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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 67


“Kayden. Your fiancée has been decided on Judy Ice.”

At Grandma’s words, the three of us harden at the same time.

Kirsi was the first to respond.


She shook her eyes vigorously and looked at Grandma and me in turn. She hurriedly asked her grandmother again.

“Ha…Grandma, what did you just say…”

“Kayden. Take good care of your fiancé in the future. When you graduate… you will get married.”

Certainly, as Asena had told me before, a change of relationship took place. It was also very sudden.

But what the hell was Asena doing to bring about such a rapid change?

“And Kayden. After marriage…..it seems like we should settle down on the estate of the Ice family.”

Kirsi jumped up from his seat.

“grandmother! What is that now-”

I quickly raised my hand and calmed Kirsi first.

“Kirsi. Sit down for a while.”

Grandma Liana said to me with a firm expression on her face.

“Edgar…So, you heard from the Ice Duke, you wanted to become a vassal of the Ice family?”

Grandma Liana asked me. I nodded my head.



Kirsi made a sound like the wind was falling,


Asena gave her a wounded expression.

I shrug my shoulders and tell them.

“…why. you’ve already talked about it My brother decided to leave the family.”

Asena’s expression was distorted. Both eyes were bloodshot and tears were welling up.

“…you told me you loved me yesterday…”

“And I still love you.”


I scratched my head looking at them.

“Guys. Why are you more shocked than me? It was going to happen someday.”

Grandma Liana looked at me and asked.

“…you’re taking it pretty bluntly, Kayden.”

“…I’m actually thinking that it went well. It’s not like you’re connected with a woman who doesn’t even have a face-to-face relationship…if you give it…what.”


At that moment, there was a sound as if the desk was exploding.

Kirsi clenched his mouth and slammed his fists against the desk.

“Kirsi! This is now-”

Just as she was about to point out her rudeness, Kirsi ran out of the room. Confused by her sudden action, I rolled my eyes and got up.

Liana tells her grandmother.

“…I’m going to see Ki…Kirsi.”

Grandma Liana nodded her head.

“….okay. go go You can go slowly.”

Liana’s grandmother was looking at Asena before she knew it. This time, Asena did not avoid her gaze.

“…I have a story to talk to Asena for a moment.”

When Cayden bowed his head and left, the rest of the attendants also left, creating a space for the two of them.


Asena didn’t show it, but she was feeling fierce anger.

Even if this was a surprise, it was okay. She still remembered the conversation she had with her grandmother the day before.

It was clearly inconclusive. In such a state, how the story progressed so quickly, it is said that Cayden was connected with another woman.

That fact gave me a piercing pain.

Asena slowly began to recall the conversation they had the day before.





“…if you’re a Freister… you can’t marry me.”


Liana opened her mouth and looked at her granddaughter. It had been a long time since she had lost her words.

Was it the last time I heard that James died in an accident?

Liana was receiving that much shock.

She blinks, eventually exhaling in vain. There was nothing I could do but that.


Then, tucked away, he leaned back on the sofa. He picked up the teacup that was on the table and wet his mouth. No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t sort the situation out.

In the end, Liana, too, came out with only formal words that she knew would not work.

“……Asena. Stop joking around.”

But Asena did not hesitate any longer. After wiping the tears off her cheek with a soft hand, she faced Liana with a small smile.

“I am only telling the truth.”

“……Yes…you are mistaken now. Family love and love-”

“-no. This is… not family love. It’s because I didn’t have to explain it… Love is right.”

“no. you don’t know It’s because you don’t know what love is. This is not normal!”

“I know, Grandma. If you know how abnormal I am, you will be amazed.”

“…new…think about it. Can you kiss your brother? It’s not like the kiss you always do, but a kiss that only true lovers do-”

“-I want to do it every day.”


“grandmother. I even imagine my brother and his children. I’ve already made up hundreds of names.”

Asena took the teacup from Liana’s hand and put it down, then gently grabbed her hands.



“…I’ve never had a quarrel with my grandmother… You know?”


“No matter how hard the day is. No matter how tired you are to learn Saying that I don’t want to do it or that I can’t do it anymore… I’ve never said it. Do you know why?”


“…because I have an older brother. Grandma for us… No. Because you brought my brother for me… in return, I endured.”


“…But you can’t do this now.”

Asena energized Liana’s hand. He held her hand firmly and expressed his opinion.

“…what if I send my brother to another woman? What am I supposed to do when I’m left behind? If my brother just looked at another woman, I think he would go crazy with jealousy…I don’t think he would live without him…”

“…Yes…it’s because you’re lonely. This grandma was wrong. I should have made my friends too… So don’t say that. It may be difficult right now, but over time, you won’t even feel your brother’s vacancy. see you and me James is gone, but you don’t feel empty anymore.”

“…..grandmother. You can still feel your father’s void… When a loved one is torn apart, it leaves a scar on the heart. And you’ve already come too deeply into my heart. If you leave me… this will not be a scar, it will be a hole that breaks me.”


“I will tell you for sure. What if my brother marries a woman other than me? I won’t do anything more. That future… I can’t stand it.”

“……ah… three…”

“As a housekeeper. Also as a fryer. as a person too. I won’t do anything.”

“…are you threatening this grandmother?”

“It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”


Asena finished her words and bowed her head for a moment. She was also clearing her mind and speaking.

