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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 6

Wrong Encounters (1)

The academy that countless nobles from all over the country went through was huge.

It is wider and taller than the Castle of the Freister Street.

There are many buildings that I do not know what purpose they are used for.

It was flashing and showing off its majesty.

“Im here!”

From afar, the escort commander shouted.

A long, long journey comes to an end.

The wagons and escorts stopped.

arrived at the academy.

A place we have to take care of for two years.

But he didn’t stay immersed in sentiment for a long time.

After jumping off the horse and saying hello to the various users, he started walking towards the place that looked like the central building.


Kirsi called me out loud, but I ignored it.

Still needed more time.

Of course, my mind calmed down a bit.

Coming here on horseback, I reviewed the contents of the novel for a few days.

There were parts that I couldn’t remember properly, but I could only recall that the political battle between the families was fierce.

Weaknesses somehow twisted open and attacked mercilessly.

….maybe I didn’t know it was a weakness that the Freisters had to hide.

So, I understood Asena to some extent, and my intense feelings had subsided, but it was not enough to be able to talk face-to-face.

As I was organizing my complicated mind, I found myself near the reception desk.

I needed my own space.

After being guided to the dormitory as quickly as possible, I moved and headed for my room.


I went into the dormitory and was alone.

It was a spacious place.

Luxurious wooden table and chairs.

Various decorative plants and luxurious carpets.

A window with a great view and a comfortable sofa.

There were even two more separate bedrooms.

And as I read it as a novel, it was necessary to live in this huge space with just two people.

…Of course, I wasn’t in the mood to care now.

I put down my luggage roughly, sat on the big sofa in the center, and grabbed my head.

There were still things to think about.

I put aside the feeling of betrayal I felt toward Asena and thought about what it would be like to return to being a commoner.

…to be honest, I didn’t like it.

It seemed that it would not be easy to live as an aristocrat and return to a commoner.

Asena said there would be no change in my treatment, but if you look at it that way, you might not have thought of removing my last name in the first place.

What would the grandmother say to Asena? Shall I get angry like Kirsi, or raise my hand to Asena saying it’s Gaju’s words?

‘Try to seduce the daughter of a great aristocrat.’

Suddenly, her request comes to mind. …if you can flirt, you don’t want to go back to commoners.

I sighed heavily.

In a situation like this, it seemed like he had no idea. It blows away all vain thoughts and suppresses emotions.

I can’t understand all the orders.

In effect, the academy is a rehearsal of the political version. You have to be careful not to show your weaknesses, and you have to choose the families that will become allies.

I couldn’t shake it here. At this time, when I had to stick with the twins the most, I couldn’t get farther away.

If I falter here, it really only makes the Freisters weaker.

I’ve only taken the first step now, but it couldn’t be like this already.

First, I had to put off my emotions. And you have to accept

Yes, you came to the Knights Department anyway.

A knight’s skill is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what last name is after the name. Combat skills and command are all that matters.

it’s just my greed The promise to be a strong pillar for the twins can’t be shaken by this. It wasn’t a decision I was hoping for in return. I just wanted the twins to be happy.

He calmed himself one by one in this way and accepted Asena’s decision one by one.

– Bump. profit.

In an instant, the dormitory door opens.

A man with a lot of luggage came in.

“Oh, hello.”

he looks at me and says hello good impression. big stature. An aura that is hard to ignore.


I expected something like this to happen, but when it actually happened, I started laughing.

“My name is Eric Endra.”

He dropped his luggage nearby and walked over to us and put his hand on it.

The protagonist of the novel appeared before my eyes.


Eric Endra.

The eldest son of a small baron on the outskirts.

Honest, good-natured

I like to solve problems amicably.

I hate violence, I like peace.

Inside the academy, everyone is equal, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

In particular, the disregard and intimidation received by a powerless marginal noble like Eric Endra was considerable.

The main content of the novel was that he broke that territorial position and played an active role in the academy.

Of course, I couldn’t get past Asena and Kirsi to the end.

