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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 65


After the awards ceremony, the twins approached and looked at Judy and me while the principal cleared their seats on the podium.


When Kirsi said that her cheeks were red, she was embarrassed and looked at Judy. Touch your cheeks with the back of your hand and sniff your nose in embarrassment. Her cheeks were red because of her brief conversation with Judy, but she turned it around for a moment.

“…I guess I was excited when people cheered me on.”

But despite my answer, Kirsi’s face gradually hardened.

Before I even wondered why she was doing this, I approached her and grabbed her by the shoulder.

A lot of the attention of the aristocrats was drawn, so even if there was a story to be said, it seemed that I had to go in and do it.

“Come on, let’s go in.”

But at that moment, Kirsey tapped my hand on my shoulder and snatched my wrist with a quick hand.


Then, holding the snatched wrist tightly, he slowly inserted the interlock into the hand with the opposite hand.

Kirsi’s fingers gently slipping between my fingers.

I went crazy and couldn’t react to the natural movement, so I gave up my side and one arm to her.

Normally, there was no problem with her behavior, but if there were any problems, it was now in front of all the nobles.

Although it was a short distance to the seat, there was a distance between the podium and the seat, so many eyes were still on me.

There were two problems.

The first is etiquette. It is difficult to express this kind of affection in a place where many people see it.

The second is… our relationship that we demonstrated.

Externally, I’m not like this with twins.

As much as they talked about me, they were able to appeal to the pure blood of the family, but in return they had to fight with me several times. I, too, had to be bullied by such rumors.

It was said that it would not be good if we suddenly turned it over and showed good relations here. In particular, not only the nobility of the academy, but also a lot of housekeepers had to be very careful in this place. That said, there is no need to jump.

To be honest, I was confused. They were the ones who pretended to pretend to be me first, but once again, they take different postures in front of everyone.

They probably don’t know how important image is politically.

First of all, the grandmother in front of me is looking at me with a puzzled look, so I act quickly.

“…You and Judy were on the podium earlier. In front of everyone-”

While she says something, I naturally shake my arm and shake her hand away. as if it was unintentional.



“Kirsi. First, let’s go in and talk. Understand?”

Then, with a smile on his face, he quickly walked over to the grandmother and greeted her that he had been there.

In that way, Judy also returned to her seat, and Asena returned to her seat too late.

Kirshman, blankly stopped in place, staring at his hand that I had let go.

Grandma asked curiously.

“…why is Kirsi like that?”


“..Asena. Bring your brother.”

In the end, when no one was watching, I secretly asked Asena, and Asena sighed and brought Kirsi, who was stiff.

The place ended like that.


Asena couldn’t keep her focus despite the important schedule that followed.

The previous case of Cayden’s marriage shook her up so much.

Just the thought of him leaving made my heart pound and anxious.

“It is not!”

An aristocrat suddenly slammed the table and made a loud noise.

The conference was in progress.

Several nobles were sitting around a large round table, speaking out for their families regardless of their titles.

Of course, there was a difference in the right to speak and a difference in attention, but since it is a place where you can immediately express your discomfort without a certain procedure, there are many things to solve.

It must have been a story uttered after talking to the families they served or the allied families, but nonetheless, the significance of this position was significant.

No matter how much it looks like a show, it’s a necessary place.

In many cases, he paid attention to the hostile families.

It was also a story that came mainly to Asena.

Someone told Asena,

“Our residents are suffering from the crimes that occur at the border of the territory with the Duke.”

Saying that, Asena is like a doll,

“…be careful. Security will be strengthened and criminals will be severely punished, so I want you to warn your residents to beware of malice.”

After answering, he waited for the next word.

From the side, Grandma Liana watched it. As it was a conference, the head of the family, heir, or elder was with them. Kirsina and Kayden were not present.

As the meeting progressed, more and more stories poured out.

A story about ownership of the mine.

A story about interfamily trade.

Even sensitive stories about conflict and territorial boundaries.

After the award ceremony in the morning, the story continued until the evening ended.

As the sunset gradually set and the saliva of the nobility dried up and began to get tired, Liana, who was still still, acted.

“…Then is the story over?”

She stared at Asena throughout the meeting and didn’t say anything, but you can’t deny the fact that everyone was watching her.

In any case, Ice and Pryster, the most powerful after the royal family ‘Lucilder’, participated, so the discussion was centered on these two.

As much as that, when Liana opened her mouth, everyone’s attention was drawn, and some even changed their posture.

