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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 115

Episode 115. A way to break free from the constraints of reality.

The head of the tablet division, Mi-hye Hong, said with a smile to me.

“I understand what you mean. If that was the purpose, I would have made it right. Ho Ho.”

“yes. The gaming company sending the D-Tab doesn’t have to be a PC gaming company. Send it all to the companies that make games for consoles. When we find out that games can perform better on our D-Tab than on our previous consoles, we will develop a game for our D-Tab.”

I didn’t tell Hong.

In fact, the purpose of this sample was more to increase the influence of Drill 2 than to promote D-Tab.

If a famous game company wants to make a game for the drill CPU,

This is because the number of console and PC manufacturers that are inevitably adopting drill CPUs will increase.

Director Hong nodded his head.

“I know. I will do that.”

After sending Director Hong, I remembered the gameplay video I saw earlier.

‘If you’re a game developer, you won’t be able to overlook it. I’m looking forward to your response.’

#1 weeks later.

Blizzard UK.

A member of the Diablo 2 project team, Jack, had something to report to Oliver Miles, the head of development.

“Mr. Miles. I’m here to report…Mr. Miles?”

Oliver, who was staring intently at the screen placed on the table, raised his head.

“Oh, Jack. What’s up?”

“Diablo 2 cave battle scene, I think we need to subtract one more light effect.”

Jack said, ‘Why are you asking the obvious?’ He looked at Oliver.

“Why? As Mr. Miles said before, it doesn’t seem to run well on the Pentium, the CPU that people use a lot right now.”

At those words, Oliver stroked the beard that had grown longer than one knuckle.


“How many effects have you subtracted so far considering CPU performance?”

“..I do not know. I think there will be more than fifty, isn’t it natural to develop a game like this? Reality always has limitations.”

In the meantime, Oliver asked again about Jack, who seemed to have completely adapted to the fence of reality.

“Will our game be more fun without those restrictions?”

Jack chuckled.

“Of course it is. But you said one thing, right? There is no way out of the constraints of reality.”

Oliver turned the display of the portable product he had been looking at earlier towards the jack.

“Look at this. jack.”

“..is this a D-Tab?”

“But why?”

“There is a game installed here, please give it a try.”

“..a game?”

Jack couldn’t understand English.

We started the game as Oliver told us to.

The game was simple.

It was a game in which a character with a sword appeared and defeated a monster.

It was a form very familiar to Jack.

“..It’s an ARPG game like Diablo we’re making. Compared to our game, the progression is clunky.”

After playing for about a minute, Jack suddenly stopped his fingers and gave a look of great surprise.

He opened his mouth and asked Oliver.

“..Unbelievable. What is this? The graphic detail is great. I’ve beaten all the effects that were there and those that didn’t.”


“yes. Besides, the movement of the characters with these three-dimensional graphics is so natural.”

“Wow! Did the D-Tab ever perform so well? This is almost the level of our workstation, right?”

Oliver shook his head.

“Originally, the D-Tab is not a product with this level of performance. When this was just released, there were comments from other teams about making a game for D-Tab. I tested the D-Tab for a while back then, but games with these graphics didn’t work.”

“sure? Why is it performing like this?”

Oliver pointed to the upper corner of the D-Tab.

“Read it.”

As Jack read the article, he screamed involuntarily.

“Using the Drill 2 architecture?…Oh my God! Are you saying that you are using the next-generation Drill CPU?”

“right. Existing Drill 1, which comes out at 800Mhz, is also showing the best performance among existing CPUs, but this Drill 2 is a monster. I found out that the driving clock is over 1Ghz. The power consumption is not much different from that of Drill 1.”

Jack asked excitedly.

“Like you said, it’s a monster. Mr Miles. How the hell did you get this? Haven’t you heard of such a thing being sold?”

“I didn’t save it. It was sent by Damoyeo in Korea. Try it once.”

“ah. no wonder. It was sent as a prototype from Korea.”

Jack asked, shivering with excitement for a while.

“But why did you send this to us?”

“Since a new product is out, try it and if you like it, ask him to make a game for D-Tab.”

“okay. Are you thinking of making one?”

“okay. I wasn’t attracted to this level when the proposal to make a game for D-Tab came out before, but it’s different now. If it’s the ability to run these graphics alone, I think it would be fine to release Diablo 2, which is currently being developed, for D-Tab. Of course, the graphics have been significantly improved over the original plan. What do you think?”

Jack nodded too.

“I agree with Mr. Miles. As a game developer, this is a performance that can only be greedy.”

“Right. So let’s hold an emergency meeting right now. If you are going to change the OS, it is better to change it as soon as possible.”

“yes. I will call the Diablo 2 project team members right away.”

# One week after the takeover offer.

Your Butterfly CEO Kim Joo-han contacted me to meet him.

Seongnam Your Butterfly headquarters entrance.

As if hearing that I had come, President Kim was out to meet me.

He said hello first.

“You have worked hard to come. Representative Kang.”

“It’s hard work. There were many cherry blossoms on the way, so I came here to see a lot of good things. haha.”

“It was. Then go to the conference room.”

We entered the conference room and sat across the table with a table in between.

President Kim had a more emaciated face than when I made the takeover offer.

He didn’t open his mouth right away, but seemed hesitant.

I waited quietly for him to speak.

After a while, President Kim’s mouth opened.

“CEO Kang.”

“I thought a lot about the proposal you made at that time. In fact, CEO Kang is not the first to offer to sell the company. During that time, I had two or three offers, but I turned them down. I have a lot of attachment to this company, and up until now, I was confident that I could make a good digital map by myself.”

“Yes, but after listening to President Kang’s words, I began to see clearly what I lacked. No matter how much I thought about it, it seemed like it would be difficult to make that perfect map. That being said, if you give me one condition, I will accept that offer.”

