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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 87


Asena blinked and saw that she was sitting on her bed. Tears that couldn’t be wiped dry dried up on his face, giving him an uncomfortable feeling.

Suddenly, sunlight was streaming into the room through the window. will stay up all night.

As she began to regain consciousness, even her heart ached at the same time. Obviously, all the actions Kaden showed were not dreams.

Ever since your parents passed away, has there been such a desperate moment?

No, maybe it was more like my parents did.

Because it was Kaden who made me forget my parents’ vacancy.

‘…It’s all my fault. There will be no such mistakes in the future.’

His voice rings in my ears. A sharp pain in the chest also echoes.

On the traces of dried up tears, warm tears ran down again.

What does it mean that there will be no such mistakes in the future?

Does it mean the way you think it is?

Does this mean that you will not give any love in the future? Is it over like this?


I was short of breath in frustration. It wasn’t like this when he announced he was leaving. But until then, he gave me affection. Because I thought I could somehow change his mind.

But… now he let them go as if they didn’t even want to see their face.

When he showed tears, he, who had been broken in the end, threw himself at the door.

He didn’t even protect the ambitious way back to the women’s dormitory. Now he really wasn’t even giving her any love.

Tears were flowing, but it was still difficult to breathe. It was as if he was breathing with a blanket covering his face.

Can I no longer receive his kindness?

I heard somewhere that if I was caught in excessive shock, I would start with denial. He was just like that.

It can’t be. Cayden, who gave her endless love, couldn’t abandon herself.

She was waking up out of bed without realizing it.

This frustration seemed to be resolved by looking at him.

Seeing him, I felt like I had to see… that his words were just uttered on impulse.

She opened the door and stepped outside. A sob was heard from Kirsi’s room.

But Asena had no time to worry about it. Because I thought I was going to die.

Asena left Kirsi alone and left the dormitory.


Asena was standing outside the men’s dormitory building.

Why didn’t she go directly to his room…she doesn’t know.

Maybe it’s because of the unconscious calculation that he might be creepy when he approaches his door.

Asena’s attire was ugly. It was not the usual black student uniform, but the light outfit he wore the night before visiting Kaden.

All the boys coming out of the dorm were startled to see her.

The first reason was that there was a woman standing in front of the dormitory, the second was that it was Asena Priest, and the third was that the Asena Priest was wearing light clothes.

Those who noticed Asena were both terrified and curious.

There were also nobles whose hearts raced to see her unraveled differently than usual.

Because something is discouraged and I am weak. Some saw it as an opportunity to approach her.

‘Aren’t you Asena-sama?’

‘Why are you here…’

‘Is there a man waiting for you?’

‘Idiot, are you there? Maybe I have a story to share with Kaden Pryster.’

‘…It’s the first time I’ve seen you wearing clothes other than student uniforms..’

‘…Wow…but still pretty…’

A nobleman walked up to her.

Asena, who quickly rolled her eyes wondering if it was Cayden, had no choice but to be disappointed.

It was a familiar face. I can’t remember the name, but it was probably a motive in the same political department.

“…Asena. What are you doing here?”

He approached him with worried eyes, but Asena was able to quickly grasp the underlying dirty desires.


“Are you going to do a task together this time?”

“-go away.”

Eventually she couldn’t stand it and let it go.

Even high-ranking nobles, Asena refrained from insulting others in this way as much as possible.

But now I couldn’t afford it. Cayden is leaving her. How do you approach this dirty thing? It was difficult to accept this gutter-like reality.


The man still wanted to take care of his pride, so he turned around with a small smile. That made Asena mad again. If I tell you to turn it off, you can turn it off, and you’re trying to leave a good impression with a disgusting smile until the end. To the topic of garbage that came up from a time when he was discouraged.

Asena opened her mouth to call the man who turned around. After finding out his family and name, he was determined to get a proper revenge.

This creepy and sultry man will not be able to raise his head in front of him in the future.


It was Asena who opened her mouth like that, but suddenly she herself….I wonder if this is how she feels to Caden.

Just as he hates that man, maybe Cayden thinks of himself that way.

The moment she thought of that, she was moved to tears, and Asena almost shed tears in front of everyone.

The mask that Cayden had smashed was shattered into pieces, and it was no longer easy to return. It was very difficult to control my emotions.

I could no longer call the man who was leaving. It was the only thing I could do to hold back my tears.

If Kaden was also feeling the disgust he felt towards that man… Then Asena felt that there was no reason to live in this world anymore.

Is there a reason for a human being who is denied and avoided by the person he loves the most?

Asena shook her head. Clear your thoughts and read yourself.

not. Excessive thinking. I wouldn’t. Everything that happened last night was so emotional that he only spoke more harshly.

As always, he will be his support, and he will still cherish and love him. As of yesterday, it couldn’t have been all over. I have been coming here since morning to confirm that fact.

