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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 113

Episode 113. Be the one you become.

young butterfly.

This is a name I know.

It was a famous company that once dominated more than 60% of the navigation market.

However, with the advent of smartphones, its size has been greatly reduced.

It was a powerful company that was still in business by the time I returned.

Because navigation was a necessity for everyone in the future.

As long as they can preoccupy that market, there are infinite ways to use them.

It was a company worth taking over, but I didn’t know anything other than the name of the company, so further investigation was necessary.

I went to the LK detective office with a notepad.

One of the windows was broken, and it felt strange.

Unsurprisingly, there were red foreclosure tickets all over the front of the door, so you could guess what was going on.

I opened the door of the LK detective office and went inside.

with daughter.

Director Lee Guk-hyun turned around at the sound of the scenery.

laughed bitterly.

“..CEO Kang. welcome.”

“Chief. What are the foreclosure tickets on the front? What are you doing?”

Lee Guk-hyun hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth.

“…I didn’t want to tell you because it was sold, but I have no choice but to do it. Actually, my brother’s treatment cost was high, so I borrowed a little loan, but it has already expired.”

“Are you paying for your brother’s treatment?”

“yes. I have a younger sister, but five years ago, a rare disease called multiple cranial nerve palsy developed and is still in the hospital. I couldn’t help but get a loan because I spent thousands of dollars a year on hospital bills alone.”

“..You have the ability, Director. How much is the loan and you haven’t been able to pay it back?”

“It’s just two billion dollars. The interest alone is over 6,000 a year, and I couldn’t pay it back because I had to pay for my brother’s hospital bills. I tried to make up for it by taking on some dangerous tasks, but it ended up like this.”

“..so did you quit the INS? Because of my brother’s medical expenses?”

“Yes. The salaries of civil servants are a bit high.”

“Does anyone in your family or relatives help you?”

“..with such a person, would things have come to this point? My parents are already dead, and I have cut ties with my relatives for a long time…”

“Um, so what are you going to do next?”

Lee Guk-hyun answered with a blank face.

“..Now I don’t know. My situation wasn’t that good, but I thought that if I worked hard, I’d be okay. But eventually, when I come to this dead end, I have fifty thousand thoughts. It seems that a person who can’t do anything can’t do anything.”

Lee Guk-hyun’s last words touched my heart strongly.

Those were the words I had always carried in my past life.

At the same time, those words were the words I hated the most.

I looked into his eyes and opened my mouth.

“Chief. Do you want to work with me?”

Lee Guk-hyun looked at me with a surprised face.

“Are you with the representative?”

“yes. After all, the office was destroyed. Are you just going to do nothing like this?”

At the time, my business had grown quite a bit and I was in need of someone to help me with my work.

As a result of entrusting the request so far, Lee Guk-hyun’s ability was quite good.

“…but it’s not like that. It’s a bit sudden.”

“Is that so? But it’s not a joke or nonsense. I’ve been watching the director take care of his work, and he’s done a good job to my liking. I think it’s not bad to work together on this opportunity.”

After thinking for a while, Lee Guk-hyun asked.

“What will I do if I accept the offer?”

“It’s researching something like you always do.”

“..how much income can you guarantee? As you know, I’m not in a good mood.”

“The income will depend on the circumstances. But if you say you want to work with me, I will repay the current loan.”


“yes. If you agree, you may even be forced to do something illegal.”

“…it’s illegal. Does it include murder or anything like that?”

“haha. please It just meant something that could require illegal means like wiretapping.”

Seeing Lee Guk-hyun hesitating, he added a word.

“If my brother is offended, I will even take responsibility for his medical expenses.”

If I could get a loyal and capable employee on these conditions, it wasn’t a low-key business.

“..Is that true?”

“yes. Unless the warden betrays me.”

Lee Guk-hyun, who was looking into my eyes, finally nodded.

“..then I will.”

“haha. Well thought out.”

“I have one last question. Will I be working alone? Or will you be part of an organization?”

Lee Guk-hyun was a good-natured person, and he was from the Ministry of Secrecy, so he was good at background investigations.

And just in time, there was an empty seat that was perfect for such a person.

“Everyone, the secretary’s office, please take the position of the chief of the secretary there. If you need staff from the secretariat, you can select them yourself.”

“I’m the chief of staff. I understand.”

The manager got up from his seat and bowed his head to me.

“I will never forget this grace. I promise to do my best to assist the CEO in the future.”

I got up and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Thank you, Mr. Lee. I promise you one of these. In the future, I will make it so that the head of the department will think, ‘The person who can’t do anything’ instead of thinking, ‘The person who can’t do anything’.”

The manager looked at me with moved eyes.

“..All right. CEO!”

“yes. We look forward to seeing you. haha.”

So I got a chief of staff from the Ministry of Security and Security.

#I received a call from President Lee Byung-hoon that the drill 2 prototype was completed.

I visited the Suwon Sungwoon Logic headquarters conference room.

the boss asked me

“Shall we start now?”

President Lee displayed the performance evaluation data of Drill 2 on a projector.

“The driving clock of the prototype was 1.1Ghz, the same as the simulation result.”

I applauded.

“Wow! Are you really saying 1.1Ghz came out? this boss. You did a great job.”

“It was not through my own strength, but thanks to the professors who joined me this time.”

I greeted the professors sitting at the conference table.

“A professor. and other professors. You really did a great job. I hope you did, but you really did it. haha.”

Seongwook Han, a professor at Seoul National University College of Engineering, answered.

“Even though there was a great map called the Drill 2 original, it’s just a pity that we couldn’t realize all of its performance. It’s a bit bitter to think that our skills are still at the limit.”

