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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 11

Episode 11. Gifts.(1)

That night, a pub on the 3rd floor of Itaewon Street in Seoul.

Luncheon shouted as he saw the crew entering the entrance.

“Hey, boss Jang.”

The agent waved his hand in embarrassment.

“Ah, old man. It’s not even the office, are you doing this all the time?”

Luncheon smiled and patted the chair next to him.

“It’s nice to see you. Come on, sit here.”

Luncheon continued as the crew sat down.

“I said he died because there was no news for three years, but he became the CEO of Taak and contacted me? People say you never know what will happen to you, and that statement is correct. huh.”

The crew made an apologetic look at the words filled with bones.

“Sorry. senior. I should have been in touch often, but I had some circumstances.”

“I’m sorry, will you shoot me?”

The agent was confused.

“That is a different matter. Obviously, I came out because my senior would buy me a drink.”

“ね. You’ve become an idiot while I haven’t seen you. It seems that the business is doing pretty well when you look at the shopping mall payment of 16 million won without hesitation, but isn’t it too much?”

The agent sighed.

“Wow, it doesn’t matter to me whether the business goes well or not. Right now. “

“What else do you mean? If you are famous and your business is going well, then you are the best.”

“I am the representative. The stake is only 20%.”

Luncheon asked with a surprised expression.

“Twenty percent? Nonsense. So who owns the other 80 percent?”

“Isa Kang I saw earlier. He gives me the first major shareholder with an 80% stake.”

As if luncheon was shocked, he opened his mouth while fiddling with the glass of wine.

“no wonder. Earlier, I said it was strange because he doesn’t seem to notice you very much. So it was,”

“yes. The business was originally proposed by Director Kang. I just wanted to give it a try, so it wouldn’t be a bad thing, so I did it ok, and that’s how I got here.”

“Huh, but isn’t he still a student?”

“Student, yes. Still in high school.”

“You’re in high school, have you already set up a company? What kind of chaebol successor are you?”

“It is not. I’m just a student, but I’m good at it. It’s also very.”

“Are you good?”

“yes. It started empty-handed and made 100 million won in a month.”

Luncheon’s voice grew as if surprised.

“1 million? high school students? how?”

“Selling a built-in computer.”

Luncheon asked with a face that he did not understand.

“..I’m asking because I don’t know much about the parts industry, can you make 100 million won in a month by selling an assembled computer?”

The agent shook his head.

“It is usually difficult. But Director Kang did it.”

“..that’s great. How did you find such a talented person?”

“I didn’t save it. The guy came to me. At first, they came to me and said that they wanted to do business together. I want.”

Even thinking about it now, Daewon laughed as if it was ridiculous.

“Have you known each other before?”

“no. So that’s even more amazing. At first, I thought I was joking.”

“I will. But wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I was serious. It’s been two weeks since he came here, and we’ve finally started working together, and by the time it’s been another two weeks, our business has grown so much.”

Luncheon gave a blank expression.

“What, did you use any magic? How could that be?”

The agent laughed.

“haha. Seniors say the same thing. So did I. When Kang was first ordered to assemble a computer, I asked him if he had used any magic.”

“Then, what did Director Kang say?”

“I can teach you the secret, but before that, let’s make a partnership agreement.”

Exclamation leaked from the luncheon’s mouth.

“Hey, did you say that we should start a business at that time? it’s a thing A kid who hasn’t even graduated from high school is pretty strategic.”

“Is that right? I’m curious about the recipe, and it looks like there’s a possibility, so can you do it? I have no choice but to accept the unfair contract of 2:8.”

“Ummm, but 2:8 was too much. It doesn’t look like Kang has made any special investments anyway. You mean you accepted that condition?”

“I thought so too at first. Now that I think about it, the 2:8 Do Kang made a lot of concessions.”

“What else do you mean? Are you not 2nd grader and 8th director? Did I even misunderstand?”

“Right. I 2. But looking at the way our company works now, it seems that Director Kang did well on his own. He didn’t even have to put me in until he gave me a 20% stake.”

It was the agent’s mistake.

The most lacking from the point of view of fortune was time and manpower.

To compensate for that, it was necessary to attract computer parts experts.

Daewon was a person who suited his purpose well.

Because he was unaware of that fact, he was even feeling grateful to Jae-woon even when he was being rolled over rough.

Luncheon laughed.

“Huh, was the director Kang’s ability that much?”

“yes. He’s a great guy.”

Luncheon thought as he touched a glass of whiskey with ice.

And when the ice in the glass melted and only the shape remained, the mouth of the luncheon opened.

“Do you think Daewon will do well with this online shopping mall commissioned by Director Kang?”

“I don’t know. Because I heard from Director Kang that there is such a thing as an online shopping mall.”

After a short pause, luncheon made an unexpected statement.

“Daewon, how about canceling this quest?”

“yes? What does that mean?”

“Actually, this is my first time making a shopping mall site, so I got it after researching this and that, but they said that most of the online shopping malls that are already running are in the red. Apart from making a shopping mall, I’m saying this because it can become a complex that only costs money in the future.”

