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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 15

Episode 15. Results of the test.

I approached the half-conscious man.

“It’s regular. did i say The world is not always happy.”

Junggi bit his lip and uttered a word with difficulty.

“..go away.”

“What turns off? keep your promise When are you going to bow? I can’t wait long because I don’t have the patience.”

“..the overall score hasn’t come out yet. The grades haven’t come out yet.”

It’s a masterpiece trying to find a way by taking the time somehow.


‘Cause I’ll never get out this time

“It looks like he hasn’t given up yet. Yeah, I’ll wait until then. So do whatever you can.”

Junggi couldn’t stand it any longer and got up.

“This bastard, let’s see. don’t be cocky Does it look like I’m in the same position now that I’m taking classes with you?”

“Are you looking at the same location? no way. you are below me man A bastard who can’t even study better than me lives with his mouth.”

The pleasure soared to see the face of the poorly distorted man with a sense of humiliation.

“So, from now on, live humbly. There are plenty of people in this world who are better than you.”

Myung-ho, who had just approached him, said a word to him.

“It’s regular. Take good care of your health until you get your overall grades. Pay special attention to your back. Aren’t you going to make excuses for back pain? Kwok.”

I thought I had put the spirit into a corner like that.

I guess I underestimated him too much.

He escaped this crisis in an unexpected way.

The next morning lookup time.

Shocking words came out of the 30’s mouth.

“As of today, I have transferred to a different school. Originally, it would have been better to say hello, but he said he couldn’t because he wasn’t feeling well. He asked me to tell him I was sorry.”


Strangely, I was told that the figure of Junggi was not visible.

I never thought I would write such a number.

He said he would transfer school in one day just because he sold a few copies.

You must have hated me more than dying.

It’s just like getting rid of a face you don’t want to see.

Today is the day the comprehensive score report comes out.

While I was going to school with a little bit of excitement, Sang-a called me.

“hi. Jaewoon~”

“yes. hi.”

“Oh Jeonggi, are you in your class?”

“yes. But how do you know the spirit?”

“We go to the same church. It’s not like he’s a kid that I like because he clings to me every time, but I haven’t seen him since last week.”

Oh Jeong-gi, this child.

I’ve known Sang-Ah since the beginning.

“I will never see you again.”

“I went to school.”

“Are you going to school? why?”

“Well, there must have been someone you didn’t want to see at school.”

“Are you transferring school because you have a friend you don’t want to see? Could it be?”

“If you don’t like it too much, you can. why? Are you sorry that I can’t see you regularly?”

“why me? I was still thinking about changing the church because of the regular schedule.”

There was no regret in the face of Sang-a as she answered.

How dare you be so flirtatious about being treated like air by ivory?

“Kuk. Did you?”

“It’s good that we don’t have to change the church.”

“I know. Then I will go.”

The steps of Sang-a who turned around and left seemed lighter than before.

Is this what you call one-shot two-legged?

It means that he even unintentionally removed the ivory stalker.

Morning lookup time.

Thirty-two entered the classroom with the report card in hand.

“The report card is out. When your name is called, come forward one by one and pick it up. number 1…”

So when it was my turn, thirty-two paused for a moment.

“The third time, Jae-Woon Kang.”

As I stepped forward, Thirty tapped my shoulder with a curious expression.

“One hundred points in all subjects. 1st place in the whole school. child. I hope you did, but you worked really hard.”

“I told you. I will study hard.”

“okay. Good job. what are you all doing Please give a round of applause to the first place in the whole school.”

pair. pair. pair.

There were guys who congratulated me sincerely like Myungho.

Most were looking at them with envy and jealousy.

But I liked even those eyes filled with jealousy.

In my previous life, I wasn’t the type to receive those eyes.

He was the one who always looked like that.

“Hmm. it was like this A world that was only seen by people like Junggi. kill me.”

The atmosphere in the classroom, which I usually felt stuffy, was refreshing because it felt good.

Normally, after class, I went straight to the office.

Today I heard it for the first time in a long time.