Asena’s attention was also drawn to Liana’s actions.

Liana grandmother brought up the topic without hesitation, according to her personality.

“Well then, I want to tell you a story about our eldest son.”

Asena’s heart was pounding.

She had never felt any emotion or stimulation in all of these stories, but as soon as the story about Kaden came out, her heart seemed to sink heavily.

“As you may have seen this morning… he is a proud child of my family. So now… I’m trying to find a mate.”

At those words, Asena’s heart burned black. Eventually, unable to stand still, she reached under the desk and placed her hand on Liana’s grandmother’s leg.


Grandma Liana understood her dissatisfaction through her morning conversation with Asena. But that didn’t stop her.

Liana covered her mouth with one hand and whispered into Asena’s ear.

“Your brother is also exhausted. We need to find a mate before it’s too late.”

“Grandma, not now, but next time—”

Before Asena could finish speaking, Liana raised her leaned body and looked at the nobles.

“…there is no family that wants to continue a ties with my grandchildren.”

No one spoke, but the place became noisy. He fixed his posture, turned his head, and the sound of his eyes grew louder.

There were many families and allied families under the Freisters, as well as families and allied families under the Ice House, but there were also many families that took a neutral stance beyond that, and there were many isolated families that did not belong to any other place.

Some looked at the Ice duke. It must have been because of morning work.

Liana, noticing even the appearance, adds an explanation.

“I haven’t talked to the Ice House. I just want to find a mate for Cayden, so don’t worry about the title and let’s talk.”

But even with Liana’s words, they were as quiet as dead mice.


Asena looked at it for an hour. Still, as he was an adopted child, was it burdensome to give up their children?

Liana also frowned at the sight, and began to ask them.

“…I wonder. It is rare to find a child who shines as brightly as Cayden.”

Liana’s eyes begin to scan the nobles. When they noticed that her heart had become uncomfortable, all the heads of state were busy covering their eyes.

In the end, the only one who broke that tension was the Ice Duke with the same power.

“…don’t do that too much. Everyone knows that he’s a great young man, but I don’t think it’s because of that.”

“…Then what is it, Edgar? Could it be that Kayden is from commoners?”

Even in official positions, Liana lowered the Duke of Ice by calling him Edgar.

But the Ice Duke doesn’t care and answers.

“Is that such a big deal? It’s a Priest.”

“…Then what’s the matter?”

The Duke of Ice answered honestly without noticing Liana.

“Isn’t it because rumors have spread that a child named Kayden is floating around in the family?”


“They said they didn’t treat me like family. So… no matter how much the child is a Priest, it doesn’t make any sense if he’s running around, so everyone is reluctant.”

Liana once again asked all the nobles.

“…Did you all think that way?”

Liana takes a deep breath and says: This sigh was her biggest expression of emotion at today’s meeting.

“…Then, over the years, was it all for this reason that everyone turned their hands to the proposal of marriage with Cayden?”

Still no one answered. Liana raises her head and declares proudly.

“Kaden is my child. I don’t know why the rumors that this child is going around are spreading. As you can see this morning, he is a young man with a radiant personality, and his power as a knight is outstanding. He even became the champion of the recent jousting. Marriage to Cayden speaks of a close alliance with Pryster. I’ll forget what happened, so if you have a suitable mate for Kayden, please tell me.”

A moment that seemed like eternity passes.

In the brief silence that followed, Asena’s lips burned. She rolled her eyes inconspicuously and looked at the heads of several families.

Still no one raised a hand. She let out a few short breaths, calming her pounding heart. Fortunately, it seemed to pass without any problems.

But, at that moment, someone from afar started raising their hands one by one.


And with him as a starting point, many heads of families raised their hands.

One, two, three.

Asena, who had been counting the hands raised to her eyes, quickly became uncountable.

Everyone started talking about their family and daughter as if they had entered an auction, and the conference became more noisy than ever before.

In Asena’s eyes, they all looked like demons trying to take Cayden from her.


Since so many families had proposed their daughter to Cayden, the story of the marriage could not be concluded.

Asena sat down at the table inside Liana’s dormitory.

Grandma Liana smiles and tells Asena.

“…Fufu…it’s fine. Still, I was able to find a good mate for Kayden. I heard that the second son of the Mace family is very beautiful. Ah, I heard that the eldest daughter of the Valeruin family is the current mother-in-law. I heard that the Hexter’s eldest daughter is okay too. Are these children you all know? Considering the family, Judy of the Ice family doesn’t seem too bad…”

Like a girl with a new toy, Grandma Liana was excited to find a mate for Cayden.

