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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 86



At his reaction, which was colder than expected, Asena, who was trying to make an excuse, hardened her head.

She had never been so scared in her entire life.

His disappointment, confusion, or anger seemed to signal the end of the relationship.

It was her older brother who was about to leave anyway, but unless he was an idiot, he knew that this event would give him strength.

“…I am so confused right now.”

When Asena couldn’t answer anything, she opened her mouth from then on.

“…Am I dreaming now? Kirsi…Tell me…”


Cayden wiped her lips three or four more times. Their saliva still drips onto his arm.

Every time I checked it, Kayden’s expression hardened even more.

He finally gets the question out of his mouth.

“…you kissed me?”


“While I was sleeping…?”

Their empty voices did not reach him. Still wandering, he wiped his lips and shifted his gaze to Kirsi, who was sitting right in front of him.

Kirsi’s heart seemed to stop at that gaze. The fear of the unknown swept over his next move.

How will you be now? How will he react?

As I was avoiding my eyes in fear, Kaden’s warm hand reached Kirsi’s cheek.

…..no way.

…will you forgive me?

Just as he was about to feel a deep sense of relief and surprise at the possibility, Cayden’s thumb quickly stole Kirsey’s lips.


If he had gently stroked his lips on a regular basis, there would have been no heart fluttering more than that.

Of course, my heart still trembled. on the bad side.

Cayden checked the saliva from Kirsi’s lips once more.

That was the end of it. Whether or not they kissed, no more convincing evidence was needed.

Asena walked over and sat down on the bed.

“…Brother…that’s what…”

Even Kirsi, it was the first time Asena had seen her speechless.

Even Asena couldn’t find a way, Kirsi couldn’t help but get more scared.


Kayden let out a smirk.

At that breath, Asena and Kirsi’s hearts froze coldly.

Cayden pushes Kirsi off his leg. Kirsi was pushed back helplessly as he pushed.

He pulled his legs out of the bed, turned his back to them, and covered his face.

In that state he spoke slowly.

“…….Guys. You’re an idiot… I’ll just ask you one thing.”



“…is this just out of curiosity…?”


Kirsi grabbed the rope he had given him and immediately tried to say yes, but his mouth did not fall.

Now, three days later, I decided to confess my heart. If we deny that fact here and now, there is no way we can say it then. And if you don’t, Kaden will disappear with Daisy.

“….that is….”

“… out of curiosity… because I’m curious about the feeling of a kiss… is it something like this…?”

As soon as his cold voice was heard again, Asena’s body flew away and hugged him on the back.


Asena hugged Cayden’s back and whispered into his back.



“…What I was going to say in three days…I’ll do it now.”

“…Answer my question.”

“…listen, please.”

At Asena’s desperate voice, Cayden closed her eyes tightly once again. Asena opened her mouth before he could say anything else.

“…Since when did I… hate that my brother… was my brother.”


Cayden caught a glimpse of the direction she was heading and trembled. Stealing your lips… you didn’t like being an older brother. There was only one thing this could mean.

“…I hated that my brother was a Freister…I hated it.”

“…Asena…Stop it.”

Cayden tried to stop her. Already he could have predicted what she was going to say, but there’s a big difference between saying something and not saying it.

“The love my brother gave me was so sweet… I couldn’t breathe without him… I couldn’t stand the fact that one day I would join another family as a Freister…”

Cayden placed a hand on Asena’s arm wrapped around her waist. Asena held him tighter the more he did.

“…Daisy…Judy…I still feel like I’m going crazy. Judy stole your brother’s lips… so mad. He said he was leaving me because of those women… No matter what he did, he didn’t waver, so I think I’m going to die.”

“Asena..! Stop it-”

“-I love you brother.”

The stiffening of Cayden’s body was clearly visible in Kirsi’s eyes.

Asena didn’t stop. I began to vomit out the minds of many years at once.

“…Please, just as I promised when I was young… Be by my side for the rest of my life…”


I couldn’t believe what my sister whispered on my back.

love you That’s not family love.

It was hard to believe that those words came from none other than Asena’s mouth.

