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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 12

Episode 12. Gifts.(2)

The driver got out of the taxi and slammed the back seat door open, angry at the customer.

“grandmother. You have to pay, not pieces of paper like this.”

In the knight’s hand were several torn notebooks.

In the backseat, there was an old woman with white hair, who was rather abusive to the driver.

“You paid for it. This numb.”

“No, what kind of money is this? This is just paper. Paper.”

“It’s money. It’s written there. ten thousand won.”

The knight smiled with an astonishing face.

“This is just something Grandma wrote with a pen. How is this money?”

Upon closer inspection, the notebook in the knight’s hand had the words ‘10,000 won’ written in crooked Korean.

“It’s because it’s money.”

The knight shook his head.

“I can’t. grandmother. I’ll just take you to the police station. this doesn’t make any sense There is no way.”

When I heard that the old woman who had been stubborn until then was called a police station, she began to cry.

“I did it wrong. I’ll never do that again. Don’t take me to the police station.”

The moment I saw my grandmother crying, my heart raced again.

This is Grandma!

The memo they sent me and my grandmother had something to do with it.

With a foreboding like certainty, he began to calculate his future actions in his head.

The knight looked around with a bewildered face.

“Child, really, why is this old lady all of a sudden? Then what do you want me to do?”

“Don’t take me to the police station. Don’t take me to the police station.”

Grandma just kept saying the same thing and crying.

The knight scratched his head with a troubled face.

“Really, I’m going crazy.”

Now would be a good time.

I asked between the taxi driver and the grandmother.

“mister. How much is the taxi fare?”

The driver looked at me and asked bluntly.

“Why are you asking that? Can the student even give me one?”

“I’ll give it to you.”

“..Really give it to me?”

The knight replied with a smirk.

“Metagi came out to 9300 won, but if a student gave it to me, I would only get 9,000 won.”

offered ten thousand won.

“Change has been made.”

The knight laughed pleasantly.

“thank you. Do you know this grandmother, the student?”

“Yeah? He’s a rare kind of student these days. He pays the grandmother’s fee for the first time.”

“It just reminds me of my grandmother who passed away.”

It was a lie.

I just said it because I thought it would be good as an excuse to intervene in this situation.

The knight nodded.

“I see. Anyway, thanks to you, I was paid well.”

“But what about this old woman? She can’t leave her here, and she can’t take her to the police station.”

“I will heal you first and take you to the police station.”

“Can you please?”

Suddenly, my grandmother got out of the taxi and grabbed my arm.

“Changseok, where did you go now? How long have I been looking for you?”

It was a grandmother who looked like she had dementia, but did she mistake me for a family member?

Gradually, the angler was getting hit.

When I sent a glance to go, the taxi driver waved his hand and left.

I know the memo was trying to get me to meet my grandmother.

The purpose was still unknown.

What should I do from now on?

Can I just spend time with my grandmother like this?

If so, how long?

I can’t be with my grandmother who has dementia.

The day I was in trouble, my grandmother grabbed me.

“Let’s go, you said you wanted to see Deoksugung. Let’s hurry up and take a look before the door closes.”

Grandma seemed to want to take me to Deoksugung Palace in front of City Hall Station.

I decided to hang out with them a little more until I found a clue that could reveal the intent of the memo pad.

“grandmother. I see. Alright, let’s go.”

“really? Our window seat is good.”

I took my grandmother’s hand and headed to Deoksugung.

After paying the entrance fee and starting to walk, Grandma just walked quietly as if she had used a group.

I glanced to the side.

A face without makeup that looks over seventy.

The clothes he wore were just casual clothes that ordinary people would wear at home.

‘No matter how you look at it, you just look like an old man with dementia.’

Even after entering Deoksugung Palace, he was still unable to find a clue.

As the wind blew, the front of the grandmother opened.

And a silver necklace, which had been covered with a coat until then, had not been seen, caught my eye.

My heart was beating again.

