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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 66


– Tick Tick.

Just as the day is over by relaxing, a knock is heard at the dormitory door.

Me and the protagonist of the novel, ‘Eric Endra’, who were in the living room, met eyes.

He and I looked at each other like that for a while.

Eric shrugged first.

“You must be my brother’s guest, huh?”


With that said, I stopped stretching and opened the door.

– Kick.

Is it supposed to be the protagonist’s feelings? Or maybe there are only a limited number of people who will come to visit us on this late night. Again, my guest was standing outside the door.



She walked past me without saying hello, as if this was her bedroom.

“…Asena, stop. I’m not alone here, so what should I do if I come in like this?”

Asena turned her attention to Eric, who was in the living room with me.

already in, she asked.

“…can I come in?”

“Yes, yes.”

Although Eric has a very kind personality, his feeling that he doesn’t want to cause problems has been conveyed.

Actually, it wasn’t even a request.

I was about to say something to Asena because I thought this wasn’t the case, and she slipped into my room without saying anything else.



I am at a loss for words when I see her go straight to my room without saying a word.

Eric and I were silent about this bizarre situation for a long time.

Then again, again, it was Eric who opened his mouth.

“Asena-sama, something doesn’t look right?”

“…Hmm…that’s right.”

“Is the conference difficult?”

The nobles had gathered all day to hold a conference, so it was possible.

But… it’s also strangely true. Of course, it must have been strong, but I don’t think it was enough that Asena couldn’t stand it. Knowing the amount of work she has to deal with on a daily basis, I thought that the competition was rather a break time.

In the end, I couldn’t answer, so I apologize to Eric.

“…I’ll go in first. I’ll have to listen to what you’re saying.”

“Please. I’ll be in my room too, so don’t worry about me and talk.”

“Thank you, Eric. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Have a good night.”

After greeting him, I also follow Asena into my room.

She was leaning against the window and looking out. It was so dark outside, I wondered what I could see. The moon had also disappeared, so the only stimulus that came from outside the window was the cries of grasshoppers.

oh cool wind too.

A cool breeze blows in and delivers the fragrant scent of Asena’s hair to me.

I asked her, calming my mind a little at the scent.



The more I look at it, the more Asena’s feelings are conveyed to me. There were several reasons why she was doing this.

I inquired the reason.

“How did you get scolded by your grandmother again today?”


I poured tea into a teacup on the table. There is nothing like this to calm your mind while listening to a story. But she says to me as I lift the kettle and pour the tea.

“…Brother, sit over there.”


I looked up at Asena instead of pouring the car.

She was still looking out the window and pointing to the bed, with her back to me.


“Sit down.”

Why don’t you want to drink right now? I put the kettle down and sat down on the bed as she said.

When the cushion is pressed and makes a sound, Asena moves. He removed his body leaning against the window and slowly approached me.

“Why again?”

She didn’t like her expression when she finally showed me her face, so I took Asena’s hand as she approached me and comforted her.

But Asena didn’t stop there.

“…be still, brother.”

She slowly started to get on me as I sat down.

“Uh, what are you-”

“- Stay still.”

Suddenly, she climbed onto her thighs and pressed her to her body.

His legs knelt and wrapped around my thighs, and his navel was pressed against my navel.

Her breasts were completely pressed against me, and her arms were wrapped around my neck.

Asena put her head on my collarbone and finally settled in.

As she sat there, she did not move any more, as if a snake had turned on its side.

A small, colorful breath. soft body. Seriously, sometimes I can’t believe this is the damn villain of the novel.

I asked, bewildered by the pretty sticky skinship.

“…why are you being so foolish?”


“Did you come here late at night to do this?”


“Are you very upset?”

The only reason she was so heartbroken was when she had a fight with me or when she was scolded by her grandmother, so she had no choice but to ask.

But Asena’s answer was something I could not have imagined.




“You had a fight with your grandmother?”

I am perplexed by her words. I didn’t expect to hear the reply that if I was scolded, I would be scolded, if I complained, I would talk, and that I had a fight.

After all, no one was against Grandma.

Be confused for a while. After I cleared my mind, I sided with Asena.

“…you have the courage? I even fight with my grandmother.”

She nodded at my collarbone.

“Did you win?”


“If you fight, you have to win.”

Asena paused for a moment at my joke, and eventually started to giggle.

Starting to laugh is a good sign. I pat Asena’s back as she embraced me.

Sometimes it’s really cute too. Since I am a human being, there were many times when I felt proud that Asena only showed me. Besides, it’s none other than that Asena.

Because he’s a high-ranking nobleman and the Duke of Priest who treats everyone hard.

Asena smiles a little in my arms for a while, then picks up the subject she had put down for a while.

“…it’s empty. brother.”

“Did you fight with your grandmother and draw?”

“….I think so. There is no conclusion.”

“It’s empty, but why are you so heartbroken? We have made a lot of progress.”

“…we talked about topics that should never be lost.”

“What was the topic?”

“…that’s a secret.”

“Well. I wonder.”

Asena, who had already been attached to it, twisted her pelvis and made it closer to me. I never thought we could get any closer, but the gap between us was only disappearing.

