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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 80

Pryster’s Assumption (3)

As I turned to look at the twins holding my hem, they let go of their hands as if they had done so involuntarily.

Is it because Daisy looks like someone taking me? Rather than that, I’m leaving.

I thought I should talk to Daisy, but the problem was there were too many people for that.

Even with the twins, even Judy… I haven’t even talked to her yet.

I’m not dissatisfied that my mate became Daisy, but it was heartbreaking that I had to be ripped off like that with Judy.

I thought I could be her strength. As much as we shared the same wounds, I believed that we would support each other and live together.

I close my eyes and open Anyway, that’s a thing of the past. If I hold on to it any longer…it just hurts.

Just like twins failing to let me go and I will end up having a hard time, if I don’t let Judy go, both Judy and Daisy will suffer.

“…the time…do you have time?”

Daisy asked, looking at me as I pondered.

I nod my head, then I throw one glance at Judy, and then I tell the twins.

“…Guys. Let’s break up here today.”



Asena brought up the word escort, but neither she nor I knew I was doing this because I really needed an escort. I just don’t want to talk to Daisy.

I didn’t want to fight for a long time. As I expressed my opinion today, it became my weapon.

“I still haven’t figured it out. Why are you disfellowshipping me?”


“I said. I don’t want to be a person who can’t do anything. So…don’t take it now. Because now I will not listen to grievances for no reason. Or would you just tell me why?”


Kirsi bowed her head and passed me first.

Asena pondered my words for a moment, then moved on.

Kirsey walked over to Daisy, then slowed down next to her and passed her, glaring at her.

What’s wrong with Daisy? It was surprising that Kirsi was doing that, and she was frowned upon by her rude behavior, so she wanted to say something, but she lost her strength and was unable to act.

Asena heard my sigh, looked at me once, and just ignored Daisy and walked past.

With the twins gone, he now sees the remaining Judy.


He opened his mouth, but no words came out. In fact, in order, I should have talked to Judy before talking to Daisy.

But all of this is happening quickly and the timing is twisted. I didn’t know that I would get involved with someone else so quickly.

It was painful for Judy to say something like this for the first time after that incident, but she opened her mouth nonetheless.

“…Judy. You… are in-“

“-it’s okay.”

Judy interrupted me and said.

I blinked for a moment and asked.


“…I’ll still escort Daisy.”

She said with a hardened face.

I didn’t want to show her talking to Daisy, so I suggested it again.

“…Judy, I’m the escort…”


At that moment, Judy’s expression shook when she called my name.

And also. When she shakes, my heart hardens. No, it’s not that it’s hardened…it’s because we’re shaking together, we’ve made up our minds.

If I falter here, it’s just hard for both of them.

pretend not to notice anything. I hardened my expression.

Judy continued.

“…After you’re done talking with Daisy…Talk to me for a while too.”

My gaze shifted to the remaining Daisy.

Maybe it’s because she’s my fiancé now? After the late night conversation with Daisy, it seemed that her opinion should be included in this promise to meet with Judy. It was an instinctive reaction.

Before I can verbally ask her, Daisy first nods her head.

“….yes. Of course it’s fine.”

And she lowered her voice.

“…because you have to clean it up.”


We walked through the night, relying on the moonlight. Me and Daisy walked together, and Judy followed ten steps later.

I harden my heart. As if everything was a duty, I was going to show Judy unshakable. Because that’s how she can get away from me easily.


He sighs and puts his thoughts on Judy aside. I have to take care of not only Judy, but also Daisy who is by my side.

“…are you upset?”

Daisy asks me lightly. From the first question, I could feel how much she cared about me.


I smiled weakly. I didn’t pretend to be strong. Even if I pretended to be strong, I’d quickly figure out it was a lie, and I’ve already shown Daisy my weakness a few times.

“…to be honest, Kaden seems to be struggling a lot too.”

“…Are you in trouble?”