‘Come to think of it, I think I heard that dementia patients wear accessories that can identify their identity.’

Somehow that necklace seemed to be a clue to reveal the intention of the necklace.


“The necklace hanging from my grandmother’s neck. Can I see it just once?”

“necklace? why?”

“It’s just because she’s pretty. I want to take a closer look.”

Grandma pondered for a moment, then shook her head.

this. I didn’t know you would refuse.

“why? Grandma, don’t you believe me? That window.”

I even put an iron plate on my face and pretended to be my grandmother’s family.

“..but it can’t be. Next time, my eldest son, when I come to Yeonho, I’ll ask and give it to you.”

“The person of that era should know that Grandma is here.”

“I know the name. He will come soon.”

“How does he know that? Did he say he was coming here?”

“no. Still, the era will come. I know everything.”

After that, I tried to persuade him, but nothing worked.

‘after. It feels like the difficulty has suddenly risen.’

Did 30 minutes pass without any income?

A sound came from the boat of the grandmother who was walking next to her.


As soon as I heard that sound, a method came to my mind.

okay. Would you like to try some food?

If you were a normal adult, it wouldn’t have been easy.

His behavior itself was not very different from that of a small child, so there seemed to be a possibility.

“grandmother. Are you hungry?”

Grandma did not readily answer, as if embarrassed.

“grandmother. Let me know if you want something to eat. I will buy you.”

When I asked again, the grandmother’s mouth was opened.

“..Bukeoguk, I want to eat bukeoguk.”

The chewy texture, I didn’t like much.

It didn’t matter because the purpose was not to eat something delicious.

Not long after I started looking for a restaurant, I was able to find a restaurant specializing in northern fish soup called ‘Sanjugol’.

As we entered the restaurant, an old lady with a warm impression greeted us.

“welcome. How many minutes are you?”

“Two people.”

“Sit over here.”

The old lady opened a table in front of us leading us to our seats.

As a specialty restaurant, there was only one menu.

“North Korean soup, please.”

The lady who took the order smiled and said.

“You must be a grandson. Ho Ho. It would be great to have such a reliable grandson.”

Grandma was sullen.

“Not a grandson. He is a son.”

I quickly fixed the matter before it escalated.

“Mom, my grandmother is a little ill. Don’t worry about her and get ready.”

“Ah… yes… it was.”

The old woman smiled awkwardly as if she had only noticed it then and left the room.

I’m tired.

It was certainly not easy to get along with an elderly person with dementia.

After a while, Bukeoguk came out.

The aunt put down the food plates, and the side dishes were plentiful enough to remind me of Hanjeongsik.

“Originally, in our house, we don’t serve side dishes like this, but I was a little careful to cheer up.”

no wonder.

“yes. Bon appetite.”

As soon as the bukeo soup came out, my grandmother started eating it in a hurry.


A bowl of soup was emptied in an instant.

Grandma was still dissatisfied.

“grandmother. Did you enjoy it?”

“then. Can’t I look at that necklace for a second?”

He paused for a moment, but Grandma shook her head.

I said, pushing my soup bowl in front of Grandma.

“Show me for a moment, and I’ll give you my national road.”

Grandma started thinking while looking at the soup bowl and necklace alternately.

“It’s that window. I’m going to watch it for a second and then give it back? I show it to my younger brother for a while, and Yeonho hyung will understand.”

There was a response as to whether the soup bowl worked.

“..Are you really going to take a look and give it back?”

Grandma hesitated for a moment, then handed me the necklace.

“Hurry up and return it.”

Finally got the necklace.

As expected, the necklace had the grandmother’s name and contact information written on it.

– Kim Hak-seon 542-6324

I returned the necklace to my grandmother and got up.

“grandmother. I’ll give you a call.”

“A phone call?”

“yes. There is something I need to contact you all of a sudden.”

My grandmother was already engrossed in eating bukeo soup, so she didn’t seem to care much about where I was going.

“Don’t go anywhere until I come back.”

