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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 78

Pryster’s Assumption (1)

Daisy was perplexed when her father suddenly decided to marry her.

It wasn’t that there was someone I liked, but there were people who caught it.

It was she who vaguely wanted something to happen with Kaden.

But that was the end of that moment. Because there’s no way Kaden, who has a mate, can be his opponent.

Until a few days ago, her father had told her to keep Kaden in mind. However, as soon as another opponent was decided, there was no choice but to cause minor dissatisfaction.

But in the next words, Daisy had to take a breath.

“…Loney, your opponent is Kaden Pryster.”


Daisy blinked her clear eyes. A bright light begins to spread from her face, which was showing a slight dissatisfaction.

“Did you tell me a few days ago? Kaden Pryster can be your mate, so get ready.”

“Ha…but Caden is with Judy Ice…”

“Well? Judy Ice? You mean the maiden of the Ice family?”


“Why is Judy Ice in this story? Or will she be Cayden’s lover?”


It was then that Daisy realized that her father didn’t know about Kaden and Judy’s marriage.

Apparently, even when Kaden first spoke, he didn’t make the announcement due to circumstances.

“Ah… no. Not like that.”

“Even if it is, it doesn’t matter. There is no room for emotions in an arranged marriage. Now you just have to think about how you will get along with Kayden.”

Earl Hexter looked at Daisy slowly.

“…Still, this is the opponent my father thought about and chose. He is an adopted child from commoners, but I heard that he is favored by the former Duchess of Liana. I don’t know about the twins’ relationship, but… Still, it would be of great help to us to get married to Priest rather than a fussy family.”

“…yes. That… it is.”

Daisy couldn’t hear the story properly. My head was spinning so fast.

As her father said, there is really no room for emotions in an arranged marriage… But when she became the main character, Daisy felt different.

The real feeling of being married to him. Anticipation of the emotions you will feel as you get closer. Relief about being able to connect with Cayden, not with a strange person.

Kayden. excitement about the person itself.

All emotions flooded in at once with the single word that he was engaged.

“Besides…isn’t it loved by the common people? At Duchess Liana’s request, I hope that Cayden will settle in our estate. Even this is a good thing. There’s no need for you to leave for Freister’s estate. In addition to that, our residents will also welcome him with the food he presents… It’s up to you to decide, but I don’t think there is a better groom than this.”


“Daisy, married life…can you continue?”

This was enough for Daisy to come to her senses and answer. He raises his head and straightens his eyes to meet Earl Hexter.

“yes. You can do it well.”


Kirsi arrived at the library.

She was just realizing that she was getting too caught up in the situation.

She was far from studying, but she was thinking that she might be able to learn something again this time, just as she had learned about kissing in the past.

She also felt that this desperate situation would never end.

No matter how he destroys Kaden’s marriage, Grandma will bring another new opponent.

A lot had to change.

And as a way out, Kirsi eventually chose to confess.

There was nothing other than that. It felt like I had to break my heart somehow.

As it was a love I realized late, I had to speed up.

Asena was already preparing something step by step.

Whether it’s a promise to expel him, or a kiss from a long time ago…

He realized his own heart and acted.

Of course, Kirsi wasn’t unaware that even Asena’s plans were being shattered recently.

I couldn’t stand still and watch.

Although many things became uncertain, some of them were still clear.

She couldn’t stand Kaden leaving her, and she wanted to be with her for the rest of her life.

He realized that he could spend the rest of his life happily only if his love came only to him and not to anyone else.


Kirsi had to calm his mind before exploring the library’s bookshelves.

The repercussions of arguing with my grandmother were still there.

Now she decided to rush to Kaden without even noticing her grandmother… but it wasn’t as easy as she thought.

Because she was the grandmother who loved them.

It’s hard to nail her to the chest, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wait to see Kaden leave.

It’s your life, and you’ll get what you want.

No matter how old she was, she couldn’t give up on Kayden.

She wandered the library. I quickly looked through the books, trying to find the one I needed.

‘The art of love.’

‘Conscious marriage, about its cruelty.’

‘How to get along with the other person.’

‘When will I fall in love with my fiancée?’

She struggled to find a book that suited her situation.

There were not many books about confession. It may be because of the prevalence of arranged marriages.

‘The Kiss Primer.’

She pauses at a book she had read in the past. Maybe it’s a familiar book. Suddenly, her hand was on a book.

Kirsi scans the book, flipping through familiar pictures and explanations.

From deep kisses to leaving kiss marks.

At that time, the description of the book did not make sense.

Under the picture of a kiss that mixes tongues, ‘The final stage of kissing. It gives you deep pleasure.’ was written briefly.

She had expected from the beginning that kissing would be pleasant, but she couldn’t agree with the word “deep pleasure” at all.

I wondered if it would make that much of a difference.

…but, having done this, she now… realizes that this explanation is wrong.

No, it wasn’t a mistake, but I noticed how vague the explanation was.

It was not something that could be described as ‘deep pleasure’.

Just imagining it now was proof that it was getting harder to breathe.

The pleasure of melting the brain. The pleasure of being addicted right away. drug.

If not, it should have been written that way.

He knew it was wrong, but Kirsey knew he would do it again if he had the chance right now.