My head was so complicated that I couldn’t even think straight.

Is this really not a dream?

“……No…you are mistaken…Asena…you are me…”

“…why did I try to expel you?”

My mouth hardened at her words.

“…if you’re a Freister…you can’t marry me.”

Even the short, light words, ‘What?’, did not come out of my mouth because I had no strength.

“…The reason I cursed my brother behind my back…it was because other women were interested in him. I was scared… that someone else looked into my brother…”

That Asena was afraid.

“Even in a social church…it was because my brother didn’t want to dance with other women…it was also because I was cruel to my brother’s friends…it was because I was jealous…”

Asena’s arm got stronger. Her arms wrapped around my waist seemed to never be released.

Then, with a sudden thought, I turned my head.


Asena wasn’t the only one who sweared at me. She wasn’t the only one who was jealous. Besides, I must have put my tongue in my mouth…

When my gaze reached Kirsi, she bowed her head.

“……Isn’t it…?”

I’m almost certain of the circumstances, but hopefully not, I asked.

As much as Kirsi had many tears in the first place, she answered, dripping tears that twinkled in the moonlight.



“I’m sorry bro…I love you too…”

My vision went round and round in shock.


“….Sorry sorry…”

I turned my head forward again helplessly, and Kirsi quickly got out of bed and knelt before me.

She looks up at me between my knees as I sit on the bed.

“Oh…oppa…I’ll do my best…you know I can’t do without you…huh? I know this… this is not normal… can’t you love me too?”


“…I’m sorry I had to reveal this so suddenly… So I was going to prepare… heh…”

She started crying again.

Oddly enough, I didn’t feel anything. In the past, just seeing her tears was sad and heartbreaking, so I wanted to do anything.

But now… I don’t feel anything. Was it because the shock was too strong? Is there no room for other emotions to intervene?

Kirsi reached out with one hand on my thigh and the other towards my face, and Asena still wrapped her tightly around my waist.

“…Get your hands off me.”

I warned them both. It wasn’t a thought or a word. When I came to my senses, my mouth was the first to pour out the words.

“…Brother…this…don’t do this…”

“Asena Freister, Kirsey Freister. Get your hands off me.”

When I called out my first name, including my last name, they could not understand my words and removed their hands.

Kirsi’s face in front of her was contorted with pain.

Still, I didn’t feel any pity or regret looking at her. Rather, suffocating anger began to bloom.

I don’t know why. In fact, it may not have been anger. Maybe he just felt that way because it was too frustrating and daunting.

“…you…are you crazy?”

I squeezed the word out. It was the first time I had ever said such explicit words to my younger brothers, but I thought that there would be no words that could better describe the situation.

“If I had known that my sincerity would come back like this… I wouldn’t have done this in the first place.”

Kirsi was startled and burst into tears.

“Oh…Brother…why are you talking like that…Uhhhh…”

“Noisy…! You have to make a sound that makes sense to get a nice word…! How do you see me as a man, how…!”

I spoke to Kirsi as if disciplined, but she only shed tears like a child.

I turned around because I thought I would never see the end of the conversation with her.

She wanted to touch me, but she could not disobey my words, and I saw Asena gently waving her hand in the air.

All the vitality was drained from her face. There was only one evidence of her feelings. Tears that do not dry up… just like Kirsi.

The reality that they were not joking continued to strike me.

“…Asena… if it were you…!”

You can think wisely. Stop joking around- I wanted to say that, but looking at her expression, I finally gave up. Because it was clear that these words would not work.

Instead, they raised their voices as if they would be lucky enough to wake up if they raised their voices.

“…Ugh…! What would Grandma think!”

I grabbed Asena’s shoulders and shook her.

“I mean, calm down…! Calm down!!”

Asena, who was shedding tears, exhaled coldly.

“…Grandma already knows.”

And with those words, my burning anger was quenched coldly.


All I could do was blink my eyes.

“I told you.”


Then, why did the grandmother and the twins fight so much? Why did my grandmother proceed with my wedding talk in such a hurry? Everything started to make sense.

