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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 88


“You are exhausted.”

The senator tells me

Asena lay on the bed and fell asleep softly.

Compared to usual, I was sullen, but

Much better compared to before.

“…if you take it easy, you will wake up naturally.”

The legislator, who was holding Asena’s pulse, lifted his hand and stood up.

Asena’s face and the sound of crying were still vivid. I will probably never forget it for the rest of my life. It was so shocking. I didn’t know she would cry like that.

I thought I was going to tremble with a sense of betrayal, stop with my head bowed, or even slap on the cheek.

But I’ll cry like that. Of all the things she could do, wasn’t that the one that made me feel like trash the most?

Of course, one thing was garbage in the first place.

Saying it’s disgusting to someone who confesses their love. I hope you never talk to me again. ringing

And that person was my sister, whom I swore to protect.


I looked down at Asena, who was sleeping with a hardened face.


my heart aches

Asena hurts, and it hurts me too.



I took a deep breath.

This is no place for emotions.

Even during training, there is a saying that I always repeat when my body is tired and I want to fall.

Erase your emotions and put them into action.

In the end, emotions wear out over time and are forgotten at some point, but the consequences remain forever.

I’m sick too. Asena and Kirsi are also in pain.

I want to quit.

But I can’t.

To stop doing this is the same as saying that you accept the hearts of your younger brothers.

Even if we are different from normal siblings, there is a line we have to keep.

Because of me… I couldn’t wait to see how many things were ruined.

“…Kayden. Now I want to see Kayden-sama’s hand…is that okay?”

He asked, pointing politely at my hand.

When I raised my hand following his words, there were clear holes in the place where the nail had been dug.

“…don’t mind me.”

Then, with a chin gesture, he pointed to Asena.

It meant that she only wanted to take good care of her.

The senator nodded and left the room.

As the legislator leaves, silence fills the room.

There was no sound of wind, no bugs, no human voices.

Only the sound of my breath and Asena’s breath shook the quiet silence.


I slowly approached Asena.

Now she has to admit, she is a complete villain no matter how much she puts on her pod.

It broke my heart a lot and made me confused by confessing my love like this…

After all, it’s just beautiful in my eyes. He was my pretty little brother.

Even if she gets annoyed. even if you get angry Even if it shows a cruel appearance… it is my treasure that cannot be helped.

So it was more painful.

The fact that even I can’t be her strength now.

Really, since I have to leave now, Asena will be left behind. Kirsey was worried.

I heard it through their mouths. I don’t think it would be possible without me.

But… it shouldn’t be. i have to disappear

how will it be If I leave… will it get worse? However, I am afraid that I cannot accept them as if they are being pushed away.

If things go well, I may disappear… and find another man I love.


….it’s terribly selfish and in my personal opinion…but I don’t want it to happen.

Even though I couldn’t accept their feelings, I didn’t want other men to like me.

It is a heart that shows a duality that comes out of it.

So, we will set the standard only by action.

They hate to find another man to love, but if they do, they will congratulate them.

I hate to see him in pain, so I want to quit too, but I will leave.

If you cry, I want to comfort you, but… you won’t.

What you have to do and what you want to do are completely different things.

As I said, you have to erase your emotions and put them into action.


if it is now though. If she’s asleep now.

I bowed my upper body.

I looked at Asena from a closer look.

He gently raised his hand and brushed her hair, which he had handed over hundreds of times.

Next, lightly touch your cheeks with the back of your hand. I erase the tears that have been created by shed too many tears.

Finally… I touched her cheek with one hand.

There was a soft touch.

My expression gradually became distorted.

I tried my best not to tremble, so that she didn’t wake up.

And then whispered to her.


I can’t hear it though. apologize to her It was an apology for spitting out harsh lies. I was terribly sorry that I nailed the nail to her chest.


He apologized once more and kissed her forehead.

Then he turned around and left Asena.





Asena felt a familiar touch in her dream.

hair once.

Shallow under the eyes and cheeks once.

Finally, the entire cheek.

I wanted to get more into the warmth, but my body didn’t move.

But the feeling was so cozy, it was okay to not be able to move.

I was happy with this alone.

As I was trying to fall asleep again, a voice filled with guilt resounded.


The owner of the voice was unquestioned. Asena’s consciousness, which had been extinguished by that voice, raised her head. She whispered with her unopened mouth.


eyes open Asena looked around for a moment.


It was the legislature. The last memory is definitely… the memory of being hugged by Kayden. I remember crying like I did when I was 8.

Confused, she looked around.

No one was there.


As if he had been hiding somewhere, I called him.