I naturally received the main character’s handshake.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Kayden…”

It has already become difficult to say the last name Freister. something is stuck in my mind


Eric Endra waited for my castle to follow.

In fact, he must have wondered about my family rather than my name.

I sigh in my heart and say

“This is Kaden Pryster.”

His eyes widened slightly, and he smiled and waved his hand.

“Ah, you are the eldest son of the Fryster family. I wish you all the best in the future.”

Eric Endado, after all, is a political science major. He couldn’t have known me.

‘Cause I’m so special Because he was a commoner adopted by the mighty Duke of Pryster.

Seeing Eric’s reaction, Asena’s choice is understandable. It’s surprising that this kind Eric is less like other people.

“Kaden, what’s your department like?”

Eric puts his hand down and picks up the luggage he had put down. He spoke to me with the friendliness of the main character. It didn’t even seem like it was limiting my family.

“It’s a knight department. As you know, it’s hard to step into politics.”

“The Knights Department?”

He looked at me and nodded.

“Oh, so you’re in such a good shape.”

I replied with a slight smile.

When I talked with him, my heart was heavy.

It seemed to be getting lighter.

“You’re overjoyed. Eric, who is…”

“Take it easy. You must be an older brother than me.”

…It was Eric who knew more about me than I thought.

“Yeah. Then you too, take it easy, Eric. Are you in a department…?”

I know he’s a political science major, but I can’t show it, so I’m asking.

“Politics major. He’s the eldest son of the family.”

eldest son or eldest daughter.

The heir to the family unconditionally enters the political science department.

If you do not enter, you may be bullied by family members after graduation, so it was an inevitable choice for some.

Making a relationship at the academy makes it easier to negotiate afterwards.

“I’m in the same department as my younger brothers. I’ll ask Asena and Kirsi.”

I asked lightly.

Eric looks at me as if in surprise at the words.

“…you seem to get along well.”

“Haha, I’m an adopted child, did you know that we wouldn’t get along?”

Erik panicked and started making excuses.

“Oh, no. It’s just…it’s different from the rumors I’ve heard…Ummm…I’m sorry. You made a mistake.”

Then, he proudly admitted his mistake and bowed his head.

“Rumors? What rumors?”

But I questioned his words.

Eric blinked his eyes, and said calmly without hiding it.

“There are rumors that Kaden-sama has broken out in the family. He doesn’t have a good relationship with the rest of the Priests…”

A question mark pops up in my head. Although they are currently fighting, they were close to each other like never before.

It was absurd because there was no reason to even suspect such a rumor.

“Isn’t it?? Why did the rumor spread like that. We’re good.”

“That’s right. I guess the rumors can’t be trusted.”

“That’s right.”

At the same time, it feels awkward.

It seemed that the checks of other families had already come in.

I had no talent for politics.

Don’t know how to press again with words.

In the end, if you want to get rid of these rumors, you just have to openly show that the rumors are wrong.

In this case, it would be me and the twins getting along. ….it seemed that reconciliation had to be done. In order not to be alienated by these light rumors.

“Brother, let’s unpack together. Choose a room first.”

Suddenly, Eric calls me by my first name as hyung and brings up the story.

I thought he was a real me too.


A knock was heard at the door.

It was time for the night to deepen.

We were sitting on the sofa and talking.

I wondered who would come at this hour.

Is it Eric’s guest? Looking at Eric, who was now close, he was also shrugging his shoulders.


Suddenly, a voice came from outside the door. As soon as you hear it, you know who it is.


At the same time, Eric also adjusts his posture and sits down. he asked

“…Brother, why is Duke Priest on this night…”

“…it’s going to happen.”

Perhaps, like me, she felt the need to reconcile quickly.

…..Maybe he doesn’t like being with me like this.

I opened the door. Asena with a firm expression.

But I can see the sadness hidden in my eyes.

And the moment I see it, I feel pathetic, but my heart weakens.

Still, he did not show this heart as his last pride.

I also kept my expression firm.

She looks at my expression and her eyes wander.

I immediately felt quite agitated.

