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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 46

Shining Knight (4)

how much time has passed Even a fleeting moment felt like eternity to Kirsi.

Kayden and Ewin were sharing a warm hug, and the two hugged tighter here and there, as if it was regretful nonetheless.

Ewin’s arm kept stroking Kaden’s back up and down. That rude touch ignited a bigger fire in Kirshi’s heart.

For a moment, the vicious mind inside her said that she couldn’t understand the current situation.

Ewin is a commoner, where does he dare to hold Cayden?

Kirsey had never been territorial with her status, but at this moment, her heart suddenly jumped out.

Even with that thought, Kirshi’s body and mouth didn’t know how to move. Confused thoughts ran through my head, but I couldn’t figure out how to deal with the situation.

“brother Brother…!”

Ewin finally showed tears and dug deeper into Caden’s arms. In the arms that he couldn’t get into, Ewin went deeper.

Now even those tears were Kirsi, who looked like the tears of a crocodile. It looked like he was doing it to be kind to Kaden.

Of course, she should have known that the kind heart she whispered deep in her heart wasn’t like that, and that Ewin was also crying with emotion… but she didn’t want to hear the voice of that kind heart.

It just looked like Ewin hated it.

I thought I had made a new friend before, but now I don’t.

The two showed no sign of falling apart over time.

Kirsey began to feel nauseous. Doesn’t Ewin know ignorance? Even though I explained everything about my circumstances, I don’t know when to leave, and I keep being hugged.

He had endured a little for her, but Ewin doesn’t know how.

Eventually, Kirsey swallowed his saliva and moved his feet, grabbing his clothes from behind Cayden and pulling them a couple of times.


Kayden looks back at Kirsi just then. He had a face mixed with happiness and many other emotions.

Kirsey gave her eyes that she wanted an explanation.

“…Kirsi. This is… Ewin. Before joining the Freisters, he was my younger brother in an orphanage.”

Surprised, Kaden put down his respectful words. It was something I had always drawn, but I wasn’t as happy as I had imagined. Timing was more of an issue.

He said he was older than him. Why do I not like this so much? Although he had known him for a longer period of time, it was as if he had lost in some part.

But Kirsi hid his dirty feelings. He forcibly raised the corners of his mouth and said with a smile.

“…Wow… that’s really strange. How could this be?”

“I know. Ewin, how are you here?”

Cayden’s gaze quickly leaves Kirsi and focuses on Ewin. Accordingly, Kirsi also looked at Ewin.

Ewin was still in Caden’s arms, hugging him tightly, no matter where he sold his manners. Do you not know that you have to keep your posture when talking to people? Is it because you are a commoner?

In the end, Kirsi reached out to Ewin as well. He taps her shoulder and says.

“…that…Ewin. I know you’re happy, but please get away from me now.”

“How can you… I really…”

Ewin ignored Kirsi’s words. Kirsi could feel his anger boiling more and more.

Ewin falls away from him for a moment and looks up at him.

“Brother… I never forgot you for a moment.”

“…Me too, Ewin.”

If Kirsi had to choose the more painful horse out of the two, it was Cayden’s.

He said he never forgot Ewin.

Even though they were there, did they always draw other brothers? My heart was pounding tight again. I don’t know if it was a time when he was on good terms as usual and was full of confidence in his affection. It was even more painful to hear those words from a distance like now.

It was as if they had met a real family. That affection was over the line.

“…how have you been doing?”

Kayden asks with an affectionate smile.

“You’ve grown up beautifully, Ewin.”


Kirsi secretly clenched both fists. Why does it always have to hurt so much when his kind words are directed at other women?

“My brother too. you’re so cool I didn’t know we were going to meet here… Was the place where I was adopted from an aristocratic family…? That too… to the Priest family…?”

“yes. That’s how it happened.”

“So… Then… Kirsi-sama… a younger sister?”

Ewin glanced at Kirsi and asked.

Kirsey intervened momentarily.

“yes. That’s right, sister. I’ve known for 10 years.”

And gently pulled Cayden. The gap between Ewin and him slowly widened.

Kirsey squirmed under Cayden’s arm and gave him a gentle hug. And in that state, he gives Ewin a stinging glance.

Ewin looked at Kirsi like that, looked at Cayden and asked carefully.

“…that…just a little sister…?”

Kirsi frowned at that question. What is the question of just being a little sister? Because it was a question with a hidden intention, she was offended.

