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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 7

Wrong Encounters (2)

Kirsey felt good in the morning. You don’t know how relieved your heart was when you heard the news that your older sister, Asena, had come to reconcile the night before.

It was the first time he had seen his brother Kaden so angry.

He wasn’t angry with himself, but he was worried that sparks might break out.

A life hated by him is unimaginable.

Kirsi also thought that he was weak as he could only live by relying on his brother.

But I was so happy to lean on him that I didn’t think of quitting.

But just a few days ago, I started to imagine what it would be like to disappear.

Asena used to not banish Cayden from the family, but she imagined moving away from him like that.

…Actually, even if Kaden is expelled from the family, it’s okay to follow him.

So, I was just wary of being hated by him.

He begged and begged so that his anger would not spread on him.

As if heaven had granted his request, Asena came to make peace with him.

Through Asena’s bloodshot eyes that I had not seen in a long time, I could feel how worried she was too.

Everything was good though.

Kirsi thought that he could get back together as much as the entrance ceremony.

And the morning was bright.

I couldn’t sleep very much, but my chest was so light.

The unpleasant pressure that had been pressing on her chest for days had disappeared.

I was able to approach Cayden with aegyo again. I was able to get his cuteness again.

Unsurprisingly, Cayden, who had visited early, accepted her and was able to unravel the stories accumulated by not seeing each other for a day.

No one could hear anything from the other side.


So Dorando was having a good time with him, but his gaze was fixed in one place and did not move.


Although Kirsi laughed hehehe, he tilted his head.

His gaze never returned to him.

He waved his hand in front of his eyes, pinched and shook his cheek, but he didn’t respond.

….. was strange. It was the first time since he became a family member.

Kirsi leaned close to him and looked in the direction he was looking.


A woman was standing there.

Kirsey couldn’t believe he was looking at the woman, so he looked up at Kaden with difficulty again.


And Cayden continued to stare blankly at it, even exclaiming, as if she had fallen into something.

There was a feeling of discomfort as if it were being ripped out of my chest.

Kirsi immediately shook him.

Looks like I’ll have to bring it back again.

Looking at her older sister, Asena also looked at Cayden’s face in embarrassment, then moved her eyes to the woman coldly.

Grabbing his strange heart and bringing his gaze.

his next words.

“Because that person is pretty.”


Compliments that a person is beautiful.

Why is it that the words that were always happy when they come out of his mouth give him the opposite feeling just because he is not directed at him?

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t figure out the reason for Kirshi.

Cayden suddenly tapped him and Asena on the shoulder.

“Oh, look at my mind. I guess I’m starting It seems like you have to stand by department, so find a line and go.”


But Kirsi’s feet did not fall off.

For some reason, it seemed like he had to protect Kayden’s side now.

It was an impossible wish.

Cayden pushed his and Asena’s back, waved, and he also found his place.

Kirsey kept looking back.

It felt like something that shouldn’t have started has begun.


Entrance ceremonies are always boring no matter where you are.

Many times to yawn.

As if it were contagious, yawns came from here and there.

Everyone seemed like me.

But when I think of Daisy Hexter I saw earlier, fatigue went away as if I had taken a stimulant.

Should I call it the feeling of seeing my favorite celebrity in front of my eyes?

I was moved to see that clear, gentle, hardworking soul in the same space.

My eyes traveled here and there, wondering if I could find other characters.

There were a few headlines that seemed to be recognizable, but none were as certain as Daisy Hexter was.

Then the eyes are fixed again.

There you are, Daisy.

Even in this boring situation, she was looking at the podium with eyes full of enthusiasm or determination. It is said to be wonderful.

In the end, the Hectors fell to the Frysters, but Daisy’s overwhelming steadfastness before that was the reason I fell in love with her.

I also knew that she had to go through many trials to get here. He is a character that I found very attractive even when I read it as a novel, but seeing him exist in front of me like this makes me admire and respect him.

She would have done well if she had come to the Knights Department.

I continued to look at her, and I turned my head as if I could feel a gaze from somewhere.

Asena was staring intently at me.

I smiled at her, but Asena didn’t return her smile.

She turns her head again and looks straight ahead.

…why are you doing that?

Well, it may be that you don’t want to show a false image in a crowded place.

After another yawn, I waited for the entrance ceremony to finish.


After the entrance ceremony was over, the class proceeded immediately.

As knights, we were dragged to somewhere without even having time to say hello to each other.

After passing through several gates, a large training ground appears.

The professor who had been leading us without a word exclaimed loudly.

“Knights Department! Well done! I am Hoslo, who will be in charge of you for the next two years. Call me Sir Horslow.”

People around me started screaming.

It was a name I had never heard of, but he seemed to be quite famous.

But it seemed to be famous.

From the outside, it’s just a knight.

There were scars here and there on his cheek, and his white hair was like a lion.

Even as he got older, his arm muscles did not shrink and he was proud of his size.

“We couldn’t all be friends with each other. But knights do not communicate verbally. Just talking through sweat and blood. If you put in your effort here, you will become close with your classmates without making any effort.”

His enthusiasm was palpable. Gradually, I began to realize that this was a place where I could develop my skills.

All the students look around awkwardly. I caught them in my eyes too. Still, whether it was the Knights Department or the Knights Department, everyone was in good shape. Some preparations seemed to have been made. A few women were also seen.

Sir Horslow paired the palms! And they collided and cleaned up the cluttered atmosphere.

At the same time, in response to the signal, several workers pulled out their horses.

“It’s just practice. Today’s class is a horse class! A knight must be able to ride a horse first. Sword skill doesn’t matter. A swordsman who cannot ride a horse cannot become a knight. It is the sound of the foundation among the basics.”

I looked at the horses that were dragged.

Of course, he learned how to see horses from Lawrence, the training leader of the Frysters.

Just by looking at those words, I could see their personalities. I was filtering out the words to avoid in my head first.

“I can’t ride a horse yet, raise your hand.”

Lord Horslow says:

At his question, some students raised their hands in shame.

“Don’t be shy. There must have been some guys who had a hard time finding words. This is where I came to learn. If you can’t, just tell me you can’t.”

Those who raised their hands raise their hands a little stiffer.

As Lord Hoslow beckoned, other knights who looked like his assistants appeared and led them somewhere.

“Can the rest ride horses?”

Lord Horslow asked the rest of the crew.

We nodded.

“Then let’s pick a horse one by one.”

As soon as he gave the signal, everyone approached the poorly erected horses and grabbed the reins.

There was a motive for struggling by grabbing the reins of a rough horse, and there was a motive for panicking as there were horses playing around to bite their hands.

I approached the words I had been eyeing from the beginning.

And just as I was about to grab the reins, a small hand popped out and grabbed the reins of the same horse as mine.


I turned around and saw a woman standing there.

bluish gray hair.

Decent sized chest.

Like a knight, he is tall and has balanced muscles.

A beauty comparable to Asena and Kirsey.

A bear paw pattern is drawn on the shoulder.

But she was the first to check my patterns.


She speaks as if she was spitting, as if she had put dirty words in her mouth.

She came from an ice duke.

….that was our hostile gate.

I was bewildered, let go of the reins and handed it over first.

“…the name is Kaden Pryster.”

But the Ice House woman did not answer. Instead, he pulled the reins and led the horse away.


I was left speechless.

And, perhaps watching it, Lord Horslow came up to me and chuckled and said to me.

“…I said that knights do not communicate verbally. Get on another horse quickly.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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