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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 13

Episode 13. Gifts.(3)

“student. I’m sorry, but can’t we just go to my house together? I’ll drive you back to the student’s house. If your mother doesn’t have a student, you’re not going to move.”

It was rather what I was hoping for.

In the future as well, if you are doing business in the country.

The authority of the Fair Trade Commission was so strong that even the chairman of the chaebol had no choice but to pay attention.

It was a pity that the meeting with the person who would become the head of such an organization ended like this.

He nodded, pretending not to win.

“Well, it’s not that busy. It is not difficult.”

Lee Yeon-ho tapped my shoulder with a happy expression.

“Thank you so much.”

On the way to Bangbae-dong, where Yeon-ho Lee’s apartment is located, my grandmother did not let go of my hand.

When he arrived at his apartment, a woman who seemed to be Lee Yeon-ho’s wife opened the door.

As soon as she saw her grandmother, she hugged her tightly.

After a long commotion about whether there were any injuries, I was able to enter Yeon-ho Lee’s house.

It wasn’t a big place, but it was a cozy home.

I took off my shoes and sat down in the living room, and Grandma sat next to me as if it was natural.

Lee Yeon-ho, who was sitting across from him, asked.

“Are you in high school now?”

“I am Kang Jae-woon, a third year student at Wooil High School.”

I took the opportunity to quickly introduce myself.

“Did you have a hard time because of my mother? Even if the person in the house is away, he usually doesn’t go out of the house, but for some reason today, he went out alone, which made me suffer for nothing.”

“no. It wasn’t that hard when I thought of my grandmother who passed away too.”

It was actually quite difficult.

Yeon-ho Lee looked at me with eyes full of admiration.

“Your name is Jae-Woon?”

“It’s not easy to have such a broad mind at that age. My parents raised me really well.”

“My parents are already dead. Now, my uncle and my wife are taking care of me.”

Lee Yeon-ho touched the tip of his nose with an apologetic expression.

“..this. I said something.”

“no. Because my uncle and aunt are very nice people. I am satisfied.”

Lee Yeon-ho nodded his head.

“indeed. I haven’t seen you, but seeing you gives me an idea of ​​who your uncles and aunts are.”

“yes. I have a cousin and I have never felt discriminated against. Rather, her brother may have felt the same way. haha.”

Lee Yeon-ho’s wife brought some cut fruits and placed them on the table.

“Oh my, what are you talking about so much?”

“thank you. Wife.”

She laughed at my words.

“Aww. what is your mother I just call her Aunt.”

“Is that so? aunt. I will enjoy this food.”

“yes. Students are very good at attaching themselves. Ho Ho.”

It is a skill that has been honed over 15 years of social life.

this is nothing

“I hear that a lot.”

That’s when I felt something touching my shoulder.

When I turned my head to see if she had just fallen asleep, the old woman leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

Seeing this, Yeon-ho Lee got up from his seat and came towards me.


With his index finger, he signaled to be quiet, and then hugged Grandma up.

No matter how old he was, he would still be at least 40 kilos, but he lifted his grandmother up and moved her into the room without showing any signs of difficulty.

Lee Yeon-ho, who came back after putting down his grandmother, sat down.

He loosened his tie with a dark expression.

“It has been over five years since we became a mother like this. Still, she recognized her daughter-in-law until a while ago, but now I’m the only one who recognizes it. I don’t know when I’ll ever find out.”

“It must be difficult.”

“little. In particular, I was going crazy looking for my younger brother who died a long time ago.”

“Does that deceased brother look a lot like me?”

“no. Not at all, so I don’t understand any more. Why is my mother like that?”

I could be sure from those words that the time sellers were involved in the situation.

I thought that note would be of some help.

Still, I had no idea it would be such a gift.

What a relationship with the future chairman of the Fair Trade Commission.

I received too much for a gift given that I had paid off my debts well.

“but. What’s the use of asking someone with dementia why? I must do that.”

It was fortunate that I was able to understand myself and move on.

“Are we going to leave soon? You must be worried about your uncle and your wife.”


Yeon-ho Lee still thinks of me as just a good student who helped my mother for a day or so.

I couldn’t be satisfied with ending such a light relationship with Lee Yeon-ho.

If I could make the future FTC chairman definitely on my side, the benefits I could gain were very large.

And if you miss today, that opportunity will never come again.

“Chief. May I call you Chief?”

“I am not your chief. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.”

“Can I visit the director’s house often?”

“yes? why?”

“It’s strange, because Grandma isn’t like anyone else.”


Lee Yeon-ho was speechless for a moment.

this. did i get it wrong?

I thought you would want it inside yourself.

At that moment, Lee Yeon-ho’s mouth opened.

“..Actually, I wanted to make a request like that, but I couldn’t say it. Thanks for saying that.”

phew. Fortunately, it was correct.

