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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 79

Pryster’s Assumption (2)

Judy’s hand, who was behind her back, was trembling involuntarily.


The incidents that broke out were too harsh. It shakes Judy’s chest and turns it over.

It is painful just to have the marriage broken. Has he already been connected with someone else?

It must have been like a marriage of decree, but… it was painful.

It was the final blow that crushed even the hope of reconciliation and reconciliation.

“…I didn’t think it was something to hide because it was uncomfortable.”

Daisy still didn’t make eye contact.

I know she didn’t mean anything. But if there’s one thing Daisy didn’t care about, it was that Judy herself had already given Kaden a lot of emotion.

If I had heard this news after the pain had subsided.

I don’t know how many years it will take, but if I had heard this news when I could have been a little more blunt.

Of course, she knew it was all Judy’s own absurd wishes, but it wasn’t a bad thing to want less pain.

Still, Judy wanted to hide the nursery rhyme for some reason. She knew that Daisy had done nothing wrong. It is impossible to be angry.


However, there were no words to say congratulations, say I’m fine, or the sidekicks that would come out in such a situation.

just being aware of that fact. I could only show the reaction that I was not ignoring you.

I used to pride myself on being the best at hiding negative emotions, but now that’s not the case.

The first friend he thought he would be with for the rest of his life was torn from him and joined with the person in front of him.

The overwhelming despondency of this vividness changed its texture.

The woman in front of me would have a happy life. How much more loneliness do I have to be left behind?

A future that will face further persecution from the Ice family. Even my father, who takes good care of me, will one day leave. What else should I do then?

Eventually, Daisy looked up at Judy, who didn’t say anything.

And Daisy turned her eyes away, feeling Judy’s feeling that even an idiot could understand.

I realized there was nothing I could say.

The two fall into silence again.


“Today is the last day.”

I just cut it off.



The twins did not answer. Is it stubbornness or stubbornness? In any case, it represents a certain aspect that is only visible to me.

“What if I miss class like this every day? You didn’t come here for this.”

“…I mean, I don’t know the whole story.”

“Hey, Kirsty. It’s not that my brother scolds me because I didn’t learn something, but because I’m insincere.”


Asena’s hard expression. Kirshi’s dead face.

I looked at the two and finally sighed. I had a fight with my grandmother too, so I don’t need to burden myself.

We were heading for a nearby lake.

The twins are sitting on my horse, rush, and I am dragging him by the reins.

The road to the lake was beautiful and exhilarating, but my head was complicated.

After some time, I thought the twins would get used to it. Knowing that I made a promise not to be broken, I thought I would let you go, even if it was sad.

It’s not like we’re falling apart and I don’t want to leave. In the end, wasn’t it that they were trying to be each other’s strength from afar?

In any family, there are not many cases in which families live together until the end. The heirs who will become the head of state remain on the estate, but the rest leave the estate for marriage or mission.

Not even twins who wouldn’t have expected this. I said I’d go on my own, but that’s not a particularly unusual choice.

I couldn’t figure out why they still didn’t understand.

Especially… Asena.

Kirsiya has a lot of affection, even if it’s because she’s a grumpy character. It was surprising that Asena did that too.

When the two of us were alone, he showed me feelings and knew that he had affection for me. However, it was her who was usually stiff and less agitated, and she is also the one who adapts to problems and finds new solutions.

But this time, like Kirsi, she sometimes cries, does not let go, and even gets angry with her grandmother.

So it can only be a concern. how to get through this problem.

Hearing the chirping of birds, he walked through the wooded forest.

Fortunately, because many people have been passing by for a long time, the path was as flat as possible.

As a peaceful atmosphere flows, I say:

“Hey guys. But, don’t touch Grandma.”

All the other issues are a lot of trouble figuring out how to talk about it, but it’s not as much as this.

A clear mistake that went too far. I have to scold

“Your grandmother is very old. What should we do if we are supposed to be our strength, but we only worry about it?”



“You’ll make some concessions… huh? So that-“


Asena said softly.


She stopped walking and looked up, her eyes wide open and she was looking at me.

“…I can’t give in.”


“If you give in, my brother will leave, how can I do this-”

“- Whether you give in or not, you leave. Let’s just not get mad at each other-“

“-Stop it!”


The air froze at Asena’s cry.


I sighed. Lead the rush and tie the reins to the tree that grows next to the forest path.

“…Come down.”

I said to the twins. They didn’t even move because I was scared, so I held out my hand. Kirsi and Asena took my hand in that order and got off Rush.

After sitting them on a tree stump, they squatted down.

They both avoid my eyes. So I wasn’t the one to go over this. Now I have to ask clearly.

