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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 81

Pryster’s Assumption (4)

“…that…then let’s talk…”

When Daisy arrived, her roommate fled into the room, leaving the twins as if waiting.

Asena was sipping tea with a cold expression on her face, and Kirsi was leaning comfortably on the sofa, looking down at the floor.

Daisy walked over to them and said,

“…You have succeeded in breaking up your marriage with Judy in the end.”



“…I feel sorry for Kaden who is confused with me again soon…but…don’t worry…if I connect with Cayden, my family won’t be hostile to Pryster—”


Asena put down her teacup and called her.

“…I’ll go straight to the point.”


“I don’t even like this marriage talk.”

she said openly.

Daisy chooses silence for a moment. I felt I had to let go of the surge of emotions and choose my words. Like walking on an icy road… Everything that comes out of your mouth from now on could have a direct impact on your future.

Maybe Asena came out like this to gain the upper hand in Hondam.

It didn’t matter. Unless it’s an unreasonable request, that’s fine. In order to connect with Kayden, I was willing to risk it to some extent.

Either way, the twins are Cayden’s younger brother and Freister’s heart. Since the families were connected through marriage, they had to be treated more carefully.

“…can you tell me why?”

Daisy asked.

There is also a problem between the families. The lack of one’s own origin. There is no personal history.

As a result, Daisy did not feel that Asena’s words were sincere. Because if there is no reason, there is no action.

Instead, if you’re doing this to get something out of this conversation, it’s understandable.

“…why do you need a reason?”

However, Asena’s answer far exceeded Daisy’s expectations.

Anxiety, which I had not been able to detect before, creeped up.

Maybe… are you really doing this to break up the marriage? even to yourself?

Daisy hardened her heart more and more. it cannot be pushed

“…are you doing this to me right now for no reason? Asena… no matter how you are… you’re pretty rude.”

“…you’re not good enough, Daisy.”


“It’s not enough to connect with my brother.”

“…if we love each other, it’s okay.”

“Your brother doesn’t like you.”

Daisy immediately refuted that statement.

“… those are not words that will come out of your mouth. A while ago, I came to hear from Kayden myself. He told me he liked me.”


Asena’s tone of voice changed, and Kirsi’s eyes, who were looking at the floor, moved to Daisy.

“…But even if I don’t say it… rumors are circulating. In addition to the day of the jousting and being in charge of my escort…”

“-under. My brother… said something like that…?”

Asena was rarely agitated. Daisy didn’t even listen to the next words.

Asena reacted like this just because Kaden had a crush on her, even though she thought it was strange, Daisy continued the interrupted words. I couldn’t get the momentum going.

“…Asena. I don’t know what the problem is. I have the confidence to live with your brother and take care of each other.”

“…you say no. Didn’t you just hear it?”

Daisy let out a long sigh and moved on. Without avoiding the twins’ pressure, he went straight to them and sat down opposite them.

He frowned at the twins with unshakable eyes.

“…I feel sorry for Kaden.”

“……daisy. You better watch your mouth from now on.”

Kirsi, who had stopped still, growled in a voice he had never heard before. It was the opposite of her usual plump personality.

Daisy apologized, not because she was scared, but because she thought it was definitely rude to think about it again.

“….sorry. It was definitely harsh. But… it’s true that Kaden wants to be tough.”


“Kaden said he gave you so much love. The reaction that came back was a gossip at the academy.”

Kirsey averted his eyes at those words.

“They say they will be expelled from the family. Making you embarrassed at the prom. Now, he’s trying to interfere with the birth of a fiancée, so how can Kaden not have a hard time? Not even Judy Ice from the Duke’s. I can’t either. Are you playing with kayden? Are you going to let me go? Who the hell is going to be your fiancée to be satisfied?”


Asena spits out.

…At those words, Daisy’s hair turned white.

The anger that began to boil from getting angry for Kaden, the urge to ask them all their questions, and the fighting spirit to fight back somehow vanish.

She could only doubt her ears.


“It’s my country.”


