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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 85


Asena, holding back her jealousy, was waiting outside the classroom.

Her eyes are fixed on the approaching Kirsi.

As Kirsi approached the point of conversation, he asked calmly.

“…so what about your brother?”

“…don’t worry about it.”


Asena ruffled her hair in frustration and asked again.

“…Then Judy….that bitch?”

“…I didn’t see it.”


One of the things Asena can never give up on, Kayden.

Rather, it would have been easier for him to give up his seat. But you knocked down Kayden like that and stole your lips. The fact that he forcibly took his lips offended him enough to unleash the power of his legs.

No one will be able to keep their sanity after forcing their loved ones over and taking their lips away.


But deep down, there must have been anger at Judy doing something she couldn’t do. Judy, who was rough but confidently expressed her feelings, seemed to rebuke Asena, who tasted his tongue at night.

Asena shook her head. That doesn’t change the facts. Judy could never forgive.

Had he not been with Kaden, he would have carried out one of the hundreds of plans that came to mind without hesitation. In that plan, there must have been a process that caused her pain.

“…other than that, doesn’t your brother talk about it?”

“…I think you must be angry, so please comfort me…”


The only person who could comfort him now was Kaden himself.

If you kiss him roughly, and he mixes his tongue first. Then I’m willing to skip this one.

But that that wouldn’t happen, Asena herself knew better than anyone.

Asena sometimes wanted him to know her feelings.

If he somehow found out that behind a hard mask, he was hiding such a gloomy and dirty heart.

….no. Then you run away

How can I relieve this stress?



At that moment, Asena and Kirsi met their eyes at the same time. They didn’t say anything, but it was very clear what each other was imagining.

The only way to relieve the stress that took away his lips… is to take it back.

When he decides to carry out the plan, it takes his breath away, as if a cool breeze had blown in his chest.

okay. There were only 4 days left until I revealed my heart anyway.

Even if such a big event happens… you may have to put up with it. only his lips. If you taste the tongue for a while at night… you will be able to endure it for a few more days.

“…After class. I’m going to see my brother.”

Asena calmed her heart and declared.

Kirsi nodded as if it was natural.

Still grabbing my pounding chest. Put the mask back on your face. Asena entered the classroom again.


I sat on the floor wiping away sweat. Judy didn’t come back to class in the afternoon.

After taking my lips, she trembled as if she had come to her senses for a moment, then got up and ran away. Haven’t seen it since then.

In fact, with this incident, Judy’s marriage path was blocked. To this academy where all the nobles of the kingdom gather. In particular, she stole my lips from this academy, where it is easy to meet my peers.

Of course, if the will of the family is right, she will also be able to find a mate, but it will not be so easy with these rumors spreading.

It was a worldview that was disgusting as much as the class system, but also emphasized the virginity of a woman.

In a world without contraceptives such as condoms, the safe means of maintaining bloodlines was the virginity of women. It would be proof that he didn’t hold another man in his arms.

In the same vein, since I valued virginity, there was nothing good about this scandal. will make you suspicious Even if they are paired up, a woman who already has someone in her heart can quickly fall for her.

…and that’s really… Judy is tied to me.

I don’t want to push Judy away. After all, being a commoner, his position is weak and it is difficult to express his will. As long as there are family circumstances, I will follow them.

If you think about it that way, Judy is a hundred times better than me. Giving up the future for what you want. Of course, it may have been that he took my lips away from me impulsively without such calculations in the first place… but I felt that her choice was great.

As I got up from my seat after wiping off my sweat, I could see the knights department students returning to the dormitory from afar.

I couldn’t tell what the reason was without looking at it.

“…I’m here.”

spit out a smirk.

And it’s probably not.

The twins were approaching from afar.


“I know… I’m sorry. stop getting mad There won’t be anything like this next time.”

Kayden was stroking his back, cheek, and head, trying to somehow relieve his anger.

His loving tone and touch relieved his anger, but Asena made up her mind.

Today I had to taste his tongue. We had to kiss like lovers.

It wasn’t the heart and promise he had for his brother, but he didn’t care about that.

Still, without releasing his expression and arms, he stood in front of his dormitory visit that he had sent him off.

“Come on, stop now. get rid of anger See you tomorrow with a smile. Judy and I… let’s talk.”


Asena, who was still stiff, turned her head and looked up at him.

“…you want to see the bitch who stole your brother’s lips?”

“…years, Asena. Let’s be careful.”


“Anyway, I mean I’ll figure it out. To be honest… I still don’t know why I’m so angry…”



“….no. said something Anyway, get in. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“…just go like that?”

Asena asked sharply.

For Cayden, Asena so angry was the first thing he had seen in a long time. No, it was almost okay even if it was the first time. There were many fights, but it was rare that he was even angry with himself.

