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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 64


Asena took turns looking at Cayden and Judy, and the Duke of Ice and Grandma, and sat down in a hurry.

Without even hiding his expression, he leaned over and started whispering to his grandmother.

“…Grandma, what do you mean by that?”

“….Well? What are you talking about?”

“…Your brother hangs out with that woman. What are you talking about?”

“…even if I don’t know anything about that child…”

“no. It’s not…”

Asena bites her lips in frustration.

“…ah…the Ice family. Grandma always told me to be careful. Such an ice duke is trying to get his brother to marry him, but what if he agrees with him…!”

Even Kirsi, who had been listening intently to Asena and her grandmother, started talking to Liana in a hurry.

“grandmother. That’s right. Are you going to send your brother to the Ice family? against the enemy?”

“…It would be okay if that maiden came to our estate.”

With those words, Asena noticed to some extent that Grandma Liana was seriously thinking about it.

I felt my heart ripped in an instant. This was the first time Kaden had been so close to another woman. It also materialized that he left his side.

If he disappears, happiness, love, warm words and funny jokes from him. It means that all the kisses that she shares at night, which are her great strength, will all disappear.

It is a story of a man who has built up a relationship for a long time and becomes distant in an instant.

“…Grandma, we never get along.”

Asena said with a trembling voice, trying to contain her emotions.

“Oppa and that girl don’t get along.”

Kirsi also whispered next to him.

“I… I agree with what you said. Excuse me… to my brother.”

Liana looked at Kaden with a tired look and answered quietly.

“The two of them look happy, but I don’t know what doesn’t suit them.”

The twins followed Liana’s grandmother’s gaze and looked at Judy and Kaden.

Cayden put her arm on Judy’s shoulder and received cheers from the common people with her whole body. Judy and Kayden were looking at each other with smiles and laughter.

Asena felt a thump, and her heart dropped.

When Grandma Liana’s words, Duke Aiden Ice’s words, and Kayden’s actions were combined, he began to get nervous.

It seemed that Cayden was standing on the edge of a cliff. With a little force, he seemed to be leaving to a place he could no longer have.

The tip of his nose twitched at the rushing fear, and his eyes seemed to be red. Her toes and fingers were curled up, and her legs lost strength.

Liana’s grandmother continued.

“They look good together. Isn’t the position the same? I cherish Kayden…but, if you look at the facts, it’s not a loss. And the same goes for Judy Ice. In addition to the same knight, behind her is the mighty Ice House. Of course, it’s a hostile family, but maybe I can pour cold water on the long conflict for a while. Maybe it’s just a fake, but it’s a temporary alliance.”

Kirsi grabbed Liana’s grandmother’s arm and said quickly.

“You have to think about your grandmother and brother as well. Ah… no matter what the circumstances, isn’t that too much of a tool for you?”

“Kirsi. do i keep talking They both look happy.”


“It is enough to invite the children of the Ice family to such a place without even noticing it. How should you think your brother opposes this marriage?”

Asena eventually let out a part of her anger.


“I know that you guys like Kaden so much, and it’s reassuring to see that you are still wary of the Ice family, but… sometimes you need to broaden your horizons. Then you tell me What kind of woman is it for your brother?”



At the words of Liana’s grandmother, Asena and Kirsi stiffen.

The grandmother began to urge the twins, perhaps because she was not just going to ask a question.

“Well? tell me In my eyes, I can’t see a suitable opponent as the maiden of the Ice family, but I will not change my mind after hearing your stories.”

They struggled in their own form, and began to spit it out slowly.

Kirsey speaks first.

“…Oppa likes jokes… It would be nice to be a funny person. Someone you can laugh with. A lot of aegyo… that…and they must have known each other for at least a few years. Nobles below the marquis are not allowed. A maiden is never okay. She must be the enemy of the family… It suits her brother. The second… the second in the family. I know how to cook food for my brother… and drink tea together every night…”

“……Asena, are you?”

Asena bows her head and answers quietly.

“……You are a better person than me.”


“…I can’t accept anyone with less power than me. It’s okay if your face is worse than me. I can’t even give it to someone who loves you less than me…”

The twins were unwittingly explaining themselves. Kirsi was explaining herself directly, and Asena was explaining herself indirectly as much as she knew that no one was superior in power and beauty at the same time.

Liana’s grandmother finally raised her hand.

“…Isn’t that too unrealistic? I wish I could find the woman you are describing, but since no one in other families sees Kayden as a good marriage partner… Ah, maybe that will change from today.”


“Then, if you say that your brother has a crush on him, would that be okay?”


Asena gave a weak reply.

