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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 68


“…just because you don’t connect with other women doesn’t mean you don’t connect with you.”

Liana stands between the door and Asena. She slowly began to point out the facts.

“…..okay. Saying you love Cayden…it’s shocking, but now I believe it. As much as you know it’s an abnormal love, there’s no need to remind you again. But with that as a weapon, you are ignoring the correct procedure for love and you are unable to control your mind.”


“Just because you get rid of the women around Kayden doesn’t mean you can get into it. It’s not even love.”

Asena kept her mouth shut and just listened to her grandmother. Of course, some were struggling to find an answer.

“Have you confessed your heart? Does your brother also see you as a woman? Do you understand each other’s feelings?”


“Because I haven’t started anything that is the basis of love. It’s not like I’m breaking the relationship between you that has already been connected, but it’s terrifying to talk about it as if this grandmother did something wrong. Isn’t it your one-sided mind?”

“…I was going to talk to my brother step by step. It was for that reason that I told my grandmother my deepest feelings. Obviously nothing had happened with my brother, but I had a conversation with my grandmother. Right after that, the connection between my brother and another woman named Judy was nothing but crushing my heart and trying to block the relationship between him and me.”

“Of course. It’s something I can’t just leave it alone.”

“Then, where the hell are you going? I knew I would be angry, but I gave my brother to another bitch…! Why did I confess my heart to my grandmother? You’re not the grandmother who doesn’t know what I mean not to give her brother to another woman!”

“I just eased the pain for you and Kaden.”

Asena smiled and asked Liana. From Asena’s point of view, it was rather herself who had the giga.

“…how does this relieve my pain? Just thinking that my brother is holding another woman’s hand makes me feel upset. But it’s a wedding…if you cut my breasts to pieces, how do you relieve my pain?”

“So you’re saying you’re still mistaken, Asena.”


“As I see it, Kaden doesn’t accept your heart.”


Asena’s eyes filled with ferocious anger. Both fists were tightly clenched, and strength entered the chin. The color she gave off was getting sharper and sharper.

Clearly, Cayden, who rejected him, was also concerned about Asena. But it was her only concern. I didn’t want to hear anyone else say that, even if it was a grandmother, there was no hope of intervening.

“If Kaden rejects you, then what are you going to do with the pain you two will feel? You will break your heart after trying a love that cannot be fulfilled your way. Cayden will listen to you and be confused as Cayden does. Is it so wrong for this grandmother to block that as a guardian?”

“Speak frankly. You didn’t give your brother to Judy because we were afraid that we would get hurt. Rather, I was afraid of the situation between me and my brother.”

“……okay. Obviously there is.”

Liana didn’t have to wrap herself up. By acknowledging all the words, they were erasing the parts where Asena would fall.

“grandmother. Still, Grandma didn’t tell me why I shouldn’t be with my brother. What is the reason why you shouldn’t be connected with your brother, who is not related to your family or blood?”


“Is it because you’re afraid of other people’s evaluations?”

“…it’s just an ethical matter. How…how do you say you’re connected with Kaden…”

A weak emptiness appeared and passed on Liana’s face.

“…your brother… Asena. Your brother… aren’t you incest…”

“It’s not my blood, so how can they be incest?”

Their story just kept spinning.

Then Asena sighs and tells Liana.

“…and I don’t care if it’s incest.”


“All of these procedures are just to lighten the burden on you. I don’t really care.”


“Even if your brother is a slave. Even if it’s really my blood and blood. even if you feel uncomfortable. I can be your brother.”

The more he spoke, the more Asena’s love was indescribable, and the more Liana heard, the more serious the problem was.

At one time, she thought it was a slight misunderstanding. Asena clearly didn’t explain it herself and said that she loved him deeply, but I wondered if it would be temporary like the heat of midsummer.

But the more I heard it, the more it wasn’t.

The first of the two masks to break was Liana’s. Did I say that no parent can beat their children? As much as he loved Asena and Cayden, he could not stop the torrent of emotions.

“…Please stop. Give up now… Didn’t your brother have a mate? It’s already too late…”

“I am breaking the rumor. It’s not too late.”

“……I will not destroy.”

“Then I-”

“-Can you explain the reason to your brother?”


“Because I love my brother, I made a marriage conversation with Judy into a non-existent one, can you tell me?”

Liana didn’t know, but this action was enough to stop Asena’s thinking.

Obviously, as Liana said, if Asena wanted to destroy the marriage, there was no other way than to confess her feelings.

There were so many wrongdoings to him before, it became very difficult to get over it.

I couldn’t come up with excuses for this reason or any other reason, giving me a lot of excuses.

She knew it would be a really big problem if she messed up with him again this time.

Now that even making a small mistake to Cayden is risky, he has come to realize that it is impossible to break up the marriage without telling his true intentions.

But that didn’t mean she was going to give up.

Liana shook her head slowly, calming Asena.

“…it’s already over, Asena. That’s it. I bury my love for my brother in this room. Now I have to start over again-”

“-My foundation.”

Asena’s voice also shakes for a moment. Even at the moment when she had to reveal her inner feelings, she couldn’t put up the mask coldly.

“…my base is my brother. Without you… I can’t move.”


A momentary silence created by Asena’s trembling voice.

Breaking it was also Asena.

She brushed up her messy hair and asked her grandmother calmly in a voice that had regained her composure.

“It’s my one-sided love, so you say it’s a problem. Is that right?”


“grandmother. Then even my brother says he loves me. Will you admit it then?”

Liana shook her head and whispered under her own breath.


“grandmother. Please answer me directly.”

Liana eventually stumbled and sat down on the chair. Asena was still waiting for her answer.


