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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 114

Episode 114. Young butterfly.

YouNavi was in the red for four consecutive years on the financial statements, but had no loans.

This was not a common case, so I asked Manager Lee about the reason.

He answered my question.

“Your Butterfly CEO Joo-han Kim inherited a land from his grandfather, and fortunately, a new city was built on that land and he made a lot of money. He said that he received about 10 billion won from the sale of the land. He seems to be sticking with that money.”

If it was 10 billion, it was money that could survive for more than 5 years even if it continued to lose money.

“That’s too bad. It would have been easier to negotiate if the management was not good.”

“I can’t help it. If money doesn’t work, you’ll have to convince them with something else.”

“Do you think you have something in mind?”

“yes. We need some time to prepare, so we’ll come to you when we’re done.”

Seongnam Your Butterfly Headquarters.

It was a small-scale company that reminded me of the old Sungwoon Logic.

As we entered the building with Manager Lee, a staff member ushered us into the conference room.

After about 5 minutes.

CEO Joo-han Kim, with a sad impression, entered the conference room.

“Hello, this is Kim Joo-han.”

“This is Jae-Woon Kang from Damoyeo. I heard that your company is the best in the field of digital maps, and it is nice to see you face to face like this.”

“It’s overrated. But if it’s Damoye, it’s the company that made D-Tab, right?”

Kim Joo-han continued speaking with an excited face.

“Wow! I also bought a D-Tab. You made it really well. The touch sensitivity is so good, I use it a lot.”

“haha. You are our customer. I am glad that you were satisfied.”

“200% satisfied.”

“thank you. But why did President Kim start the digital map business? Isn’t this still a profitable business?”

“I am very interested in geography. Drawing maps has been my hobby since I was little, and in fact, this company started from there. At first, it started as fun, but as I made it, I thought I could use my map for a product called navigation. So, in the end, I officially set up a company and came here.”

“..not a common hobby.”

“Yes. Most of my friends will remember me as a different kind. haha.”

“It’s much better to hear that it’s a different kind of thing when you’re walking the same path as everyone else.”

“yes. Then, without turning round and round, I will tell you. Your Butterfly, we want to acquire it.”

The answer came right away.

“I’m sorry, but I will decline. I didn’t start this company because I needed money. I built it to do what I want to do with pride.”

“What you want to do is make a proper digital map, right?”

“That’s right. I think if someone interferes, it will interfere with the work. So, I have been looking for investment from various places, but I have turned down all of them.”

I smiled with a relaxed face.

“If there is interference, yes. However, if you hand over the company to me, President Kim will be able to achieve his dream of making a proper digital map more easily and more quickly. I’m not going to interfere, I’m here to help.”

President Kim tilted his head.

“..I don’t quite understand. How can someone who is not an expert in cartography help?”

“Yes, I am a non-professional. However, sometimes people from different fields meet and create great synergy. I think now is the time.”

“I want to hear why you think that way.”

“I don’t know what type of map Mr. Kim is dreaming of. But I think the ultimate digital map is a map that contains everything in the world.”


“yes. Even if I haven’t been to the place in person, if I have a digital map, it’s a map that I can experience as if I’ve been to that place.”

“..It’s a map that goes beyond reality and looks like it could only be made in a dream.”

At that, I shook my head.

“no. can make You can make it, so I told you.”

“Can you make a map like that?”

“yes. I will show you the proof.”

I pulled out my D-Tab, and loaded the photos.

“These are pictures I took while driving at low speed.”

I went through the photos one by one by hand and continued the conversation.

“Come on, how about if you turn over one page like this and then flip it over again? Doesn’t it look like I’m driving by myself and seeing it?”

“Is that right? How would people feel if they showed these pictures of themselves whenever they moved virtually on a digital map?”

President Kim did not open his mouth for a while as if he was shocked by my words.

At my question, President Kim made a face as if he had just woken up from a dream.

“Did you say CEO Kang? That’s great. Why didn’t I think of this? Using this method, I think you can create a map that contains everything in the world you mentioned. I apologize for saying I am unprofessional about maps.”

“haha. You don’t have to apologize. It’s true that I don’t really know how to make maps. But we know how to make maps created this way more perfect. How is it? If you give me the opportunity to take over the company, I will guarantee at least 10 years of employment.”

President Kim, who seemed to nod his head at any moment, hesitated.

“..Do I have to do that to make the map you mentioned? I think we can make it together by collaborating with each other.”

“It is difficult. It takes a lot of money to make the map I mentioned.”


“yes. First of all, it will take a lot of people to take pictures all over the country, and it takes a lot of people to put the pictures taken in the map data. And the bigger issue is where to keep this map. If you think about it roughly, it would be tens of terabytes, but each individual cannot keep a map with such a huge capacity. It will take about 20 billion or more to make it to a level that is quite usable, and it will cost billions of dollars a year just for the cost of the server and the constant update of the terrain information. Can you afford that cost?”

President Kim had a look of dismay.

“…twenty billion? Billions of dollars more per year for maintenance?”

“yes. That’s also kept to a minimum. You never know how much more it will go into if you actually go ahead with the project. Of course, Damoye can mobilize enough funds, but it is not our company, so we can’t put that much money into it, can we?”

“..it must be.”

I continued looking at his trembling eyes.