Asena says to me, who has lost all strength and is stiff.

“…I told my grandmother…but…brother…what choice did I have?”


“Why have you been so nice to me…? Why were you so kind…? Why were you so reliable…? Why are you so cool…”


“…for me, I had no choice but to love. If it’s not for you…the light doesn’t come on…the only one who saved me…is your brother…”

I grit my teeth and say it out loud. My whole body was stiff and stiff.

“…don’t spread such sophistry. Who would fall in love with an oppa just because he was kind, cool, and reliable? There are good, wonderful people in the world…! But you never fall in love with your brother!”

“…if it was my older brother, maybe that would be the case. But you are not my real brother.”

I felt like someone had hit me hard on the head. I would not have felt this kind of shock even when I was hit in the head with a wooden sword while training.


I asked, ignoring my throbbing chest.

“…how can you say that…? How did I take care of you-”

“-know. That’s why I couldn’t help but love you.”


It felt like I was in an endless bog. No matter what I say, they already love me. why do you love me No matter how many times I told you to calm down. doesn’t work

I didn’t want to keep fighting over endless problems.

In the beginning, this was not the only thing I wanted to say.

Clenching my fists tightly, I close my eyes.

“……Yes, you fell in love with me.”

Hardly difficult, I assume that situation with my own mouth.

“I’m not hitting like that, I love you…”

I opened my eyes and glared at Asena who was rebutting again.

“That’s how it happened.”

This was my line. If even this was exceeded, it seemed that the conversation would not be able to continue sanely.


Asena knew it too, and again, she didn’t point out my words.

I turned my hand over and pointed softly around us. We show them our current situation.

“…so if you love…what is this…?”

This time, he even looked at Kirsi, who was sitting on the floor.

“…..to sneak into your bedroom at night…to kiss you without asking for consent…is this love you’re talking about?”

This method came to me as a shock as great as telling me that you love me.

“The way to express love…”

I swallowed the backstory…but this is not the way of a villain.

Asena grew up and showed a mature appearance. Even Kirsi, who was kneeling in front of me, did that. Their gaze completely changes.

Still… in that he still craves my affection. I thought it was pure in that I like kisses. I thought it was naive. Was it all my bean pods?

The reason I liked the expression of affection was because they saw me as a man, and their actions were far from pure.

“…why did I have to know…your hearts in this way?”

Kirsi’s stiff head began to tremble.

I continued talking while looking at her.

“Oh…no…it’s not…why do you like me in the first place…”

I was confused and couldn’t get the words right. In the end, he sighs and returns to the original subject.

“…forcing someone’s lips like this…”

I don’t even care how I feel that I love you. others will be less

These are. my brothers Could it be that they were unchangeable, evil women from birth?

Efforts of the past years are beginning to fail.

What broke my thoughts was Kirsi’s voice.

“…D was the same.”


“Judy too…you forced your brother’s lips…!”

She sighed and looked up at me. What’s really strange is that after they confess their feelings to me, I realize that everything I hear is directed towards me.

Why have you been so jealous all this time? Why are you so wary of Judy and Daisy? Why did you get so angry when you told Judy that you had your lips taken away?

Everything was explained.

I replied with a smirk.

“…Yeah, so did Judy.”

“But why…but why is Judy okay…I…I… I’ve been with you for a long time…”

“…Judy took my lips…you got mad too. You knew it was wrong.”


“Now that I see…I thought he was angry with that immorality…but it wasn’t, he just took my lips.”


“…Guys…but Judy at least let me know.”


“It’s not that what she did was right. But at least I knew. You are in my sleep without me knowing…”

As a family passed by, I felt my head go numb.

i don’t know i didn’t know

This may not be the first time…


My hand swept through the throat that had been bitten by an insect until a few days ago.

The traces I had when I woke up.

As my hand clasped my neck, Kirsi again averted his eyes.

“……This is not the first time.”

I didn’t have the strength to argue anymore, so I spoke helplessly.

what should i do now

I have become a family disaster.

