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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 129

Episode 129. Hungry wolf.

I asked the head of the development team of the memory division.

“sure? What made you so envious?”


“yes. Rumors spread that it was entirely thanks to the president that the TV division did so well. They couldn’t be more envious of those who met such an outstanding leader. Besides, your boss is a semiconductor specialist. He puts the TV up like that, but honestly, I imagined a lot about how well he would do if he was in charge of semiconductors. However, rumors began to circulate that the president might be in charge of semiconductors, and from that point on, all the executives and employees were buzzing.”

“It was. How was it working with me? Usually, if you have high expectations, you will be disappointed.”

“I had high expectations, and it exceeded my expectations. We’ve only been thinking about how to make the cell smaller so far, but the boss is looking beyond that. I never imagined that you would come up with the idea of ​​building a cell on top of not being a building. To be honest, it was so shocking that I thought it was a scammer, even if it wasn’t just the boss.”

“It’s all thanks to the employees who followed me well.”

“If someone else had said that, it wouldn’t have happened. There must have been a lot of backlash in the middle, without knowing it, and the result would not have come out so quickly. Because the boss said it, I thought it would be unconditional, and really, almost all engineers rushed in with the spirit of changing their lifespan. As a result, we were able to complete the 3D flash memory process in just 4 months, so our trust was rewarded.”

“haha. I’m glad it didn’t disappoint. Then, the team leader, please pay attention until the yield of 2G flash memory rises sufficiently. This is the bread that will feed us for the time being.”

Minkle’s house.

Member Hong Jin approached Kim Yeon Hee, who was in trouble.

“sister? What are you thinking about?”

“..just this and that.”

Hong Jin smiled.

“Now that you’re in your early 20s, what do you think about so much?”

Kim Yeon-hee laughed too.

“That’s it. At first, it was good just to be a celebrity, but I keep thinking about something else because I am full.”

Hongjin looked at her.


“If you want to go, you can go.”

Kim Yeon-hee put on a bewildered expression.

“That..what does that mean?”

“Did you not know? Sister, everyone wants to go to the entertainment. These days, I’m so engrossed in acting, I keep bumping into the boss, and whenever I have time, I look at the business card I got from the entertainment company and I can’t help but find out. He must have been unable to speak because he was sorry to even say that he was leaving because the company was bad.”

Kim Yeon-hee nodded with a face that everything was found out.

“You’re a ghost girl. I knew it all.”

“Of course. It’s been over 3 years since we’ve been together, so I’m afraid I don’t know. let’s go because we’re fine There is no Minkle that will go wrong if one sister is missing, and the company will not collapse.”

“..Still, I’m so attached to my heart that I’m only greedy in this situation…”

Hong-jin lightly pushed Kim Yeon-hee’s shoulder.

“You’re kind like a fool and you’re gone. If you keep an eye on it like that, you will be unable to do the things you want to do for the rest of your life. So, stop holding on and do what you want to do.”

“..thank you for saying it like that. I’ll think about it.”

TM Display headquarters, conference room.

Sales executives displayed data on this year’s sales performance on the screen.

He opened his mouth with a recalled face.

“…so this year, total sales are 25.1 trillion won and operating profit is 5.2 trillion won.”

As soon as his presentation was over, the executives started applauding with excitement.

“Amazing! It’s not sales, it’s 5 trillion won in operating profit…”

“This is the performance of the world’s No. 1 LCD company!”

Executive Vice President Chanmyung Kim, who is in charge of setting up the 8th generation line, also added a word.

“haha. I remember what he said when the CEO first came.”

i asked him

“I was saying that you would think that it was rather fortunate to be spun off from Kowon Electronics. That was right. Now that I think about it, the moment I was split up and went under the CEO seems to have been the luckiest moment in my LCD life.”

After looking around slowly, Executive Director Kim continued.

“Am I the only one who thinks this way?”

Answers came from all over the place.

“Is it possible? I think so too!”

“Me too. This is a real lottery win! haha.”

I said with a satisfied smile.

“I’m glad I didn’t become a liar, but it’s hard to be satisfied with this level. I have no intention of stopping here. Our TM display will continue to grow in the future. Currently, our operating profit is 5 trillion won, but this will gradually increase to 10 trillion and 20 trillion won.”

The executives listened to me and put on a bewildered expression on their faces.

“..10 Articles? Article 20?”

I looked at their faces and continued talking.

“Of course, for that to happen, you have to put in a lot of effort. So that’s what I say. Be a hungry wolf rather than a full lion. That is my wish to bring you good luck.”

After a moment of silence.

Executive Director Chan-myung Kim shouted with a face full of enthusiasm.

“I like hungry wolves too! A company led by someone like you cannot be satisfied with only 5 trillion won!”

Starting with his words, the executives followed and shouted.

“We are the world’s first TM Display to complete the 5th generation line! Article 5 is not even a mouthpiece.”