I actually got in touch with the guardian, but it was a disappointment when it disappeared.

“(Looks) Yes.”

I called my grandmother’s guardian from the phone placed on the counter in the restaurant.

Tour. Tour.

After a few beeps, a woman’s voice was heard.


“Yes, you know that it is none other than Kim Hak-sun’s grandmother?”

As soon as I finished speaking, she asked urgently.

“Are you my mother, are you with your mother right now?”

“I think it was about an hour. Her grandmother held me and wouldn’t let me go, so she’s still with me.”

“Ah, that’s good. However, while I was away from home for a while, my mother was gone, so there was a lot of chaos. Thank you very much. thank you.”

As she continued to say thank you over and over, I was rather embarrassed.

“I haven’t done much, so there’s no need to be too harsh. Instead, I would like you to come and find me sooner rather than later.”

“Yes Yes. Sure. What is your location there?”

“This location is…”

When I told her where the restaurant was, she sighed.

“Hey, somehow, I couldn’t find it anywhere. You’ve gone too far Anyway, I’ll go asap. Thank you again.”

Now the only thing left to do is wait.

I thought so.

When I returned to my seat, I realized I was wrong.

Grandma was gone.

With half of the national road rice left.

“Oh, where did this old woman go again?”

The guardian must be coming this way now.

It was a big deal.

When I asked the restaurant owner, he said he hadn’t seen her either.

I went outside and looked for a long time, but she was still nowhere to be seen.

Then I remembered the place where I first met my grandmother.

“Are you sure you want to be there?”

I hurriedly ran to the front of City Hall Station on Line 1 and saw the back of my grandmother sitting on a bench.


Sitting on the bench with a gloomy face, she raised her face.


“grandmother. Where did I tell you not to go?”

Grandma replied, avoiding my eyes.

“Changseok, you didn’t come. I thought you left me and left first.”

“I told you I was coming back.”

“It was then. She said she would come back, but she didn’t.”

I glanced at my grandmother.

What on earth could have made her like this?

I’m guessing it’s not a very good story.

Because the painful and sad memories last much longer than the original good and happy memories.

“grandmother. ’cause I’m not going anywhere Now go back to the restaurant. Let’s go and have dinner.”

“yes. Now that Changseok is back, we need to eat.”

That was when I returned to the restaurant.

A man in his fifties in a black suit ran after us.


He looked around the restaurant screaming and soon found us.

He ran in front of us and grabbed Grandma’s arm.

“mother. Where are you injured?”

At his question, Grandma pointed a finger at me.

“yes. no. Changseok was here with me.”

At that, his face turned toward me.

“..thank you. Did the student stay with my mother until now?”

“yes. It’s not intentional. I had no choice but to keep holding on to him because he misunderstood me with that person called Chang-seok.”

He smiled bitterly.

“I apologize on behalf of my mother. I’m not in a hurry right now, so please call me here again later. The case will be right.”

He handed me a business card.

– Director of Economic Policy Bureau, Ministry of Finance and Economy Lee Yeon-ho –

The moment I saw that business card, a thrill as if electricity was flowing on my back.

‘That was the meaning of gift politics.’

Fair Trade Commission. abbreviation of the Fair Trade Commission.

We have the exclusive right to report violations of the Fair Trade Act, such as price fixing between companies.

It was an organization with strong authority to pay fines to companies by its own judgment.

Although Lee Yeon-ho is now only a public official under the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

Later, during the 15th President Ahn Il-jung government, he was a tycoon who served as the apex of the Fair Trade Commission and chairman of the Fair Trade Commission.

“mother. Let’s go.”

When Lee Yeon-ho tried to lift his grandmother up, the grandmother pushed him away.

“no. I’ll be with Chang-seok.”

“..mother. This friend is not Changsuk. So stop and get up.”

Grandma was an immovable.

“The window is right. I will be with Changseok.”

Lee Yeon-ho sighed and turned his head to me.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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