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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 131

Episode 131. Simple is not attractive.

Because of Steve’s personality, he’s not the type of person who would be dazzled by someone else’s development of a tablet PC, so I gave it a shot.

Steve didn’t answer my question right away.

Even without looking at him, he seemed to know Steve’s expression right now.

It must have looked like a ghost.

After a while, Steve’s voice continued.

“..How did you know?”

“It’s not that you couldn’t keep a secret. Mr. Mars said it was his dream to build a tablet PC before, so I asked him once, and thanks to the response, it became certain. haha.”

“..were you just taking a picture of it once?”

“..I also thought for a moment that we had even planted a miniature camera in our lab.”

“It’s a good idea, but I’m not quite that good yet. haha.”

“You don’t know that. Mr. Kang, because so many people have hidden things. By the way, I have a question for Kim who came out. If we were to make a tablet, wouldn’t you give us the parts?”

The end of his voice trembled a bit, probably because Steve was nervous.

In fact, if I say no here, the appearance of Apple’s tablet PC will be delayed by a few more years.

But there was no reason to do that.

After all, the tablet PC Apple will make will use my own parts, so it will be a great customer.

It will further increase the population of tablet PC users.

Moreover, no matter how well Apple makes tablet PCs, I am confident that I will be one step ahead of that, so there was nothing to worry about.

“Do not worry. Mr Mars. I don’t hate my competitors. There must be competition for there to be development. We will supply any number of parts, so just buy a lot. haha.”

“It is a complicated feeling whether to say thank you or resentment. I’m grateful for the parts, but in a way, we can’t even compete. Wow… just talking with Mr. Kang gives me a lot to think about.”

“haha. If a man is simple, he is not attractive. I wish you all the best in the future. Excellent customer.”

Suwon TM Logic conference room.

“Lee Byung-hoon, Mr. It seems like the time has come for the drill 3 core custom to be almost finished. how about it? Is it performing well?”

The president replied with a face of no face.

“The blueprints that CEO Kang gave were all excellent guys, but it was not easy to customize the core. However, up to Drill 2, dozens of professors were attached to it, so I somehow managed to get a similar performance…”

The president sighed and continued.

“Ha…Drill 3 was really difficult. In particular, the structure itself was twice as complex as that of Drill 2, and it took more time. Even so, we were only able to bring out about 85% of the performance.”

“haha. it’s okay. If it’s 85%, it will still come out around 1.3Ghz, right?”

“It’s 1.35 Ghz to be exact. Power consumption is slightly increased to 1.5W. I had no choice but to increase it because I used multiple cores.”

“All right. But for now, that’s enough. Not too long ago, Wontel released a 1.2Ghz CPU, so the market share of drills was falling, but it came out better than that.”

“yes. However, Wontel is a big company. It gradually narrowed the gap and turned us around.”

“yes. It’s a place where all the best semiconductor engineers from around the world are gathered, and it’d be weird if they fell out easily. Mr. Lee quickly draws a drill 3 sample and sends it to the tablet division. The core of D-Tab3 is drill 3, no matter what anyone says.”

“I know. I will send it right away.”

#Damoye Center, Hongin Media.

“Is there any problem with DDC (Damoyo Data Center) operation?”

“We have already secured about 30% of the total corporate demand in Korea and 40% of the individual demand as the DDC customer base. In terms of sales alone, we have already achieved the top position in the industry, but as we said before, we are still in the middle of a loss as we continue to lower our service prices.”

“Are your sales continuing to grow?”

“yes. It continues to increase by about 10% every month. However, as the number of customers increases rapidly, it seems that the server capacity of our DDC will soon reach its limit. I need to increase the server to receive more customers, what do I do? In fact, if you stop lowering the price at this point, you won’t have to add servers. The influx of new customers will be less, but if you manage your existing customers properly, you can make a lot of money.”

“haha. I’m greedy, so I can’t be satisfied with this amount. 4x more servers.”

“Four times? Then I have to invest another 400 billion won, is that okay?”

“What are you surprised about? I plan to invest 10 times more of that in the future.”

Jung couldn’t even speak properly.

“.. ten backs.. four sets?”

“yes. Hosting services are one of the few markets that can survive far into the future. Now, big players are competing in this market, but giants that see the potential of hosting services in the not-too-distant future will continue to jump in. We must move with a war on such giants in mind. So before that, I think I’ll make it big enough. It is obvious that they will push in with a huge amount of money, but at least the weight class should be similar.”

“I understand what the president is saying. Still, the size of the domestic market is fixed, isn’t 4 trillion won too much of an investment?”