She waited for a while, but no one came to her.


she was alone

Kayden wasn’t there.

This empty space was even more empty today.

It was so cold where he left, Asena was shivering from loneliness.



‘Liana-sama, Kaden-sama is here.’

Liana got out of her thoughts and turned her head towards the door.

“Take it in.”

The moment the permission was granted, the heavy door opened.

She was staying in the most luxurious room the academy had applied for.

And that’s where Kaden comes in.

As soon as Liana saw his expression, no further explanation was needed.


Liana felt so sorry for Cayden who had distorted her expression, so she wrinkled her expression together.

“…Now what do you mean, Kayden…what do you mean…”

He staggered and knelt before Liana.

Liana immediately hugged his face.

“…I’m sorry, Grandma…I’m sorry…”

“Where are you sorry…!”

She patted Cayden and patted her head.

“…I’m sorry, Kaden…I’m sorry about this grandmother…”

“…I…I didn’t think it would turn out like this…”

“…It’s not your fault…you just cared for your brothers with love…”

Liana lifted Cayden from her arms and grabbed his cheeks with her hands.

“Don’t feel guilty. You did nothing wrong.”

But Kayden couldn’t meet her eyes.

And as if he had made up his mind, he closed his eyes once and looked at Liana.

He said with unshakable straight eyes.

“…Grandma, I think I have to leave. Guess I’ll have to… get out of here.”


“I already said that I would leave, but…if anything is different from then…there will be no going back to the Freister estate…”


“…Grandma, Asena…and Kirsi, I think we need to distance ourselves as soon as possible. Please try a little. Now that you are connected with Daisy, please ask Earl Hexter to help you settle down on the estate. I will quit the academy.”

“…Kaden…why are you sacrificing again…!”

“This is the only way… far away… at least until the kids forget me. The person they will marry…”

Cayden pauses for a moment, then continues.

“…I won’t come back until I find a true mate to marry. Until you forget me…”

“…Kaden, the semester will be over soon, isn’t it? No need to decide too quickly. It’s certainly a serious problem, but I don’t want you to sacrifice that. You, too, must now be your hometown and home in Pryster’s estate. Besides Asena and Kirsi, there are many people who become your family in the estate. You don’t want to see this grandmother…”

“…I’m not trying to make a sacrifice…I’m in pain. Grandma…I started hurting my kids yesterday.”

Cayden clenched her teeth and continued speaking with difficulty.

“Today, Asena… She shed tears in front of me like a child… Is Asena the enemy of that expression… It deserves it. That’s why I spit out such awful words. I cried like that and fell in my arms…I can’t do this many times…”

“…Your blind spot isn’t you, Kayden. It’s right for twins to give up their hearts. Don’t try to leave already. Like I said… at least until the vacation.”

Then Liana lowered her voice. He said with a sad expression on whether he was ashamed of himself.

“…and things don’t go well…even if things go on as you said…wouldn’t you say hello to the other family members who will be waiting for you in the estate…”


“…be patient a little longer. No, if being with twins is so painful right now, come with me.”


“Forget the academy for a moment and return to the estate. I’ll tell the twins to go to school properly until the end of the semester, so let’s just go home with me.”


“If you do this, Asena, Kirsi, and you for a moment. Everyone will be able to catch their breath. It will be time to reconsider.”

Cayden forgets to answer and falls into thought.

Liana sees his troubled expression and immediately makes a decision. Instead of Kayden, he made the decision.

“Pack your bags, Kayden. Anyway, I think this is right. If it’s hard to see the younger brothers right now, you can force them to fall. After all, the reason I stayed here… was all because of you and the twins.”

“…Is that what it was?”

Kayden put on a confused expression.

“I have no regrets. Now that we’ve made a decision, let’s act quickly. It’s okay to think on the go, and it’s okay to do it in the territory. I’ll tell the dean, so you just pack your bags.”

Liana got up and snapped her fingers a couple of times.

Freister’s attendants, who were waiting outside the door, opened the door and entered.

As everything began to progress in an instant, Kaden stood up.

Liana said.

“Helen, Tane. As of today, I will return to the territory.”

“All right.”

“I will prepare.”

Liana gently pushed Kaden’s back.

“Kaden…you should prepare quickly too. Just tidy up and come. People to talk to… talk to them.”


Kirsi fell asleep from crying, and when he woke up it was night.

If there was sunlight, I would have gotten out of bed.

The darkness took her power.

I couldn’t find a reason to stand up.

Going to see Kayden. One reason remained…but I couldn’t get the courage to look at him.