Daisy blinked. I still couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Somewhere in the middle, the conversation got twisted, so she asked again.

“…you want to be Cayden’s fiancée?”

But Asena put a definite stamp on it.



“I came to tell you this today. Anyway… sooner or later, my brother will know our feelings.”


Daisy’s eyes roll and stick to Kirsi. Kirsi had a firm expression like Asena.

Daisy asked mechanically.

“Ah… no. K…Kaden is your brother…”



Daisy opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Are the two of you talking about falling in love with your brother?

She had never heard such a shocking story in her entire life.

No one else is the head of Pryster. no. Pryster’s twins love their adopted brother.

I knew they weren’t joking just by looking at their faces. So it’s even more frustrating.

Asena said with a firm expression on her face.

“So back off. I loved you years earlier than you. Years early…I wanted a brother. you also. Judy too. It is unacceptable to intervene at will…”

It was the first conversation for Daisy to feel Asena’s feelings. Asena did not show her emotions easily to match her cold impression.

To say that the first emotion she directly expressed was such a muddy one, Daisy doesn’t know how to react.

And yet, at the same time, all the puzzles were spinning in their own heads.

Why did you lose your reputation through gossip? He didn’t want others to know his beauty.

Why hid him at the prom. The twins didn’t want to see Kayden dancing with another woman.

Reasons for being expelled from the family. Because they can’t get married because they’re tied up in the name of Freister.

The reason I had a lot of fights with him recently. Because he keeps leaving them.

Still, why didn’t he move on to his words? Because I… loved him.

Asena, who was sipping tea, looked at Daisy with cold eyes.

Those green eyes were more serious and threatening than ever.

“You will know what Freister said….”

Pryster’s proverb. ‘Don’t touch us.’ Daisy recalled their words to herself.

“…Get your hands off your brother…”

Obviously, their hypotheses were not built in that sense. However, in line with the atmosphere of Asena, Gaeon has delivered a more direct message than ever.

As if Pryster’s blood shows the twins’ unbreakable resolve. It has come back more threatening than ever.

If you were an ordinary woman, at that moment, you might have let go of the twins because you don’t want to be hostile to them. But Daisy wins over her shaking heart.

I kept my mouth shut for a while because it was so shocking, but now I am trying to accept the situation.

yes the twins love him But, nothing changes. Judy seemed to like him too, but in any case, he wasn’t the chosen opponent.

If you give up here, it doesn’t change the fact that Kaden will leave from your grasp. Daisy’s heart when she got him… To explain it, it was like receiving an unexpected precious gem.

I wasn’t dreaming of getting that gem, but I didn’t want to let go of it.

As Caden imagined a future that would become his mate, the future was starting to look even more exciting, and it was beginning to have a special meaning to him.

It was something I couldn’t give up.

So Daisy shook her head.

“….no. Asena. I will not let go.”

The hostility of the twins flared up rapidly immediately afterward.

As much as I could feel their skin, their hatred was overflowing.

I wondered how he had been hiding this feeling until now.

“It’s the relationship between the former Duchess of Liana and my father. Neither Kayden nor I have any complaints about this engagement, and I can’t listen to you and destroy it for you.”

“I am the head of Freister, Daisy. You’d better not be hostile to me.”

“…I am not shaken, Asena. I’m not foolish enough to destroy something precious because I’m afraid of you.”

“…something precious?”

Kirsi, who was listening, interrupted and repeated Daisy’s words.

“…how long has it been since you and your brother, is it something precious already? My heart is like a reed, Daisy. Have you already given your brother that much heart? If it had been another man, would I have fallen for you in an instant?”

“stop. I have no reason to listen to you anymore. I just want you to leave.”

It was the perfect moment to break up. The three women exchanged glances, and got up from their seats at the same time.

The twins walked towards the door, and Daisy saw them off.

In front of the door, the three stopped again and looked at each other.

“…good night. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Daisy gave them one last word.

However, during these short steps, the twins’ eyes were very different.