“…Tell me what you heard from Grandma, then. I need to know what you heard about why you’re so fussy.”

“…do you want to hear it?”

“If you can talk to me.”

“… absolutely not. Calm down. You’re confusing your mind right now…”

“Did you hear those words from your grandmother?”


It was the grandmother’s words that Asena heard, but her tone seemed to be transmitted.

Obviously, he wouldn’t have spoken as quietly as Asena said now. Looking at the use of those words and phrases, it was not difficult to guess that he was in a state of anger.

Asena had her head buried in my arms so much that I couldn’t see her expression.

My curiosity grew and I really wanted to ask what happened to her, but I knew she wouldn’t tell me, and it wasn’t the time to ask.

Asena came to lean on me, so it was enough for me to become a pillar on which to lean.

I stroked her back, wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly.



For a moment she panicked, but as if this was not the wrong answer, Asenana hugged me as tightly as I hugged her tightly.

“it’s okay. I’m mad at my grandma and that’s it. I’ll always be by your side when things get tough, so always come like this. Understand?”


“Isn’t that what your family is like?”


Asena stiffened for a moment at my words, then rubbed her face against my neck again. Wouldn’t a cat do just that?

It’s been a while since we hugged each other so tightly.

Asena lets out a long sigh and tells me.

“…..brother. I think there will be big changes in the future.”

“In what sense?”

“….just. in relationships.”

“Asena. Can’t you just tell me what we were talking about?”

I looked at her once more, but she only shook her head.

So, she easily refused my words, and she asked.

“…So, brother. Shouldn’t it be a big surprise no matter what happens?”

“……Well, you have to go to find out.”

At that moment, Asena pushed me with her whole body at once. The body was still tightly pressed, and only the bent legs opened, and they slipped me backwards.

With that power, I was lying on the bed hugging her, and Asena climbed on top of me.



After being laid on the bed, the thought that entered my head was that she was definitely at a high level of strife these days.

I feel like I am touching my baseline by narrowly crossing the boundary of expressing affection that I can give to my family.

The fact that the bed we were lying in was also a contributing factor.

Late night with no one around. Lying on the bed hugging each other tightly makes me a little puzzled no matter how much I want to say no.

As soon as I thought to let her go, Asena, who was riding on me, slowly lifted her head and brought her face right in front of me.

There was only enough distance left between each other’s noses, just enough to fit a finger.

Her green eyes stared straight at me, and a strange tension began to flow.

She looks at me in silence like that, I beg you quietly.

“…….brother. Say you love me.”


“….I say I love you. Just say it three times.”

It wasn’t a very difficult request, but there was still a strange atmosphere given by the situation itself. I was able to confirm the peculiarity that I couldn’t detect from Asena… and I only got more confused.

Even so, the reason I couldn’t refuse her request with a single blow was because her voice trembled slightly at the end.

Are you nervous? Or maybe it was because something upset happened. Seeing Asena, who is not easily shaken, was shaking, even my heart was shaking.

It makes me wonder how much she would do this if she was pushed to her limit. I was lightly told to do things with my grandmother, but did something bigger than I expected happen? I couldn’t say no to Asena, who wanted to confirm her affection.

“…ha… I love you. I love you. I love you.”

In the end, he tells her that he loves her. The question is asked later, and for now, she decides only to be her strength. I thought it would be better to do what you want and finish the situation quickly.

Asena heard my words, avoided her gaze for a moment, shook her body, shook her head and spoke to me.

“…with a sigh and again.”


“You sighed as if you were doing it reluctantly. please do it again.”

“…you know I love you even if you don’t have to say it.”

“…I still want to hear it.”


I made eye contact with Asena, who was staring at me, and eventually grabbed her by the neck and hugged her tightly. It was my effort to close the situation while avoiding the gaze.

Then, he said to her in a serious voice. If you don’t say this, things won’t end.

“…I love you, Asena. Really.”


Once again, Asena trembled like a terrified animal. Her reaction was also strange, but I did not give her any other consolation with this.

Asena didn’t ask me either.

After ignoring her complaint of wanting to sleep with her, she got up and took Asena to her dorm room, ending the last night’s comfort.

And the next day.

It was lunchtime, and Grandma called us together.

Twins and I in Grandma’s dorm room. Grandma and the maid, Helen. Even the butler, Thein, gathers.

Whether it was a bad fight, Asena and Grandma didn’t even look into each other’s eyes.

Besides, Liana’s face was full of concern. It’s also something I’ve never seen before.

In that uncomfortable atmosphere, Grandma Liana says:

“…I have made an important decision, so I have gathered you all.”

If it was normal, I would have been surprised by Liana’s heavy words… Maybe it’s because Asena had spoken to me the day before. I was able to listen to her a little more calmly.

Grandma’s eyes are on me. Then to Kirsi. Next, it goes to Asena, and finally to me again.

Grandma looks at me and says


“It has to do with me.”


“it’s okay. Please speak.”

Liana’s grandmother’s eyes glanced at Asena for one last moment. Asena was looking at me.

Liana Grandma says

“Kayden. Your fiancée has been decided on Judy Ice.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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