They couldn’t even fix their villainous temperament. At the same time, it hurt the Frysters by making the twins love me.

Judy and the marriage broke up and they separated from the Ice family. By punishing the second daughter of the Payne family, which was a sub-family, they became at odds with them.

what the hell was i doing here I’m a fool for thinking that I had reincarnated twins and that the academy people should thank me.

– Tuk.

When I woke up, a single tear fell.

Surprised by the tears that I shed without knowing, I covered my face.

Kirsi groaned, grabbed her sleeve and brought it to my face, but waved her hand and pushed her away.

There was only one thing I could do.

“……get out.”


“Brother… ah… no… I was wrong.”

They would feel it too. I know that in the future, they won’t be able to enter my room recklessly. From this moment on, we are going to be far apart.

Asena clasped the hem behind me again.

When she pulled on my clothes, I seldom pushed her away.

Even when I was very angry, I didn’t do it as much as Asena.

It was because she knew that as the head of the household and as the older sister of the twins, there were many burdens.

She was the one who had a lot of stress, and in fact, as much as she showed her true self to me, I knew that I was her support.

However, this also ends today.


I shook Asena’s hand, which was holding the hem of my robe, coldly.

Asena looked at my hand and hers, as if in disbelief.

“……..get out.”

“..Now… Wait a minute, oppa, I… I really don’t have you—”

“okay. I gave you so much affection. So that’s why you fell in love with me.”

I got out of bed and pulled the doorknob of the room.

– Clap.



The door was locked and did not open. The precision of the twins disappoints me again.

He unlocked the silently locked door and opened it for them.

“……It’s all my fault. There will be no such mistakes in the future.”

Kirsi got up from his kneeling leg and ran to me and fell to the floor.


I grieve at the sight of her groaning in pain.

Instinctively, his body jumped out and almost grabbed her.

But all of this is my regret and my sin.

It’s been like that… I’m going to taste this future.

I, who had been okay with Kirsi’s tears until before, is trying to move again. There wasn’t much time left to survive.

I looked away from her once, calmed down, and looked at my brothers again.

Despair was engraved on their faces.

“Ah…there won’t be any mistakes like this in the future…what does that mean…what does that mean…”

Kirsi, unable to get up from his seat, asked crying.

“…ah… isn’t it, brother?”

Asena also came up to me and asked.

It was as if she had gone back 10 years. Where did the mask that I worked so hard to become a habit?

The young, fragile Asena I met for the first time was showing up in front of me.

She blinked anxiously, and quickly reached out to me.


Even this is easily swept away.

Before, when Asena quickly grabbed my hand, I couldn’t react.

But is it because I have decided to reduce my expression now?

All of her actions now seem slow.

Finally, she bowed her head and burst into tears.

“…It was a lie…Brother…I don’t love you…So please…don’t say it as if it’s over…”

A few minutes ago, I couldn’t believe she loved me, but now I’m more certain than anyone that it’s a lie.

“…oppa…kiss…ah…no…just give me a hug…because that alone will satisfy…”

I said one last time to the twins.

“…….get out. This is the last warning.”

Nothing was done to them.

“Ugh… uh…”


They stand up, continuing to weep in their own way. I closed my eyes because they kept looking at me for salvation.

Only their sobs covered my ears.

I said nothing more.

The twins stopped in front of me and continued to weep, stumbling and walking out the door.

“…I…I won’t give up…”

Asena’s voice was heard, but she ignored it.

I didn’t even see them off.

The desire to do so was like a chimney, but I didn’t.

As soon as they stepped out of my door, I closed it.



‘Ah ah ah ah ah!’

As soon as they closed the door, they heard their screams getting louder.

I cried so sadly when I got hurt while playing outside.

It was a cry that stimulated a protective instinct that my reason could not do, but I covered my ears.

physically blocked.

He slipped with his back against the door, covered his ears, and stayed there.

Otherwise, the weakened heart seemed to soothe them.

Kirsi showed weakness to me and my grandmother and Asena.

Asena only showed weakness to me.

….Then what about me?

I had no choice but to endure this tragedy alone.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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