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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 111

Episode 111. Winners and losers.

The head of the lab stepped forward.

He opened the material and started explaining.

“This is the result of testing with the IPS mode electrode structure suggested by the CEO. The viewing angle characteristic is 89 degrees left and right, the response characteristic is 16ms, and the contrast ratio is 1000:1.”

89 degrees means that it doesn’t matter if you look at the screen from virtually anywhere.

The biggest advantage of the IPS mode was that it had good viewing angle characteristics.

Exclamations flowed from the officers’ mouths.

“Wow! The contrast ratio is lower than that of a TV panel, but the response and viewing angle characteristics are excellent.”

“The contrast ratio of 1000:1 is amazing! In the existing IPS mode, the contrast ratio would be lower than that of the TN mode panel used by competitors, but it is twice as good.”

The head of the research institute continued.

“This time, we tried adding the pressed characteristic as a new evaluation item.”

The executives groaned.

“Pressure characteristics? What is it?”

I answered their questions.

“Pressure characteristics are the result of measuring how much marks are left when the panel is pressed with a finger. In the future, there will be many products with touch screen applied, and this pressing characteristic will be an evaluation condition as important as image quality. If there is a mark on the screen every time it is pressed, it is inevitably annoying for consumers.”

The executives nodded.

“Oh, I understand what you mean.”

“Sir, go ahead.”

“yes. In terms of pressing characteristics, it was found that the IPS mode panel is more than 10 times better than the VA or TN mode.”

Panels to which IPS mode is applied have excellent pressing characteristics, so all LCDs used for touch screens in the future will be made in IPS or FFS mode.

At those words, the clamor erupted again.

“Five! It really is. The contrast ratio is slightly lower than in the VA mode, but the other characteristics are great. If this is enough, the TN mode panels for monitors released by competitors are not likely to compete.”

“you’re right. If the contrast ratio and response characteristics of the IPS mode are raised to this level, it is not a problem to sell them.”

I smiled happily and continued.

“Development manager.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Start today, work on increasing the yield of this new monitor panel. The target lines are Lines 1, 2, and 3, which were used to produce TV panels.”

“Are you saying that you will produce monitor panels for all lines 1, 2, and 3?”

“yes. The 4-line CAPA (production capacity) is larger than the 1, 2, and 3 lines combined, so the TV panel will be in charge on the 4 line.”

“All right. I will prepare for that.”

When the monitor panel was produced, it was planned to be supplied for D-Tab first.

Until now, it was too difficult to make only TV panels, so I used other companies’ LCD panels for D-Tab.

Now there is no need for that.

“President Yoo Kang-woo.”

“Although the completion of the 5th generation line is just finished, I will not stop here. We start building the next line right away.”

President Yoo’s face, who was smiling as if he had finished a big job, hardened.

“..when you say the next line, what generation do you think of?”

“This is the 8th generation.”

President Yoo was unable to speak for a moment as if he was speechless.

Other executives were no different.

President Yoo opened his mouth with a troubled expression.

“..The line completed this time is the 5th generation line. It is too risky to skip the 3rd generation and not the 2nd generation. At least 2 trillion won in investment would be necessary.”

Originally, future LCD companies will develop by increasing experience in the order of 6th, 7th, and 8th generations.

Having experienced the 8th generation enough to get tired of it, I did not have to go through the 6th and 7th generations.

“Don’t worry about money. Our TM Display alone is about 150 billion won in revenue this month, right? When we start producing monitor panels, it will at least double, and if there is not enough, I will draw funds from TM Mirae Corporation.”

“..even if the funds are solved like that, frankly, we do not know when the setup of the 8th generation will be completed. Even if the disc size is different, it is very different.”

“I will deal with that too. Production equipment, line location, and placement order are all determined by me. All you have to do is place an order for equipment for the 8th generation, and manage it well so that it arrives on time. And Chan-myung Kim, Managing Director.”

“Director Kim, please take charge of this 8th generation line setup. You just have to do it as if you set up the 5th generation line this time.”

Unlike other frozen executives, Executive Director Kim nodded willingly.

“All right. Just specify the equipment and the order of placement, and I will take care of the process conditions.”

Seeing such executive director Kim, I remembered the commander who charged without fear on the battlefield at the command of the master.

‘He’s like a piece of equipment from the Three Kingdoms. If I can finish this 8th generation line setup properly, I’ll have to promote him to vice president.’

“yes. I believe he will do well this time.”

Hwansung Group Yang Woo-jin stared at Lee Kang-tae, the representative.

“You know how much I’ve spent here so far? That’s 150 billion! That’s enough money to buy one small department store. I put that kind of money into it, but does it make sense that Damoye is still okay?”

“..sorry. As they came out with a new business called Dao Mall…there are a lot of people who see and choose for themselves, so I thought it was still too early for the apparel industry to break through like that.

Yang Woo-jin burst into anger.

“This representative! Is now the time to praise the other person?”

Yang Woo-jin thought to himself.

‘It can’t be like this. There are only a few days left to repay the 50 billion won borrowed from Chairman Joo, but there is no room for money to come out because he has used up the operating funds of the affiliates.’

