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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 47

Shining Knight (5)

“By the way, what did you mean by the word ‘happy’ earlier?”

Kirsi asked while holding Ewin’s hand. Ewin’s words still lingered in her mind.


Ewin paused and answered cautiously.

“Why was Ewin lucky to be my sister?”

“Oh that..”

“I don’t know if I’m thinking ahead, but maybe… have you seen any possibilities?”


Kirsi asked, continuing to look down at her. Endlessly pressured Ewin.

“I’m not in a relationship with my brother, so I didn’t mean to say that I was lucky, right?”

“Oh, no.”

“Yes? I understand that we were close ‘for a while’ when we were young, but I hope you don’t dream of being able to form a relationship with your brother through that. My brother is a nobleman, so he cannot connect with commoners.”

There is no law prohibiting commoners from marrying nobles. It’s not something that can’t be continued. But Kirsi spoke clearly to Ewin, as if it were a set rule.

“Ah… yes, per… of course I know.”

“I’m not saying this because I don’t like Ewin, I’m just talking about it for granted. If you’re going to grow your mind… it’s hard when you have to quit later, isn’t it?”


“…People work hard in their own place… I think that’s the most beautiful thing.”

After that, Kirsi released Ewin’s hand. Ewin scratched his head and grinned as if he was trying to relieve the subdued mood, but in Kirsi’s eyes, she only looked like a fool.


she exhaled in her mind.

It was an extreme swear word that I had never used before, but for some reason, imagining that I was spitting on Ewin made me feel relieved.

After that, the two paid attention to cooking.

Kirsey finished up the food for Cayden with his nerves sharpened. After finishing the decoration, the dish that looked good on her was completed.

Kirsi immediately prepared two bowls and approached Cayden.

Ewin did not follow. Since she didn’t follow, Kirsi was able to leave some of her unpleasant feelings in the kitchen.

“The food is here, brother.”

Brightened up again, and somewhat lifted on purpose, she shows Cayden the food.

Cayden meekly admired and nodded towards Kirsi.

“…Is it really delicious?”


Kayden said to Kirsey, who was scratching her head shyly.

“What about Ewin?”

Kirsi’s fingers, which were scratching his head, stopped.

She could feel the emotions that she had been holding on to her so much.

Yes, she understands too. I can be happy that I found a younger brother I hadn’t seen in years. However, even if my head understood, my heart was not convinced.

He didn’t want to yield to Kayden under any circumstances. Especially if it’s to meet another woman. Kirsi hated that he had to be pushed aside by another woman.

The desire to express frustration was like a chimney.

I know you’re happy, but I didn’t want him to forget that today is an important day for him as well. He hated the situation in which the efforts he had made to reconcile with him went in vain.

But Kirsi also knew that if he couldn’t bear it now, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the aftermath.

It was finally an opportunity for reconciliation. Even at this moment, she knew that if they raised their voices and pointed at each other, the relationship would really grow apart.

So for now, I had no choice but to go quietly…but I couldn’t stop the distorted expression on my face.

He left himself alone and his eyes kept turning to Ewin, so jealously that he was going crazy.

“…Oppa…I know it’s nice to meet my old brother…but can you focus on me now? I worked hard on this.”

“….ah. sorry.”

Cayden hastily admits to her mistake, and looks up at Kirsey with a look of genuine regret.

Normally, she would have gotten up and stroked her to apologize, but today there is still a gap in love that needs to be filled.

Therefore, he apologized only verbally, bowed his head slightly, and tried to meet Kirsi’s eyes.

“…Oppa is the younger brother I haven’t seen in a long time. Ummm…but if Ewin sits down and chats with you… is that annoying?”

“…brother. Today is an important moment for us.”

“…okay. That’s right. I’m sorry, Kirsy. Then wait a minute.”

After saying those words, Cayden gets up, pulling the chair out of her seat. In front of Kirsi’s watch, he walks to the kitchen and talks to him as if he’s found Ewin hiding behind an invisible wall.

“Ewin, today is an important day for me and my sister, but let’s talk next time, okay?”

Ewin’s answer came quietly.


Immediately after that, Cayden came back with a smile and sat down.

The two exchange glances for a moment. Kayden spoke first.

