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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 49

Shining Knight (7)

“The eldest daughter of Count Hexter. What about Daisy Hexter?”

Asena continued to ask questions with her hand on her forehead. Shalon answered cautiously, as if walking on thin ice.

Now, she had to tell exactly what she could do and what she couldn’t. You can’t just say you can do it, and later say you can’t. Shalon responds cautiously.

“…Daisy Hexter is next to…Kaden-sama…”

“When you said you were going to separate your brother.”

“Then I think I can kidnap him for a day or so. I don’t think it can be any longer. There is a risk of getting caught.”

“…you only have one day?”

Asena finally turns her head to look at Shalon. Shalon coordinated her response, hiding the pressure she was under right now.

“…it looks like it could be up to two days. It’s really hard beyond that.”

“If you are a maid working in the academy kitchen. How long can you keep?”

“Are you talking about the maid?”


Shallon had a strange expression on her face when she said that she was a commoner’s maid and said confidently.

“If you are a maid, there is no problem. We can take care of it if you want.”

The two knew what ‘disposal’ meant without talking about it.

Asena approached Sharlon and fiddled with her hand.

Cayden kept moving away from me, and I couldn’t help but watch this. I need to do something, but I don’t know what it is, so I checked it like this.

In fact, Asena knew better than anyone that it was not rational to visit Shalon now.

When he sees Kaden smiling brightly with another woman over him, he knows he’s starting to react emotionally.

No matter how much Asenara, it wasn’t that he didn’t think about the aftermath of this incident. So far, many things have been discovered by Kaden. I couldn’t be sure that even this wouldn’t be noticed.

But nevertheless, Asena continued to stare at the tile in her hand.

because it was possible

If you want, you can threaten Daisy and deal with Ewin.

Because that’s what Priest is.

If it bothers you, you can throw it away. That has always been Asena’s way.

If only he gave orders. Here’s what I’d say to Shalon, if you just utter those light words.

“…Asena-sama, what should I do…? Is it okay to kidnap Daisy Hexter?”

Sharon asked.

Asena closes her eyes and thinks deeply, says.

“……no. forget.”


“Forget everything I said. I made a noise.”

“…do we forget about the maid? When it comes to maids, things are very simple.”

“…forget everything.”

Asena instantly wanted to be alone. I was so weak that I couldn’t stand it.

“…Shallon. go out The purpose is now.”


When all the tension disappeared in an instant, Sharon sighed and got up from her seat without Asena’s knowledge. After bowing to Asena, who was covering her face with one hand, she left the room.

– Kick, thump.

Asena couldn’t figure out why she was doing this. All other methods aside, only extreme, violent methods have come to mind recently.

It got worse when everything right after it got worse, and I keep worrying about it even though I know it won’t get better.

It was difficult Asena because of these emotions. He wanted to destroy Daisy without thinking of the aftermath. He still shuddered at the sight of her sitting next to him and smiling happily together.

But if you do something, there are consequences. If you can throw all the violent acts that run through her head on Daisy at will, Kaden won’t stand still.

If he does, he will follow through to the end of who ordered it, and eventually he will reach him.

Then then.

it will end completely

He couldn’t bring the result of losing Cayden by saying that he should be refreshed.

In the end, she struggled in pain again in a situation that was not even this or that.

When will Kaden come back?

do i have to approach

Can’t you see yourself breaking down? Aren’t you worried at all? I want you to value only yourself. I would like to see her as a woman and treat her with respect.

He always thinks of himself as a little sister and gives only that kind of love. And the more he struggled against it, the farther he went.

She whispered to him inwardly.

‘Oppa…I’m having a hard time… Can’t you see me? Or do you not care anymore?’

Kayden always noticed like a ghost when he was having a hard time. Am I unaware of it now, or am I ignoring it and pretending not to know?

Either way, Asena’s heart was only uncomfortable.


After work today, Shalon walked the alleys outside the academy. There were farmers living around here, but most of them were streets where maids, servants, and laborers working at the Academy lived.

When all the classes were over and the cleaning was done, people went home one by one or had a beer at the bar, washing away the hardships of the day.

For some reason, Sharon was drawn to their laughter. I stood there blankly for a while, watching them, and finally moved on. Because her target wasn’t them.

Along the winding road, I headed to a place where even the moonlight did not enter. When I reached my destination, I knocked on the door with a steady rhythm.

– Knock. Again.

– Druck!

A small window on the door opens, checks Shalon, and then closes again. Immediately, the door opens.

“…are you here?”

The gatekeeper greeted her.

Shalon didn’t answer and headed inside.

The inside was also dark enough to be similar to the outside. With only one candle lit in a large space, everyone looks at Shallon as she enters.

A large man who was seated in the deepest part, in the center, looked at her and asked.

“Shalon, the reason you came to us today…”

At the same time, he got up from his seat.

Shalon, of course, takes a seat in his place.

The large man leaned back and bowed his head, concentrating on her words.

Various people inside also gather along the candles.

“Miles. How many people in your organization can enter the academy?”

“About… about 20 people.”

“Can’t we do more?”

“You can send more if you want. After all, if you walk around like a laborer, you won’t be noticed much.”


The head of an organization called Miles watches Shalon’s eyes. He nodded to his subordinate, who was standing around, and ordered something to come out.

There was one reason why they looked at Shalon. Because she was a member of the Payne family.

In the end, the Paine family, which focuses on espionage, was in close contact with the world of darkness, and the power of the noble family was not light.

Although the Payne family was not very large, they could have more power than the three or three street gangsters or criminal gangs.

As a result, the Pay family, who had been associated with this world for several generations, became famous in the back alleys, and Miles could not treat the second daughter of such a family recklessly.

Also, the falling Congo water was quite stingy. Carrying Sharon Payne and her family on their backs to carry on their activities has been successful, and recently the size of the organization has grown significantly.

At the same time, he was put in a position to do whatever Shalon wanted. If there is something to come, there must be something to go. Miles didn’t dare go against Shalon’s words.

Shalon pondered for a while, and finally opened her mouth.

“…there seems to be a problem with Asena Pryster.”

“I am listening.”

Miles held out an ear to Shalone, exuding a tart wine. The lord of Shalon, whom he serves. Asena Fryster. Even with her small breath, people like Miles were shaken. Like Shalon is shaking now.

“You’re still thinking about it…but it’s just a matter of time. Daisy Hexter. And… a maid working in the kitchen who may have been associated with the fryers recently. Watch them both.”

“…and who the kitchen maid is…”

“That’s for you to figure out.”

“okay. That’s right. Still, there was a guy working in the academy kitchen among his subordinates, so I’ll ask about it.”


Shalon recalled the incident the other day. Asena was contemplating, but, as I said, Sharon thought it was only a matter of time. It was the first time she had seen Asena’s expression like that. She suppressed her emotions for a while and put her plans aside, but she was going to talk about it again.

Every action comes with a preparation period. If Asena gave her orders again when the time came, I wanted to be ready to move right away. Shalon had a conversation like that with Asena today, and she didn’t want to wait without doing anything. At least the next time she asks about Daisy or the kitchen maid, I wanted to tell her something that Asena didn’t even know about.

Sharon wanted to believe that she was doing well. She thought of her family at home. Do they know that they are working hard enough to come to the criminal organization on such an ambitious night?

With a sigh, she explained the point to Miles.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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