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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 83



I waved my hand awkwardly. I was the only one in trouble.

Asena also said, ‘It could be.’ You know that’s my excuse. Longing for love, she crosses the line and tells her to do it again.

The most difficult thing is that Asena looks more serious than ever.

Gently biting one side of his lip with his teeth, he is looking up at me as if in a hurry.

Everything was strange and awkward today.

Kirsi and Asena.

Why are you both doing this?

I wonder if I’m overreacting, but their eyes are more sticky these days, and their actions are even more radical.

Do you want so much love when I’m gone? That being said, Kirsi didn’t really crave affection for me.

You just showed me your body.

In the middle of the complex, Asena says.

“…why? It’s something we can do between us.”

“…No. I said that because it was a mistake. You know that.”

“…I don’t know.”


“…just one more time. Even lightly.”

At that moment, Kirsi’s door suddenly opens.

Asena hardens her expression and walks away from me.

I immediately turned and looked at Kirsi. Thanks to that, I was able to ventilate the atmosphere.

“Kirsi, are you ready?”


She looked at me and Asena alternately, swallowing as if holding back something, and then smiled.

As their dormitory had a different atmosphere today, they prepared to leave in a hurry.

“Then let’s go.”


It is difficult.

I thought the problem was only in the room, but it’s the same even outside.

Asena was fine, but Kirsi was standing next to me and holding her arms tightly.

With one hand clasped together, he used his whole body to create a prison for his arms.

Fall to her, thinking about her surroundings, she said the same words several times, but Kirsi ignored them all.

It’s not like I’m changing my mind.

I don’t think it’s good to show other nobles like this again.

Anyway, she didn’t let me go.

I left her alone for now, but the closer I got to the academy, the more people looked at me, the more I started to think that this wasn’t the case.

“…Kirsi. Let go now.”


Instead of answering, she grabbed my hand tighter. Blood gradually stops flowing through the interdigitated fingers.

In the end, I stand still.

“Let go.”


She put her head on my arm and held my hand tighter again. The will to never let go has been conveyed.

Was it a shock that I left them to talk to Daisy the night before? Obviously they have changed a lot. At least Kirsi.


In this case, you have to say something a little stingy. Also, I made up my mind to give a notice about the future. If I talk to Daisy and say that I’ve changed, there’s still a long way to go.

“Why are you like this today? What was your brother talking to Daisy yesterday?”


“Only with that? You don’t have to talk to the fiancée. There must be more to come.”


“…Now, there are many eyes to see, so let it go now. In the future, it is necessary to reduce such expressions of affection.”


“…Your brother is also married. What will other people think of us?”

“…that…where is that…”

Kirsi grabbed my hand tighter,

“What do you think…?”

Asena questioned my words.

I answered at the same time.

“I can’t do it anymore, Kirsi. I’ve got a mate too. And Asena. What do you think… Even if you have a fiancée, it’s weird if you only stick to your younger siblings.”

“…you like us more. What’s wrong with being with someone you like more?”

Of course, Asena must have found a sense of humor in her words. So this is just nonsense. nothing more and nothing less.


I looked at Asena without saying a word. She turned her head to see if she was stabbed.

Kirsi also begins to slowly release his hands.

“…Yes…No…I see.”

After letting me go, Kirsi walked one step ahead of me.


After walking for so long, we arrived in front of the Political Science building, and the first people we met were Judy, Daisy, and Sir Horslow.

When Sir Horslow, a professor of the Knights Department, saw the twins, he bowed his head briefly.

Asena received that greeting and shifted her gaze to Judy and Daisy.

At the same time, I ask in a cold tone that is the exact opposite of what you handed me in the morning.

“…what’s going on?”

“Well. As of today, I am here to inform you that the escort training is over.”

Horslow says softly.

Asena tilted her head threateningly.


“Kaden Pryster and Judy Ice. As of today, I will return to the Knights Department.”

“…I understand that the escort training ends in 20 days. Before the end of the semester… about a fortnight.”

“These two are excellent and I believe they have had enough experience, so it’s just a shortened period. The evaluation is over.”

Asena paused for a while, asked sharply like an awl.

“……Is your grandmother intervening?”


For me, the context was incomprehensible. Why the hell did Grandma intervene?

I thought something was wrong with Asena.

But Sir Horslow did not answer her question. With his stiff upper body hardened as it was, he only spoke his own words.