“The younger brothers to take care of also have strong personalities…the family problem…the relationship…”

“Everyone has their own things to bear.”

“…But still. Now, even marriage problems have arisen. He told me he was getting married to Judy a few days ago.”

“……It is.”

The gap between Daisy and I gradually narrowed. Is it because it’s dark? With every step she took, Daisy came so gently that my arm was about to touch her shoulder.

“Kayden. If you don’t like me…don’t you?”


“Even though it was such a short time….. you and Judy, who were close friends, must have shared their hearts with each other. If you were disappointed that your opponent became me, or…”

“No, like that.”

With her honest words, I also become honest with her. The other person’s heart clashed, but he couldn’t commit the rudeness of hiding his feelings.

“…as I’ve said many times, Daisy, you’re someone I respect. It is a blessing to have you as my partner.”

Actually, it’s crazy if you think about it. To be possessed by this novel as a commoner and connect with the person you liked the most in the worldview. How the heck is this probability calculated?

“…but… Judy…so…”

After speaking, I stopped. There’s a difference between being honest and saying nonsense.

“…yes. Well, it’s disturbing.”

So I just finished talking. Daisy didn’t even bother digging for more, as if she knew my heart.

“…if I was in Kayden’s position, I would have. If your fiancée changes quickly in one morning… you must be wandering around looking for a place to put your mind.”


Daisy was silent for a moment, taking a deep breath. From then on, a warm warmth began to pass from her shoulder. Not her body temperature, but her heart.

“…But now, please settle down with me.”


At Daisy’s words, which narrowed the distance for a moment, I was astonished inside.

It was strange to see her like this.

I’ve never seen this side of her while reading a book, and I never thought I’d ever see it.

Daisy, approaching with a rational emotion, was straight and unshakable, as she has always been.

“Sit on me. Kayden. I will be your strength.”


No matter how much I thought about her words, I didn’t get used to it. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a conversation like this before.

As Judy’s friend, I could only feel a slight awkwardness in closing the distance by making jokes and pranks.

I didn’t hate it, but there are a few things I want to ask.

“…Daisy, aren’t you overdoing it?”


It wasn’t like this, so I was worried that the sincere woman was overdoing it.

“…for the sake of it.”

Daisy burst out laughing for a moment at my words. How funny it was, I stopped and laughed for a while.

Laughing like that for a while, wiping her tears, the real woman looks at me and says:

“No, Kayden. It’s not overdone.”


“To be honest… I think I have a crush on Cayden.”


Daisy took a step back, and I followed her.

“…Since when? From the moment I gave you flowers saying you are the most beautiful? From the moment you said you wanted to be my escort? From when you realized your upright personality? Since when we’re stuck together every day? Ever since you protected me from punishment? Ever since you took my side instead of twins? Ever since we sent food to our estate?”


After saying that, Daisy looks up at me and smiles. It was night, but for some reason her smile was bright enough.

“…After hearing this, there are quite a few reasons why I have a crush on you, right?”


“But I think it was when I heard that I was getting married to Judy. At that time… I felt a little uncomfortable.”

Daisy said frankly. Then, she looks up at me for a moment.

“You know what? I’m being honest, Kayden. So please be honest with me.”


“……Kayden. Did you… have a crush on me too?”

Another big step this time. Daisy comes to me.

“It’s hard to believe that everything you’ve done for me has been just kindness. You just kept doing that to me and no one else…”

I opened my mouth to answer, but nothing came out. As she said, the truth is in a very visible place, and it was very difficult to admit it. Is your heart always like that?

…..not. That’s not it.

why i can’t speak

“…Focus on me, Kaden.”

Daisy whispered in a low voice, like a smirk.

Yeah, the reason I can’t easily admit that fact is probably because of Judy walking behind me.

And when Daisy said it, I realized it. He must have been using it, pretending he didn’t care about Judy.

Daisy understands, too, but rudeness was rude, and it was something I had to overcome.