Already, every night, I recalled kissing him, and it was painfully difficult.

And what to do next time… I imagined countless times.

He hugged his neck tightly and pressed his mouth tightly together. Put your finger in his mouth and stick out his tongue, licking his tongue like eating candy. Is he breathing through his mouth? Suck until your lower and upper lip swell. Turning over while hugging him and kissing him while lying on his back. Very gently, imagining that he is awake, and carefully kissing him with a fluttering emotion.

There were so many things I wanted to do.

At the same time, Kirsi also knew that the kiss was not the end.

As I learned in sex education class, I said that there is more pleasure than that.

It was difficult to even imagine. If it is a physical pleasure, you will be able to experience it vaguely. Wouldn’t it be similar to the pleasure you feel every time you soothe your heated body at night while imagining Kaden?

What she was curious about was that emotional pleasure, as she did when they kissed her.

And as much as that, he couldn’t do it while he was sleeping.

Either way, we have to move each other’s bodies, because we can’t do it while he’s asleep.

If I wanted to know that pleasure, I had no choice but to work hard at this library.

Kirsi put the book back on the shelf after a brief recollection.

And her eyes, after exploring for such a long time, stop at one book.

‘How to love common people.’

I haven’t read it though.

She immediately senses that there is a lot to learn from that book.

Because commoners rarely have a political spirit.

Confess your heart, and what follows will happen in a rare way.


The next day, Judy got up heavy.

The day before, she finally shed tears.

It was only then that he realized that he had been looking forward to having a wedding with Kaden.

You always realize the value of everything only after you lose it. I don’t know if I could have been honest with myself.

And at the same time, she was very sad.

It was the family’s circumstances that could lead to each other in the first place, but it was hard to accept that the breakup had to be broken due to family circumstances that had nothing to do with the person’s heart.

This time, it was Nera Ice who interrupted her.

For the first time, she appeared in front of a future that could be expected for the first time.

Her half-sister and the person she hates.

After all, it is Nera who is in the family and what she suffered as a child.

There was no direct harassment, but ignorance was routine. When he approached, he frowned and interrupted everything.

Although she didn’t want to blame, Judy believed Nera had a role in her defensive personality as well.

And Judy has made her hate Nera so much because of this incident.

It was the first time I had a desire to curse someone so clearly.

In the end, it was Judy who knew that she could do nothing to her enemy, Nera, but she knew that this resentment would be cherished until she died.

what the hell

Who was kicking and sprinkling wine at such a meeting? Why did it have to be the place?

If it hadn’t been for that moment, I could have endured everything. I could have endured all the insults and humiliations. Why did you have to be there?

The first friend I made, and someone who shared the same pain. Someone who has seen how shiny and how upright he is.

It wasn’t that he had a crush on him because of his appearance or family. I fell in love with him and opened my heart to him.

Then he rolled over and caught him in his hand. With a pounding heart, I reached out to grab him.

When he opened his hands, his light had already escaped.

everything. because of nera.

This is so unfair, and in the end, Judy shed tears the day before.


But for a while. Judy washed herself and got dressed. He rubs his swollen face and puts his sword around his side.

The escort must go on.

She set off to Daisy’s room, behind the bed dragging her.




Cayden hasn’t been seen all day.

maybe it’s lucky

The emotions were still vivid, and I didn’t know how to face him.

I thought it would be better to talk when my mind calmed down.

Today, he seems to have been dragged by the twins.

Maybe they are having a family meeting.

Speaking of family meetings, Judy thought of Nera.

Of course, she’s never been to a family meeting…but still, Nera comes to mind.

She wondered what other excuses she might have.

The cause of the breakup of this marriage is almost her fault…how does she justify her actions to her father?

Once the resentment passed, cold anger and hatred kept raising their heads.

When the chance for revenge came one day… Judy knew she would act. This was clear.

The hatred that I had endured since childhood overflowed with this incident.

I couldn’t stand it any longer.


But Judy calmed down.

I can’t think of anything else while escorting.

No matter how peaceful the academy is, things can happen suddenly.

When you are vigilant, you are most vulnerable.

As I was trying to erase my thoughts, Daisy, who was sitting at the desk in the student council room, loosened her neck.


As Judy wondered, Daisy looked back at her cautiously.

“…what’s going on?”

Judy asks.

“…I think I have to tell you that…”

As Daisy opened her mouth, there was an expression of regret.

“…I heard it. Kayden and the…”

Judy responds with a feeling of being depressed.

“…it’s okay.”


“…it’s a family matter.”


Right after that, was it because he wanted to read more about himself? Or was it because it was too painful if I didn’t say it? Judy exclaimed as if making an excuse.

“…Pryster and Ice… couldn’t be connected.”

Judy’s heart ached so much that she had to say that.

As time went on, she realized just how varied the minds she had had with Kayden were.

Thought the conversation was over, Daisy didn’t turn back.

She still has a sad expression on her face.


But Judy could also capture the faint anticipation on Daisy’s face.

As an anxious mind overwhelms, Daisy said:

A story that came out so suddenly.

It’s as if Daisy can’t take it anymore.

“…the next opponent will be me.”


“…I… became Kaden’s fiancée.”

Daisy averted her eyes and whispered.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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