So again, Asena waited in front of the men’s dormitory building with her breasts in her hands.

Then, a familiar footstep sound was heard. Out of hundreds of steps, only that one sound can be heard clearly.

Asena raised her head and bit her lip. Unsurprisingly, Caden, who looked a little sharper, walked out of the building.

The moment Asena saw his expression, she was terrified. How do you even talk to a person with a face like that?


But I had no choice but to do it. Asena grabs the hem of her robe and calls him with difficulty.


Kayden’s head turns toward Asena. His eyes widened as he saw her, startled, and he froze in place.



Asena pondered what to say to him, and which of the hundreds of words should be said first.

Asena, who had her lips licked like that, Cayden did not wait for her.

He immediately turned his head and walked past as if he had never seen her.


Asena felt her heart drop.

It was the first time I had seen him look so cold. It wasn’t like that, even when we had several fights at the academy, or when he was sometimes harsh.

In the past, the expression was like ‘Let’s fight some more’, but now it seems to convey the meaning of ‘I don’t want to get involved with you anymore’.

Asena moves to follow him, who has turned his back, but her leg is loose.

What he said yesterday was true.

Now that he won’t even give you a piece of love.

It was me who ruined the whole relationship.

That the older brother who was so kind has changed like that.

It hurt so bad that I couldn’t walk.

Everyone was watching her, but she couldn’t get up.

The roar of the people grew.

It was the first time she had collapsed like this, so people thought she had collapsed at first.

But tears were falling from her eyes, and none of them had the courage to approach it.

That Asena was crying.


I couldn’t help but be surprised to see Asena’s appearance.

how desperate

He didn’t even change the clothes he had worn the day before.

No student uniforms.

Not even unraveling the messy hair.

Without even erasing the tears.

He appeared in front of me in a defenseless form.

It was a moment where I felt what I meant to her.

Did you love me that much?

If it was family love, I would have shed tears of emotion with joy, but since it wasn’t, it only makes me feel uncomfortable.

He clenched his teeth and passed her.

For the first time I ignore my brother, my precious treasure.

Their twisted love had to be corrected by me.

I had to refuse.

As soon as I took a step, I heard the sound of someone collapsing behind me.

At the same time, the male voice of the people grows.

‘..uh…uh…are you okay?’

‘…You didn’t fall…?’

‘…Asena Pryster fell…?’

I closed my eyes and tried to move, but I couldn’t fall.

It does not move as if glue had been applied to the sole of the shoe.

I clench my fists tightly and turn around.

Again, my brother fell to the floor and wept. Also, in front of others.

The mask she had been wearing for all her life had been mercilessly broken.

I couldn’t watch this.

come and stand in front of her Immediately after, looking at the people around them as if they were menacing, they started to disperse one by one.

As the crowd dispersed, I spoke straight without bending my knees at all.

“…stop crying.”

Without any warmth, like a command.

She wiped her face with her arms swaying helplessly. She had to wipe the tears that I would have wiped away with her own hands.

“….stand up.”

Asena bites her lips tightly and gives strength to her legs. After falling down three or four times, she finally stands in front of me.

As soon as she stood in front of me, she stretched out her hands. She, who did not show affection even in front of Kirsi, is trying to be hugged by me in front of everyone staring at her.

“…don’t come near me.”

Another command.


She tried hard to hold back her tears, but as if there was no choice but to leak, she cried while holding her breath.

My heart is pounding again

…what the hell…why do you love me…

I turned my back.


Asena was startled and spit out fragments of her words. said before she got any worse.


Then, my feet were able to get out of the dorm area.


The place I arrived at was my garden.

A place where bad rumors about me circulated for a while.

When he still had time, he came to take care of the flowers, and now it has become a quite beautiful and fragrant space.

…that doesn’t really fit our mood.

But there was nowhere else to go.

Arriving at the garden, I stopped walking.

The sound of those small footsteps following me also stops.

I didn’t look right back at Asena.

I needed time to catch my breath.

Looking at the flowers I have grown, I think for a while.

If it was as comfortable to raise younger brothers as it is to grow flowers.

I thought doing my best was the answer, but maybe that wasn’t the case.

I turned around slowly.

He looked into Asena’s eyes and opened his mouth.

“…I will never see my family shake because of me…. Act straight like a maid.”

As if in anger, he spit out rude words. He never uttered a word that he would be of strength.

Asena has stopped crying, but she answers me with a look that looks like she will cry again at any moment.

“…Then stay by my side. I mean, I’m not interested in Gaju… I just need my brother by my side…”

“Didn’t you say no? Stop being stubborn…!”

“…No…I know me. Without my brother…”

I sighed.

It will hurt from now on.

I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday. I didn’t want this moment to come. But now I really can’t.

“……I’ll tell you for sure.”

Make your face colder. It left no room for a single word.