Let’s leave Judy and think about it. I promise again

With that in mind, it wasn’t difficult to answer. Because it was a good feeling that he showed openly during that time.

“That’s right, Daisy. I had positive feelings for you.”


“It wasn’t until love…but. What do you like about it?”


I say to Daisy who is questioning. smiled at her

“…Actually, I knew you somehow before you came to the academy.”

“….yes? me?”

“How come? So, everything you do catches my eye. As a result, only positive emotions seemed to me.”

Still, it was night, so I couldn’t see her reaction accurately. She had no choice but to infer her emotions from her slightly awkward footsteps and her straightened head.

Daisy did not speak for a long time. Only the sound of footsteps becomes our conversation.

After going around the women’s dormitory, I saw the entrance in the distance again.

And then, I felt a soft touch on my little finger.

Daisy put her little finger carefully at me.


Now that I see her, her stride has narrowed, and her head is bowed as if hiding from me.

“…Kayden. I know it will be confusing.”

She said.

“…but as I have been to you, so have you. So….”

She didn’t finish her speech. there was no need to Roughly speaking, Judy was like a signal to forget about it.

Rather than doing this because he liked me, it seemed that he acted for us first. to make it easier for you to clear your mind.


I nodded my head and didn’t bother pulling my finger out. So, when I reached the entrance to the dormitory, Daisy released my finger.

Daisy is now clearly visible in the light from the building. There was a blush on her face.

She glances at Judy, who is walking behind us, and tells me.

“…to finish… do well and come.”

Then, without hesitation, he turned around and entered the dormitory.

I stared at the dormitory that Daisy entered like that for a long time.

Now it was time to turn around and talk to Judy.

But for some reason, the body did not turn.

After taking three deep breaths, I decide to look back.

I breathe in.




Then, something wrapped around my waist.

As I looked down, my trembling arms were hugging me.



Like her, I couldn’t find anything to say for a while.

Finally, she patted her arm as she embraced me and spoke quietly.


The trembling of her hugging me grows stronger.

She was about the same height as me, so something hot ran down her face on her back.

“…Kaden…where are these things?”

She asks me in a watery voice. When I heard her voice, I bit my lip.

“…I must have expected a lot…I didn’t know…you will be on my side for the first time…”


“…Where did you give and take away…?”

I sighed as much as I could. didn’t make a fuss. But no matter how much I hid my heart, she seemed to know how I felt to some extent.


I said one more time. That was all it had to say.

“…we…how can we not do it again? I’ll tell my father well… so you-“

“- Judy.”

The more she showed her honest heart, the heavier her heart became. So here I make a decision. to draw a clear line.

“…it’s already over.”


– Tuk.

Her trembling stopped, and she hit my forehead once on my back. It was as if he had beaten me.

It didn’t hurt my back, of course, but it did hurt my heart.

she released her arms

And trudging into the dormitory.

I started taking another deep breath.

It seemed like it wouldn’t work otherwise.

Judy’s footsteps as she entered, stopped at the entrance of the dormitory.

She turns her head slightly and looks at me.

Mouth murmured, finally uttered.

“……Kayden. Even as a concubine… how could it not be?”

It was only then that I realized how much strength I had given her. How much did you expect me to marry you? How long would it be if I couldn’t let it go? How hard would it be to be alone in the Ice family?

How did she, who had a hard life as an illegitimate daughter, come up with the word concubine in her heart?

I couldn’t answer for a long time, I managed to say.

“…I can’t decide, you know.”


Convinced, she disappeared into the building without saying any more.


Daisy goes up to her room right after talking to Kaden.

He went into his room with a lot of emotions sorted out.

– Kick.

Inside, there were two other people besides roommates.

familiar face.

Asena Fryster and

Kirsh Freister was sitting on the sofa.

“….daisy. Talk to me.”

As soon as I entered the room, Asena said coldly.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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