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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 112

Episode 112. Spend a lot to earn a lot.

Daewon took a deep breath following me to see if hyung was also nervous, and then nodded his head.

“okay. let’s go.”

We took the elevator and hit the 45th floor.

The elevator started with a feeling of instantaneous weight.

In my previous life, I climbed up wearing a gray overalls with a lot of dust on it.

This time, she was wearing a suit that was not wrinkled or wrinkled.

And at that moment, I felt the pain of the past that had been weighing down on my heart peel off one layer at a time.

The elevator door opened.

The representative offices at both ends and the huge conference room in the middle caught my eye.

What greeted us as we entered the conference room was an enormous conference table.

The member who saw this made an expression on his face that he was tired of his brother.

“You said and ordered, but will there ever be a day when this place will be filled with people? It can seat exactly 100 people. Even the vendor was surprised when I ordered this. This is the first time I have ordered a table of this length.”

I lightly tapped my brother on the shoulder.

“haha. Recruiting 100 people is just a matter of time. On the contrary, I think those positions are not enough. It’s already thousands of times bigger than the first assembly computer business in Yongsan, right? It will continue to grow in the future. Just imagine.”


“My brother and I are seated in the middle, and the presidents of major affiliates are seated on either side. We’re so far away from each other that our voices can’t reach, so we’ll use a microphone when we’re talking. Affiliate presidents will look at us nervously so as not to miss our voices. Isn’t it thrilling?”

Daewon-hyung swallowed once and opened his mouth.

“..Do you really think that day will come?”

“Absolutely. So don’t worry about that.”

“..okay. But wow, just thinking about it makes me excited. haha.”

We looked at the outside world from the inside of a huge glass wall.

Other skyscrapers that were just coming in were coming up, trying to match my shoulders.

Numerous apartments and houses built along the Han River were all under my feet.

Daewon said the older brother.

“Hey, it must be 3km away, but you can see the Han River from here! Even if I live in Seoul, it was not easy to see the Han River, but now I am fulfilling my wishes.”

“It’s because there are no buildings around us to cover our eyes, hyung. The apartments you see over there must have been quite difficult to build, but from here they look just like toys made out of Lego blocks, don’t they?”


“Is that right? I didn’t choose this building for nothing. haha.”

“Even at night, the night view will kill you! Everything is good except for the price.”

“Hyung too, it’s money, you can earn it again. What are you worried about?”

“…600 billion?”

“sure. How long do you think it will take me to earn it?”

Seeing my eyes, my brother shook his head.

“Hey, really. don’t say anything It’s just that I’m a commoner by nature, so I just listen with one ear and let it flow through the other. In fact, isn’t it strange that you are carefree even after spending 600 billion won? That’s not a lot of money that even a chaebol family can easily spend. What kind of money does an ordinary born person spend like water?”

It will come back bigger in the future.

“You’re making money to spend, aren’t you? If you spend a lot, you earn a lot more.”

“..usually the opposite.”

“haha. I am not an ordinary person. Now, let’s go look around each of our rooms.”

When I opened the door, which was engraved with a large cursive font, called Kang Jae-woon’s office, a large space that looked like a hundred pyeong greeted me.

There were luxury sofas imported directly from Europe on both sides.

It was also the longest sofa I had ever seen.

I walked over to the desk near the window.

On top of it was a transparent triangular-shaped plaque that read Kang Jae-un, the representative.

A swivel chair that looked comfortable just by looking at it seduced me.

I buried myself in the chair and looked out the window.

The view from the 45th floor gave me a lot of satisfaction.

However, it did not satisfy all my thirst.

‘This is not enough. After all, it should be taller than the Empire State Building I saw in New York at that time… Let’s go and work. If you want to build such a building, you shouldn’t have to play like this.’

#Yang Woo-Jin couldn’t find a way to repay the debt she owed to Joo Kang-Jin in the end.

I forced my heavy feet to move as if a rock was hanging, and found my father, Chairman Yang Ki-moon.

“father. I have something to tell you.”

“okay. What’s going on?”

Yang Woo-jin explained to Yang Ki-moon what he was doing in the past.

Even before his explanation could be finished, Yang Ki-moon’s angry voice erupted.

“You idiot! What kind of stock is that stock held as collateral by Joo Kang-jin? What would you do if Kang Jae-woon’s company collapsed?”

“..I’m sorry. I thought I would be able to pay it back soon…”

Looking at the youngest son, who could not raise his head, Yang Ki-moon realized that he had raised his child incorrectly.

After staring at Yang Woo-jin for a while without saying a word, he opened his mouth.

“It’s probably because I’m the youngest, so I really regret that I only grew up looking pretty.”

“Listen now! As of today, all positions you enjoyed within the Hwansung Group will be deprived. And as long as I’m alive, I won’t get any position! So, if you want to do something in the future, do it on your own. There will be no help from cheers, so don’t expect anything like that!”

Yang Woo-jin raised his head in surprise.

“father! How could you say that…”

Yang Ki-moon’s cold eyes fell on Yang Woo-jin’s face.

“You say that! If you were not my child, there would be nothing you could do in our country. Thank you for not getting in the way despite making this mistake!”

“Go away! Because I don’t even want to see you.”

After Yang Woo-jin turned and left the seat without strength.

Chairman Yang Ki-moon called the chief of staff.