Asena did not know how to reconcile. It was the first time I had been angry like this, so it seemed that I was at a loss as to how to approach him or what to say.

After bringing Asena into the room, she closed the door.

She stood as if caught between me and the door.

“…why are you here, Asena.”

I could feel Eric’s popularity behind my back, but Eric stayed quiet after grasping the situation.

Asena swallows her saliva.

Then, not to me, but to Eric afterward.

“…the person behind you. Please leave the room for a moment.”


Asena looks straight into my eyes like someone caught stealing.

“I told you not to order others like that.”


Considering the power of the family, what he said to Eric was a command. Asena could not have known this.

She lowered her gaze gradually, and blinked anxiously. He still didn’t seem to be able to decide what to do.


Then, after swallowing the saliva, he carefully raised his arms and tried to hug me.

Eric seemed to have decided to ignore it.

I pushed the hand away. It was yet. It was still too early to accept her apology.

I push her away,

Tears began to fill Asena’s eyes.

Even if I try to hide my expression, I can’t help but cry.

It had been a long time since I saw tears.

Was it that much of a shock that I was rejected?

“…you asked why you came.”

I ask.

Asena shut her mouth tightly and suppressed her tears.

“Do you need a reason…?”

she asks It was a salty answer, but I tried not to waver.

“I don’t need it now.”

In response to my answer, Asena looked up at me as if determined. And you tell me over and over again.

“…I’m here to reconcile, brother.”


“…I can’t go to the academy like this.”


“…I know, you’re angry…but it’s for our future.”

Even though she was rejected by me, she does not give up, and carefully raises her hand and grasps the hem of my robe.

This time, as I did not push her away, Asena, who accepted it as a sign of permission, came one step closer.

“Just once… understand.”

I knew it in my head.

Asena is only making choices for the family.

You may have made a decision that you have to make as the head of the household.

It wasn’t Asena, I hated the head of the Pryster family, or had to resent my birth.

Asena was not at fault.

But this childish and sad feeling

keeps turning towards her.

Asena, who gradually came close to me, rested her forehead on my chest. When that didn’t stop him, he opened his arms and hugged me, just like he did at first.

“…please…just once…”

Like Asena when she was young, she grumbles.

To be honest, I was a little surprised.

I didn’t know she still had this side.

Again, I feel weak for them.

They are my first family, so I feel only affectionate.

I finally sighed and patted the back of her head.

let’s cover

It’s something I can’t understand right now. Even so, if you keep fighting with them, you will continue to be targeted by this academy.

Let’s cover it for now.

Asena flinched and trembled, and her breathing became intense.

It was the kind of breath that made me cry.

“Is it really necessary..?”

I ask.

Asena nodded her head.

“…you must do it.”

I closed my eyes and sighed.


At my words, Asena hugs me. With trembling hands, he stayed in my arms for a while in front of the door.


After Asena returned, it was bedtime.

They haven’t entered their own rooms yet.

We sat on the sofa and talked about what had just happened.

Eric was the first to speak.

“…You sure are good friends.”

“…that’s right.”

I answered as I asked.

Why did the rumors spread that I was out of the family?

“Still, I was a little surprised.”


“Even if the rumors about him are like that… It wasn’t a rumor that Asena-sama was blunt, it was a widely known fact.

I get up from the sofa with my hands on my knees.

Obviously she’s a bit more blunt when dealing with people outside of our family.

Asena is wearing a mask for her family. So that she, who rose to a high position at a young age, would not be easily ignored by others, she reduced her emotions.

There was no need to hide this fact until Eric found out.

“…Asena is originally young.”

….I didn’t mean to be as soft as a girl at all. She has her own strength and stubbornness. I just thought it would be softer than the rumored Asena.

“So I said that I was taking care of my younger brothers. Don’t go anywhere and talk about the child’s true form, Eric.”

“What am I doing to spread such rumors. Don’t worry.”

“…Yes, thank you. Do your best for the first class tomorrow.”

Sending a little cheer for the protagonist of the novel.

