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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 5

Under the hardened mask

“Sister!! What do you mean by that!!!”

I wasn’t the only one surprised by Asena’s remarks. Kirsi also quickly gets up in anger.

Asena stared at me without any playfulness, as if she were looking at a nobleman from another family.

…I was stunned and couldn’t say anything. Perhaps the shock I was getting was reflected on my face. I didn’t even think to hide it.

Asena stared at me for a moment, then lowered her eyes and looked away.

It looked like he was waiting for me to respond.

“…what does that mean?”

Unknowingly, her voice came out threateningly, but Asena did not waver. She didn’t even change her words.

“…it literally means. The academy has to graduate, so I won’t take the family surname until then. As a commoner…because I can’t attend the academy. But when I graduate… then return it, oppa. “

“It’s a return…”

what a sad word

I am your family

I didn’t borrow the name, I got it.

My body twisted unknowingly from the shock, and Kirsi was startled and clinged to me.


Asena hesitated for a moment and took her hips off her seat. Then he closed his eyes tightly, shook his head quickly, and sat down again.

The more I saw her actions, the deeper I felt despair.



“Asena, is that true? If it’s a joke, stop it now, it’s no fun.”


“Why the hell are you doing this…!”

“…I’m sorry, oppa. But it was a decision I made after thinking about it.”

“What did I do wrong…?!”

“Oppa, I’m just taking my name off, I don’t mean to hate you or to expel you from the family.”

“…this isn’t how you get kicked out of the family.”

“..Really. After that, you can stay with us as we are now. Even if you return your name, Oppa will treat you the same way. So… do what I say.”

Even with her excuses, she felt betrayed. It has been more than 10 years since I became a member of the Pryster family.

The time I spent in this family and the emotions I shared were enough to make me think of myself as a member of this family.

I was proud to have the surname Freister after my first name.

The name Liana’s grandmother gave her.

The owner, Asena, wants to take it back.

So it was even more shocking.

One of my two jewels that I believed and believed was revealing sharpness to me.


As the power gradually loosens, Kirsi’s worries grow stronger.

Then she shouted at Asena.

“Unnie!! What the hell are you talking about!! To your brother-“

“Kirsi, be quiet. This is me and my brother.”

“Because I’m from the Frysters too?! Don’t force yourself!!”

“And I’m the head of the Freisters. I told you not to vomit.”


When Asena talked to Kirsi, she showed the coldness she had hidden to me, and moved on with this story.

“…Asena, we were good until yesterday. What did I do wrong…”

As soon as I opened my mouth, Asena’s expression subtly weakened.

But the words that came out of her mouth were cold. It seemed to show her ruthlessness, which I had read in previous novels.

Don’t give up your choice

“…I told you. You didn’t do anything wrong. So, you don’t have to blame yourself. I won’t change my decision just because you’re better at it.”

“…Then tell me why, Asena.”


Asena shuts her mouth again. It’s so frustrating, it makes me cry a little.

“You must see me angry!!!”

Unable to hold back her anger for a moment, as she shouted to her sisters with her first voice, Asena grabbed the hem of her skirt.

However, there was no way to retrieve the horse.



Kirsi looks at me and clings to me. She snuggled up to my side and comforted me. At the same time, he gave Asena a sharp gaze.

But Asena doesn’t say anything.

“…I was only that much to you!?”

When I complain to Asena in frustration, Kirsi clings to me even more and says:

“Brother!! I’m not!!”

She shook her head in surprise. Tears welled up in her eyes as if she felt that my anger could be directed at her.

“…Yeah, not Kirsi. Asena, was I that much?”

“…you said it wasn’t like that…”

“But why are you doing this?”

Slowly she answered.

“……For the future.”


After entrusting Asena and Kirsi to develop my inner strength, I gave up on the struggle between the families.

I don’t know why Asena made this choice, but at the words of “for the future,” the flames inside her die with a sigh.

I already completely trusted Asena.

If it was her, I think there must be a reason why she chose this place.