When I entered the house, my aunt asked, surprised.

“Are you coming with me already? Did anything happen?”

“What happened? there was.”

“What? godless work?”

I took the report card out of my bag and handed it to my aunt.

“braided. Today is the day the report card comes out.”

“What happened? I usually don’t show it to you even if you ask me to show it, but did your grades go up a bit this time? “


“Really, how well did your grades come out, are you so proud of your face? Where do you see…”

The aunt, who looked at the report card, was speechless.

“..Is this really your report card?”

“Of course. It has your name written underneath it. My name is Kang Jae-woon, 3rd grader, 7th class, 3rd.”

“Is it true? Iggy, your report card? All hundred points?”

“Because it’s true. 100 points in all subjects. 1st place in the entire school.”

tuk tuk.

Clear drops began to fall on my report card.

“Sun Mrs. Are you crying?”

“I num shiki. Are you really number 1? Really?”

“right. Because that’s right.”

My aunt hugged me tight.

“It’s great. it’s really cool Ahh..”

My aunt was unable to speak as she was overwhelmed with emotions.

Well, I didn’t know you’d like it this much.

He patted his mother on the back and said.

“Sun Mrs. stop crying It’s not like I passed any exams. What if I only got 1st place and cried like that?”

“It’s only number one. How do you only get 1st place? Is there something that only one person out of 427 can do?”

“It is not. But I’m not going to get 1st place just this one time. Are you going to cry every time I win first place?”

“Are you going to win first place again?”

“If you want to go to Seoul National University, you have to keep getting first place. Still, 1st and 2nd grades aren’t good, shouldn’t we make up for it?”

“What? Does that sound like a muse again?”

“I decided to go to Seoul National University.”

Surprised, my aunt widened her eyes.

“Seoul National University? Are you serious?”

“then. Seriously.”

My aunt patted my back with a curious expression.

“Ugh. Is our fortune really mature? ”

“I’ve listened to Mrs. Soon’s words, so don’t worry about me anymore. Understand? “

“okay. Okay. “

And something similar happened when my uncle came home.

However, because he was a man, my uncle only shed tears and it was over.

That evening, the 12-year-old Chivas Regal, which my uncle had been saving, was released.

My aunt, who grumbled whenever my uncle drank alcohol, voluntarily set up a side dish.

My uncle poured a glass of Chivas Regal into a soju glass and poured it out at once.

“nice,. good night. Thanks to you, I received all the snacks from my girlfriend. huh.”

“So good? Will you make me eat more often in the future?”

“More often? Are you saying you want to be number 1 again?”

“yes. I’m going to Seoul National University. If I want to go to Seoul National University, I have to keep getting first place.”

Uncle laughed out loud as if he was in a good mood.

“Uh-huh. Honey, did you hear what Ya just said? I am going to Seoul National University.”

“Ho Ho. I heard it too. It was a problem because Jaewoon didn’t make up his mind, but what can’t he do if he puts his mind to it? I definitely want to go to Seoul National University.”

“Yeah? haha. Bloodline can’t lie. After all, our Kang-san’s bloodline is something different.”

“Are you talking about bloodlines from there all of a sudden? Then, you, who are of the same Kang family, go to Seoul National University, come and live like this?”

My uncle put on an unfair expression on my aunt’s pincup.

“I couldn’t study because I didn’t have money to pay. Someone took care of me, too, but I was a kid who went to Seoul National University.”

“..don’t talk nonsense, have a drink and stay. I’m really lucky that there is no place where Jaewoon looks like you.”

I grabbed an empty soju glass and interrupted the conversation.

“uncle. Have a drink.”

“Oh oh. Would you like a drink?”

“yes. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever pouring my uncle a drink.”

When I lost my uncle in my previous life.

One of the things I regretted the most was not being able to pour a drink.

“okay. Where would you like to have a drink?”


As he tilted his arm, a slender yellow stem from the whiskey bottle led to an empty glass.

So the empty glass was filled with yellow liquid.