“Brother too. Don’t get hurt.”

And he also cared about me.

After that, without a word, we went to our respective rooms.


The day of the entrance ceremony was bright.

I walked out of the dormitory wearing an academy uniform with my family logo on it.

Perhaps I heard the news that Asena and I were reconciled, and as soon as I went outside, I had to meet Kirsi who was waiting for me.


She flew into my arms and hugged me tight.

He was playing aegyo here and there to pretend to be bright, but his voice was trembling.

He seemed to be very worried.

I accept her pranks, swiping my forehead,

“…it’s fine now.”

only said

Kirsi swallowed a tear once, and smiled, blushing the back of his nose, ‘Hehehe’.

Behind Kirsi was Asena.

The emotions I had seen yesterday were erased, and I stood there again with that blunt expression.

“did you sleep well?”

I asked Asena to solve the still awkward atmosphere.

It’s been a long time since I, who had always been her meteorologist, didn’t wake her up.

Asena looks around and approaches.

There was no one watching us.

Except for Kirsi.

“…Kirsi. Can you look over there for a moment?”

Asena pointed in a strange direction.

There was nothing on her fingertips.

“yes? where?”

Kirsi turned and looked at the place Asena was pointing. I also kept trying to find out what it was.


And at that moment, you feel a soft touch on your cheeks.

Asena narrowed the distance and approached him, kissing the cheek as usual in the morning.

She also seemed to be trying to solve the awkwardness on her own.

Even though I was dumbfounded for a moment, I laughed at her cute behavior.

At the sound of my laughter, Kirsi turned around.

“Brother, why are you laughing?”

“Ahaha… no.”


While we headed to the plaza where the entrance ceremony was held, we talked about light things we couldn’t do.

I didn’t know that even if we were apart for a day, so many topics of conversation would pile up, or that the words would stop.

Among the many stories, the most memorable story was about the dormitory.

It is said that Asena and Kirsi share the same room. It was the same as the novel. If it had been a different room…well, it wouldn’t be a problem with my current personality, but I would have been worried… It’s good.

Soon we reached the square. Many nobles had already gathered.

We could hear whispers looking at us from all over the place.

Because our family was that strong.

Kirsey couldn’t even hear it, and in a still excited voice, he hung his arms around my arm and babbled like a bird.

“Ah.. I’m so excited, oppa. Are we just starting our academy life?”

Asena looked back at us to see if she wanted to join the conversation. Only the three of them made a small space and started to talk.

“It’s just the beginning. Don’t worry too much. The kid who lives in the dormitory with me is in the same academy as you guys, but he seems like a good friend. They must all be kind people.”

“Yeah? Who?”

Kirsi asked, Asena answered.

“…The eldest son of the Endra family, Eric Endra.”

She had come to my room yesterday and saw him.

“…how do you know who you are, Asena?”

“When I left, I saw the family crest. I heard from the Endra family that the eldest son is going to school this year.”


It was surprising though.

Do you know and remember the emblem of the Endra family, which is considered the weakest among hundreds of families?

I keep talking and look around for a moment.

The atmosphere was becoming chaotic.

“Starting soon… huh?”

Then my eyes were fixed on one place.



As my gaze shifted to another place, Asena and Kirsi expressed their doubts.

But with my mouth open, I did not answer them for a long time.

She was at the end of her gaze.

blond hair.

A warm and good-looking impression.

At the same time, as if nervous, he took a deep breath.

He was my favorite character in this novel. The eldest daughter of the family I supported the Shin Se-jin orphanage for two years.

Daisy Hexter.

In fact, the feeling was different.

As soon as I saw her, I knew it was her.


Without realizing it, I am amazed.

For a moment, Kirsi’s anxious voice woke him up.


“Ah… uh… um… sorry. did you call?”

Suddenly, Kirsi grabs her chest and looks at me with her head tilted.

“..uh..huh..why is my heart like this…that…who do you look at like that?”

Her gaze glared at me anxiously.

“I… just…”

I said, scratching my head shyly.

“…because that person is pretty.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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