Do the commoners dare to think of the nobility?

“yes. It’s my sister.”

Cayden gently placed a hand on Kirsi’s shoulder, which was attached to her side. Just slightly, just as Kirsi was about to show off his intimacy with the gesture, Ewin muttered quietly.

“……..thank god.”

When she heard those words, her heart, which had been quiet like a volcano exploding, fluctuated. It was so unbearable that I cried and felt dirty.

What does happy mean? What did Ewin consider lucky to be just a younger sister? I hoped that Ewin wasn’t having a high dream. For example, things like his mate dreams.

Kirsey clenched his teeth. There were dozens of words I wanted to spit out, but I instinctively knew that I shouldn’t.

So she turned around.

Clinging to his side, he looks up at Cayden and says.

“..brother. Talk about the accumulated stuff later. Aren’t you hungry right now?”

Ewin claps at Kirshi’s words.

“ah! right!”

Then he went back to the pot where he had kept the sauce and started to stir. Kirsi looked coldly at Ewin who had returned to his seat. If he had even tried to burn the sauce, he would be quite upset.

What’s the use of a worker who can’t do his job?

Perhaps because of the hostility towards Ewin, the hearts that were surprised by Cayden’s hearing continued to pour out.

“Kirshi! I think you should be done now!”

“Yes, got it. Brother, go sit down and sit down. You can see me from there too, so watch them work hard..?”

Kayden’s eyes were fixed on Ewin for a moment, looking at Kirsey and saying.

“…ah… yes. Okay.”

“It’s so nice to talk to you, brother.”

“👀. I look forward to the food. Smells good. You made it all?”

Cayden’s laughter came out easily now. Perhaps because of Ewin, he was excited. Kirsey wasn’t happy about that, but it didn’t show.

“yes. It will be completed soon, so stay tuned.”

“I get it.”

And Cayden walked out of the kitchen away from Kirsi and took a seat in front of the table. As soon as he sat down, he burst into laughter and immersed himself in some kind of imagination.

Kirsi looked at Kaden like that, and approached Ewin, who was stirring the pot.

“….I’m surprised. ‘My’ brother knew Ewin before.”

Mix a fine check and tell Ewin.

“…Iknow, right. I didn’t know that Kayden’s brother was adopted by the Frysters…”

“It’s Kaden.”

Kirsi still smiled and corrected Ewin.


To Ewin who was bewildered, Kirsi explained.

“Because you are a nobleman now.”

Calmly, it reminds us of the obvious.

In my heart, I wanted to talk to Ewin coldly. Are you saying you just call Kayden “Oppa” without any courtesy? Only you and Asena can call Kaden an older brother.

Whatever happened in the past, it is in the past.

Ewin stuttered.

“Ah…that… it used to be…Kaden-”

“It’s been a while, Ewin. Now you have a position. It’s been more than 10 years since my brother became a nobleman. This is also for you. Could it be that there are commoners who call the sons of noble families an older brother…? If you get caught by people, it might be a bigger problem.”

“Ah… that… I guess.”

Ewin nodded.

“That… I’m sorry. I’m not learning…thanks for letting me know.”

“you’re welcome. It’s okay.”

Kirsey smiled. I let out a small sigh in my mind. Gradually, it seemed to be necessary to separate Ewin like this.

But at that moment, Ewin opened his mouth again.

“Ah… that, Kirsi-sama?”


“If that… is a problem in front of other nobles… can I just call Kayden oppa my brother in front of Kirsi-sama…?”


“Kirsi-sama is kind, so I’m asking you. You understand me.”

Kirsi had to suppress the rising anger once more. She looks at Cayden with a squint. Cayden was still thinking, with his arms crossed.

Upon realizing that he wasn’t paying attention to this side, Kirsey spoke cold words to Ewin again.

“….No. There can be no exceptions.”


“If you want to put a horse on my brother, you have to put it on me too, can you do it?”

“..ah..! No… no.”


Kirsi gently stroked Ewin’s hand. He was slowly guiding Ewin in the direction he wanted, hiding his inner feelings.

As she calmly comforted Ewin and pretended to be there for her, Kirsey grabbed her hand for a moment and looked down at her coldly.

And, as if showing a viper’s teeth, he suddenly asked about the things that bothered him from before.

“By the way, what did you mean by the word ‘happy’ earlier?”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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