“My condition is that CEO Kang also participate in the development of the digital map.”

“..I thought you would only ask for funding, but I was surprised. Weren’t you a bit reluctant to people who don’t know much about maps?”

“The map is made by me. As for D-Tab and the concept of showing it with pictures you mentioned last time, CEO Kang seems to have something that I don’t have. The biggest reason I decided to hand over the company was that I wanted to work with CEO Kang.”

“haha. Actually, I wanted to do it too, but I was not able to tell you. I’m afraid you’ll be mistaken for meddling.”

“Interference? I don’t think so at all. I think that CEO Kang’s insight and the genius that made the amazing product called D-Tab will make our map even more perfect. I still can’t forget what you said at that time that the meeting between different fields will create a great synergy.”

“If you made that decision, I see. Together, let’s make a proper digital map.”

“yes. I look forward to many good ideas in the future.”

“haha. Don’t worry about that. With this decision, I will give you enough so that you will not regret it.”

#’Stone of the Future’ The second grader of Hwawon Girls’ High School, attended by Na-hee Yun, the writer.

My friend Seorin grumbled at Nahee.

“Last year, the seniors also went to Gyeongju on a school trip, and we are also in Gyeongju. I’m only in the fifth race. Isn’t it really too much?”

Despite Serin’s words, Nahee just wrote something down in her notebook without answering anything.

“hey! You’re talking to a friend, but you don’t answer?”

“Don’t tell me. Because I am busy.”

“What are you busy with? Just looking at it, I’m not studying, but I think I’m writing that novel again. Wake. you’re a bitch You failed the midterm exam again. What don’t your parents say?”

“yes. What are you doing?”

Serin said with a surprised face.

“..Your daughter was in 10th place in her class, but what did she not say? Your parents aren’t like that. You, I still remember how she whined when she was in fifth place before for being scolded for her grades.”

“My parents, don’t talk about grades anymore. I showed you what I wrote.”

“..are you not referring to the novel that is supposed to be a stone of the future?”

“right. After reading the article, he acknowledged it.”

“Nonsense. Did your parents approve of a novel with only weird names and content that could only happen in a dream?”

“yes. Because the visible result is the number of views. Do you know how many people read my posts per day?”

“..well, tastes vary in the world, so wouldn’t 100 people look at it anyway?”

Nahee raised three fingers and smiled.

Seeing this, Serin asked.

“Three hundred?”

Nahee shook her head.

“Maybe 3,000?”

Nahee shook her head again and opened her mouth.

“Three thousand.”

Serin was so startled that she stammered until the end.

“3..3 million?”

“okay. Besides, is this money? I signed a contract to get 10 won per inquiry.”

After calculating the calculation in her head, Serin opened her eyes wide.

“Ten won? If 30,000 is multiplied by 10 won, what is 300,000 won?”

“you. Aren’t you posting this every day?”

“I upload every day.”

“Then your income is 300,000 won every day?”

Serena smiled with a disappointed face.

“haha. I earn more than my dad. Even if it’s like that, I won’t say anything. You mean you can make so much money by writing?”

“Use it well.”

Serin suddenly clasped her arms, pretending to be friendly.

“It’s our best friend Nahee~”

“Why all of a sudden?”

“We’ve been friends since elementary school, right?”

“Did we?”

“Hey, are you pretending not to know me already?”

Nahee chuckled.

“Ho Ho. It’s a joke. Joke. You are my most dependable when I’m having a hard time, will you pretend I don’t know you?”

“okay. If you’re loyal, it’s Yunahee. Let me know if you need a manager. I will take good care of our writer Yoo.”

“Thank you for your words. It’s solid.”

# At that time, the classroom.

I was meeting with the principal of Hwawon Girls’ High School to prevent an accident in the Ujeon tunnel during a school trip.

The principal looked up at the business card he had just received.

“Did you come from Damoyeo?”

“You say you are the CEO, so I understand that you are a business person, but what did you come here for?”

“I have a suggestion for you.”

“..A suggestion?”

“I heard that Hwawon Girls’ High School decided to go on a school trip to Gyeongju.”

“How about changing your destination to Jeju Island? If you do, we are willing to support the full cost of this year’s school trip.”

The principal was surprised and pulled himself off the backrest.

“..the full amount?”

“.. If the total cost of Jeju Island was over 100 million won, why is CEO Kang doing that?”

“The daughter of an acquaintance to whom I have been greatly blessed is a high school student. Like all children of her age, her daughter is very keen to go on a school trip to Jeju Island, but she has a request from an acquaintance who thinks there is no way to do so. She, of course, didn’t ask the daughter herself, so I hope she’s not misunderstood.”

The principal thought about my words for a moment, then shook his head.

“Thank you for the suggestion, but school trips are not just about making memories with children. Mathematics, that is, it should be a place of learning. Gyeongju is a place where a lot of history is hidden and students have a lot to learn. I don’t think there is any better place for a school trip than there.”

“Of course, as the principal said, learning is important. But students are still constantly learning something. Why don’t you just leave the learning and make good memories with your friends even during school trips?”

“Good memories can be made while learning. And there is a big difference between learning in the classroom and learning in the field. I want to give our students an opportunity to learn that can be felt in the field.”

After that, I tried to convince him a few more times.

I just listened to the same educational policy over and over again that reminded me of the scholars of the Joseon Dynasty.

I couldn’t change the destination of the school trip.

Whoa. Again, this was not easy to solve.

I can’t. I have no choice but to execute the next plan.

I came back to the center and called Director Lee Guk-hyun.

“Director, Hwawon Girls’ High School must have hired a tour bus for a school trip. Investigate which company bus it is, and buy all the bus drivers on the day of the school trip.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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By SerenPanda What did you just say? Selling time?


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