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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 8

Seriously? (1)

I tried to get another horse, but all that was left were the defective horses.

I looked at the ice woman resentfully.

Isn’t this taken too unfairly?

If it had been decided by flipping a coin at the very least, I would have understood.

But it seemed too ugly to go back and talk about it now that it had already been taken away.

Pryster must be patient.

Among the remaining horses, I chose a black horse with good muscle quality and good-looking.

And again, as I expected, he was a child with flaws in his personality.

As soon as I got on it, it started moving and made me into a spectacle.

“Wow!! Whoa, calm down, calm down.”

No matter how much he stroked and patted his mane, this black horse spun around in place, stopped as if time had stopped suddenly, and spit in various places, and spit.

At first, I was tolerable, but as this continued, I felt the urge to just tear off the mane.

On the swaying saddle, I controlled my anger.

You’ll just have to wait for this class anyway.

But the sky is indifferent… Sir Hoslow says.

“The words you have chosen are yours from now on.”


I inquired without realizing it.

But the sound was too small, he continued.

“The academy provides support. All the horses you rode were young horses. Give it a name and give it love. I must become one with you.”

Without realizing it, I looked at the horse I was riding on.

Is this too harsh to say…?

Does he have to stay with me?

“Come on, give me a moment. Be friendly with the horse.”

Loud noises grow everywhere. Everyone was talking to the words they had chosen and given them.

I looked at the Ice House woman who stole my first horse.

Contrary to the expression on her face, she continued to say something, stroking the word with an affectionate expression.


I sighed. As I sighed, my black horse snorted and shook me again.

“Wow, let’s calm down.”

This was the better option.

You can’t change it to anything else.

I felt like I had to adapt.

“…Rush. From now on, your name will be Rush.”

Rush responded with a tulle.

I didn’t know if I liked it or didn’t like it.

“..Well, if you listen carefully, I’ll give you something delicious, so let’s do well.”


After having time to get acquainted with the horses, Sir Horslow confirmed our riding skills.

There were still many students who looked clumsy.

….I was included too.

Rather than my riding skills, Rush didn’t listen.

It was fortunate that the other students were still clumsy.

If it were only me, it would have really wanted to hide in a mouse hole.

The only one who showed off her skillful riding skills was that woman from the Ice family.

My skills are also skills, but on the contrary, my words were perfect. There was a huge difference with Rush. He is already obediently obeying his master.

“…hey. You should try that too.”

I told Rush, but he was only spitting.

Fortunately, Rush did well in the training that followed.

It must be said that it was a whim, but the possibilities of the rush were endless.

It was definitely tough.

fast and explosive

If you listened carefully, it would be perfect.

I’m not good at talking.

In the sprint evaluation with me, the rush showed overwhelming speed.

It was sprinting like he didn’t care about me on top, but it didn’t matter since I could hang on.

As if Lord Horslow saw this point, he praised my riding skills first.

“…you have a good sense of balance. It’ll be fine if I get to know the horse a little more.”

“…haha…thank you.”


After class, we headed to the stables.

Lord Horslow said that it is our responsibility to take care of the horses in the future.

He said that if you know how to manage a horse, you can make friends.

“I believe everyone has confirmed the power of my horse. It still doesn’t fit, and it can be awkward. The more they do, the more carefully they have to take care of their words. If war breaks out, you will be marching with the horses you are riding on now. In order to trust and entrust our lives, we must have a certain amount of affection for each other.”

Rush suddenly grunted his teeth and began to chew something. Sir Horslow was talking hotly, and he couldn’t stop him.

When a war breaks out, I have to go out with a guy like this… Is this correct?

“Being close depends on your efforts. keep in mind If you put your heart into it, you can become a friend who is more precious than anyone else. I will always be by your side.”

One by one, the cadets on horseback stroked the nape of their horse.

He seemed to be counting the words of Lord Horslow deeply. On the other hand, I was thinking about what to do with this guy.

“The morning class is over. Let’s meet again in an hour after dinner.”

He announced the end of class. The comrades in turn put the horses into the stables.

Except for me.

Rush didn’t listen, so it was difficult to put it in the stable.

Having put the rush in with difficulty, I looked at my horse.

Rush clenched his teeth at me.

“…how are you really?”

As if knocking, lightly slap him on the bridge of his nose.

he’s really ugly

If you keep opening your eyes with a glimmer of glimmer, it might look more like that.

It was after everyone left. Time is too late

Also, as I am about to leave the stable to eat, I find the only person left.

It was the woman of the Ice family.

dark gray hair.

Eyes as sharp as Asena.

Tall like a knight

solid body.

She had already fallen in love with her horse, stroking it with affectionate eyes.

“…don’t you eat?”


She didn’t answer. Obviously my voice was heard. Seeing the face that had bloomed finely hardened again.

For a moment, this emotional battle bothers me.

Grandma Liana was wary of the Ice House and told her not to lose to anything, but me and this woman did nothing to build such a hostile relationship.

So I wanted to crush this uncomfortable relationship.

“…ha…we shouldn’t do this.”


“I know that the families aren’t on good terms, but we don’t have to be like this.”