“no. This is enough. When Drill 2 is released, there will be another storm in the world. And thanks to all of you, the storm has become more powerful, a result that I cannot hope for any more.”

“I’ve been thinking about how to repay you for your hard work. That would be the best.”

a professor asked.

“..that’s it?”

“Drill three.”

There was a moment of silence at my words.

Five seconds passed, and questions poured in from all directions.

“Drill 3? Are you saying you made a sequel to Drill 2 without a comparable product?”

“No matter how talented CEO Kang is, it’s absurd. How long has it been since he came up with Drill 2? Wouldn’t it be better to perform better?”

I waited a bit for people’s excitement to subside before continuing.

“It is true that performance has improved. The driving clock itself has also increased, but the bigger change is the concept of using multiple CPU cores instead of one.”


The higher the CPU clock, the faster the calculation speed, but it was not possible to increase it infinitely.

The method that future CPU manufacturers, who encountered the limitation of the operating clock, used to overcome this problem, was to increase the operation speed by connecting multiple CPU cores.

Drill 3, which I will be unveiling this time, was the first multi-core version of PRM’s microarchitecture.

The first person to understand what I was saying was a professor.

he asked me

“..just as a supercomputer uses multiple CPUs to increase the operation speed, does that mean that the drill 3 architecture is a structure that increases the speed by connecting multiple cores within a single CPU?”

“..Connect the CPUs to each other. The concept itself is very simple. But to actually implement it, you run into a lot of problems. Even if you connect multiple cores, if you don’t make the structure well, the cores will play separately. Then there’s really no difference from having only one. In addition, if multiple cores are operating at the same time, power consumption is greatly increased and heat is generated, which is also a serious problem. Does that Drill 3 overcome all these problems?”

Again, there was silence in the conference room.

A professor looked at me with eyes full of earnestness.

“Chairman Kang. No, good luck! When are you going to release Drill 3?”

As if those words had been a catalyst, the same demands were pouring in from here and there.

“okay. Representative Kang! I want to see you as soon as possible.”

I opened my mouth to them.

“The architecture is not yet finished. I promise to release it within this month at the latest, so please wait a little bit.”

It was then that peace returned to the faces of people.

“..this month? Really?”

“..I believe. Are you sure you want to reveal it?”

After calming the professors and sending them back, President Lee Byung-hoon asked me.

“Wow. What’s that bomb declaration today? You were surprised. Drill 3. My heart still doesn’t stop beating.”

“haha. The professors worked hard, didn’t they? Besides, the drill 2 core customization is almost finished, but I can’t rot the excellent brains like this, so I made one in a hurry.”

The boss said, ‘Is this guy really a person?’ He looked at me with those eyes.

“Is that what you think of as a quick reminder?”

“Fortunately, I have a body like that. haha. Anyway, you worked hard to make a prototype of Drill 2. How many pieces did you get?”

“It was the first selection, so the yield was not good. It will be less than 500.”

“500, that would be enough.”

“I have something to write about. Please collect 100 of them and send them to the tablet division first.”

“Do you have 100?”

The boss narrowed his eyes and looked at me.

“I don’t think 100 is just needed for testing, what else are you decorating?”

“haha. It’s a bit complicated to explain. I’ll tell you in detail later. Anyway, I will use it to stop Super 301.”

“..I know. I’ll pack it up and send it right away.”

#Lee Guk-hyun’s first day at work.

Damoye Center, office on the 45th floor.

The manager said to me with a look of great admiration.

“Here, it’s great. I knew that the CEO was a talented person, but I didn’t know that he was capable of setting up an office building like this.”

“haha. Now it’s a start. I’m going to build a building many times taller than this office building. If you admire it, then go ahead and do it.”

“..how many times taller than this?”

“yes. Because that is my dream.”

“..If other people had said that, they would have thought it was a joke, but I don’t think the CEO is.”

“Of course not. One hundred percent serious. haha.”

“Then I will tell you about my first duties as the chief of staff.”

I handed him the note I got as a gift.

“Your butterfly?”

“yes. Find out everything about the company. Business status, what you are doing, etc. It’s something you’ve always done, so it won’t be difficult, right?”

“of course. We will report to you as soon as the investigation is complete.”

Director Lee Kuk-hyun made a report and handed it to me.

“As you read, we are, in a word, a company that makes digital maps.”

Not a navigation, but a digital map?

In order to create a navigation system that guides the route to the destination, three major factors were required.

A digital map containing topographical information and hardware that uses it to calculate an optimal route and displays the results to humans.

And the third was the Global Positioning System (GPS).

However, since the United States did not open the GPS system because it could be used in enemy countries, it has not been used by civilians until now.

The regulation has not been lifted yet, so GPS cannot be used.

It was difficult to find hardware that could be used for navigation, so your butterfly seems to be focusing on map production first.

Even if your butterfly’s only technology was a digital map, it didn’t matter.

Because you can make any number of hardware by using the technology accumulated while developing D-Tab.

If there was a good digital map, navigation could be produced immediately.

“haha. They seem to be a company that makes maps for navigation.”

The manager looked surprised.

“You haven’t read it yet, how can you…?”

“Because it’s an area I’m usually interested in.”

“..that’s great. It was the first time I had ever heard the term “navigator.”

“haha. I’m really interested in new technologies. What is the industry opinion of this company?”

“In the field of digital map making, there are many evaluations that the butterfly is the best.”

After looking through the data for about 10 minutes, I asked this manager.

“Good job, Chief. But there is one thing I don’t understand. Since navigation has not yet been commercialized, there must be no special profit structure. How is the business situation so good?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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