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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 89


Before Caden left, he looked for Daisy.

It wasn’t that hard to find her. As much as I spent a long time with her while practicing as an escort, I was able to guess where she was.

Daisy was in the student council room. Fortunately, she was alone.

When he visits her at an unexpected time, Daisy greets him with a surprise.


A small smile appeared on Daisy’s face as he greeted Caden. He also put down the quill he was using, got up from his seat, and stood in front of him at a slow pace.


Daisy approached and looked at Cayden’s expression, and her face hardened more and more. It was the first time he made such an expression, so he started to feel a bit of anxiety.

The thing she was most worried about was breaking up the relationship. Like other nobles, it would have been nice if the relationship didn’t waver the moment the story came out, she thought to herself.

It wasn’t like I couldn’t do without Kaden, or I thought I would die without him, but it wasn’t like that… If the marriage relationship was broken, I’d probably be engulfed in depression for a while.

In fact, even Daisy wasn’t sure. It was the first time I had had this feeling, and I had never lost it, so it was hard to figure out how important it was to me.

In any case….how to solve problems together. Since we will always be together in the future, Daisy wanted to be his strength.

“…what happened?”


Caden closed his eyes and thought for a moment, then grabbed Daisy’s shoulders.

And look into her eyes and say

“…..daisy. I’m leaving the academy.”


At those words like lightning, Daisy stiffened for a moment.

There was no lie on Kayden’s face. There was no momentum to shake. This was a notice, not a request for permission.


Daisy digested his words for a moment, then inferred why he had no choice but to do this.

A few days ago, she was talking to twins.

The day she made a verbal agreement to become Cayden’s fiancée, they came.

I hate seeing twins trying to break up all Kaden’s marriage, so I asked them who the hell would be happy with them.


Asena’s voice echoed in her ears. That voice that was alluring, coercive, mournful, and desperate.

Daisy swallowed.

I could guess that it was, but I couldn’t ask right away. If not? Then you’re just passing on facts that aren’t good enough to tell Kaden.

So she looked at the liver.

“…can I know why?”

“…the family is in trouble.”

“…Is it because of the twins?”

Cayden reacted in amazement.

Daisy was sure of that reaction.

“…Kayden. If it’s twins… I know.”


“…because they told me. I love you….”


Cayden closed her eyes tightly. Am I the only one who didn’t know? I already knew that the twins’ hearts were old, but every time they were confirmed like this, my heart was heavy.

He couldn’t find an appropriate answer. I only asked questions that were not important.

“…when…when did you find out?”

“…the day I heard from my father that I had decided to marry you.”

Kayden recalled the recent steps the twins had taken. When they closed their eyes… they secretly crawl into the bed and steal their lips. In other words, it means that she showed off her evil spirits in an invisible place.

He acted naively and kindly only where he could see it.

It was embarrassing that I only found out about this through such a shocking method. It seems that the bean pods in the meantime were thick.

So I had no choice but to ask Daisy.

“…the twins didn’t hurt.”

“…it didn’t hurt.”

It was hard for Cayden to believe what Daisy said.

“What did your brothers say? Please be honest.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Daisy calmed things down to him.

“…I wish I could break the marriage conversation.”


Again, Cayden let out a long sigh.

Daisy walked up to him first.

“Kaden, I’m fine-”

“-I’m sorry, Daisy. You have such an unpleasant experience because of me. If it wasn’t for me… I wouldn’t have had to experience this unusual thing…”

‘If it wasn’t for me, there wouldn’t have been a problem’, and Daisy’s heart began to tremble uneasy.

As if at any moment, he said, ‘Don’t find weird people like me, find good people.’ seemed to say

Of course, it’s true that all of these experiences were unique and made her a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t want him to leave.

She could spend the rest of her life with Kayden, whom she had been watching, but the slightest hurdles meant nothing to her.

So Daisy blinked anxiously and grabbed his arm.

“I… I’m fine-“

Cayden interrupted her.

“So… Daisy. If you marry me… I will pay you back for all this. The discomfort and dissatisfaction I felt because of me… I will make you happy enough that you can’t even remember. For now, I can only give you a promise like that.”