I believed that there was a good reason…but I couldn’t deny the feeling that shook me.

“….would it be a huge blow to the family if I had my family name on it?”

It may be compulsion.

But I was curious.

There must have been more advantages gained while entering the family than the blows I inflicted upon entering the family.

Could it be that I just can’t stand the damage the family is inflicting on me?


…but, thinking about it again, unlike me, who knows the future, Asena doesn’t know.

You won’t see how I changed them. Again, I can only see the damage I’m making.

It was sad nonetheless.

I feel like my family doesn’t protect me.

I could risk my life for them now, but Asena doesn’t seem to risk anything.

As much as I loved them, it hurt that they didn’t seem to love me.

Asena still didn’t answer. That was also an answer. It seemed like he chose silence because he didn’t want to hurt me.

Well, I hadn’t thought about it until now, but I’m starting to resent myself for being a commoner. For the first time, I hated being possessed by a body called Cayden.

I can’t even stand proudly by the side of my family.

Was Hong Gil-dong such a mind?

Laughter fills up at the thoughtless thoughts.



Asena and Kirsi couldn’t keep up with my laughter, only looking at my eyes.

…Certainly not the twins of the novel. The way they looked at someone at that time, even if they died, would have been unimaginable.

But there were similarities. Asena was able to see how important she was to her family through the words she had now.

It’s like this for me too…

The future…that is, for the family. That is a foul. I can’t answer anything.

Even the sad feelings for Asena were about to disappear.

Because she, too, made a choice for the family.

That doesn’t mean that the frustration didn’t go away, but I shed a lot of words to myself.

“…I resent being born as a commoner…”

It was the first time I showed my weakness to my younger brothers.

Asena and Kirsi simultaneously turn into tears at my appearance.

But now, I needed some alone time.

The fact that the family name was removed came as a shock.

I opened the door of the running carriage.

A guard looks at me in amazement.

“What’s going on?”

“Did you say anything?”

“there is!”

“I’ll prepare you.”

Then he jumped out of the wagon.

Neighbors looked at me in embarrassment, but I signaled them to stop.

Asena and Kirsi looked at me from the carriage, but I did not look at them.

The wagon carrying them was getting farther and farther away.

If I talked to Asena now, it seemed like she would be angry. I only feel sorry for Kirsi, who is riding in the carriage with him.

I needed some time alone to get rid of this feeling.

Soon after, a guard appeared with his horse.

I got on the horse and pondered what Asena had just said to me.

… It was a shock the more I thought about it, and it wasn’t something I, who was born in a commoner, could refute.

In this worldview, the class system was that strict.


Asena looked out the window blankly. Even for the sake of the future, I didn’t want to offend Kaden that much.

Still, Asena knew. It was a hill I had to climb someday. It was something I had to say someday.

The die is thrown. Now I can’t go back

It’s been years since I wanted to say this. Ever since becoming the head of state, I’ve been working hard. In the meantime, only the right moment had been waiting for him.

But now that I had to go to the academy, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Kaden Pryster had to take the last name Priest.

He didn’t seem to accept it yet.

It would have been if it were you.

…but it had to be said.

Even though his brother, Kaden, was angry, he calmed his anger when he said ‘for the future’.

He seemed to think about the future of the ‘family’.

However, Asena’s true intentions were different.


I didn’t care if I was ignored or not.

During her reign, she had no desire to make the family strong.

It was enough for the family to be able to protect their family members and their families.

He never showed anything in front of Kaden, but he wasn’t the kind of person he liked.

I didn’t take his name away for such a grand reason: for the sake of the family.

Rather, it was for a selfish, personal, and dark reason.

What she thought was the future of ‘she’ and ‘Kaden’.

As the head of the household, she sacrificed a lot and gave up, and she was the only one trying to be greedy.

In the past, Asena thought that Kaden would be the head of the household.

But now, Kaden didn’t become the head of the house at that time, so I was very fortunate that he became the head of the house, not even Kirsi.