For a very short time, her expression twitches and breaks.

she looked at me

“Let’s get along, really. Are you like this every day, are we?”


“I haven’t done anything yet, but what would you hate me for? Actually, to hate me, don’t I have to hate it? Take my words away.”

“…I’ve heard a lot of bad things about your family.”

“You haven’t heard bad things about me. I also heard a lot of bad things about the Ice family.”


She clenched her teeth and clenched her fists.

this wasn’t it

“Oh, okay! I see! stop!”


She was picking out irregular breathing.

But is it because of her expression? You shouldn’t think like this in this situation, but it’s funny that the reaction is intense.

“First, let’s introduce ourselves. You didn’t tell me your name.”


“…you know this isn’t real. I’m going to tell my enemies my name too.”

“…Judy Ice.”

“As I said before, it’s Kaden Pryster.”

I proudly held out my hand.

she looks at my hands and eyes

He slowly extended his hand.

I grabbed the hand that was approaching me and waved it as I wanted.

“Nice to meet you.”

Judy Ice..

A person who does not appear in the novel.

But I’ve heard the name.

As it is a hostile family, I talk to the twins many times.

I studied the Ice family.

If I remember correctly, Judy Ice was the niece of the Duke of Ice.

I nodded.

It seems right.

You must have come to the Knights Department because you are a maiden.

Since I can’t go out politically like myself, it seems that I have chosen the direction of force.

“The Duke of Ice’s niece… right?”

Judy Ice shuddered as if startled.

Then he looks at me with a sullen face.

I quickly tried to calm her down.

“No…why are you reacting so violently…”

“…that’s why fryer is…”

“How about being a maiden? It’s not like that.”

“…do you enjoy digging into other people’s weaknesses?”


“Why do you dare to bring up the word ‘bastard’ and provoke me?”

Words came pouring out of her frozen mouth.

I blinked my eyes.

Don’t you know who I am?

“I don’t know?”

“It’s called Kaden Pryster!”

“That’s right… um…”

I want to say it with my own mouth, but she says it like she really doesn’t know.

“…I am the adopted child of the Prysters.”


“I didn’t say it with the intention of exposing my weaknesses, but because I felt a sense of unity.”

Suddenly, Asena’s words, which she had never intended to think about, resounded in her head.

As if the wind was blowing, the memories that had been covered flashed.

‘When you graduate, return the Fryster surname.’

I forcefully press down those hard memories again.

“…this… is an adopted child…? A person like that in the Pryster family…”

“…I didn’t know at all. Otherwise, I would have gone to the political science department, or the knight department?”


Laughing out of nowhere.

Judy Ice blushes in embarrassment.

After all, once an idea is established, it is not easy to break the mold.

I must have heard a lot of bad news about my family since I was very young.

“Judy, we just get along with each other. The same thing…the family members should come together, otherwise, who are you going to talk about this sadness with?”


“Whether you like it or not, we have to stick together for two years. If we fight every day, we get tired.”



After thinking for a while, she nodded slightly.

Fortunately, it was common sense.

He seemed to understand what I was trying to say.

“It’s not that we’re forced to talk and act. At least let’s not hate each other.”


“ruler. In the sense of becoming friends.”

I approached her horse.

The mare I tried to preempt first.


Judy crawled and tried to stop me, but

The speed at which I approached the horse was fast.

That’s definitely a good word.

I wish I could approach Rush like this

You must have inherited me… It stands still.


“What’s his name?”


When she didn’t answer, she looked into her eyes and asked again.



She replies with a crawling sound.

I tried to hold it in, but without realizing it, I was fed up and laughed out loud.

It was a cute sense of naming for me to take out the thorns.

Knowing she’s shy too, her cheeks turn red like red.

Perhaps because she lived in a cold area, her pale skin emphasizes that more.

I tried to stop laughing, but when I tried to force myself to hold it in, the laughter kept coming out.

I turned around and adjusted Goldie’s stirrup.

I’ve been watching it for a while, but it’s a little longer than Judy Ice’s body.

“It’s too…hmm…long… I like it to be a little shorter. It’s like hugging a horse with its legs… You have to be able to ride it. Hmmm.”

As I tried to speak while holding back my laughter, my voice kept trembling.

Looking back, I thought I would have to see Judy’s crooked, so I leaned my head against Goldie until the laughter calmed down.

I looked at Judy, barely calming my laughter.

“You know?”

But contrary to my expectations, Judy was also holding back her laughter.


I came out of the stable and returned to the gym.

I was thinking of going to a restaurant.

But from afar, the familiar body shape

Someone was running towards me waving my hand.

Silver hair down to the shoulders.

A dog-like atmosphere

cute woman.

A dimple that goes well with a bright smile.

It was Kirsey.


When I smiled and waved her hand, she smiled.

It runs for a long time and falls into my arms.

put my arm under her armpit

Let’s embrace Kirsi in the form of a support,

She entrusted her whole body to me as if melting away.

“Ugh… it’s hard oppa… ha ha ha ha…”

“So who wants to jump like that?”

