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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 77


Asena felt as if she could fly away until morning.

Whether intentional or not, Kirsi’s actions were able to open a rift between the families, and as a result, Kaden and Judy’s marriage ended.

Kaden and Judy looked dissatisfied at the same time…but that was a minor thing.

I didn’t like Caden’s interest in Judy, but given his warm personality, it might be inevitable.

Rather, it may be an opportunity to approach him when he is heartbroken.

Of course, all of these are just plans that we haven’t been able to put into practice, but we don’t know what the world will be like.

So Asena was not afraid of her grandmother’s call for a long time. Wouldn’t it end after hearing the scolding about yesterday? In fact, no matter what he said, it didn’t seem like this happy feeling would go away.

“…I’m sorry about yesterday, Kaden.”

Grandma said so and opened her mouth.

Cayden rarely responded to her words. It seemed to show how disappointed he was.

Caden’s disappointment that he couldn’t connect with Judy makes one part of his heart ache.

Jealous of the heart he had already given to Judy. It’s the love I wish I had sent to myself.

I wondered if Cayden would hurt me if something similar happened to me.

If you start having an affair with another man, will you feel heartbroken when you think of yourself leaving?

Maybe… it didn’t seem like that. So that’s probably what you’re trying to do.

“But… yes. It must be my fault for not thinking about the goal between our families.”

Liana’s grandmother drank tea and spoke calmly. There seemed to be no rebuke for the events that had happened the day before.

“Like spilling wine on Kirsi’s clothes, kicking her shin with her foot…”

Liana’s gaze then reached Cayden’s neck.

“…The rudeness of dismissing simple insect bites as kiss marks…”

Kirsi secretly swallowed the saliva next to him. Until Kirsi left a kiss mark, there was a wish that it would be found in the corner of his heart, but now he thinks it is fortunate that he doesn’t leave a trace too badly.

Cayden answered, swiping his finger across the red marks on his neck.

“…that’s right. I was pretty… insulting.”

“It is unfortunate that the wedding was canceled, but maybe it was a good thing. Kaden, I can’t let you go to a family like that. Perhaps we have forced you to make great sacrifices for the sake of peace.”

“No, Grandma. I told you I wanted to go too.”


Asena bit her lip at Cayden’s words once more. Every time Kaden said he wanted to leave, it felt like a dagger was stabbed in his chest. What should I do or when will I be able to change my mind?

“In my mind… I wanted to act as we said and hold the Ice family accountable for this, but I have an urgent business to solve personally, so I decided to bury it for once.”

Liana’s grandmother’s eyes glanced over the twins immediately. It wasn’t difficult for Asena to predict what Liana Grandma said to be the problem to be solved. Perhaps it was her and Kirsi’s love affair.

Liana Grandma says

“…So, let’s just put up with it this time. I’m sorry, Kayden. That I have to endure even after hearing insults directed at you…”

“it’s okay. Didn’t Asena pour wine on Nera Ice? That relieved me a bit. And… I don’t want to create a conflict with Judy in this situation.”

“……I see.”

Grandma Liana nods her head.

She picked up her teacup and enjoyed her tea, then looked back at everyone who was seated.

And immediately, he spit out a bombshell.

“Kayden. Yes, I found the next fiancée.”

At her words, the twins rose from their seats at the same time.

– Druck!



They had no choice but to open their eyes and mouth wide in this unbelievable situation.

But Grandma Liana was calm.

“Sit down.”

They seemed to anticipate their actions.

Kayden, like the twins, was confused.

“…Grandma, are you this fast?”

“…I know that I haven’t been able to control my heart yet. But that’s the way all hondam is. In the end, if the will of the family is right, it can be continued.”


Liana extended her hand to the silent Kaden. Her wrinkled hands gently stroked Cayden’s hair.

“Kayden. I’m sorry. ‘Cause I can’t take care of your heart But… it is difficult for this grandmother to remain in this academy for long. So, at this time, trying to find your mate, everything is in a hurry. understand.”

“….okay. Okay. If Grandma’s will… then I’ll follow.”

Caden blinked in bewilderment, but did not vomit at Liana’s words. Although it was sad, Liana was grateful and proud of it.

“The other party knows you too. The eldest daughter of the Hexter family… Daisy became her opponent.”

Cayden blinks in surprise.

“…Is it Dai?”

“I heard that you are still friends. Someone you know would be more comfortable for you than someone you don’t know.”

In the end, Kirsi, who could not stand it any longer after hearing that, intervened.

“This… this isn’t it.”

Liana, who had sent an apologetic look to Cayden, withdrew her expression and looked at Kirsi coldly.

Those eyes seemed to rebuke Kirsi’s love for Kaden.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh… I have time to think about it too… ah… no, more than that… de… daisies…”


Cayden intervened.

“I mean grandma.”

“I’m not okay!!”

Kirsi clenched her fists and shouted. Her heart was excited until morning, but she did not know what kind of lightning it was.

Cayden got up from her seat and walked over to wipe Kirsi’s tears, which had begun to flow.

“…Now it’s time to get used to it…”

And then, Liana, who was watching from behind, stopped it.

“Kayden. Don’t wipe your brother’s tears.”


“Whether you cry or not, you need to know that it doesn’t happen just because you use a bunch.”

Kirsi’s eyes began to flutter violently. Cayden couldn’t help but be surprised to see those eyes.

I was giving such a rude gaze to a grandmother who was no one else.

Cayden blocked her way and hid this from her grandmother.

But Kirsey didn’t know how to stop.

“Grandma, when did you say I used the swarm?”


“It’s just this one time. You’ve heard good things before…!”


“Why didn’t you give up even once?!”

“Kirsi. You know it’s not just me, don’t you?”