“If your brother likes you, then you have nothing to say.”


Asena thought about it for a moment.

That Cayden standing in front of him.

The older brother, who has always been his support, brings another woman and talks.

‘I want to be with this person.’

He leaves himself and goes to another woman.

With all his kindness, wit, and trustworthiness, he leaves to a place where he can no longer touch him.

Afterwards, the words of love, which will be warmer, will only go to that woman, and Asena envisions a future in which she can only dream of it.

“…Grandma, stop talking about this now. I hate it.”

Kirsey threw up. Her eyes were red as if she had painted it like Asena.

“…I didn’t know it would be so sad. Your brother must eventually get married too.”


“I see. Let’s stop. Because today is a day to celebrate your brother.”

Grandma Liana sighs and strokes the back of her hand once in a while. Then he stared blankly at Kayden, smiled kindly and began to applaud.

And the twins were next to them, unable to express their expressions.


With so many shouts and applause, Judy looks up at me.

She was holding her hand tight and giving her courage, but from the moment she stepped onto the podium, she was terrified.

He wasn’t originally like this, but he seemed more nervous in front of his father or half-brothers in the family.

“…K…Kayden. Why am I here…”

I whispered close to her ear to break through the numerous shouts, but my efforts are overshadowed by the people who make a louder noise as if they saw something more interesting in my actions.

“It’s true that we did it together, so of course we should come together.”

“…you took all the risk…”

“You saved what you saved. And, Judy, we are knights. If you don’t build honor at this time, when will you build it?”


He grabbed Judy’s trembling hand and lifted it up high. People laughed, clapped and shouted at our sight.

Suddenly I look back. I wanted to see the expression of the Ice Duke. Why is Judy so crooked? I don’t know, but my family said it was difficult, so there must be a reason.

But there was nothing I could find out by looking at the Ice Duke. Rather, he had a faint smile. He didn’t seem to hate Judy.

Haha, Judy once said that her father was the only person she could write to her comfortably.

I turned my head forward again and whispered to Judy.

“…Judy, she’s smiling at you from behind.”


“Then you should be proud of yourself.”

“…bee…aren’t you laughing at me?”

I burst out laughing at her appearance.

“Are you really a different person?”


“Why are you so scared? You should enjoy this situation. Everyone is cheering for you.”

Judy’s eyes shift to the common people below, who are watching us.

Some children ran from place to place, constantly saying thank you for saving them.

Judy blinked as she looked at those children.

“…we are seen as nobles and heroes who gave their lives for the children of commoners. Of course…you and I cannot be called nobles with proper positions, but nobility is still noble.”

“Kaden, like I said, it’s all because of you…”

“Stop it, Judy.”


“You were there with me. I also saved children. You may find it uncomfortable, but I want you to embrace this honor.”


I smiled at her.

“…you are always helping me. This time it’s my turn. Should the family members unite?”


Judy’s stiff hands slowly loosened, and a small smile began to appear on her face.

“…and you and your shoulders. What do you do when your family is so cringe? It’s sad to see.”

I took this opportunity to bring out my sorrowful heart.


Judy still started making excuses, but no further words came out.

I release my arms and put her shoulder to shoulder.


“Wow… look at people. When will we ever get this kind of love again?”


“Can you hear what I’m saying?”


At the same time, we focus on what they say.

‘Marry me!’

‘Goes well!’

‘For Fryster and Ice!’

And at the same time, it trembles and trembles.

Suddenly, the arm that rested on her felt heavy. It quickly becomes awkward, and it becomes difficult to find what to say.

Still, being quiet like this seems to be conscious for some reason, so I squeezed out a joke to lighten the situation.

“…Is that so?”


But Judy didn’t answer.

I was even more embarrassed by her silence.

Contrary to what I expected, as the road ran wild and asked if it made sense, Judy only blushed with swaying eyes.

Is it because there are people in front of you, or is it because your family is behind you, so you don’t act recklessly? She had forgotten that the members of the Ice House had come and changed a lot.

For some reason, my cheeks started to turn red.

Eventually he awkwardly lifted his hand from her shoulder and scratched his head.

The principal tells me next to him.

“Kaden Pryster. It’s okay to leave now. You live well in people’s hearts.”

“…Chi..Thanks for the compliment.”

At his words, Judy and I finally waved our hands to the crowd before descending the podium.

As soon as I went down the podium, the twins were standing in front of me with their heads raised.

I asked with an awkward smile, trying to forget the situation with Judy.

“Isn’t your brother cool?”

Kirsi asked, returning a small smile to me first.

“…Why is your cheek so red?”


He was smiling, but his voice was cold for some reason.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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