“No, that’s not the class…”


Kirsi lifts her slightly so that she can stand back to her please. Kirsey naturally stood up and turned around to my arms and crossed them.

“You expected that. What do you do if it spreads like this?”

We headed to the restaurant.

“I don’t know…it was good to just hang out with my brother.”

“That’s it. It’s only natural that playing is fun.”

Kirsey looked up at me intently at my answer.

Did I say it too harshly? Oh, I should have done it?

“Haha… I don’t know. I guess it’s just because I don’t have a brother by my side…”

But, contrary to my worries, Kirsi has made a cute reply. I grinned and playfully pushed Kirsey’s forehead with my side head.

Kirsi smiled and rested her head on my arm.


We sat down in the restaurant and talked in earnest over the food.

“So, why can’t I see Asena?”

“Oh, my sister joined the student council.”

“Student Council?”

right. was eating

Asena joins the student council.

“yes. That’s why I think we eat together with the people of the student council.”

In fact, when you think about it, no one in the academy has more power than Asena.

Even if you think about having a strong family in the first place, she is almost the only one in the academy to be the head of a family.

She is one of those who should join the student council.

“You’re busy already, Asena.”

“I know. I don’t think I could have done it.”

“So Kirsi, do you have any friends?”

“Oh right!”

She cried out as she smiled like a flower.

“I have a lot of friends! ten people? As my brother said, everyone was nice.”


“yes. Because they are new friends, there are so many things to talk about. Everyone has a lot of personality, but I don’t know why it’s so much fun.”

Kirsey seemed to be adjusting well.

become happy

When we first met when we were young, we wished the twins wouldn’t have a grim, emotionless future, and it’s happening right before their eyes.

“Today, actually, my friends wanted to eat together, but I came out saying that I had to meet my brother.”

“yes? No, try eating with your friends next time.”

I didn’t want to become an obstacle in Kirsi’s academy life, which was starting to work out.

“Um… I hate it. I just want to eat with you.”

Kirsi thought for a moment, then opened her mouth cutely.


Naturally, I dip my fork in the food and feed it to her.

“You can’t eat alone with me for the rest of your life.”

I said worriedly. In any group, if there is someone who falls out every time, they turn around.

It is the fastest way to build friendships while eating… So there is a drinking culture.

It’s not that we don’t get along because we’re not part of the meal, it’s that we get to know each other more quickly, and that’s how we get together. Kirsi must also belong to a certain group to have fun.

But Kirsey seemed to ignore my words, and didn’t respond and just hummed.

It felt like I had to cut it off like a knife.

“Kirsi, and I can’t always eat with you.”


Kirsi’s face hardens and the smile disappears.

“Because I also made friends. You should eat with your friends.”


Kirsi tilts her head and taps her chest again.

“…Oh, why are you doing this again?”

“…Kirsi? Are you sick?”

“Oh, no. It must have taken a little bit of food… Yeah, but… You’re making friends too. Why didn’t you think of it..?”

“How are you ignoring me?”

I asked her with a smile, but Kirsi’s expression was serious.

“…that… how many people?”


“How many new friends do you have?”


In fact, no one could call him a new friend.

Sir Horslow only trained as a stage gunner.

I talked to Judy Ice, but not enough to call them friends.

It was just a lie made out of the wish that Kirsi had a meal with his friends, but I didn’t know they could spit it out like this.

Then, suddenly, a new friend comes to mind.

“….one person. No, only one.”


“I got a new word. It’s called Rush.”

“…the horse is a new friend?”

“That… yes.”

Kirsi’s face, which had hardened, broke with a fresh smile, and she began to laugh too loudly.

It didn’t matter because it was cute, but it was a little loud.

It was enough to look around us.

I walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Stop laughing. Everyone sees it.”

Kirsch lifted her head and hugged me.

In that state, Kirsi did not know how to stop and laughed for a long time. Was it that funny?

“Ahahaha…ah…oppa, really. Hehe.”

What makes me so happy is Kirsi, who slaps my arm and shows aegyo.

I didn’t quite understand what the situation was.

After shaking off the remaining laughter, Kirsi opened her mouth nicely.

She shows off her red tongue and white teeth without shame.

I quickly pick up food and feed it again.

“Can you introduce me later, brother?”

Kirsi asked, chewing the food.




It reminds me of Rush’s unruly appearance.

is it ok

Don’t get too close and bite your hand or hair.

Cut the cute Kirsi face.

“Um… think about it.”


“He’s a little weird.”

“it’s okay. I mean, we can be friends.”


“yes? brother.”

Kirsey, who plays aegyo.

I guess I’m really weak on this one.

Kirsey seems to know too.

“Ehh… I see. If you have time next time, is there a training ground that came to see me today? Cross there and walk a little more until you reach a stable? If you don’t see me after class, I’ll be there, so come over there.”

“yea, I got it.”

“I don’t know if it will be okay.”

“Because you’re my brother’s friend, I should get along too. Just like my brother said, I try to eat dinner with my friends. Do you like carrots?”

“…I’ll check it out.”

“Thank you, oppa. If I make other friends, should I introduce them to you?”

A smile filled Kirsi’s face as he said that.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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