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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 84



In line with Lord Hoslow’s orders, he swung his wooden sword after a long time. The opponent in front of me is a large man.

He sharpens his nerves and blocks the attacks he throws.

In keeping with the practice, I set one more personal goal.

Don’t push back.

Assuming that there is someone behind him to protect, he mixed the sword with the motive in front of him.

Just as sweat was about to flow, his gaze focused on my sword pointing overhead, and as I crossed my legs, I pushed his upper body with my shoulder.


He fell, panicked by the momentary attack, and eventually had to feel my sword against his neck.


“I have improved a lot while I was away.”

I give him a short congratulations and look around. It wasn’t just us, there was a fight going on here and there.

Taking this opportunity, I roll my eyes to find Judy.

But Judy, like me, was taking a break by overpowering the opponent. It was not a good moment to look at her.

Lord Horslow’s command followed.

“ruler! Change your opponent!”

I said hello to the man I had confronted with and wandered around looking for my next opponent.

When everyone made eye contact with me, they avoided their gaze for the first time. Of course, I know it’s because I’m the best at it, but I wanted you to give me courage if I wanted to write an article. It’s because the aftertaste is bitter to catch someone who is avoiding them and fight them.

And then, someone stops in front of me.

He has silver hair and is about the same height as me. A body full of health. A bear paw pattern on the shoulder.

…..It was Judy who avoided me like that.

She still didn’t make eye contact with me.

Instead, he clenched the wooden sword he was holding.


I called out to her standing in front of me, but Judy didn’t answer.

He didn’t even make eye contact with me. Instead, emotions come from the wooden sword she held.

Lord Horslow once said: Did you say that knights talk with swords?

It was difficult for me to understand all the words and feelings she was trying to convey to me because I had not yet become a full-fledged knight.

I just have a complaint with me. The fact that he wants to fight with me now.

Only that was certain.

I finally sighed and grabbed my sword.


Sir Hoslow’s voice echoed through the training ground, and just before we moved at the same time, in that momentary moment, our eyes met for the first time.

I instantly felt my heart weaken.

Judy rushed to the floor and swung her sword as smooth as flowing water.


He lightly blocked her attack, but it wasn’t that easy to hold on.

The heavy weight is transmitted through the sword. As if to represent her resentment, it was rough and crude.


Suddenly, the knight began to get a vague sense of what it was like to talk with a sword.

Is it because they are fighting?

Judy’s expression appeared more vivid from a closer distance, but she was stiffening her face as if she had become Asena.

Only her actions convey what she wants to say.

Unlike her original appearance, which freely crossed the streets of swordsmanship and used elegant swordsmanship, Judy continued to dig into my streets.

He didn’t step back and came to me.

So, little by little, I took a step back.

I, who used to swing my sword assuming someone was standing behind me, was pushed back by Judy.

Of course, one of the reasons is that I am sorry to Judy and that I am not able to show my skills.

There’s nothing I’m sorry about, but that doesn’t work out the way I want it to.

It was not possible because of the family circumstances in the end.

My heart was heavy as if it was my responsibility to leave her alone in the struggling Ice family.

At that moment, Judy thrust a wooden sword into my heavy chest.

Barely slashing her sword, I finally open my mouth.

It seemed that she had to calm her, who had too much emotion on her sword.


Without further words, I just call my name.

There was a wave in her face. for a while too. Again she swung her sword wildly.

Her next attack came in quite sharply, and I put my hand on her body for the first time, who had only blocked it in the end.

She slashed her sword that pierced too deeply, and with her remaining hand, slammed her shoulder strongly, shaking her balance.

Judy, who frowned at the moment of shock, broke his heart again.

Still, she didn’t stop.

She takes a defensive posture to prevent Judy’s sword being swung once again, but she stops once in the middle. At the same time, the trajectory was reversed to attack the unblocked area.

Her wooden sword slammed my arm bluntly.

If it was a true sword, my arm would have been cut off and it would have ended here.

Judy, who gave me a shot, just opened her mouth.


It was then that her face, which had been hardened, began to distort.

“..You know how hard I’ve been trying…?!”

For some reason, her words pierced deep into my heart. More fierce than her sword.

“…you must have worked day and night for that skill…!”

She must have wanted to let them know that we have endured the same level of pain through the oriental medicine.