Asena, biting her nails with her teeth, was trapped in her own world.

Over and over again, the picture of Cayden leaving with other women was pictured in my mind.


Liana, who had a bright expression, hardened her expression at Asena’s strange behavior.

“…Asena. Leave your nails alone.”

– Dump. Dump. Dump.

But Asena did not know how to stop. The voice was not heard.

Liana finally reached out and grabbed Asena’s tearing hand.



Asena came to her senses only then and looked at Liana.

Liana sighs and says.


She approached Asena with a worried expression and sat down next to her.

He wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her by the shoulders and spoke softly.

“…how much you like your brother, I know. I’ve seen them all in the Freister estate, don’t you know? You’re my older brother who became my parents’ substitute…how could you hate me? But one day we had to part. All siblings are like that. After all, there is an end to the family.”


“…I know that you are giving a lot of love to your brother, who became your parent’s substitute, but now your brother is also going to marry you. If this is the case, it will be too late. Shouldn’t Kayden see the children too?”


With those words, Asena thought about the child Cayden would give birth to. Not a child half his own and half his, but a child half him and another woman.

Asena immediately finds out that if she had such a child, she would hate it forever.

At Asena’s bizarre reaction that continued over and over, Liana frowned in the end.

“…Kaden should have children too. I can’t just sacrifice my whole life for you. Because that child must also find happiness.”

“…Grandma, my brother can be happy with us, or by my side.”

“Of course, even if I live like I am now, I will be happy for a while. But what about when you’re all old? If there’s one thing this grandmother did best in her life, it was giving birth to your father. Right now, my only pleasure is you. But sacrifice for you, even if Kaden can’t have children. What will be his pleasure when he is old?”

Asena whispers to Liana so she can’t hear it.

“……I can give birth to you.”

“…Asena, I can’t hear you. Speak out loud.”


“….after. still. It worked out well today, so that’s it. Asena, one day you will understand too. You hate change, but you have to adapt. By the way, how did those rumors circulate about Kayden? Ah, who shines more than anyone else. It’s stupid to think about it all this time. I only knew that everyone hated Kaden because he was born of a commoner, so it must be because of rumors like that.”



Liana then hardened her expression as if she had remembered something. Her voice fell seriously.

“…Asena. Speaking of rumors… I’ve heard strange things.”

Asena, it was better for the atmosphere to subside. Because she seemed to be able to reveal the truth too.

“…as much as Kaden got a lot of attention today, there are stories about Kayden everywhere.”

Even this only made Asena’s chest heavier. The goal was for him to quietly graduate from the academy and return to the estate quietly, but it was already wrong.

Liana tilted her head and frowned. I could feel the gentle anger in her voice.

“…Of course, it’s a story that I shed with one ear after hearing it…but that’s what the current students do.”


“…When Caden graduates, he will be expelled from his family.”

At Liana’s words, Asena burst out laughing for some reason. In an instant, my heart is very saddened. neither will she After all, at this moment, there is no need to hide any more.

I don’t know how Liana took that laugh, but she continued to ask with a firm expression on her face.

“…Do you know where the rumors came from?”

Asena continued to let out small laughs. At the same time, my tears fill my eyes and my heart swells. Maybe it was because it had been so long since I spit these words out.


Seeing her smiling, Liana had a question.

Asena looked at Grandma Liana with her eyes wet with tears. It was the first moment I returned to my grandmother’s house and looked straight at her.

Asena says with a big smile.

“…I know where the rumors come from.”

As Asena, who has been hiding her feelings even more to Liana, Liana only found her smile awkward.

“Where did the rumors come from-”

“-It’s a rumor from me. And it’s not even a rumor.”


Liana blinked. It was the first time Asena had ever seen her bewildered look.


“Oppa, when I graduate, I will be expelled.”

Liana’s expression became more and more distorted.

Previously, I turned my arms behind Asena’s back and grabbed her shoulders, but this time I grabbed her by the shoulders in front of her and shook Asena.

“What are you talking about! Yes…how did you do that to Kayden! It’s the older brother who raised you! As of today, that story doesn’t exist. What am I listening to-”


Asena didn’t care about him, and made an expression of regret.

“I love you, brother.”


A single tear ran down her cheek. For Liana, it was Asena’s tears that I saw for the first time in 12 years.

“…if you’re a Freister… then you can’t marry me.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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