Is it because the plan didn’t go as planned? Unlike his hard eyes before, he was a little shaken.

Even the twins, who were anxious about not being able to negotiate, were seeing Daisy for the first time.

Asena says:

“…if I give up on my brother…I will support the Hectors. You are being shaken by pestilence and famine.”

Daisy once again shows her refusal.

“…If we borrow the power of someone else’s family like that, we will be shaken by the family. That’s why we’ve been holding on with our own strength. Plus…Kaden’s gift has put him in a stable state. I will decline your offer.”

– Kwok!

As soon as Daisy finished speaking, Kirsi’s hand reached out and grabbed Daisy’s forearm.

Because Kirsi had always had a hostile look on her, Daisy made up her mind. Be prepared for words that will hurt you

But instead of saying a word, Kirsi lowered his head and hid his expression.


Just as she was puzzled, something dripped from her face and landed on the floor.

It was tears.

“…Please…Daisy. please…”

It wasn’t until the last moment that Kirsi began to beg.

In the end, it was not their threatening words and threats that shook Daisy.

These were such emotional Kirsi’s tears.

Daisy was starting to feel dizzy.

For the first time, I tried to understand Kirsey’s heart, which he did not want to understand.

How much did you love Kaden like this? What was the feeling of those who had to reveal to others even though they knew it was impossible love? How much do you depend on Kayden, who has been your support since childhood?

Until they fell in love with their brother, how many things had happened between them.

Such Kaden is about to leave, but what do they think?

Daisy’s hardened expression began to droop.

The corners of his eyes went down, and his eyes rolled around.

I can’t stand this atmosphere, she said one last time.


Kirsi’s actions hardened. A move as if he had given up trying to convince Daisy.

She rubbed her eyes and lifted her head.

Then he nodded and twisted the door open.


Kirsi arrived in the room and laid down on the bed, wiping away the cold tears.

Was it because he showed tears to his lover? No more tears came out.

But…the one who was left behind became miserable. In front of others, he pretends to be strong, pretends to be a Priest, growls and threatens, but he knew better than anyone that he was weak.

That’s how cowardly and ugly it is.

What’s wrong with Daisy? From her point of view, it was only natural to find a fiancée.

If there was a bad person, it was himself who got in the way.

He didn’t want to be this ugly. Some people wouldn’t want to do this.

But it had to be like this. The only way I could think of was this.

If I didn’t even do this, I really thought I would lose Kayden.

It was heartbreaking and frustrating. The exit seemed to be trapped in an invisible deep cave.

He was moving, knowing that staying still would be ruin, but he couldn’t tell whether this direction was heading towards the exit or into a deeper pit.

…But, the feelings I’m feeling now seem to be the latter.

So I had no choice but to pray that I was wrong. I can’t stop walking, and I can’t go back.

There’s only one thing I want.

All you need is Kayden.

I found out that Asena was the same.

Also, her expression didn’t go away until she returned to the dormitory. I don’t know for sure, but it seemed that he was feeling bitter with the behavior he had shown Daisy.

Each time this happened, Kirsi remembered the moment he was in the Freister estate.

It wasn’t long ago, but then I realized how naive I was.

I was looking forward to the academy so much and wanted new friends.

Now that I came back, all I needed was one Kayden.

And this space that was trying to take him away… was nothing more than a hell.

Kirsey closed her eyes helplessly.

It was a night that I missed Kayden’s warmth more than ever. as he strokes his hair pinching the cheek. Saying good night and kissing the cheek. To fall asleep with hugs and pats on the back. Giving arm pillows.

If even one of them could be given to her at this moment, nothing would have been desired.

Kirsey slowly fell asleep.

And then I had a dream.

In that dream, Kayden wasn’t his brother. Nor was Pryster.

It was just a man from another family.

She naturally became close with Kaden and dreamed of whispering love to him.

A healthy relationship that does not cross any moral line.

A normal relationship with no obstacles ahead.

naturally get to know him. Naturally holding his hand. kiss him naturally.

I had a very happy, fleeting dream.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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