As she said, I have been working so hard every day to develop this skill that I fall asleep like fainting. She must have endured as much pain as I did.

No, maybe more than me. She is two years younger.

She spoke and swung her sword.

I was pushed back from the moment she opened her mouth.

“I was humiliated by Nera unnie…! Even if you become a loner in your family…! Thinking that someday I’ll be useful too…! This is the life of a maiden, so I can’t help it. While thinking to myself…! That’s how he sharpened his sword…!”


From top to bottom, she swings her sword like a slash.

At the same time, the two swords entered into a struggle.

Judy’s face grew closer to me.

“…all…! all..! I could stand it…!”

Tears begin to form in her eyes.

“…a life without a loner…because I didn’t know it from the beginning…!”


“But then you appeared…even though you are from a hostile family, you approached me with a smile…! In the same situation as me…you share the same pain as me…!”

Tears began to flow from her eyes.

When I saw the tears, power drained from my body without realizing it.

His legs loosened and he fell to the floor.

Judy, who was constantly rushing in, fell on top of me.

She put her sword and knelt on top of me and grabbed me by the collar.

“You said you didn’t want to be friends with me…! If it was like this… you should have done what I said…”

Her tears ran and ran down my face. The momentum of his voice was also gradually dying.

“Why did you become my support…Why did you become a shade where I can rest…”


“Why do you make fun of me and make me laugh…why do you play pranks on me to ease the burden on my heart…to make people cheer…”


“Why do you say it’s okay to marry such a humble me and make me look forward to…why do you make me imagine a happy future…”

She couldn’t hide her crying expression anymore.

Large teardrops fell from her sadly distorted eyes.

As if the persecution that the Ice family had been subjected to for years had finally burst into tears, she shook her whole body and shed tears so sadly.


As I was about to apologize, she cut me off.

“I don’t need an apology.”

And he sent me eyes that gleamed in tears. Her momentum, which had been fading, burned for a moment as if she had met oil.

“If you’re sorry? It’s over if you don’t fix anything, just talk and leave…!”


I couldn’t find anything to say about her.

I couldn’t raise my head like that, so I looked down, but I heard her crying voice.

“……Take responsibility.”


“Take responsibility…! this bad-”

Maybe it’s getting stuffy while talking, or she clenched her teeth and shook me, then hooked me and pulled me strongly.

Her face immediately drew closer to me.

Judy shook her head.


And the soft touch felt on the lips.

Judy’s lips are salty and wet with tears.

She violently grabbed my lips, then pushed me back and shouted in front of everyone.

“Paha..! Take responsibility!! You bad bastard!!”

get confused Judy stole my first kiss.

Her actions made her hair white, and all the guilt she felt right now was blown away.


It was just a stupid laugh.



For a moment, the academy was in turmoil.

Kirsey could feel that atmosphere.

After class, she was having a short conversation with Asena.

In the meantime, what big event has happened, some young girls are startled, ‘Really?’ or ‘Damn!’ They spit out the same words and glanced at themselves.

Kirsi tried to figure out the cause of all this.

Still, I was trembling with fuss and asking what was the first thing to do, waiting for someone to approach me.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Mary Bones’, who is still close to some extent, approached.

“Ki…Kirsi…! Did you hear that?”


I pretended to be okay, but Kirsi’s heart was beating faster and faster.

I didn’t know it well, but I knew it was bad news even if I didn’t hear it.

“K.. Kaden-sama..!”

“What happened to your brother?”

Asena quickly reacted to the word Cayden. Her cold eyes pressed Mary Bones.

All eyes were on the twins.

They were the younger brothers of the rumored Kayden Pryster, and all the political science students watched the twins.

Mary Bones, who received the attention, trembled for a moment, then hurriedly spit out the rumor, unable to withstand the pressure of the twins.

“Kayden-sama…! Oh, no, Judy of the Ice family… knocked down Kayden-sama during class and stole her lips…?”



The twins were frozen in place. It seemed as if time had frozen.

– Guguguguguguk!

And when the chilly time that felt like a year passed, Asena’s mask immediately shattered, and her forehead wrinkled in horror. Breathing quickly became rough and fists clenched strongly. It was in front of everyone, but she couldn’t keep her composure.

All political science students witnessed Asena’s mask breaking for the first time at this moment. Some held their breath, some avoided their gaze. Some wondered why Asena was so angry.