What if all the things he said the day before were true?

how am i supposed to live

If this were the case, I would not have come to the academy.

Still, she couldn’t help but feel so stupid for looking forward to the academy back then.

It becomes a place where you take away your most precious thing.

Now this state is like this.

I couldn’t believe that I had walked into hell on my own, driven by curiosity.


Suddenly she coughed.

Her dry throat cried out for water.

Is it because I shed too many tears?

Maybe it’s because I sweat too much in the nightmare?

She thought it would be okay to die of thirst as it is… But for that, the memories she had with Kaden were so precious.

The fact that he would never really see him again frightened her.

This contradiction that he wants to die when he says he will disappear, but he cannot die because of him.

Kirsey got out of bed with difficulty.

I have a headache, and my legs are weak.

If Kaden had been by his side at this time, he would probably have carried him on his back. It would have been a strength to lift it up gently.

No, seeing her struggling like this, she probably gave me water to the bed.

Had the water been in the middle of the desert, he would have brought it.


Again, Kirshi’s heart was pounding.

Is he really leaving himself? Does he no longer love him? In all the years I’ve known him, he’s never hated him. There was never a time when I didn’t love you.

I couldn’t imagine a future I had never experienced before. maybe everything is a dream Maybe it’s the devil’s prank. Would this have been over?

Maybe he had a different opinion.

No, when he sees himself struggling so much, he will eventually lose again.

Kirsi had never been so sick in her entire life. If it’s Kaden, you’ll know it as soon as you see your face.

Finally sighing. Or throwing a light joke for yourself who is sad. why are you in so much pain Yeah, I know. stop crying

He will tell you kind words and stroking you.

For some reason, I couldn’t properly imagine the situation in which I accepted a confession of love. Maybe it’s because I haven’t experienced it.

Anyway, if you look at yourself… if it’s Kayden. if it’s my brother In the end you will give it for yourself.

With that thought in mind, Kirsey took center stage even in a dizzying situation.

He left his room and was about to drink water.

I’m thinking of quitting even that.

…This was an idea that came from a vicious heart.

I wanted to show him my burnt lips too.

Wouldn’t that make you feel even more sorry? Maybe I can shake his heart a little more.

My neck was cracked and it hurt so much, but it was nothing compared to the pain from my chest… I gave up even a sip of water.

Kirsi headed towards the dormitory door.


As I opened the door, something hit my foot.

I looked down and saw a letter.

It was a letter shoved through the gap under the door.

Two snakes were attached with a seal. it will be grandma

Kirsi couldn’t afford to see it now.

I didn’t even think to see it.

She opens the door and walks out of the dormitory.


– Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock.

With no strength in my hands, I knocked on the door with difficulty.

It’s so weak that he couldn’t hear it. There was no reaction inside.


For a moment, her head was dizzy, and Kirsi put her hand on the door and balanced herself.

Even in the midst of such anguish, there was only one thought in her mind.

I want Kaden to look at myself who is struggling. The harder you show him, the more likely he will accept you.

None of that was a gimmick, but…but now, he didn’t even want to hide his pain.

Even if it could be used as a weapon, I wanted to use it.

…But why doesn’t he come out like this? Are you really avoiding yourself now?

She tried to cry again, but nothing came out of her withered body.


– Clap.

At that moment, the doorknob turned.

– profit.

And the bright light leaked through the door.

Kirsey’s breath opened up for a moment at the trivial fact that the door had been opened.

At least I can see Kayden’s face.


Kirsi raised her head and had no choice but to keep her mouth shut.

It wasn’t Kayden.

It was his roommate, Eric Endra.


he said cautiously. There was something unusual about his expression.

“..Oh..Collock…Your brother…?”

The voice cracked and there was a rustling sound. Kirsch didn’t care. If only I could see my brother.

Did he even tell you to go back? Kirsi thought that Eric Endra could somehow convince him. Eric has a good heart, and when he sees himself in pain, he will take a step back.

“… be well.”

“…the bar… did you go out…?”

“….no. Literally no. You left.”

In the words that followed, Kirsi eventually stumbled and slumped into her seat.

“Are you okay?”

Eric hurriedly followed and bent his knees. Perhaps he was figuring out Kirsi’s feelings, but he didn’t put his hand on her body.

“Oh… what do you mean by the fact that you’re gone…?”

Kirsi asked on the spot.

what do you mean no What does that mean?

Eric frowned and asked.

“…that’s literally what it means. You said you’re leaving the academy for a while…”


“…you didn’t hear…?”

From that moment on, it seemed that someone in Kirsi was holding her breath.

The reason he left must have been… himself.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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