“..If I cancel, what about the senior? “

“I didn’t tell you above that it was confirmed yet. If you cancel even now, you just have to report it as a failure.”

“Are you saying that the company’s performance is not good these days? If the request is canceled, won’t it go to work and break again?”

“That’s what you have to endure. You can’t harm your company just because you don’t want me to be broken.”

“Wow, the senior is still there.”


“I know that seniors hate it so much. At this point, though, it’s a disease.”

Luncheon was hot.

“what? This kid said it with all his thoughts on it.”

“Senior, did your senior advise me to create this shopping mall site?”

“..it wasn’t.”

“But, what’s the matter? After a meeting at our ‘Damoyo’, I came to the conclusion that a request was made to a senior. Even if we go bankrupt because of this shopping mall, seniors are not responsible.”

“I mean, but it’s obvious that it’s not going to happen, so how can you pretend you don’t know? It’s not anyone else, it’s your business.”

“..even though. Is it because of that place?”

“What else?”

“You work for that small company. To be honest, if I was a senior, I thought I would get into a large company, but I was surprised when I heard that I was working for a company I had never heard of called Hongin Media.”

“Was that so surprising? Our company is small, but it is a good company that is substantial.”

“Are you sent to the manager level immediately after receiving a request from that good company? He’s not even in charge of sales.”

“..it’s because it’s the off-season these days. Just be patient and you’ll get better soon.”

However, luncheon’s eyes fluttered at the words that came out of the next member’s mouth.

“Ji In-hyuk.”

Luncheon forcibly removed her lips that did not fall off.

“..how did you know?”

“I am not stupid. There is no other reason for a person like a senior to be in such a company. As it turned out, it was strange that Inhyuk did not know that his father was the representative.”

Luncheon drank alcohol with a stiff face.

Seeing him like that, the crew spoke in a low voice.

“It’s not hyung’s fault that Inhyuk became like that.”

“It’s my fault. Even if I didn’t make useless suggestions to Inhyuk, it wouldn’t have happened to Inhyuk.”

“Why is it a useless suggestion to build a proper search engine?”

“It was a pointless offer. It was too much of a project for the two of us to do in the first place.”

“I think differently. If Inhyuk had a good heart, the two of us would definitely have created a proper search engine.”

“..Let’s stop talking about that.”

Luncheon’s face looked so dark that the crew couldn’t push any further.

The crew, who had only poured alcohol without a word, opened his mouth.

“Anyway, I will not cancel the order.”

“..think carefully. Because that online shopping mall, the probability of bankruptcy is too high. ”

“It has been a while since I met Director Kang. He is a little different.”

“I can’t express myself well, but obviously I’m an adult, but when I talk to Kang, I feel like I’ve become a kid. Anyway, he’s a guy I can rely on in many ways.”

“No matter how special director Kang is, he is still a high school student. said to be a minor. How much would you know if you knew the world at that age?”

At the luncheon’s words, the crew laughed as if it was ridiculous.

“Hey, are you a minor? Seniors, please spend just a week with Director Kang. I would never think like that.”

“Please press 1 for politics, 2 for economy, 3 for society, and 4 for culture.”

politics? economy? Social?

It’s not some kind of scholarship quiz.

I had no idea what to choose based on.

“If you do not select within 5 seconds, the gift will be cancelled. 5 seconds, 4 seconds…”

I needed time to think, but I couldn’t afford to think any more about this damn ARS count.

‘Hey, I don’t know.’

press 1

“The gift selection is complete. Goodbye, then.”


Finally, the phone hung up.

At the same time, naturally, as if it had been there from the beginning.

A yellow note, folded in half, was held in his hand.

“Is this a gift?”

When I opened the memo paper folded in half, there was a single line of sentences written on it.

– April 3, 1997 at 5:34pm. In front of Exit 2 of City Hall Station on Line 1.

“Is this…maybe you should go here?”

It was my intuition, but it felt like something was going to happen at the time and place written on the memo.

“It’s the 3rd of April. Two days left.”

It was a very busy time, but the city hall station was not too far from the office, so I thought I could go there quickly.

I folded the memo paper, put it in my pocket, and left the booth.

“Well, it will be clear when we go. For what purpose did they send these memos?”

The two days passed in a flash.

In front of Exit 2 of City Hall Station Line 1

“Oh, it’s cold.”

It was April, but the days were still chilly.

“If I had known it would be like this, I would have come dressed in thick clothes.”

I regretted coming out in a simple outfit like I usually do when I was working in the office, but I had to stand late.

There was not much time left until the time already written on the memo.

The electronic watch on his left wrist was already pointing to 5:32.

“There are two minutes left. What is really going to happen?”

As the time written on the memo drew closer, the doubts within me grew.

And a few seconds after the number on the electronic watch’s minute hand changes from 33 to 34.

A yellow taxi stopped in front of me.


At that moment, my heart pounded loudly.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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By SerenPanda What did you just say? Selling time?


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