“This representative. First, get as much loan as possible using U-Market stocks as collateral. Let’s try to hold on with that money a little longer.”

Because that story was nothing more than telling that Yang Woo-jin’s financial power had reached its limit.

The president had a sullen expression on his face.

“With stocks as collateral?”

“okay. 50 billion will be enough, so I can hold on for a few more months. Let’s find a way in there.”

I didn’t talk to this representative.

With that money, I was thinking of repaying the money I borrowed from Chairman Joo first.

Otherwise, the stock of Hwansung Life, which was entrusted to Chairman Joo as collateral, would be lost.

Yang Woo-jin called Lee to ask how things were going.

“…I can’t answer the phone right now, so please try again next time.”

For a long time after the ringing went off, the CEO did not answer the phone.

Eventually, the phone hung up with an ARS message.

Yang Woo-jin felt an ominous feeling rising up his spine.

He made several phone calls, but Lee still has not been contacted.

Yang Woo-jin immediately went to U Market’s main bank, Nine Bank.

It was a bank that had quite a lot of business with the Hwansung Group, so the bank president directly guided him to his office.

There, Yang Woo-jin had to hear shocking news.

“what? Kang-tae Lee already got a loan with stocks as collateral?”

“yes. Already two weeks ago, I borrowed 50 billion won with 100% stock as collateral.”

In an unexpected situation, Yang Woo-jin’s reason was completely blown away.

“No, the bank manager! Is it okay to take such a large loan recklessly? Isn’t that a job abandonment?”

The head of the bank answered with a puzzled face.

“Are you ignoring your job? We just made a loan in accordance with the due process based on the evidence.”

“Is this the due process?”

“I got a loan without my consent as an investor, how is that a legal process?”

“..doesn’t it say that you already agreed on the paperwork?”

“Did you say you agreed to it?”


Among the numerous documents he paid without much thought, it seemed that the document that agreed to the mortgage had been inserted.

He regretted that he trusted this president too much.

It was already too late.

Yang Woo-jin, who left the bank, shouted loudly.

“이 개새끼가!”

He kicked the street and screamed again.


“Are you making fun of me? You bastard like a commoner! Ugh!”

After that, he went to the office of U Market and turned the desk over and made a commotion.

The whereabouts of the president are still unknown.

Yang Woo-jin sat down on the chair with a bewildered face.

“…it’s over. done.”

There was no longer any way for him to repay the money he had borrowed from the president himself.

Yang Woo-jin closed his eyes as if the pitch black darkness was covering him.

#end of March.

The preparations for moving into the upper floors of the Eunha Tower, which I bought for 600 billion won, were finished, and it was finally the day to move in.

Daewon and Daewon hyung arrived at the Eunha Tower and walked towards the entrance.

“Why are you wearing a suit today? Even if I was told to wear it like that, I wouldn’t wear it.”

“Just. It’s a day when I want to wear a suit for some reason.”

In a previous life, in the same elevator in this building, covered in hazy dust.

I still remember the time when I was staring at people in suits.

‘I am no longer the boring me of the past. Now I am the owner of this place!’

Daewon hyung saw that day and muttered.

“He seems like a guy who doesn’t understand…”

We stopped for a moment in front of the main gate of the Eunha Tower and looked up at the top.

There, there was a big silver sign that said ‘Gangnam Damoyeo Center’ was shining brightly.

The moment I saw it, I burst out laughing.

“So good?”

“sure. It’s the tallest and most expensive building around here. The name Damoye is right there, which is great. Don’t you like your brother?”

At my words, my brother smiled.

“What am I not? It’s nice to be able to use this wonderful building as an office building. But I still don’t feel it. It’s only been a few years since I was worried about whether I could pay the rent properly at a small K-com ​​store less than 10 pyeong in Yongdan, but I ended up buying a building like this! Even without a loan.”

“It’s all thanks to meeting me. haha.”

“..I have no luck, but I can’t deny it. yes you are good men and horses!”

As Daewon was chatting with his brother, Manager Park Si-woong approached us.

“Co-representatives, here you are.”

As I moved, my position was raised from the previous director to the representative, and now it is a joint representative system.

“Looking at you, it looks like the move is over, isn’t it?”

“yes. The 45th floor has been completely relocated. Everything you ordered has arrived. You may enter now.”

Dae-won’s older brother was pleased with the words of Manager Park Si-woong.

“okay? Good work. Manager Park.”

Manager Park laughed and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

Red gloves were worn on his hands.

Seeing that, I asked Manager Park.

“Chief Park. But why are you wearing gloves on your hands? Maybe not enough people from the moving company?”

“It’s not like that. I’m moving and I want to add a hand. My body is itching strangely just to look at it. All the other staff members besides me are all in a mess as to whether to carry or clean. haha.”

Well. We thought we were the only ones excited, but it seems that all the staff were the same.

“Okay, Manager Park, please even supervise the directors on the other floors. Let me know if you have any problems.”

After Manager Park left, I took a deep breath.

“Whoa… bro. Shall we go in?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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