“Grandma said that to prevent our suffering, she had linked her brother with another woman. My brother won’t accept my heart. But if I accept it… If my brother sees me as a woman. At that time, will you understand us without saying anything?”



Liana covered her face with her hands.

“…I don’t know…”

However, for Asena, it was a sufficient answer.

“…you didn’t say no.”



I followed Kirsi as he ran and ran away. It was a day off, so there weren’t many people, but she was attracting attention wherever she went.

“Stop Kirsi!”

Despite my urgent call, she continued to run. Of course, if I wanted to catch her, I had to be able to catch her, but for some reason I couldn’t even do that.

I managed to catch her until I passed the buildings and reached the plain where we often went for a walk.

She suddenly stopped walking and clenched her fists.


I slowed down and stopped in front of her, but I was struck by an unexpected blow.


“Just go!!”

Kirsi, who had dedicated himself to evil, looked up at me with tears in his eyes. It had been a long time since I had seen her face so grimaced.

“…Kirsi. You’ve already talked about it for a long time. My brother decided to leave the family-”

My words could not be conveyed to Kirsi. She didn’t listen.

She clasped her hands and slapped me on the chest with all her might, and she cried out.

“traitor!! You said you’d be by my side for the rest of my life!!”

-Puck! Puck! Puck!

“You decided not to leave my side!! You said that you would always be by my side so you can lean on me!!”

“Kirsi. still my heart will be with you I’m not leaving you-“

“Don’t lie again..! deceive me again..! You’re leaving my side…! What does all that mean..? Marrying Judy and leaving me…! If this isn’t betrayal, what is it?!”

Her words made even my heart ache. Divorce is always difficult. But, as always, farewell. It’s not easy to change your mind just hanging around.

I decided to leave. The twins have to accept that.

“I was a fool to listen to you kindly..! If I had known that you would betray me like this, I would be living my own life!”

I reached out to hug her with open arms.

But Kirsi, who is devoted to evil, pushes my chest and blocks all my efforts.

“go away!! just go away!! You can go to Judy, not me!!”


I was at a loss for words at Kirsi’s intense reaction, and I was pushed as she pushed. I can say that I won’t leave. I couldn’t even tell him to calm down, so I lost my strength and slowly lowered my arms.

As I was so dazed, Kirsi looked at me and started to cling to me first this time.

“Oh, brother, aren’t you really going? Oppa knows that I’m not serious… you shouldn’t leave me oppa…! Oh, I don’t think Grandma didn’t know that yet… Oppa, please. Let’s go and break the marriage with Judy. yes?”

The earnestness was transmitted through the arm that she held. I also understood that she was feeling a storm of intense emotions. So it has to change so quickly.

She opened her arms once more to approach her, but this time she refused to hug him.

“It doesn’t matter now…! Brother, I mean calm down! are you okay? I’m going to spend the rest of my life with Judy…! If I go to the Ice House, I can only see my face once every few years, is it okay…!”

“Of course I don’t like that.”

“That… right? So..! I talked to my grandmother… this story is invalid-”

“-But you said you would come someday, Kirsi.”


When she screamed, this time I forced her to hug me. Unable to refuse, I hug her as if crumpled into my arms.

She struggled inside me for a while, then calmed down and started weeping instead.

“Ugh…! Brother… please… stop… now…”

“it’s okay. You can do well without me.”

“Why do you keep talking like you’re going to disappear?!”


“Why that bitch….is that bitch better than me? How could you leave me?”

“You are better. But…because that and this are different.”

“Did you hate me? Is it because of those things? Oppa, because I’m begging like this… I’m wrong… Don’t leave me…!”

I patted her on the back without answering any further.

“It’s okay, Kirsty. it’s okay.”

It was the first priority to silence her intense emotions. Because in an emotional state, people don’t know what to say.

Ignoring her subsequent pleas and requests, I continued to pat her on the back.

I didn’t seem to be able to talk about this topic today. I thought I’d wait until tomorrow at least.

I held the crying Kirsi in my arms and comforted her for hours.


As Kirsi scrambled into the dormitory room, Asena was waiting.

They looked at each other with the same darkened eyes.

It wasn’t too late, but the two had exhausted the energy of the day.

Kirsi walked towards his room without saying anything to Asena.

It was partly because Asena, who secretly stole Cayden’s lips, had not yet reconciled.


As she walked into the room like that, Asena stopped her.

It was difficult to guess how long it had been since the two of us talked.

Kirshi is so emotional and wants to go into the room without ignoring her for a day or so, but a strange force stops her and turns her body.


Asena got up from her seat and slowly walked towards Kirsi.

The twins eventually stared at each other from less than a span of distance.

Asena says:

“……Let’s stop reconciling now.”


Kirsi hears her words and just turns around. It wasn’t her personality that rejected people like this, but when people were driven to the extreme, the sharpness that was hidden in the corner of her chest was revealed.

Asena was about to ignore Asena’s words and go into the room once more, Asena said.

“It’s not about making peace for us. It’s because of my brother.”

– Drop.

Kirsi’s body stopped in place.

She tilted her head slightly and waited for Asena to speak.

“……Now… in a situation where Judy and marriage are going back and forth… we can’t even be fighting. If this goes on like this, I really… my brother will leave.”


“…Kirsi. Let’s join forces for a moment.”


“…it’s better to be two than alone…you know.”


“…until my brother’s marriage is broken. If you miss this moment, it’s over. Before the story can be established and spread, it must be shattered.”


“I don’t know…but I know that it won’t work if we’re fighting each other.”


Asena trembled around her eyes and said to Kirsi.

“……I can’t just let my brother leave my side….”

Kirsi also finally turned around and said.

“…what should I do?”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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