The eyes of Kirsi, which Cayden had been hiding, faded at that moment. She pondered for a moment, then glanced up at Cayden.



“Just once… huh…? Stop it now, please…don’t leave me…”

Just as his hand reached Kirsi’s cheek involuntarily, Grandma interrupted Cayden’s action once again.


Just calling your name once was enough.

he thinks

‘Yeah, maybe that’s why they keep getting such a grudge like this.’

Kirsi’s eyes are dyed with despair at the sight of him stopping.

said the grandmother.

“Kayden. I’m sorry, but you have to go out for a while.”


“I have to talk to the children.”

Cayden closed her eyes tightly. Immediately after, he bowed his head to the grandmother and left the room.

After Cayden’s departure, the twins’ momentum grew even more ferocious. It was as if the last curtain that had stopped them had disappeared.

Liana sees the twins and feels the depth of their love. I was saddened by how desperately I was doing this.

“Can not be done.”

That was the first thing she said.

“Continuing with Kaden…I can’t watch.”

Hearing those words, Asena did not waver.

“If you love me. Please break it as we wish only once.”

“…under. Are you asking for permission?”


“Are you thinking and speaking, Asena?”

The eyes of the three women met in the air. Perhaps it was fortunate that Cayden had escaped from this position.

It was because the eyes of the three Priests did not collide nicely.

Rihanna’s sad eyes met the twins as they were. No matter how the twins get along like tigers at the academy, they can’t beat Liana, who has lived the longest as a Pryster.

“Like I said, it’s not a matter of letting me go. Do you not think about the shock your brother will receive?”

“That is a matter for us to figure out. Why would your grandmother block it before you even try?”

“Because I know it won’t end well.”

“Even so!”

Asena raises her voice. Then suddenly, fearing that her words might reach Caden outside, he glanced at him and spoke in a calm voice.

“…even if so. I’ll give it a try. I don’t want to try and lose my brother.”

Kirsi stood still, ran to Liana and knelt next to her.

Then he grabbed Liana’s hand, who was shaking and trembling, and leaned her forehead on it.

“Grandma please…please…”

Liana felt tears running down the back of her hand. In the end, her eyes gradually began to shake at the tears of her granddaughter like white jade.

But then she shook her head and opened her mouth.

And her voice trembles as if it was painful to say these words. It was a Lyana Pryster nursery rhyme that could not be easily heard.

“…if you came with Kaden and told me, I wouldn’t know.”


“If I loved each other so much that I couldn’t even use my hands, and wished for my permission and blessing…”

Liana couldn’t keep up.

“…but that’s not it, is it? It’s your one-sided love, and Kayden doesn’t matter. That child… now is the time to be happy. Why are you trying to lead me down a road full of hardship and adversity once again…!”

Kirsi whispered beside him.

“I can’t be my brother… I really can’t…”

Liana, hearing Kirsi’s plea, explodes. It was as if she was trying to hide her feelings in a loud voice.

“In the first place, you couldn’t even organize yourself!!”

Liana showed a burst of rage, and, as Asena did, she lowered her voice, hoping Cayden would hear it.

“Even if I allow it in the first place, can’t you be happy…”

As he lowered his voice like that, the sorrow he had been trying to hide lifted his head. Tears began to form in Liana’s eyes.

“…Asena, will it be you?”


“…Kirsi, will you be?”


“Even if you allow it…you twins…wouldn’t you be fighting over your brother…I’m more afraid of my internal enemies than my external enemies…I…I have a duty to stop this…”

Liana’s mask shattered into fragments one by one, leaving only a woman who was troubled and agonized. A slender woman who could not make a choice, hidden by the snow of the years. He was able to see what he had only seen to his wife and granddaughters.

Kirsi raised Liana’s hand and placed it on her cheek.

“Grandma…I won’t fight with my sister…please…just understand me…don’t disturb us anymore…don’t send my brother to another woman…”


“It’s already hard to express this feeling…why do you keep making it harder…”

Liana wiped her tears with her half hand, then hardened her expression again. But in her face, once broken, the twins could not find the mighty Liana Pryster that they had felt before.

All they see is an old woman who cares about herself and her family.

Liana said.

“…Kirsi. I still can’t believe you even love Kaden. Think again. whether it is an illusion or not. If family love is too deep, you may mistake it for love of the opposite sex. Ask me again-”

“-Brother neck.”

As soon as she heard those words, Grandma took a deep breath.

Kirsi showed no mercy as he looked at the surprised grandmother.

“…it’s not an insect bite. As Nera said… it’s a kiss mark.”


“I left it. I left it…”


Liana took her hand out of Kirsi’s hand and covered her face.

She shakes her shoulders as if shedding tears.

for a long time to do that.

Liana said quietly.

“…but it’s not okay. I’ve already finished talking to the Hexters.”

And even when she saw her grandmother who had lost such strength, Asena did not stop.

“…the Ice House…we had similar strength to ours, so they stayed quiet.”


“But not the Hectors. If you take my brother away from me… the Hexters will have to prepare.”

Without telling the Hexters what to prepare for, Liana could easily infer that.

However, Liana did not miss a blind spot even though she was weak.

“…and then you will be able to point your brother and your sword at each other.”


“Kaden must already be in the Hexter family.”


“Love will go away. Even with a verbal threat, I will not be shaken.”

Liana slowly got up from her seat. she says

“…let’s stop for today. It’s too complicated.”

Kirsi says to the departing grandmother’s back.

“…I…I told you, Grandma…it’s coming soon…but soon…I’m going to tell my brother.”


“When the time comes… if it works out… then please really understand me.”

After hearing Kirsi’s words, Liana paused and stayed there for a while.

I left the room without answering.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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