announced.”

The class began to shout again.

“Wow. What will happen? Full of luck. Is there something wrong with the regular period?”

“Nonsense. Are you really lucky to be number 1 in the whole school?”

“Hey, this isn’t a movie. How could Oh Jeong-gi lose to Jae-woon?”

“Jeonggi, you’re fucked now. He pretended to be so handsome, but he looked so ugly.”

What is the face of Junggi at that moment?

It was so impressive that I wanted to take a photo and keep it.

The face of a man with all kinds of negative emotions, such as anger, regret, and loss of having nowhere to go.

It was like looking at my face from the past.

If Junggi had passed this test fairly, it would have been a rather unsatisfying result of being tied for first place.

Originally, his personality was fair, and he was very far from it.

If you have a goal, you can do it by any means.

He has a perfectionist personality that does not tolerate even a single bit of anxiety, so he would not have been able to bear it without taking out the test paper.

Since the president of our school is related to him, it wouldn’t have been too difficult to leak the test papers.

Social time is over.

Myungho screamed and ran and attacked me.

“Jaewoon Kang, you crazy bastard! What if I really get a perfect score? Seriously, you almost made me pee in social class.”


I don’t even think about the weight of this teddy bear.

“Heavy! It’s so heavy, get away from it, man.”

Myungho left with a humble face.

“The guy is weak and he goes away. Anyway, I never imagined that you would get a perfect score.”

“Did I tell you? You will get a full score.”

“I thought you were talking nonsense because of stress.”

“I knew I was going to win, but why are you stressed? The stress must have come from time to time.”

Myungho raised his thumb.

“Damn it, Jaewoon Kang. Why do you look so cool today?”

“I have become a father. I’ll come and talk to Junggi.”

When I got up, all the students looked towards me.

Now, it was time to taste the sweetness of victory.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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