“If you need money, I will give you money, and if you need a good environment for making maps, we will create such an environment. So take my hand You will never regret it.”

Finally, Kim’s mouth was opened.

“..give me time to think.”

“of course. Please think carefully before contacting us.”

I was listening to President Oh-Chan Chung’s report on the operation status of the DAJI portal.

“Since we changed all Damoye PC room homepages across the country to DAJI portals, our market share has risen significantly. In particular, in line with this, the number of web novels serialized by Yuna-hee and The Stone of the Future has increased and has already surpassed 1 million.”

“A million already? In fact, when I saw it, the number of daily views exceeded 30,000.”

“yes. Writer Na-hee Yun alone is attracting 30,000 people every day. Thanks to the stone of the future, our web novels and webtoons sections have become very famous, and the popularity of other works serialized on the DAJI portal is also increasing little by little. More and more writers are joining as time goes by.”

“Nahee is doing better than I thought.”

“yes. Seeing that the CEO had personally scouted me, I assumed that he was an outstanding writer, but I didn’t expect it to attract people’s attention this far. After all, the CEO’s eyes never go wrong.”

“yes. Ah, writer Yoo has informed me that he will be taking a break from serialization for a few days as he is going on a school trip next week. The market share is increasing rapidly, but it is a bit disappointing that the pace is about to break.”

“A school trip? After all, it is already April.”

“Although writer Yoo is talented, he is still in high school.”

“When are you going on a school trip?”

“I heard that we are leaving next Wednesday.”

It’s time to slowly prepare, save writer Yu.

Na-hee, originally from the future, died in a tunnel accident during a school trip in April.

Of course, I didn’t mean to just watch it happen.

I was going to change that fate with my own hands.

#Blizzard headquarters in the US.

Diablo 2 project team member Jack presented the report to development lead Oliver Miles.

“Mr. Miles, these are the items I worked on last week.”

“okay? wait for a while. Take a look and we’ll talk again.”

Oliver looked at the report Jack had brought, and started checking things out and sometimes writing notes.

Five minutes later, Oliver returned the report to Jack.

Seeing the checked items, Jack asked.

“Express the light of the blade more simply, remove the shadow of the weapon from the cave light effect, and reduce the texture effect of the character’s clothing by more than 50%… Well, there are more than 10 checked ones. Are you telling me to take it all out?”

“..If you take all of this out, the game becomes too flat. In this way, there will be no big difference from other games, right?”

“Still, I can’t help it. Jack, do you remember what I told you when you joined the company?”

“..yes. Imagination is very important for game developers, but at the same time, game developers need to be more realistic than anyone else…”

“okay. That’s why I said that. I appreciate your skills as a game developer. Just because you want to do a detailed design like this doesn’t mean anyone can do it. But you overlooked one thing.”

“..what is that?”

“Most of our customers are using Pentium CPUs. It’s not the multi-CPU workstation we use at work, it’s mostly just a single-CPU PC. Do you think games with these graphics will run well on such a PC?”

“That’s why game development is difficult. No matter how talented a game developer is, they can’t break free from the constraints of reality… Jack, do you understand what I mean?”

“Then go. It must have been quite difficult, but I want to remove everything that is checked.”

Oliver looked at Jack’s back as he left with a weak foot, and remembered when he first joined the game company.

He laughed bitterly and muttered.

“It will be bitter now, but everyone will compromise like this and become real game developers. Be strong, Jack.”

As a result of the successful launch of #D-Tab, all members of the manager level who had previously played an important role were promoted to general managers.

Gathering Center, Tablet Division.

“Director Mi-Hye Hong, are you ready for the game I mentioned earlier?”

“yes. As you ordered, we made the game with as many colorful graphic effects as possible. There is one problem.”

“What? I told you it doesn’t have to be fun.”

“..aside from the fun, it is a game that requires a lot of calculations, so it doesn’t work properly even with a drill CPU.”

“Are you saying the game won’t run at all?”

“It’s not like that. Frames don’t connect naturally and keep dropping. I don’t know if I’ll be able to use it for the purpose I want.”

“haha. It’s just right. I just got this from Sungwoon Logic, get it.”

“what is this?”

“This is a drill 2 prototype.”

“..Two drills?”

“This is the sequel to Drill 1. It’s a guy with a driving clock of 1.1Ghz.”

Director Hong’s eyes widened in surprise.

“1.1Ghz? Really?”

“yes. So change the CPU with that and try again.”

Manager Hong immediately unpacked and replaced the D-Tab’s CPU.

After a short setup work, the game was launched.

“..Wow! The execution speed is different.”

“Is that right? It’s going well.”

“Yeah, the frame connections are also very smooth. It’s great!”

“Then put all the Drill 2 you received into the D-Tab, install this game, and send it to a famous game company around the world.”

She tilted her head as if she didn’t understand what I was saying.

“..A game company? Are you sending this with the intention of making a game like this?”

“haha. no. I want to show them that Drill 2 can run such a huge game without too much trouble.”

Director Hong clapped his palm with his fist as if he had realized it.

“Aha! So you’re trying to tempt those game companies to make games for our D-Tab.”

“Right. When developing a game, even if there are elements you want to include, you have to take PC performance into consideration, so there are a lot of cases where you leave them out, right? I asked Manager Hong to make that heavy game to show that if I make a game for D-Tab, I don’t have to.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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