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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 130

Episode 130. I’ll ride you next to you.

Vice Chairman Jin handed me a key following the gift of the villa.

“This is a car key. I picked a car that young people would like, so I rode it. It’s in Kang’s name, but I don’t have to worry about insurance or tax issues because Kowon Electronics will solve it.”

“..I have already been assigned a corporate vehicle for commuting to and from work.”

“It’s for work, and this is just for personal use. Yes, I can ride it when I go to school.”

“It’s time to go to school. After all, it’s a bit like using a corporate car for private purposes, isn’t it?”

“right. So take it.”

“Then I will write it well. But when you take office as president, the brothers and sisters will try to separate the group and leave, is that okay?”

Vice Chairman Jin smiled.

“Seeing Ko Won Electronics come to life this time, many of the group directors turned to me. Even if the other brothers want to separate their families, they won’t be able to.”

Well, if that’s the case, the result would be very different from the previous life.

“It’s a good thing. You will be able to become the true owner of the Gowon Group.”

“Still, it’s not enough to usurp the management rights of the brothers yet, so we can’t be vigilant.”

“okay. Congratulations again on your succession to the post of President.”

“thank you. Please take good care of Ko Won Electronics in the future.”

I left Vice Chairman Jin’s office and went down to the parking lot.

“Where is 0308?”

While looking for the car with the number that Vice Chairman Jin had given me, I noticed a black car with a particularly low body, which felt alien to me.

“Is it that car?”

I got closer and checked the license plate.

“..that’s right. Besides, it looks like a Ferrari no matter how you look at it.”


It is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer boasting world-class engineering and design.

The cars released by Ferrari all boast an evil price of over 300 million won.

There was one thing that really made this company famous.

sales right away.

Unlike general automobile manufacturers that produce tens to millions of cars a year, Ferrari produces only a few thousand cars a year.

So, if you want to buy a Ferrari, even if you have money, it is basic to wait for several years.

Because of this, there were not many Ferraris in Korea.

In a word, it could be said that it was the perfect car to pull aggro.

“..Take this to school? I think everyone will look at me when I get out of the car.”

I shook my head once and got into the car.

At first, I felt a bit pressured to drive a sports car.

Acceleration was incomparable to that of a normal car.

In particular, as I experienced a strange experience of not approaching another vehicle within a 10-meter radius, that feeling soon disappeared.

“That’s why you say Ferrari, Ferrari. It’s comfortable to drive. I will drive it often.”

Kim Su-chan, the CEO of all-you-can-eat entertainment, found me.

“CEO. I have something to report about Kim Yeon-hee’s casting.”

“I have confirmed that Kim Yeon-hee is willing to move.”

“Is that right? Because I knew it would.”

“yes. I asked for some time to reduce my singing activities and practice acting, but the president of the agency simply refused. The company is in a difficult situation, but they only heard that Minkle, the most famous person, should run at least one more event to help. Besides, the settlement amount seems to have been pushed back quite a bit.”

“It’s an environment where you have no choice but to move.”

“But there is one problem.”

“The boss is insisting that he can’t let Yeon-hee go.”

“The ostensible reason is that they don’t want to be sent to another place because they are a girl group that has been raised through hard work.

“Hmm… I’ll talk to the boss over there. Please make an appointment.”

Koh Young-hwan, president of Minkle’s agency, Woosung Planning, came to visit.

“Hello, President. My name is Younghwan Ko.”

After sitting on the sofa, I opened my mouth first.

“I heard you say that you can’t let Yeonhee go. What is the reason? I should have said that I would ask for the penalty.”

Koh responded with a natural-looking face.

“These are the children I raised like a daughter. It’s only natural that you don’t want to send them elsewhere.”

“It is said that the child raised like that daughter is not allowed to do what he wants to do, and he doesn’t pay the bills on time.”

“..that’s because the company’s situation was difficult for a while. When things get better, I will let Yeon-hee do the acting she wants, and I will solve the delayed settlement all at once.”

“When do you think things will get better? a month later? 1 year? No. Is it possible within 3 years of the contract ending? I found out that you have about 15 billion won in debt, but the total sales of Minkle last year were about 4 billion won, so even if the employees work without pay, it will be difficult for them to settle their accounts for at least 4 years. Am I wrong?”

“Stop saying things you don’t even want to say, and tell me the amount you want.”

After hesitating for a moment at my words, the late president opened his mouth.

“..If you want to take Yeonhee Jeong, you have to receive 90% of the expected sales for the rest of the contract period.”

I was so excited that I almost burst out laughing.

“I didn’t ask for all the minkles, but 90%? Only one in five. Do you think 20% would be enough by dividing it into 5 parts?”

“Right now, Yeonhee is the most popular in Minkle. Without her, she would lose a lot of minkle sales, and she said it just makes no sense to divide her into 5ths. Besides, considering the effort I put into Yeonhee, I think that level is natural.”

“president. However, it makes no sense to base it on the total sales of Minkle. Let’s say we pay that amount. Then will you give me all the Minkle members?”

For the first time, CEO Koh showed signs of agitation.


I drove the momentum and continued.

“You’re not going to give it all, are you? But you can’t call that amount. I’ll add 20% of Minkle’s estimated sales, plus 10% considering the ball that went into Yeonhee. Let’s go 30%.”

Just by Kim Yeon-hee’s coming, everyone will gather and the entertainment’s awareness will increase significantly.

That alone was worth the penalty.

President Koh received my words right away.

“30% is too little. You have to do at least 50%.”

“Minkel won’t take much damage even if Kim Yeon-hee is missing one. The individual abilities are so good. So, an extra 10% is enough. And if you want more than that, you will have to fight us in court.”