“…I told you why. Come on, Kayden. Judy. Follow me. Don’t wait for the closing greetings to be over.”

Immediately after, he distances himself.

The situation was so sudden that I turned to look at the twins, Daisy, and Judy.

Judy was the first to act.

She had no hesitation. Avoiding my eyes, she turned to Daisy and bowed her head, and immediately approached Asena and bowed her head.

No matter how much she escorts Daisy now, she escorted Asena for a long time, so it was natural to greet her as well.

Even so, because of yesterday, I also had a hard time dealing with Judy. Rather than being grumpy, it was more focused on regret.

She seemed angry with me and didn’t even want to see her face, but it might be a good thing for me in a way. Because I didn’t know how to face her either.

Her voice, asking her to be brought in as a concubine, seemed to still be heard vividly in her ears.

Put your useless thoughts behind you.

Judy acted first, so I started to move too.

To be honest, I thought it was fortunate that it ended earlier. Aside from the twins, Judy was worried.

She was in a difficult position to escort Daisy and even the twins. The reason was all me…. It made me feel more at ease when the situation was resolved like this.

So I stopped and looked at the twins as they slowly turned to me. I will also end the escort.

“…Then I’ll go see you.”

Kirsi grabs my wrist once more.

“Oh, no.”

“…and do it again.”

“…If that’s the case, the plan is…”


I thought she was talking to me and tried to pay attention, but she just spit it out with blank eyes. When I looked closely, my eyes were out of focus, and it looked like I was talking to myself.

“…Kirsi. My brother is going.”

I woke her up and called her name.

Kirsi looks up at me in surprise, as if waking up from a dream.

Her mouth opened and closed, as if there was something she wanted to say, but she knew that it wouldn’t work for me.

I’m sure you’d like to say don’t go. Of course, I would say no.

As much as they both know that, Kirsi just looks at me with regretful eyes.

I took my eyes off her and looked at Asena.

Asena’s expression hardened. There was a slight displeasure in his eyes… but he wasn’t sure.

After stroking Asena’s cheek once, I walked over to Daisy.

“…that’s it.”

told her

“…I’m sorry, Kayden.”

“Thank you for telling me that.”

“…Isn’t Kaden sad?”

As the twins have changed, so has Daisy. It wasn’t blatant, but he showed a certain affinity for me.

I answered.

“…we will have a lot of time together in the future. You know.”

– Kwok!

I heard something coming from the twins, but I ignore it.

And at my words, Daisy’s slightly dissatisfied expression loosened. She closed her lips, lowered her gaze, nodded her head a couple of times, and greeted me with a look of no regrets.

“…that’s right. Kayden, then, stay strong.”

“thanks. Daisy too.”

Immediately after, he turned around and approached Sir Hoslow.

Judy still didn’t look at me.

I didn’t even bother looking at her for a long time.

Behind my back, I could feel the twins’ eyes, but this too, I acted like I didn’t know.


Asena hardened her expression during class.

The content of the class was never heard.

She was busy fixing her broken plans.

Physically, the amount of time I spent with Kaden was greatly reduced.

The bigger problem is that he doesn’t want to see them now.

What this means is that you will inevitably become more ugly in the future.

Appearing in front of him who wants to rest.

You have to keep an eye on him who isn’t tied to himself.

It was the sound of shaking him with words.

Asena didn’t like that.

I’ve been doing that so far, but nothing worked out.

There was no solution, and it gave me a headache.

What should I do?

All five methods to solve the problem were to no avail.

evasion. concession. Battle. compromise. collaboration.

Avoidance…never. Avoid problems and wait for them to resolve on their own, and Cayden will leave.

You can’t make concessions either. Concession here meant giving up on Cayden completely, so even that couldn’t be done.

Battle. If we had to confront other women over him, it would be an unwinnable battle. I’ve done it several times already, but each time it didn’t work out well… I just had an argument with Kaden.

compromise. Daisy has already asked for concessions. She said she would not be shaken, and rejected all of her offers.

collaboration. it’s cooperation As long as everyone wanted Kayden, it couldn’t be.

There were only 4 days left… Another obstacle appeared: Cayden was leaving.

Again, she falls into deep thought.

… First of all, the stress was piling up to the point that I couldn’t stand it.

Asena wet her lips involuntarily.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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