Part of the guilt that remained in his heart was also contained in the stem and swept away.

He took a sip of his drink and smiled as if his uncle was in a good mood.

“Kyaha. It’s delicious because Jae-fortune follows it. huh.”

“Get another drink.”

The night went so deep.

A week has passed since the results were announced.

At school, rumors spread that I was ranked first in the whole school because of tutoring, and there were not only a couple of guys who came to introduce me to the tutor.

I sent it back with this excuse and that excuse.

Because of that, he was being misunderstood as ‘a selfish guy who wants to keep the first place in the whole school by taking over the tutor’.

It didn’t matter much.

Myungho was the only guy I was close with anyway.

It was far more important to me to succeed in business than to win the favor of my classmates.

In particular, today was the opening day of the online shopping mall site that I had prepared for so long, so my nerves were all focused on that.

As soon as class was over, I rushed to the office and called an emergency meeting.

Even though it was only 6 people in total.

“Everyone, please gather.”

At my words, Daewon’s older brother, three male employees, and a female employee in charge of accountancy gathered in one place.

“Everyone, you know that our online shopping mall is opening from today, right?”

Everyone nodded.

“Now, all orders coming in from now on will be forwarded to our online shopping site ‘Damoye’. Daewon hyung?”

“What percentage of Yongsan computer stores have joined our shopping mall?”

“over 90. Almost everyone signed up.”

was higher than expected.

I was expecting it to be somewhere between 70% and 80%.

It seems that the rumor that Daewon can get some money if he works with hyung seems to have spread.

“That’s fine. You don’t need to convince others. If our shopping mall does well, we will take care of signing up.”

“okay? Originally, I was going to go to a store that I didn’t sign up for in the afternoon and have a meeting with the bosses. Then what can I do?”

“From now on, hyung will only be in charge of shopping malls. If there is a problem while watching the site go around, call the manager Oh-chan Jung and solve it.”

“Hanmi noona, when customers deposit, please check whether the money has been received correctly. If the deposit amount is wrong even by 1 won, the order will not be entered on the site. If you have such customers, please contact us right away.”

“yes. Director.”

“The two people in charge of inspection should thoroughly inspect the quantity to be shipped as usual. Since the CEO is busy, he may not be able to care for a while, so please pay more attention to the two of you.”

“All right.”

“And Jung-gu, please reply to customers asking them to purchase orders from PC communication in the future.”

“Come on, let’s all begin.”

Three days passed like that.

During those three days, everything was a mess as it was my first business.

There were many customers who gave up their purchase because they were not familiar with online shopping malls.

There were quite a few customers who paid the wrong amount for their order.

In particular, there were a lot of site-related problems, such as not being able to make a purchase because the product list did not appear, so in the end, Manager Noon Jeong had to go to work in our office.

Still, it was worthwhile to go through the hardships, and now the frame has been established.

The order volume, which was usually 80 orders a day, fell by half at first, and was almost in the recovery stage.

I held out the paper cup to Manager Jeong, who was looking at the monitor with red eyes.

“Have some coffee.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Daewon heard from hyung. The manager said that he was a very talented person.”

“no. It’s because of boss Jang’s kind regards, and in fact, there are as many talented people as there are grains of sand.”

“a. You said you were the head of the department when you were in college. Especially in Java or SQL programming, there was no one to follow?”

“It just looked a little sloppy at the student level.”

The more you take it out, the more greedy you become.

good skill The character isn’t bad either.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see good talent is because I have a fortress company.

It was ‘how can I bring it to our company?’

In particular, considering the growing shopping mall in the future, excellent programmers were essential even in terms of site management.

In that sense, Manager Oh-Chan Jeong was the number one talent for recruitment.

But the problem is that this yangban doesn’t show any gaps at all.

Manager Jeong continued.

“Until this week, we can help with this at the AS level, but from next week you will have to find a separate site administrator.”

But can you give up without a gap?

If not, you can make it

Let’s try attacking with a fastball first.

“okay? Good for you. Then, how about having Manager Jung come as our site administrator?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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