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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 48

Shining Knight (6)




Kirsi didn’t know how to deal with this overwhelming feeling. When I usually had negative thoughts, Kaden appeared out of nowhere and released them through comfort and encouragement.

“Because we had a younger brother who was older than us… to my brother…”

So, she asked Asena for help, but Asena also did not give her any answer.

He stiffened with his shaky eyes and just sat on the bed.

The silence between the two grew longer. However, the torrent of emotions they felt was stronger than anything else. Even if I didn’t say a word, my ears were ringing and my heart was pounding.

It seemed like he was being pushed away from Kaden’s side over and over again. It felt like he was getting farther away in real time.

“……get out. Talk at night.”

In the end, Asena didn’t say anything to Kirsi. As if she needed time, she fell on the bed and ordered Kirsi.

Kirsi licked her lips in place, eventually closing the door and leaving.

Asena was lost in thought in the messy room.


After the holiday, Asena had arrived at the student council room from an early hour.

When I was in the room, my head was even more confused, and although we didn’t get along well… I also wanted to see Kayden so much. No matter how far away from him, my heart always turned to him. I only dreamed about him during the holidays, so I’m done.

Lately, even his energy seems to have waned. I don’t eat much because I don’t have an appetite, so it may be natural, but the problem of the mind was affecting the body.

I missed the old days when I was in the old Pryster estate. If I had known this would be the case, it was Asena who really thought it would be much better to leave Cayden at the estate.

While looking at the documents with such a stiff face, Daisy and Kaden enter.

“That’s when I got a scar like this.”

“Ahahaha, you are lying. You mean you could get hurt like that?”

They came in with a laugh, hahaha, what kind of conversation they had so much. It was pleasant to hear.

Asena felt strength in her grasp.

Spirit, is he okay? Is it that he doesn’t feel any emotions even though he’s in a fight with him? He suffered so much, is he happy to leave them? Seeing him smile as if he had no worries like that made my heart ache even more.

Next to Caden are Daisy and Judy.

His younger brother is a girl named Ewin.

Is there anything that makes you so angry?

Asena looked up at him, forgetting the plan to pretend to ignore him.


Cayden looked down at Daisy from behind with a benevolent smile. It was the expression they showed only to them. Watching him show even that expression to another woman, Asena couldn’t stand it any longer.

She pulls out her chair and gets up. Everyone’s attention was drawn, but Asena just left the student council room.





“Where are you going?”


Judy asked a question, but Asena remained silent. Asena was walking fast towards somewhere with an orderly footstep.

Anger was felt in her steps. It wasn’t just his face that he felt uncomfortable.

When Judy ignored her words, she followed her without asking any further questions. Lately, Asena has been wary of what she is doing.

Cayden seems to have gone a little farther than Asena, so aside from telling him to keep an eye on it, the person itself seemed unstable. As if seeing a castle that was about to collapse at any moment, it looked solid, but a gloomy anxiety was creeping up over Judy.

After wandering around the academy for some time, Asena finally looked back at Judy. A ferocious energy was emanating from her eyes.

Judy wasn’t easily frightened, but looking into Asena’s eyes, she couldn’t help but be afraid.

Even though he was holding the sword, Judy was overwhelmed by the atmosphere and had to swallow his saliva.

“…Judy, just go home today.”


From Asena’s words, Judy could quickly recognize that she was up to something. Now that I see it, it wasn’t a castle that was about to collapse, it was a castle that had already collapsed. She was plotting something… evil.

“Today’s escort was about this. I’m uncomfortable watching you for political reasons, so please go back.”

Then Asena turns around again.

As hostile as it was, Judy couldn’t say anything else about the political reason. It doesn’t even make sense to say that he’s following Asena while mentioning his role there. She had no choice but to look at Asena as she left.

But at that moment, Kaden’s words ran through his head.

‘If you do unusual things or go to unusual places, let me know.’

what did he see

What were you expecting to make such a request?

Judy drew a line saying she wouldn’t, but when the situation came, she didn’t move like the words her body had uttered.

Reporting the master’s actions to others was an act that went against Judy’s chivalry. However, she also seemed to have changed her mind after meeting Kaden.

Always strictly following the rules is not the answer. In the end, it is up to you to decide what to do and what not to do.

Although Cayden and himself were from hostile families, he reached out and made such a close relationship. Without him, the academy life would have been lonely.

When I felt lonely in my family, I thought that if I entered the academy, everything would magically work out. I thought I would be able to meet people and hone my skills as a knight.

But that wasn’t it. Kayden’s touch made her a friend, and the way he looked stimulated her to become a better person as a knight.

Judy, knowingly and unknowingly, was feeling a lot of gratitude for Kaden. It shouldn’t be like this, but seeing a strong person like Kayden being treated quite harshly in his family was unwittingly comforting.

I could say things that I couldn’t say to Kayden, who was in the same position. There was a sense of stability that came through it.

So, Caden’s request eventually caught on like a hook and did not let Judy go.

Eventually, she starts following Asena from a distance. She took a cautious step.


What happens if you get caught? Is it still a situation that can be passed on by saying that I was worried and followed? Will Asena Pryster accept such a frivolous excuse?

But fortunately, Asena reached her destination quickly. She knocked on the door of the classroom in a corner somewhere.

He said a few words to the first person who came out of it, and then the person Asena was looking for appeared.

The moment Judy saw her face, she knew who it was. No, rather than that, I was able to figure it out by looking at the family pattern.

A pattern with dots in a large circle. The pattern that looks like a human eye depending on the direction you look at it.

Although she is the niece, Judy is also from the Ice family, so she was aware of all the precautions of the Fryster family.

The person who appeared was Shalon Payne.

She was the second daughter of the Payne family, known as the ‘Dagger of the House of Freister’.

Something big was happening.


Asena enters a secluded room with Shalon Payne. Shalon Payne looked around before entering the room and sat down on a chair in front of Asena.

She waited silently for Asena’s command. Since my family is my family, I have been told a lot not to disappoint Asena to my grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters.

Coincidentally, it was a duty given to Shalon, who was the same age as Asena.

So, for her family and for Asena, she made a lot of preparations within the academy, and she was able to do anything if she gave an order.

However, even such Shalon was puzzled by Asena’s appearance today.

There was only one time she gave a direct command, but the conversation was quite frequent. But it has never looked like it is today.

He broke his composure, and his face was full of anger and sorrow. It’s the first time I know now that it’s possible to look sad and angry, but the fact that it’s coming out of Asena was also a reason for her surprise.

“Shalon. I want to know how much risk you can take for me.”

Asena, who showed her emotions like that, asked her. Shalon was beginning to get nervous, unintentionally. It was very easy to predict that Asena would issue a rather difficult command.

But even for this, Shalon was prepared. She tells Asena.

“No matter how great the risk, I am ready to do anything for Asena-sama.”

“…About the abduction of nobles?”


Sharon hesitated for a moment at the words that came out of Asena’s mouth, but then nodded slowly.

“…it depends on who you are…yes, you can.”

“What if Daisy Hexter?”


“The eldest daughter of Count Hexter. What about Daisy Hexter?”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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