“When did I say that I only invest in Korea? Our DDC will expand to the world in America, Europe, and Asia. Even if the languages ​​used by internet sites around the world are different, my goal is to make all the servers used are the same.”

President Jung put on an expression that the shiver was rising.

“ah! After all, what the CEO is aiming for is completely different from the general people. all over the world I was only thinking about competing with domestic data centers… I never imagined that you were looking forward to that.”

“haha. So, even CEO Jung, who works with such a greedy CEO, cannot be satisfied with the fact that he is only the number one in Korea. By the way, how about the search site, DAJI Portal? Has your share increased a bit?”

“yes. It was over 50% last month, and I think we can raise it to 60% this year.”

“50%! That’s great. If that’s enough, the intelligence system must have accumulated quite a bit of information, right?”

“That’s right. There are already millions of them, and these days, on average, more than 2,000 questions and answers are being added every day. Among those who use the DAJI portal, one-third come to view creative works such as web novels, one-third come because of Jihyo, and the other third come purely for search purposes.”

“It’s just right. If Ji-in is left alone, she will become a reinforcement by itself, so she doesn’t seem to need to worry too much about her now. Is the recruitment of writers going well?”

“That’s kind of a problem.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Other sites are following us and are actively jumping into recruiting writers, so the number of writers who come in has decreased a lot recently.”

“okay? Well, I expected it to be like that in the end. So let’s try something else now.”

“If anything else..?”

“Right now, the DAJI portal only deals with webtoons and web novels, but it is time to expand the scope. Let’s take this opportunity to make a web drama section.”

“A web drama?”

web drama.

The production cost is only one sixth of that of a regular TV drama.

It is easy to make because the time itself can be organized short.

In addition, the subject can be chosen much more freely than the regular broadcast, so it was good to appeal to the teens and 20s, who are the main users of search sites.

It could be of great help in the fight for share.

In addition, it is easy to export to foreign countries by adding subtitles, so almost all portal sites will continuously produce web dramas in the future.

“yes. It’s similar to a drama you see on TV, but it’s broadcast on our DAJI portal instead of a regular TV channel.”

“Um…I know what you mean, but I know that dramas cost quite a bit to produce. I’m a little worried about whether it will be as effective as the cost involved.”

“First of all, web dramas are short. I’m going to make it about 10-20 minutes per side. Even if you collect 8 episodes like that, the production cost won’t be that much because it’s only one or two regular dramas.”

“ah! Like web novels and webtoons, dramas are also going to be short serialized forms.”

“yes. Breaking it up into short dramas like that will help us fight for market share on our portal. If it becomes popular and can be exported to other places, it can be profitable in itself.”

“I guess so. Can we all get together to produce a drama together with the entertainment side?”

This was an opportunity that was helpful to both Enter and Hongin Media.

Enter can promote actors.

Because Hongin Media can increase the market share of DAJI Portal.

“Yes. I’ve already told the CEO of Enter Kim Soo-chan, so if you contact me, he will send you an expert.”

“All right. We will work with the Enter to prepare well.”

#Early April, an American software developer, Microsoft’s conference room.

CEO Bill Arts asked the sales executive with a serious face.

“How much has our Windows sales dropped since the launch of D-Tab?”

“..about 20%.”

At his words, sighs flowed from the mouths of the executives sitting to the left and right of Bill.

“20%? Oh My God!”

“I can’t believe it…so far, it’s never been down 2%, let alone 20%…”

Bill said to the shocked executives.

“Until now, countless competitors have appeared to bring down our windows, but so far, none have been able to even take a scratch. I was, in fact, convinced that the world of Windows was now complete. Even when a rather unusual product called the D-Tab came out, that thought didn’t change. There may be some impact on sales for a while, but I thought it would be back to normal soon… I was wrong. It was only at this point that I realized that a truly powerful enemy had been born, so I must have been so intoxicated with my success.”

Bill paused for a moment and looked at the executives.

“But the king is still our MS. The rebels are taking over the castle with a terrifying force, but it is because we have been by our side, not because the rebels are stronger than us.”

At the words of CEO Bill, voices of approval were heard here and there.

“Mr. Arts is right! We, Microsoft, are a strong dominator, controlling more than 90% of the OS market.”

“Yes! No other company can compete with the world’s largest software developer with thousands of geniuses and tens of thousands of developers.”

Seeing that the morale of the executives had risen quite a bit, Bill smiled with satisfaction.

“When you run a business, crises are bound to come. What matters is how you get through that crisis. And I have already decided how to get through this crisis.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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