In fact, in the original history, there was nothing wrong with eating all the charts with only 4 Minkles.

At the word of the court, the president’s eyes fluttered.

“..the CEO of a large company is a bit too much.”

“Is that too much? You seem to think that I am taking Yeon-hee with money now, but you are mistaken. It’s not that Yeon-hee decided to move to our company just because she said that she would treat me better. The natural treatment we should receive, respecting the wishes of our entertainers and paying for the work we have done, the boss doesn’t do that, so we’re moving it to our side. If you promise to treat Yeon-hee the way it should be, then the plan to bring Yeon-hee to her will be unheard of. how about it? Can you?”

Although Kim Yeon-hee was coveted.

However, he had no intention of forcibly taking her away.

But President Ko did not respond to my words.

“I have one last suggestion. If you do it at 30%, we will shoot you straight away in cash. So, think carefully before making a decision.”

I was in urgent need of even a penny right now, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to turn down this offer.

I was right.

After thinking about it for a while, the boss nodded his head.

“..30%, I agree.”

“haha. Well thought. So let’s make sure we don’t blush anymore because of this. If you make a different sound later, you probably won’t see it as good.”

The engineering college classroom on the first day of school after vacation.

Taewoo looked at me and smiled.

“You’ve been quite famous since morning.”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know that? Ferrari out there, you brought it, right?”

“The thought of going to school in a car like that, you bastard. That’s something the second generation of chaebols don’t do well because they’re shy. Rumors are already circulating that there is an undergraduate who goes to school by Ferrari in the morning. From 1st to 4th grade, there won’t be a single kid who doesn’t know your name.”

“I’m sure everyone knows I’m in business anyway, but it’s not surprising.”

“However, seeing it with your own eyes is different. You probably won’t have any kids talking to you anymore. It’s like living in another world.”

“haha. are you okay. Do I have you?”

Taewoo had a disgusted expression on his face.

“You say that to your girlfriend. By the way, why did you bring a Ferrari? Did she suddenly want to brag about her money?”

“Maybe, knowing my personality… someone gave me a present because they liked me.”

“You got a Ferrari as a gift?”

“yes. Someone you know too.”

“…who…maybe my father?”

“answer! They give you a gift because you did a good job, but you can’t not get it. And it was very comfortable to drive because other cars avoid it. That’s why I brought you.”

Taewoo smiled with a disappointed face.

“Ha…a while ago, when you asked what kind of car the kids like these days, he said he wanted to buy your car. no wonder…”

“Did you pick this one?”

“yes. I thought you were trying to buy me. I suddenly feel betrayed.”

“Don’t be too sad. Sometimes I’ll ride you next to you. haha.”

Wontel Semiconductor Lab.

The head of the research institute was announcing the results of new product development to CEO Craig Martin.

“There were many difficulties, but after our researchers worked day and night, we finally achieved a driving clock of 1.2Ghz.”

Craig laughed out loud after hearing the announcement from the head of the lab.

“haha. Warden. good work. Now, the latest CPU of the Drill series, Drill 2, is 1.1GHz, so now we are 0.1Ghz higher. You’ve finally caught up with the driving clock of your nemesis Drill Series.”

However, despite Craig’s praise, the head of the research center was not very happy.

“..as Mr. Martin said, I made it a priority to raise the drive clock and somehow caught up with the drill, but gave up a lot instead. IPC is also 4 times lower than Drill 2, and in particular, the power consumption is about 30 times different. It kind of bothers me.”

“It would be great if we could surpass the drill series in every way. But unfortunately we are not yet able to do that. However, if we continue to develop, our Wontel will be forgotten by people. Then it’s over. Before that, we need to show that we are a powerful company capable of launching new products beyond the drill series.”

“Are you saying that the method was to release the product by pulling up even the driving clock first?”

“yes. Many consumers only see what they see. And the most visible among them is the drive clock. If we bring this new product to market, our share will recover quite a bit. That’s how you can buy time and boost the rest of the performance.”

The head of the lab then nodded.

“Mr. Martin is right. Realistically, this is probably the best way.”

“yes. First of all, this will give you some time, so please focus on improving the rest of your performance.”

Apple’s Steve Mars was contacted.

“Mr. Kang. Did you know that Wontel released a 1.2Ghz CPU earlier this month?”

“yes. I heard it too. However, in terms of overall performance, it was quite inferior compared to Drill 2. First of all, IPC (Instruct Per Clock) of Drill 2 is much better. The power consumption, needless to say, is our victory.”

“That’s true, but consumers value visible numbers like clock numbers more than invisible numbers like IPC. Onetel was also aiming for that, ignoring power consumption and IPC, and only the clock was raised abnormally. And that strategy worked again this time. It’s been about a week since Wontel released a new CPU, and our PC share is already dropping little by little. It hasn’t been hit enough yet, but I think it would be a bit dangerous to go on like this without any countermeasures.”

There was no other alternative but a drill, so it was understandable that Steve’s child was riding.

Thanks to our drill, we achieved No. 1 share in the PC market for the first time.

I’d really hate to let it go.

I answered with a leisurely smile.

“Do not worry. Mr Mars. I’m still preparing for the next-generation CPU Drill 3. It will be released by the middle of next month at the latest.”

Perhaps he was willing to speak, Steve’s tone of voice rose.

“After all, Mr. Kang! I knew I wasn’t going to be the kind of person who would leave my hands like this. What is the performance of Drill 3?”

“The development is not over yet. Still, the drive clock will be higher than the Onetel.”

“okay. When samples are available, send them to us as well.”

Following those words, I asked implicitly.

“But Mr. Mars, is the tablet PC development going well?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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