In this way, I was able to use the power of Gaju to make my dreams come true.

She had only one dream.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Kaden.

It was hard to imagine life without him.

but found out

There have been several marriage stories about the homeowner himself.

Although he refused everything… Through this, he felt how unstable his relationship with Kaden was.

He and Kayden are siblings.

If we were able to spend the rest of our lives together through this relationship, we would probably have been satisfied with it.

However, the family was eventually cut off.

In particular, the relationship between siblings is an unstable relationship that can be broken from the moment they become adults.

So, the ties between siblings are to be cut with one’s own hands.

A new relationship was needed.

The method she found was marriage.

The mere fact of being able to stick with him didn’t make the idea of a marriage relationship.

Perhaps all of this is Asena’s excuse.

I just wanted to leave everything else behind and be the most precious person for Cayden.

He always wanted him to be his number one priority, and he wanted to take all the love he gave him.

Asena realized her feelings for Cayden from an early age.

I couldn’t help but.

The person who shook my heart that I thought would not move.

A person who became family when he thought he was alone.

He was the only one who took care of himself, with all the users sticking out his tongue.

No matter how irritated I was, he came to me with a smile, complimented me, and poured out my love.

At first, I wanted to know how to do that even though I was someone else. But such doubts melted in his efforts. It didn’t matter why.

With him, painful thoughts ceased to arise. He lifted himself up again.

I couldn’t even imagine what kind of person I would be without Kaden.

He was like a jewel, and it was a blessing that only he and Kirsi knew about it.

Even as he got older, he was the same. Whenever she was having a hard time, she always came to her and encouraged her. When he thought in vain, he played with him and filled his head with joy. When I was afraid, when I was there, I took the lead and gave up on my back.

He is a person who cannot be ignored. I couldn’t help but love There was no other option.

But I didn’t know until then what kind of love it was. I only vaguely felt it.

Even though I loved my father, I loved my mother, I loved Kirsey and all my family, it was always a special feeling for Kaden.

At first, I thought it was just Kaden becoming a belated family. So I thought it was a little different.

But the older I got, the older I got, the more my body grew, the more concrete this feeling became.

If it’s family love, just hearing your voice doesn’t make you happy. My face doesn’t even get hot when stroked.

Dozens of times a day I won’t even think of him,

…and you wouldn’t want to go to him every night and kiss him.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to spend a hot night together, I can’t imagine what a child with him will be like, and I won’t get hot thinking about him at night.

It’s been a long time since I let go of the guilt that I shouldn’t have done this. There was no blood mixed with him anyway.

Although they grew up like siblings, they never had family love for him.

He had the same last name as Freister, but was more of a childhood friend than a brother and sister.

It’s a feeling that shouldn’t be thought of as a family, but if you think of it as a childhood friend, it’s a good feeling.

The surname Pryster was always blocking him. The name he was proud of was the biggest obstacle.

So the name should be removed. Because you can’t get married with the same Freister family name.

Because it can’t be connected mentally or physically.

…and it wasn’t until today that I finally spit those words out.

Cayden was furious. He had never seen him so angry.

Hundreds of times he stooped down, released his anger, and forced his desire to return to a position where he was not hated again.

I had to think about the future with him.

If he could not endure this ordeal, it was as if there was no future that could be connected with him.

If I imagined Kayden loving herself more than now and whispering love to her, I was able to endure it with just that alone, my heart was pounding like it was going to explode.

He, who was insensitive to emotional changes, never thought that there would be something so heart-pounding.

What will Kaden think if he finds out about this sticky heart?

will you be shocked will you be scared …or will you please?

…It was a heart that could not be revealed yet.

Kirsi also continued to express dissatisfaction with his choice.

But ignoring it was not difficult for Asena.

Except for Cayden, the feelings of the people didn’t matter that much.

Asena was now worried about how to relieve Kaden’s mind.

She stared blankly out the window. Hiding countless thoughts under the mask of a hardened sage.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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