Liana still didn’t know what to do with her confused feelings. He was worried about whether the words coming out of his mouth were making sense, or whether he was speaking nonsense without realizing it.

Asena let go of Liana’s hand for a moment, then brushed her hair up, and looked at her with eyes much clearer than before.

“grandmother. I know you must have been shocked. But… tell your grandmother. How can I not love you? What should I do, not fall in love?”


“When my parents passed away and I was having a hard time, you brought an older brother with a ‘shining’ personality just as my grandmother said. I was able to stand up again because of my brother. Because of you, I was able to fill my empty heart with love. How can you not love your brother?”


“I cover all my struggles with love. without bothering me I’ve never been annoyed. You have been my guide Is there anything I could do differently? Could I have had a different mind? Isn’t it strange that you don’t love your brother even after this?”

“…you only need to love as a family..”

“The size of the love he gave me made that impossible.”

Liana closed her eyes and bowed her head for a moment. Her breathing was more rapid than before, and she seemed to calm her heart.

After a while, Liana said.

“…it is sophistry. As you said, if you were in a situation where you had no choice but to love your brother. Kirsi? Kirsey was in the same situation. Why is Kirsi… with you…”

Liana, who had been speaking boldly, gradually slowed down. It was because Asena looked straight ahead without averting her eyes.

In her eyes, Liana read a message, which was enough to shock her once more.

“…Please say no.”


Asena did not collect her eyes.

“…even Kirsi…?”

Liana eventually pushed Asena’s hand away and covered her face.

“.. no… ah… no… Aiden… what should I do…”

“…why not, Grandma?”

To Liana’s grandmother looking for her grandfather, Asena asked her seriously.

Liana raised her head to her words and looked at Asena and said.

“Are you talking about that?”

“I really don’t know. Please tell us.”

“Kaden is your brother! Who married the family!”

“After graduation, you said that you would expel your brother. It wasn’t even blood. We don’t even come from the same family, how can you be my brother?”


Liana blinked her eyes and turned away.

“You…you are the go-ju. I have to get married to be a strength to the family, but-”

“-grandmother. Grandma said it’s okay to marry anyone I want. That’s how strong the family is.”

“Isn’t that the premise of getting married? I was saying that any family doesn’t matter, I’m not saying it’s okay not to get married!”

“I want to do it with my brother.”

“no way. What will the marriage to your brother be for the family!”

“…Happier than the family.”


“It’s something my grandmother told me. Since my father passed away, I’ve said many times that happiness has been my number one priority. I know that my grandmother doesn’t care about marriage, which is the strength of the family. You must be dissatisfied that I had such feelings for you.”


Liana couldn’t hide her emotions in the end and bit her lips. There was nothing she could say against it. It has delivered a very clear message so far.

“……Go away.”

Liana, in the end, ordered her granddaughter. Asena gets up from her seat without saying a word.

When she reached the door, she turned her head slightly and opened her mouth.

“…Kirsi also likes you…but I’ll tell you now. My brother is mine. I can’t even give it to Kirsi… so keep that in mind.”





And the conversation from that time continues with the present.

Asena is surprised by the sudden explosion of the situation, and at her dignified appearance than she expected.

When the real problem broke out, instinct intervened, making his nerves more sensitive than ever.

“…I must have told you yesterday.”

But it was the same with Liana.


“…if my brother leaves me… I won’t do anything.”

“Pryster is not swayed by threats.”

“…Grandma…don’t you understand why I brought up that story?”


“…doesn’t it matter that my heart is torn by that choice?”


Oh Hee-ryeo The two talked in a calmer voice than yesterday. That is not to say that there is less tension between them.

Yesterday, it was like a conversation where they clenched their fists and swung their fists at each other.

Asena asked.

“…why do you have to do this? Like I said…if my brother is expelled, it’s not my family, it’s not related to blood…why do I have to oppose it?”

“No matter what you say, Kayden is my baby, our family, your brother. That doesn’t change.”

“…So you’re handing over your brother to another woman? From me… to get rid of Kirsi?”

“…that is not the only reason. Like I said, Kaden wanted to go to the Ice House.”


“…and besides, Judy and I… don’t seem to get along well. You can live happily for the rest of your life. It also helps the family.”

Asena clenched her fists.

It broke my heart to know that he could be happy for the rest of his life without confidence.

There was no stabbing. Surely she’s been tormenting him for the past few weeks.

But even so, it was not possible to understand Grandma’s words.

“…I don’t admit it.”

“I don’t need your approval.”

“I am the head of state, Grandma. We are going to destroy this marriage.”

Asena is about to stand up for the last time, but her grandmother’s horse catches her.

“…you are mistaken.”


Asena, who was about to turn around, looked back at Liana slowly.

Liana is much more relaxed than last night. Still, he tells Asena with a tough expression.

“…just like me, Judy. Or you are thinking that only another woman is an obstacle in your way.”


“What will change if your brother does not marry another woman? If you let this moment pass from here, what would be different?”


Liana’s grandmother also got up from her seat and approached Asena.

Her energy began to grow gradually. It felt as if her wrinkled face was being stretched out, and the old energy of Liana, like a general, seemed to come alive.

Liana said.

“…just because you don’t connect with other women doesn’t mean you don’t connect with you.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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