Asena doubted her ears.

He stole his brother, his treasure, and took his lips. The fever was so high that I could hear my heartbeat.

It was the first time it had been so absurd. I mean, who wants to touch his body?

Judy Ice. I didn’t know that she, who had not thought about it since the breakup of the marriage relationship, would come out like this. Hundreds of brutal plans that he was unaware of exploded out of his head.

As soon as Kirsi heard the news, he left. She quickly left the classroom and disappeared.

Someone approached Mary Bones, who was desperate to deliver the news.


A gentle hand rests on her shoulder.

“…D.. Daisy-sama..”

Mary Bones cringed again.

Daisy wiped her laughter and asked.

“…can you tell me again?”


When Kirsi arrived at the training ground of the Knights Department, the afternoon class was already underway.

She quickly rolled her eyes and looked for her brother.


Kirsi shouts loudly and calls him.

Her voice was swept away by the moans and cheers of the trainees, but Kaden turned her head to see how she heard her.

Then he apologizes to the person he was training with in front of him and runs to her quickly.

“Kirsi…! Why are you here without class?”

For some reason, his casual appearance ignited the fire in his heart. She grabs Kaden who is approaching her and turns her eyes back to the training ground to question him.

“…where are you?”

Contrary to how easy it was to find Cayden, Judy was nowhere to be seen.

“Where are you..!”


Again, he looked at Cayden, who was plucking the shichimi, harshly.

Finally, Kayden sighs.

“…why are you looking for it?”

“What does that mean now? brother’s lips-“

“-My lips, not yours.”

Kirsi’s head was strongly opposed to his words.

not. His lips are not his. it’s your own it had to be yours I did it if it was my own.

Haven’t you already applied saliva?

But you can’t say that.

I couldn’t even hide the anger that turned inside out, but I couldn’t say anything, so my heart was so stuffy.

“Did you come all the way here just for that? Except for class?”

“barely…? I lost my lips, is that barely enough?”

“It’s my brother’s business. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to come running without skipping class.”

“…Then, if I had my lips taken away by a strange man, would you react that way?”

“Kirsi, that’s different from that…!”

“Why are you different? It’s barely enough to lose your lips! If it wasn’t so insignificant, I’d give the lips to any guy over there.”

Kirsi pointed to the unknown knight who was being trained.

She had no intention of giving her hand to anyone but Cayden. It was just a word to put pressure on Kaden.

And it worked effectively.

“Ha… I see. sorry brother But…how do you deal with what has already happened? There is nothing you can do if you come to your brother and get angry.”

“no? It’s all my brother’s fault. It’s my brother’s fault for having Judy by my side. Promise me in the future. I won’t let her be with me.”

At that moment, Cayden grabbed Kirsi’s shoulders.

“…Kirsi. calm down.”

“I really look good now!”

Kirsi twisted his body and pretended to shake his hand away.

“You need to calm down…! Don’t ever see me again… What are you talking about?”

“The molester who forcibly took his lips…”

Kirsi continued his words, and his voice faded.

The first reason was that my conscience began to prick.

If it’s a molester who forcibly takes your lips… that applies to you too.

Besides, unlike Judy, who was once engaged, she was his younger sister.

In terms of wetness, he added.

So the words didn’t work.

His expression frowned, leaving only the marks of a cat’s whiskers around his nose, but he couldn’t speak any more.


Cayden expressed his doubts, but he thought it was an opportunity and started to take his place in moderation.

“…Now, this problem… I’ll take care of my brother. I see, you’re angry. Thanks for getting mad. But really, I’m fine. So go back at once. I have to take a class. You promised to listen to class for the last time on your walk.”

As Kayden gently stroked his back and patted her on the back, Kirsey slowly turned around.

he goes on to say

“You have to go to class too. You see, everyone is training hard. The more you fall, the more difficult it will be for your brother. You… tell Asena well. I was expecting why I would be angry like you.”

But Kirsi didn’t listen to any of his words.

I felt like I was going crazy because I couldn’t vomit out my anger.

To the frustration, his body instinctively responded.

It’s like trying to find a way to live. As if trying to find a way to relieve this stress.

spit out all the words.

The first time I was taken away by a woman other than my sister.

I’ve only tasted it once and I’m addicted to it.

His gaze was fixed only on his lips.

For a moment, on his lips that had been stolen by someone.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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