I gave him an overview of the situation and directed him to contact the state president.

“Director Park, call Chairman Kang-Jin Joo right away.”

Director Park immediately took out his cell phone and made a call.

The president did not answer the phone.

“..the state president is not answering the phone.”

Yang Ki-moon hit the table hard.

“Joo Kang-jin, you wildcat! Do you dare play tricks on me?”

When Yang Ki-moon hit the table one after another, Manager Park was surprised and grabbed his arm.

“President. Your hand hurts. Stop it.”

Yang Ki-moon’s reason returned slightly to Park’s disapproval.

“..Director Park has work to do from now on.”

“Say it.”

“Prepare 300 billion won as funds that can be transferred at any time.”

“…300 billion?”

“okay. Yang Woo-jin This idiot has a 1% stake in Hwansung Life Insurance, which he has as collateral. I have to come back.”

“Isn’t the actual amount borrowed 50 billion won? If the amount of collateral is set at 100 billion won, why do you need 300 billion won?”

“Joo Kang-jin will demand at least four or five times. ‘Cause you know I’ll take that much. After I die, the group may be shaken by that 1%, so I will have no choice but to give as much as I ask for this time…”

“..okay. Okay. President.”

Director Park left, and Ki-moon Yang rubbed his temples with a face that was five years old for a moment.

‘Jaewoon Kang…I took over the TV division of Gowon Electronics and blocked the path of Hwansung Electronics, but I got entangled with the youngest and made these four months? It’s a bad relationship with me in many ways.’

#Da together center, my office.

I called the CEO Noh Chan Noon and asked.

“CEO Jung, how about the new office building?”

“Once the work space is wide, it’s really nice. As the number of employees increased, I was temporarily renting an office outside to work, but since the two floors are used here, there is still space even after all of our employees have entered.”

“How did the staff react?”

“Everyone seems to be motivated to see how the company is developing.”

“okay. It is worthwhile to choose an expensive building. haha.”

“yes. It gave me a sense of pride to think that this center, which stands out especially on Teheran-ro, where many buildings are lined up, is our office building.”

“With that pride, we, Hongin Media, will work hard until we become the world’s best software company like Microsoft.”

“haha. Okay. It’s good just thinking about it.”

“It will be even better when it becomes a reality. So let’s talk a little bit about work. What is the market share of the search service DAJI portal that opened last month?”

“..Now about 2%. That’s also thanks to Na-hee Yun’s web novel, The Stone of the Future, which is being serialized on the DAJI Portal. If it were not for the stone of the future, it would have been difficult to achieve even 0.1%. It was a good experience to properly confirm what CEO Kang said that creative works will be of great help.”

“Since there aren’t many accessors, there aren’t many questions that have been raised in the Jihyein, right?”

“yes. Over time, the data is gradually accumulating, but the speed is very slow. I need to find a way to increase the initial influx, but there is no sharp way.”

“It’s an initial influx. It’s a problem that will be resolved with time, but there seems to be no way to pull it off a bit…”

At that moment, a good idea came to mind.

“CEO Jung, we are running a PC room business together at Damoye. I will change all the web browser homepages in the PC room to the DAJI portal. The initial influx will probably increase tremendously.”

“Aha! There was such a way. I think it will be of great help, as Damoyo’s PC room occupancy is over 80%.”

“yes. I will take care of that, so please keep gathering webtoon and web novel writers. If there is more than a certain amount, from then on, talented writers will gather through our DAJI portal without having to search for it. Until then, please take care.”

“D Have the apps on the App Store increase a bit?”

“yes. At first, most of our programs were uploaded by our side, but now it is growing at a very fast pace. It has been about two months since D-Tab sales started, and there are already over 10,000 apps. Most of the apps that have been uploaded so far are light things that can be created by one person, but the number of apps that companies create is increasing little by little.”

“It’s fine. Now that our D-Tab is out over 800,000 a month, the speed of the apps will grow even faster. Mr. Jung, please do your best to manage the D App Store server. Both uploads and downloads shouldn’t be a problem for a single moment.”

“I will take care not to let that happen.”

After sending President Jung away, I thought for a moment.

‘It’s not that the pace of work is slow, but the Super 301 is still a problem. D-Tab2 release must be rushed.’

#April 1st.

Today was the day when the annual interest rate on the loan at the time store changed.

“The 37th repayment amount is ₩1,666,660,000.”

her. 16 billion.

The interest rate is 4000%, but it is 4 times higher than last year.

This guy’s interest rate isn’t going down either.

I didn’t even expect it.

After handing over Easy OS to American PC makers, the sales of Drill CPUs increased by 50%, resulting in my monthly income from drilling reaching 300 billion won.

Even if the interest rate was 5000%, the amount of the loan to be repaid per month was about 2 billion won, so it was not at the level that I couldn’t repay.

Now I don’t even get nervous when checking the interest rate on a loan.

I was just paying off the loan, almost like a habit.

This time, I pressed the loan repayment button without much feeling.

this guy! It’s been a long time.

“Choose No. 1 for a car, No. 2 for an airplane, No. 3 for a bike, No. 4 for a train. Please complete your selection within 5 seconds. 5 seconds. 4 seconds…”


Of the four, the car seemed to be the most money.

It might be used to check Chairman Jin Chang-ho, so I chose #1.

When I opened the note that appeared in my hand, it was written:

– Your Butterfly

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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