“…why are you doing this, guys.”

“…how many times have I told you that I don’t want you to leave…”

Kirsey mumbled. I let out another long sigh.

“…So, let’s get this sorted out.”

I scratched my head and shut my mouth for a moment. I wasn’t going to open my mouth until my brothers looked into my eyes.

But they averted my eyes all the way, and I ended up putting my hand gently on each of them lap.

As I put my heart on the spotless, immaculate knee for a while, he slowly shifts his gaze towards me.

I said.

“I don’t want you to leave the family.”


Asena nodded once briefly.

“…But when I graduate, I will be expelled from my family.”


This time he hesitated a little and nodded.

“…So, you mean that you want to be by my side as a commoner?”

Asena nodded once more.

“Look… this is the problem. No matter how much I put it together… it’s a story I can’t quite comprehend. If you know me… you know I can’t accept it.”


“Why did I learn the sword…don’t you know?”

In this beautiful space where the scent of grass is fragrant, the cool breeze blows, and the chirping of birds can be heard, I put on a sad expression on my face.

“I, a commoner, stand by your side even a little proudly. I wanted to be more powerful. If I tell you to give up everything and live as a commoner… you don’t know how I feel?”


“…….after. Well, all of this has been said before. I won’t say it again. My brother has one thing to say. My brother is leaving, and you accept it now. You said that you will give me strength from afar. If you have any problems, I will come to you in a month…”


Kirsi couldn’t hold back the tears again and started to shed. Moving her hand to wipe her tears away, she squeezed her voice through her tears.

“…not enough…”


“…..just giving me strength from afar… it’s not enough…”

“……It’s not enough because you are doing this.”

A suffocating heart began to leak out.

“We’ve been living together well so far, so why are you suddenly expelled? Be honest. I can understand the reason… but am I so shy?”


“Is it a problem for this older brother… to remain in the family? You know best that I worked hard.”


“If the future you want is in front of me, it’s no different from prison. In a helpless state that can’t do anything, should I just watch you fight fiercely in the war with other families? Asena. If I were expelled, I wouldn’t be able to fight the Ice Duke like I did before.”


“I want to be a relevant person too, Kirsi. please. Let me do what I want.”


At Kirsi’s cry, my mouth stopped for a moment. Her face looked so desperate that she couldn’t say the next thing.

She raises the corners of her mouth from her crying face. The sight of her smiling and crying beautifully made my heart ache for no reason.

She said.



“I know you didn’t understand… I see. Yes, actually… there is one more reason.”


Asena, who had stopped in the meantime, grabbed Kirsi’s wrist.

There must have been some reason that only the two of them knew. I rolled my eyes and looked at the atmosphere.

Asena sighed and said.

“…Kirsi. It doesn’t end with your own problems. If you don’t, I will-“

“I know, sister.”

Kirsi interrupted Asena. My eyebrows were getting smaller and smaller.


“…Is there one more reason?”

“yes. And now I will tell you.”


I forgot to say anything and looked at Kirsi. She slid down from the stump she was sitting on, knelt in front of me, and grabbed my face with both hands.

she says

“…but, you need to be prepared.”

“……What preparations.”

“…that can’t be said. I’m still…I’m studying too…instead, oppa…give me 5 days.”


“…I’ll tell you when I’m ready…huh…?”


“Putting aside the word of leaving for a moment… think about it after hearing the reason.”

Kirsi’s face as he speaks out looks so relieved.

Asena, shaking by her side, was so strange that I couldn’t say any more.

“Only five days… huh? 5 days only…”

In my heart, I have already made the decision to leave.

For some reason, I couldn’t remind him of that fact as much as now.


Afterwards, the walk ended in a quiet atmosphere.

Taking a nap or playing in the water, we didn’t do anything unusual, we just enjoyed the scenery.

Kirsi just clings to my side and wipes tears from under my arm, Asena lays her hand on the back of my hand.

Back at the academy, I put Rush back into the stables, and I drove my brothers to the dorm.

After a long silence, I asked them one more time.

“…I hope you and Grandma get along again, guys. That was all he wanted to say today.”



The two did not answer, but I believe my intentions were well communicated.

As we walked to the dormitory, we had no choice but to stop at the same time.

Because there were people waiting for us at the entrance.

It was two women.


okay. Of course, it was a moment that would come someday, but it was so sudden that I couldn’t hide my expression.

Judy and Daisy were standing there.

They confirmed our existence and started walking.

It was only when each other’s voices could be heard, Daisy opened her mouth.


Her face had the same awkwardness as mine.

“…Let’s talk.”

And also the slightest joy.

At the same time, the twins grabbed my hem from behind.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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