Cayden scratches his head.

“…what else can I do…?”


As if exasperated, Asena held her breath and snorted.

She stares at Kaden sharply again for a while.

Not knowing why, he stood there with a stupid expression on his face, and Asena tapped her cheek lightly with her finger a couple of times.

“…ah, want a kiss?”


Asena nodded briefly and opened the dormitory door.

“….come in.”

Cayden wanted to leave after giving him a light kiss on the spot, but he knew that Asena would reduce the expression of affection to a minimum if it was in the sight of others.

It didn’t take long anyway, so he followed me into the room.

– Kick. thud.

As the twins entered and Kaden walked through the door, Asena slammed the door shut.

He reached out with both hands and closed the door, and Kaden stood in the gap.


As soon as the door closed, as soon as Asena looked at Asena, who gave her scorching eyes, Cayden felt a strange feeling once again.

Since this morning, the two of them are doing something strange.

As if you were someone else…

he thinks

…Is there some sort of separation anxiety? It wouldn’t be like that.




Cayden shook her head, clearing the nonsensical imagination, and called Asena again.


She looked at him with unshakable eyes, slowly loosening her arms and letting him go.

“…I’m sorry, brother. anyway.”

Then he threw the ball at him.

At the same time, he tells Kirsi.

“Kirsi. I’m looking over there.”

Kirsey naturally turned her head. Because Asena always didn’t allow her to see herself when she was kissed.

Of course, when we went out for a walk and coveted his lips, we showed each other, but Kirsi was the first to see Asena expressing affection.

If you don’t practice the habit you’ve already established by now, Cayden might think it’s weird.

And in the first place, the moment I kissed him was a special moment.

It was very clear that Asena didn’t want to show her love for others.


There was a soft but warm, yet loving, small sound, and Kirsey turned her head back and walked towards Cayden.

Kirsi takes Asena’s place and gives him the ball.

Cayden placed a hand on Kirsey’s head and lightly kissed her forehead.

“Okay, now I’m going to rest, brother. Then see you tomorrow.”

He raised his hand and waved it.

The twins also waved to him in the end, finally.


“….sister. Now is?”

late night. Kirsi asked quietly in the dormitory where the lights were not turned on.

It was possible that he would melt into the darkness and fall asleep… but Kirsi couldn’t stay awake longer than he is now.

My heart was beating so fast that my hands and feet were tingling, and my senses were more sensitive than ever.

“…not yet.”

The calm voice of a veteran who returned to Kirsi who asked with anticipation.

Asena sat quietly on the sofa, staring quietly into the darkness.

Kirsi was still not used to the appearance of her older sister.

It was Asena who resolved everything calmly and firmly. Although they were twins, they were much stronger and more mature than themselves.

He didn’t even show affection with Kaden in front of him. A person who knows nothing but a family name. That’s what I thought until I came to the academy.

but look now

With the intention of mixing his tongue with Cayden, he is slowly waiting for the night to deepen.

Not pretending not to, and not worrying about it. He is waiting for the right time with a firm expression on his face as if it is something to be done.

This couldn’t fit.

…but yet… at the same time I could understand her. Because their brother was the target.

It’s not because someone loved him first. I fell in love with him in different moments. We also realized later that we were doing the same to each other.

As Asena says…if he’s not Pryster, all problems are solved.

Again, with unresolved concerns, Kirsi waited in the dark.

The heartbeat continued to grow louder.

how much time has passed

“…Kirsi, let’s go now.”

Asena’s voice resounds.

The night was so deep that there was no sound.

Maybe the grasshopper went to sleep, or even he couldn’t hear it.

…maybe buried in the heartbeat and inaudible.


For some reason, Kirsi, who had been exhaling harshly, began to organize his own breathing sounds.

My body started to get excited again.

Today is the last day.

After today, I will win his heart with fairness in the future.

After all, four days… no, I’ll confess my feelings to him in three days.

I know he won’t accept his heart easily. But if it goes like this, there is no other way for him to leave.

I knew there was going to be a long moment of pain.

So… today is the last big breath before diving.

Of course… there was also jealousy of Judy for taking his lips.


Asena opened the door to Cayden’s dormitory with the spare key she brought as the student council.

– Clap. good profit….

The sound was somehow more eerie, but that didn’t stop them.

Suddenly, Kirsey realized how sinister he was.

Even at the academy, he can’t stand it, trying to get his brother’s dorm door open and mix his tongue.

I’ve always been cute and aegyo to him. What would he think if he saw this double appearance of himself?

But all thoughts are thrown behind the head. More than that, the pleasure of a successful plan hurts more.

The fire burning in his heart seemed to be calmed only by bringing his lips back.