“you’re right! I don’t know if it’s 50 trillion, but it’s still not enough to fill my stomach. haha.”

I raised my hand to calm the atmosphere and continued.

“It’s a good attitude. In that sense, I hope that the development team will finish the project to double the resolution within the deadline, and the 8th generation line setup team will prepare well for production in May next year.”

“All right! CEO.”

Kim Soo-chan was meeting Minkle Kim Yeon-hee at a cafe.

“hello. Did you give me a business card last time? I’m Kim Soo-chan, president of the entertainment industry.”

“The reason I asked to see Ms. Yeonhee today is because I want to ask you once again if you are thinking of changing your agency to the entertainment industry.”

Kim Yeon-hee hesitated for a moment, then opened her mouth.

“…Honestly, I think so. There was still time left for the contract, and I couldn’t contact him because it was not a good time to leave due to the circumstances of the agency.”

Even at her words, Kim Soo-chan laughed leisurely.

“If that’s the case, we can solve it.”

Kim Yeon-hee asked surprised.

“yes? How?”

“We will bear the penalty for canceling the contract. Yeon-hee’s agency would rather like it. The income that will come in the future is coming in now.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“yes. So, as long as you tell Yeonhee’s intentions clearly, we will take care of the rest.”

After thinking about it for a while longer, Kim Yeon-hee finally nodded her head.

“Then, I want to get everyone together and move to Enter.”

Kim Soo-chan smiled and continued.

“You thought well, Yeonhee. I will contact you again when I finish talking with my agency.”

#Early January 2001.

Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho told me to stop by when I have time because there is something to give, so I went to his office.

Vice Chairman Jin embraced me with his arms wide open with a pretty face.

“haha. Representative Kang, the savior of our Kowon Electronics! Come on.”

“..Vice President, you look good.”

“mood? Of course it has to be good. From last month to this month, the stock price of Kowon Electronics more than doubled in just two months. Even though the foundry division was spun off and handed over to CEO Kang, the market cap has increased by 10 trillion won from the beginning of last year, and banks are no longer urging them to pay off their debts. Rather, I’m in a state of frenzy because I can’t borrow any more.”

“It’s not a KOSDAQ company, but it was possible that 100% of it could jump in two months.”

After saying those words, Vice Chairman Jin handed me a document.

“That’s it. Come on, take it!”


“This is a rental contract for the highest-quality townhouse we sold in Jeju Island recently by Kowon Construction. It is a contract with CEO Kang to rent for 50 years, and the rent has already been paid, so all you have to do is sign it.”

“A lease agreement?”

“Well. I also have some money.”

“I know. CEO Kang must have a lot of money. But most of them are corporate assets, aren’t there a few personal assets?”

“..Yes. If you own it as personal property, you have to pay taxes and report it, and there are a lot of troublesome things.”

“This is a building in the name of our Kowon Electronics corporation, so there is no need for such trouble. There is a beach right in front, so the view is nice and the house is quite nice. The garden is spacious.”

“Hmm, it would be nice to stay in the summer.”

“Of course. The sale price alone is more than 4 billion won, but it was so popular that so many people wanted to buy it, and in the end, it was so popular that we had to choose the occupants based on prominent people in society.”

“Is the sale price 4 billion?”

“Once the location is good, the price of land is expensive. There are only 8 houses, so each generation is definitely independent. If you include the garden, the area occupied by one household will be about 200 pyeong. Parking is available for 4 cars per house. Besides, using only the highest quality materials, the price had no choice but to come out like that.”


“The house with the best location among them belongs to Kang.”

“It’s good, but why are you giving this to me..?”

Vice Chairman Jin replied with a smile.

“haha. The reason Kowon Electronics’ stock price jumped is because of CEO Kang. The TV division was saved to make 3 trillion won in annual revenue, and last month, the semiconductor division released a new product that surpassed cheers, and eventually turned into a profit this month. Newspapers were beating every day that Ko Won Electronics was perfectly revived, so the stock price soared.”

“I didn’t do it alone. It is the result of the hard work of our employees.”

“People are humble. Anyway, CEO Kang played a big role, so I can accept this.”

As I was still hesitating, Vice Chairman Jin continued.

“That’s not the only thing CEO Kang did for me. Since Go Won Electronics is alive, my support in the group has increased a lot. So, maybe in two months or so, I will be seated as president of the Kowon Group.”

“That’s really good news. Congratulations. Vice President. No, are you the president now? haha.”

“thank you. So, CEO Kang deserves something like this.”

I thought for a moment and then nodded.

“Then I would be grateful. Thanks to this, from now on, I won’t have to take a separate vacation spot in the summer. haha.”

“right. And there’s a management company there, who will take care of it, starting from the inside of the house and starting with the garden. Of course, the management fee will also go to Go Won Electronics, so CEO Kang has nothing to worry about.”

“haha. I really like it. thank you President.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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