“I hate you.”


Asena’s eyes trembled. The frown on his expression slowly loosens and opens up.

“It’s disgusting that you had this kind of feelings for me…”

I felt like I was going to vomit while talking. Not because Asena is disgusting, but because I am disgusted. You could tell just by looking at her face how much he was hurting her.

She was in pain as she let out a rough breath, as if she couldn’t even breathe.


“If you weren’t my sister, nothing would have changed. You curse at me behind my back saying I love you. In a place such as a social church, it makes them openly disregarded. You messed with my lance at the jousting match.”

“…uhhh…oh, brother…”

Finally, the words caught on the tip of the tongue that were never uttered are forcibly pushed out of the mouth.

“…Yes. Actually, I’ve never loved you.”


At that moment, her body stopped for a moment.


After that, tears welled up in my eyes… and started crying out loud, starting with a single tear.

As if the dam had collapsed, he couldn’t stand the sound of a single word.

Her cry echoed throughout the garden.

She, who was strong with few expressions of emotion, cried like a child.

But nevertheless I didn’t stop. It may be fortunate for me that she cries so hard.

Because I won’t be able to see the tears that started to form in my eyes.

“I just wanted to be a nobleman. that I used you Okay?”

He spat endlessly harsh words to Asena, who was crying.

I felt like I was going crazy wanting to hug her and comfort her, but the more I did, the stronger I clenched my fists.

“Like you… be stubborn. no affection How can I love a strong woman…yes, you are nothing but a villain?”

Without covering her face with her hands, she continued to torment her with her head turned toward me and crying about leaving the world.

“So… so don’t talk lightly to me in the future. After all, I’m expelled from the family, right? That’s good. Right before that happens, it goes to the Hectors.”

Drops of blood began to flow from my clenched fists.

“I understand. I’ve used you enough already. you are no longer of no use But if you liked me… just leave me alone.”

I immediately turned around and started to leave her.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I couldn’t see Asena crying like that anymore.

I was going to leave ignoring her again like that… Asena caught me once again.

Asena, who had been weeping with her neck, cried out in a voice dedicated to evil.

“Do not lie!!!”

My feet froze again at those words that were spit out with all my might. I knew I had to leave, but I couldn’t move.

She approaches me harshly and stops in front of me.

Then, with tears in her eyes, she screams at me.

“I know it’s a lie!”

“…It’s not a lie.”

“It’s a lie, a lie!!”

With tears and anger on her face, she continued to speak to me.

“Oppa is me, me, huh! don’t you love me? That, ugh, that kind of thing! Whoa..! Unless you’re an idiot, I know it’s a lie…! Hmm…!”

“Then you stupid-”

“- Nursing someone who doesn’t even love you all day long!”

In an instant, she began to bring out our past. When I brought out the memories, I also remembered the times I spent with her, and my heart was shaken even more.

“Ugh! Ouch! Whoa, listen all night long to someone who doesn’t even love you! Instead of someone who doesn’t love you, fight with a nobleman, comfort someone who doesn’t love you, kiss the cheek of someone who doesn’t love you!”

She quickly grabbed my hem. This time, unlike yesterday, I couldn’t react.

In a voice overshadowed by evil, Asena pleaded with me.

“Stop hurting me, oppa…! My heart aches and I think I’m going to die!!”

In the end, I couldn’t stand it any longer. He clenched his teeth and cried out to her.

“It’s me who feels like I’m going to die of pain!! Why do you love me!!”

he vomited anger at her. There was nothing I could do about this troubled heart.

Asena wipes her tears with her arm and tells me.

“I can say hundreds of reasons, but I don’t need you to understand anyway. I don’t even want to understand!! I love you, why do you need a reason for that?”

She releases her arms and hugs me tightly.

His face rested against my chest and pressed against my body.

“Don’t you? Let go before I hate you any more, Asena!”

“If, after all, my brother hates me…! There’s nowhere else to fall. In this way, the only way left was to prove that my brother was lying…! You like me..! I mean, say you like it!”

Asena was still sobbing.

I kept trying to pull her away, but in the end, I fell to her knees in her earnestness.

I lost my strength and couldn’t do any more. It came this far, but for this moment, I couldn’t push it any further.

She said harsh words that hurt her, and physically pushed her away, but she approaches. what do you mean more

Asena hugged me and cried for a while longer.

I was stuck like that for a while. My head was empty and I couldn’t do anything.

Only the empty cry of Asena resounded in her ears.

Asena’s sobbing began to diminish gradually.

The strength in her arms that held me also begins to loosen.

Soon, Asena fell in front of me.

– Loud.

He was exhausted from crying and seemed to fall asleep.

After that, I moved according to my body’s instinct.

He took the fallen Asena in his arms.

One arm behind her back and neck, and the other behind her crotch.

So I picked her up and walked back towards the academy.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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