They closed the dormitory door, muffled the footsteps, and slid to Cayden’s door.

He also raises his hand to his visit without hesitation.

– Kick…

Second visit so open.

– Saeak… Saeak…

Kirsi breathed the first sigh of relief as she listened to the breathing of the sleeping Cayden.

The two entered his room and closed the door.

– Clap.

At the moment I heard a loud sound, Kirsi was startled.

Asena locked his door with a skillful hand.

After that, she approached him without hesitation.

Looking at them, I could not understand how many Asena did this act.

It was so skillful and natural.

Then, suddenly, Asena, who was approaching him, asked if he remembered Kirsi who was beside him.

“…are you going to do it first?”

The word “first” made Kirshi’s heart race again. Now it really does.

re-administering the drug.

His lips were within reach of his reach.

“….uh..my sister does it first.”

she whispers I haven’t had the courage yet.

Asena nodded and climbed onto his bed.

Standing on his arms with both arms and legs… without hesitation, he lowered his head and kissed him.



The sound of suffocation immediately began to fill the room.

At that sound, Kirsi rubbed her legs and sat down on the chair next to her.

Seeing Asena doing that made my heart flutter even more, so I averted my eyes for once.

Only sound was heard.

“…Brother…I thought that would be enough…?”

Asena’s voice was barely audible even to herself.

“..haap…haha..a kiss…heep…do you think you could get over it?”

Immediately after, his mouth seemed to have opened, and the characteristic tongue-to-tongue rubbing sound resounded.

Asena once again showed her true self to him who was sleeping, as if he had changed.

“Only me… ha ha… only I can see…


“..other… uh… nobody… tuk… younger brother, Asena…”


Kirsi couldn’t stand it anymore and called Asena.

The watery sound ceased, and Asena’s twinkling eyes looked back at Kirsi. She comes back as if the person changes from her younger brother, who she used to love, to her older sister, Asena.

“….why. Do not disturb.”

“…I… I’ll do it too.”

Asena lets out a long sigh.

“…I haven’t done much yet, what do you mean?”

“I… my heart is so fast… I’ll only do it once… and then my sister will do it again… huh? You can keep changing…”

Asena looked at Kirsi and Kayden in turn and wrinkled her expression.

Then he sighed again and came down from him.

“…short. After that, I will come back.”


As Asena moved away, Kirsi got on top of him next.

She slowly lowered herself and fell on top of him. It felt so good to lie down and hug him like this.

Hearing his heartbeat, calming his mind, Kirsi slowly moved towards his lips.

“……I love you brother.”

She said to him three days later, as if practicing what to say.

Then he placed his lips on his lips and tucked his tongue deep into it.

Again, the pleasure that I had been missing for several days entered my head.

I was so ecstatic that I could forget to breathe, and I was happy enough that all my guilt was blown away.

The anger that Judy stole his lips from was even lower.

“Paha…oppa…why do you keep getting along with him…?”

She began to say what she wanted to say to him, as Asena did.

“…I’m here… Can’t you just look at me?”




“…Answer me…”

As she spoke as she hugged him with her eyes closed, she naturally put her tongue into his lips again.

Every time I put it on, I feel like I’m going crazy.

In the end, Kirsi forgot to say anything and pressed his tongue to his lips as deeply as possible.

The saliva kept dripping down to him.

Every time he rubs his tongue against him, he feels his tongue move helplessly.

Gradually he began to get drunk on pleasure.

She rested lightly on top of him and gently placed her arms behind his neck.

Then, by energizing those arms, it pulls them closer to you. I try to narrow the distance that is already close.

The narrower the gap, the more satisfied the chest was.


Asena’s voice seemed to be heard from behind, but she ignored it.

He pulled his neck tighter. He put his tongue in and moved as if licking him.

“…Ki…Kirsi, wait a minute…!”

Asena’s startled voice resounds. Kirsi’s eyes widened at Asena’s voice, but…

Just before he retrieved his tongue, he felt his tongue, which had been loosely loosened at the end, move arbitrarily.


Cayden’s loose body gains strength. Kirsi hurriedly fell from him. Long lines of saliva are drooping.

Cayden’s eyes fluttered open, then blinked as he looked around for a moment, then jumped up to his feet.


“Oh, no..”

Kirsey, lying on top of him, followed him, sitting on Cayden’s lap.

“….uh..? Write..”

“Oh…bro, wait…”

Kaden woke up and looked around and wiped his lips.

He and Asena’s saliva was on his arm.

Asena and Kirsi were stiff and unable to say anything.

Cayden looked at Asena and Kirsi alternately, then blinked…

“I can explain it to you, brother.”

Asena said in a restless way.

Cayden’s mouth twitched, and he spat out only one word. Hundreds of emotions were running through him, and anyone could tell.


Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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