“no. It’s what I want to do.”

I wonder if my acting was good, so Yeon-ho Lee put on a happy expression.

“Originally, my mother suffered from looking for her sister whenever she slept, but today she slept comfortably thanks to you. Then I don’t care, but I hope you can come and be my mother’s friend from time to time.”

With my personality, such as no service spirit or sense of duty, that I am a close friend of a grandmother with dementia.

Even just thinking about it, I already felt like my goal was getting hot.

The opportunity to build friendships with Lee Yeon-ho doesn’t come easily, so I’ll have to bear with it.

“I’m going to talk to my grandmother, it’s not that difficult, so I’ll listen to it often.”

As soon as I finished my words, Yeon-ho Lee grabbed my hand.

“Thank you. I will never forget this grace.”

plain words.

“There is no such thing as grace. Again, it’s something I love to do.”

As if Lee Yeon-ho was moved by my words, he could not speak right away.

“It’s really sad that I can only say thank you. You say you have no grace, but to me it is a great grace. If you ever need my help later, feel free to contact me. I will help you as much as I can.”

That’s enough.

If you keep getting close with Lee Yeon-ho using your grandmother as an excuse.

Later, when he becomes the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, he will become my own sharp dagger that no one knows about.

I felt a bit stabbed because I thought I was using someone with dementia.

It wasn’t my intention, so shouldn’t I make good use of the relationship I’ve gained?

I replied as if it were just a passing word.

“Fufu. Okay. If there’s anything I’d like to ask you, I’ll be sure to tell you.”

It was 100% sincere.

“okay. Be sure to do that. I think that will put my mind at ease.”

No regrets later.

I refused several times saying it was okay, but Yeon-ho Lee forced me into the car and drove me home.

“Thanks for the ride.”

“no. It’s nothing when you think about what you’ll do for me.”

I was watching Lee Yeon-ho’s car moving away when I heard my aunt’s voice from behind.

“Who am I?”

He seemed to be worried about hearing the sound of a car in front of the house, so he came out.

“public official.”

I’m still a public official.

“public official? Do civil servants have anything to do with you?”

“Do you have anything to exchange with each other?”

“Are you saying that again? “

“There is such a thing. Don’t be surprised if he finds you later.”

“Are public officials coming here? Did you even have an accident?”

“It’s the opposite. He might come to say thank you, so be prepared.”

“The preparation of the mind is godless. Even the president doesn’t know, do people need to be mentally prepared to meet people?”

I don’t need it.

How many houses in the country are directly visited by the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, who has the power to call even the chairman of a chaebol if he wants to?

“Well, you can do that, Mrs. Soon.”

I hope you won’t be surprised when your face appears on TV later.

I went back to my room and took out the memo again.

“Did this scrap of paper have such a meaning?”

Once again, I realized the greatness of those people.

I never imagined that I could turn the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission into an ally thanks to this one piece of paper.

It would be great if this gift could be given every time the loan is repaid.

Those writers did not seem to be so generous.

In any case, it was necessary to think about which field to shoot in in case the next gift was released.

It has been more than a month since I met Lee Yeon-ho.

In the meantime, Diablo’s frenzy grew stronger.

My posts have become famous enough to be the subject of a pilgrimage to Diablo users.

The number of orders for the assembly computer business also increased day by day following the storm, and the number of orders that were only 3 units per day at the beginning has now exceeded 70 units.

The number of incoming messages and messages has grown to the point that I cannot handle it alone.

Thanks to this, an additional employee in charge of PC communication was hired, and now the total number of employees of ‘Damoye’ is six.

Now my interest was no longer in increasing the number of assembled computers sold.

Even if I didn’t care, that side would grow on my own.

Two things are important to me now.

One was the preparation of an online shopping mall.

The other was the midterm exam, which was one day away.

“Are your studies going well? You have one day left until you regret what you did.”

Oh Jeong-gi came back to my seat without any change today, smirking and leaving.

Other times, it’s meant to show off his leisure and make me sway.

To me, a forty-four-year-old man, he just looked cute.

There were only 8 subjects in the midterm exam, including 4 subjects for state-run investigations and 4 subjects for biogeography science.

It meant that the amount to study was only half compared to the final exam, which consisted of about 15 subjects with a second foreign language added to arts and physical education such as art and physical education.

As the percentage of points awarded for each subject increased, one question was right or wrong, dividing the ranks of the entire school.

In my previous life, I remember Oh Jeong-gi receiving perfect scores in all subjects and placing first in the entire school.

If that happens again this time, even if I get a perfect score, I won’t be able to beat Oh Jeong-gi.

What the hell, would I bet on a frivolous tie for a tie with him?

If you’re tired, it’s called a hundred battles.

He doesn’t know me, but I knew the spirit very well.

That difference will make him fall into hell on this midterm exam.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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