And hearing his warm words, Daisy was again deeply moved.


Only a weak moan flowed from her teeth.


she thinks

‘This is a person who is worth dedicating his life to.’

He dared to dig up the discomfort that he had secretly kept and let him know. Until the very end, I will take responsibility and reward you until the end to make you happy.

The person who will become the father-in-law should be such a person.

She shed some tears.

She was strong against fear and pain, but she was too weak for words that warmed her heart.

Daisy was ashamed of herself. Cayden may have thrown it lightly. But if you are moved enough to cry there, you might think that you are a troublesome woman.

Daisy bowed her head and closed her eyes.

Kayden goes on to say:

“…I am leaving you this time…but this will certainly remain as a debt in my heart.”

“Ah… no. There is no rule that says you should always be with your fiancée.. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be separated for a while.”


After thinking for a moment, she became greedy.

“…Kayden. Instead, give me one answer.”

“Please speak.”

he asked without hesitation.

“…will you come back?”

She grabbed Cayden’s forearm harder. Tears were welling up, but he lifted his head and looked straight into his eyes. If I didn’t do this now, I thought I might be nervous and regret it later.

Kayden was also looking straight into her eyes.

He, who had previously spoken of twins and had the slightest pain in his voice, answered firmly and unwaveringly.

“I’ll be back.”

Daisy went one step further. Maybe it was because my heart was weakened by tears.

But now, he didn’t want to hide anything from Kaden. I wanted to tell you why you asked this.

“…I hate to bring this up, but…you broke your relationship with Judy. Can’t you break up with me too?”

“I promise you, Daisy. There will be no such thing…”

“…Give me proof.”



Cayden exchanged glances, and grabbed her.

held her in her arms

The two only talked about their engagement, but this was the first time they had such skinship.

Of course, if you can think of putting your little finger on it as skinship, it has happened once, but it’s the first time you’ve hugged like a lover.

Daisy wrapped his arms tightly around his waist as he pulled him into his arms, and Kaden hugged her with one hand on her head and the other on her waist.

Daisy’s heart was pounding as if it was about to explode.

He already had a good heart for him even before the wedding, but now that he is his own, he doesn’t seem to need to be patient.

he is his

he’s his own.

This sound was good.

Whenever she thought of an arranged marriage, she regarded it as homework. Homework you don’t want to solve.

I didn’t know it would turn out so well. To be with someone you have a crush on.

It was my first time hugging a man, but I didn’t want to quit.

Even though she didn’t know what he would think of herself like this, she hugged him tightly, very strongly.


– Knock Knock Knock.

The next person Kaden went to was Judy.

She was nowhere to be seen, so I inquired here and there, and it seemed that she hadn’t come out of the dormitory.

Perhaps it was because he stole his lips the day before, so it was not difficult to guess.

It was unacceptable for a man to come to a woman’s dormitory like this, but Cayden didn’t have time.

Also, even after the escort training was over, the perception that Kaden had visited the women’s dormitory for work still remained, and no one looked at him strangely.

– Knock Knock Knock.

“…Judy, it’s me. Open the door.”

No answer was heard.

He knocked on the door persistently. I really don’t have time now.

“…Judy, it’s important. Open the door.”

Knowing that he would not give up, the answer finally came from the door.

‘…do…go back…ki…kiss If you’re here for business, I have nothing to say.’


‘…there is no change in my heart…I…I am now only you…’

“Judy, I’m leaving the academy.”

Cayden spoke clearly so she could hear it.

At that moment, there was the sound of the door lock turning quickly, and the door burst open.



Cayden could only see Judy at that moment. The day before, it was the first time we met each other.

Judy was standing in front of the door wearing comfortable clothes…so revealing clothes with a blanket over her shoulders.

Cayden rolled his eyes and said.

“…Judy, I’ll give you time, so change your clothes-“

At that moment, the blanket fell off.

White abs were revealed.

I’d like to point out her again…but I haven’t had a chance to do so.


Suddenly, she was holding Cayden with her hand on the blanket.

With that touch, Kaden unconsciously looked into Judy’s eyes.

her eyes fluttering violently.

In a similarly shaky voice, Judy asked.

“…Is it because of me…?”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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