“Well, the story was all done yesterday. That’s it… Let’s not fight again in the future and get along well, Kirsi.”



At the dinner table, everything went well. We shared each other’s daily life, telling stories that we couldn’t share with him one by one.

In this happy moment, Kirsey felt uncomfortable as if something was on her chest. I didn’t think of this often when I saw Kayden, but I kept listening to it and felt uneasy.

It’s in front, but it’s like it’s not there. It felt like it was going to disappear when I took my eyes off it. Is it because of Ewin’s appearance, or because of all the other women who have recently appeared?

This anxiety stemmed from his desire for him.

Even after such a conflict had arisen, it was surprising to him that his affection for him did not decline at all.

Rather, I could feel his preciousness more vividly.

So when the time came to go back to my dormitory after eating, Kirsi’s heart was beating fast.

Anxiety continued to grow and torment her.

I couldn’t figure out why there are so many women stalking him lately.

Judy from the same department.

Daisy appeared behind him.

Now to Ewin.

When he turns his head, he is making new connections with new people.

Also, Kaden’s actions encouraged her to do this.

At the end of a light walk after eating, Kirsey flew away to be hugged by Cayden.

Cayden didn’t stop her now, but she didn’t give her the strong hug she used to be.

What he had done for Ewin earlier was much more intense than this, but he gave only a hug that was not satisfactory at all, as to what kind of change of heart he had.


Kirsey received his embrace and looked up at him as if incomprehension, but Cayden smiled and looked elsewhere and led Kirsey.

Are you looking for someone to hug you tight?

Since he found his old sister, now only Ewin hugged him like that, and was he pushed out?

Thinking like that, I couldn’t keep my sanity.

In the end, Kirsty returned to her dorm room without even knowing how she broke up with Kayden.


Kirsey blinks her eyes and wakes up. I was next to Kayden for a moment, and the next moment I am here.

And only after slowly realizing that she had entered the dorm room, the emotions she had been holding back came to her like a tide.

I couldn’t solve this troubled heart on my own.

She approaches Asena’s room, which had been tightly closed recently.

– Knock Kung Kung!

“sister..! Sister… Open the door… I have a story to tell.”

– Knock Kung Kung!


After knocking for a while, a cold and dignified voice resounds.

‘…Have you met Oppa?’

It was so cold that even Kirsi wondered. However, Kirsi was also in a state of intense emotion right now, so he did not think about taking care of Asena.

“Brother… I’m here to meet you. by the way-“

‘…Have you been reconciled?’


Hearing Asena’s words after interrupting her own words, Kirsi paused for a moment before answering him first.

“…..I did it. But that’s not the problem-“


A huge roar echoed in Asena’s room and the sound of something breaking was heard.

Surprised by the sound, Kirsey finally grabbed the doorknob and twisted it open.


Inside the room was a mess.

Nothing was perfect. The pillow is bursting and flying feathers, and the chair is broken. The teacup was broken, and the wardrobe had one door off.

In that state, the curtains were completely closed and not a single light entered the room, giving an eerie feeling.

Only then did Kirshi realize how Asena had endured so quietly.

She wanted Asena to move less than expected.

Kirsi looked like she was going crazy, but Asena wondered if she didn’t. Now that I see it, it wasn’t.

In a space where she could be left alone, Asena was still suffering.

“…Aren’t you talking about me?”

Through the hair that covered her face, Asena rolled her eyes and asked Kirsi a question.


Kirsey couldn’t answer and shook her head.

– Guguguguk…

I could see Asena’s fists digging into the bedsheet. It was the first time Kirsi had seen Asena so broken. Every time there was a difficult situation, Kaden was there to help her, so it was something I had never seen before.

“…Reconciliation….. did your brother come to you first?”

“…No, I went first. Sister, but that’s not important.”

“…Then what’s important?”

As Kirsi comes to a point where she has to speak out, Asena is experiencing a torrent of emotions. In the end, she spoke in a voice full of malice without knowing it, as if swearing.

“…Oppa found a younger brother from an old orphanage.”


Asena’s head is raised. Snake-like eyes turned to Kirsi. And gradually, his eyes began to shake violently.

“There was a younger brother… older than us…”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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